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Oregon Gave $64 Million in COVID Relief Funds to Black Businesses, Denied Same Funds to Whites and Hispanics

There are a handful of states that are in an earnest competition to be the worst state in the Union. I bet you can guess a few of them. They’re California, New York, Washington and Oregon. States like Hawaii try to participate, but the top four have pulled away from the crowd.

What is insane is that California and New York haven’t run away with this award. In fact, Oregon is the strong favorite for being the very