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Trump’s Chances at Reelection Just Went Up with Electoral Vote

Mitch McConnell has now ordered Senate Republicans to not contest the fraudulent 2020 election. The good news is that McConnell has already lost that fight. It looks like we may be headed toward a first-ever, genuinely constitutional election in America, now that the popular vote is so hopelessly flawed and clearly fraudulent.

Just a day after I explained the strategy behind dueling electoral votes, everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Roll Call is suddenly talking about the Electoral College Act of 1887.

Brief recap:

The 1886 presidential election between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden ended up being contested. Fraud in three states resulted in those states sending dueling sets of Republican and Democrat electors to Congress for the Electoral College vote. This resulted in a split contest where neither candidate had enough votes to win. Hayes and Tilden cut a deal behind closed doors and Tilden conceded.

In order to prevent this from ever happening again, the vague, hazily-written and never-before-used Electoral College Act of 1887 was passed the following year.

When the electoral votes are counted on January 6, 2021, it may or may not decide who the next President of the United States is. As I noted previously, the President of the Senate (Mike Pence) is about to be faced with an unprecedented decision. Pence will be handed dueling sets of electoral ballots from the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

Those states were riddled with election fraud and yet were “called” for Joe Biden. Democrats appointed slates of Democrat electors who cast ballots for Biden – but Republicans in those states appointed Republican electors, who voted for Trump.

Pence cannot count both sets of votes for those seven states. He has to choose, and he has sole authority to choose under the Electoral College Act of 1887. Pence can discard the Republican ballots, count the Democrat ballots and elect Joe Biden. He can discard the Democrat ballots, count the Republican ballots and reelect Donald Trump and himself. Or, he can chuck both sets of ballots and throw the election back to Congress.

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) has committed to challenging the votes of those seven states on the day when the Electoral College votes are counted. Since this is a rare event that involves both houses of Congress, he needs at least one Republican Senator to join him in challenging the disputed states’ votes. This appears to be why Mitch McConnell has ordered Senate Republicans to stand down and allow Joe Biden to steal the 2020 election. McConnell knows the rules and he knows what’s coming.

If you are of a mind to preserve the Republic, now would be a good time to call your Republican Senator(s) and urge them to challenge the disputed Electoral College votes. An easy way to reach them is by dialing the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121.

What happens if one Senator and one Representative challenge the votes? It then goes to a full vote in the House and Senate. This would result in a split decision (hopefully). The Democrat-controlled House will vote to count the Democrat electors, and the Republican-controlled Senate would vote to count the Republican electors.

Game over.

Under the laws of the Constitution, the presidential election would then fall to the states, with each state receiving just ONE vote. The 27 red states will vote for Trump and the 23 blue states will vote for Biden, and we finally have a resolution to the 2020 election that does not involve fraud or deceit. This is all perfectly legal, and the steps are laid out before us.

This is one of the peaceful methods of keeping the rightful winner of the 2020 election in office, which does not involve the use of the Insurrection Act, tanks in the streets, military tribunals and Netflix being taken off the internet for several days (total chaos!). We can sort out the fraud and arrest the guilty parties later. What’s important right now is preserving our system of free and fair elections. That cannot and will not happen if we allow the 2020 election to be stolen. America will be the laughingstock of the world if we allow Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to set foot in the White House under such a fraudulent pretense.

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  1. Hal Lemoyne says

    Along with the whole demoncrat party needing to be forever eliminated from

    all our US Elected political Powers as immediately as possible

    it also looks like mcconnell needs to be with the demoncrat party on also be permanently

    eliminated to

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  2. Cherry Pray says

    We need to do everything possible to eliminate fraud in our election. I truly believe that President Trump was the victor honestly.

  3. Barry Ingram says

    Trump will be elected again joe is a crook all his life and his son and his BROTHER ALL CROOKS WORKING WITH CHINA AND IRAN AND UKRAINIAN TRUP 2020

  4. rick says

    Joe and Jill went to the Hill
    To do Red China’s biding
    Joe sold out without a doubt
    “Doc” Jill’s pride’s now high-riding

    (Sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”)

  5. Patricia and Pamela Oakes Oakes says

    I believe there will be more than enough senatirs who will join Mo Brooks in this fight inspite of McConnell who is in bed with China!

  6. Robert Schultz says

    I agree with everything in this article except for the end where it says that we can sort out the cheaters later.
    I say we need to sort them out now. expose them, and execute them

  7. Earl Fujikawa says

    If Joe and Harris gets in the White House, people will NOT respect them because they are in position by cheating, I’m sure the other Countries will do the same, NOT RESPECTING THEM, very sad but true.

  8. Don Henson says

    I am so happy pres. TRUMP AND Pence has kept raising hello until a legal avenue has come up we are gonna lose everything if Democrats get in whitehouse. MR Trump you and Mr pence are so far ahead of them buttheads.I do have one thing to say every republican be sure to keep your powder dry locked and loaded. Gonna be nasty but thats ok i went to war once can damm sure do it again

  9. Steven Terrell says

    Don’t you see God’s hand in all of this. He is not going to let the last bastion of Christianity and freedom go down the tubes just yet. But being forewarned is forearmed.

  10. Desert Fox says

    We continue to pray while the demoncrats continue to prey. That is the difference between the two party’s. It appears that the demon crats have nothing to offer to the American People as their standard bearers only two crooks–Killary in 2016 and now brain dead Biden in 2020. (Yes, brain dead–he has had two brain surgeries and he wouldn’t qualify to get a driver’s license let alone be president). So, fellow patriots, keep the faith and pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

  11. Walter Deveau says

    I’ve never been to war,but I’m prepared. I’ll be right beside you!
    Thank you for your service!

  12. Desert Fox says

    We continue to pray while the demoncrats continue to prey. That is the total difference of the two party’s. The demoncrats put up two crooks as their standard bearers–(Killary in 2016 and brain dead Joe in 2020). Yes, brain dead—he has had two brain surgeries and would not qualify to get a driver’s license, let alone be president of The United States.) The election is not over–wait till January 6th. And all we true patriots can do is pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

  13. rabbit says

    As i have said before no one will ever convince me that Biden won Arizona Pennsylvania or Michigan or Georgia. The fraud reeks from this election and the democrats have been celebrating way to much. When you start getting even democrat voters starting to say they even believe that the election was rigged, that says a lot. There is no way Joey received more votes than Barack Obama and Hillary, just no way. So when the oddities start appearing it is time to question the validity of that election. This would be a perfect way to resolve the problem at hand, but it is my belief that the people will still inflict harm on each other because of a fake election

  14. Michael Neal says

    KILLERHABU says This crap has to stop the dumb-as-craps are pushing way to hard toward disolving this democratic republic and I served in the marine corps and learned how to fight a war from some of the finest warriors on earth the dumb-as-craps had best not think I forgot how to fight a war or they are going to regret their flawed thinking. Joe “slidin” Biden could not win an honest seat as a dog catcher in the real U.S. government him and his ho, Billery, and Pelosi should all four be in prison. And one more shot for Biden to remember”FREEMEN DO NOT ASK TO BEAR ARMS IT IS A RIGHT UNDER THE CONSTITUTION AND I AM SWORN TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

  15. Donald Miller says

    Michael Neal ,
    You have hit the nail directly on the head ! Very few people recognize that the Democrats are out to end the United States government. When they lost the Civil War in 1865 , the Democrats did not simply give up and quit. They never gave up ! Instead, they declared political war upon the U.S. government. They conducted their war quietly and with stealth. Over the decades they have quietly ( sometimes as in the case of N.Y. not so quietly ) infiltrated and have taken control of a number of states. The Democrats have also infiltrated the Federal Government until now , the vast majority of federal government employees are Democrats.
    And now , with the theft of the 2020 election, the Democrats are on the cusp of winning their political war. With Biden and Harris we are looking at the political end of the United States as we once knew it.

  16. Donald Miller says

    Michael Neal ,
    Do not make the mistake of thinking that Democrats are dumb ! For they are not . They are very smart and cunning !
    Just look at how they have fooled so many millions of people. That has not been by accident . They have also by the way , infiltrated West Point and probably Annapolis also.

  17. Patty says

    All Republican congressmen and senators must stand with Mo Brooks and contest the electoral college. Make the house vote, one vote per state, the republicans have the majority of states, so President Trump will be declared the true winner of a very crooked election, and Biden and Harris will never be in the White House.

  18. JennyB says

    I concur! These traitor’s need to be found and charged now! “Later” gives them time to leave the country! And for all of you who served this country, I cannot Thank You enough!

  19. Frances Haws says

    I know the Election was a fraud as all of America knows that voted for Trump. We cannot allow this! There has to be a way to find out Who was responsible. I think that Harris had something to do with it. She has been awfully quiet since the election as Schiff and Nadler have too!!

  20. tyrone says

    It started long ago ,the slow but sure destruction of our culture and ultimately our democracy.Funded by those who hate our country,like SOROS,ZUCKERBURG,HOLLYWOOD and others, they control most of the media,academia,half of our electorate and more importantly the minds of our young people.They want to eliminate the things that made this county the greatest in history and turn it into a socialist disaster.They try to blame our forefathers for anything they conceive as RACIST.I’m not afraid to say the truth,the biggest racist group in this country are the blacks,by FAR!!!!While whites bend over backwards to help and appease them they pay them back with riots, looting and sometimes much worst.Sure,what happened 200 yrs. ago was horrible, but that was 200yrs. ago and slowly but surely the pendulum has swung.Now it is the whites who are persecuted and expected to be ashamed that they are not black.Ani’t gonna happen,although they are doing a good job on our youth thanks to NBA,NFL, andACADEMIA among others!!When will we ALL realize this is AMERICA and we are all AMERICANS.If you do not like our country ,please get the hell out of it.

  21. GRam says

    Have you ever went rat hunting? When you turn on the lights in a dark room they flea and you shoot whatever runs it is always a rat. Get our Republican senetors to stand with their people to send this back to the states at 1 vote per state the lights will turn on and the rats will flee .. get the ratshot out there will be a bunch of them..

  22. cathym says

    we need trump leading this country not basement biden

  23. honest tom says

    The commycrats ruin the country that I faught over 31 years for. with their bunch of sorry loosers .

  24. JAMES LENNING says

    Every Democrat and Rhino Republican needs to removed from office. We will not become a Communist state. All of those liberals who want to live under Socialism. Let’s start a go-fund me and load them all up and ship them to Venezuela. There are not happy here , maybe they will love living there.

  25. Jo says

    Excellent comment I say same if all whom seem to be complaining should just up and leave for damn sure you’ll not be missed. God Bless America!!!

  26. Vern Fisher says

    My thought to this is that we should round all them idiots is to load them all on a cargo aircraft and fly out over either the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean and suddenly pull up with the rear door or ramp open and dump them all out cor the sharks dinner good ridance to shitty garbage.


    Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, and all the rest are here to stay. The democrats think by getting rid of statues and all our history will make us forget what our troops have fought for and died for will for ever be with us. The democrats are the scum of the earth and need to be tried and face the firing squad for treason against America. We will never give up the fight. TRUMP FOREVER OUR PRESIDENT. Don’t ask Biden a penny for his thoughts because he has none, What ever comes out of his filthy mouth are words of his puppets pulling his strings. china has a hold on his balls and when he resists they do a pinch and offer him more money, Money is all Biden cares about and he will do what ever it takes to get more money. and where it comes from doesn’t matter. His whole family have sold their souls to the devil and that is the plan to take every American down with them. Our country has been invaded by the evil democrats. It is time to lock and load and be ready to face the scumbags with black powder flying, Pelosi number one, Schumer number two, McConnell number three, so on and so on, until they all are spread out in a hole so deep with piles of rocks and cement poured on top. GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR. I’LL DRINK TO THAT AND I SECOND THAT AMEN!

  28. Donnah says

    Donald Trump is my President plain and simple. He won the 2020 election and that’s the truth. Biden and his gang are dumb asses
    just like their donkey logo. Somewhere someone knows the truth. It will come out soon. Love and and Blessings to President Trump and his family and followers. Truth will set you free. Stay tuned!


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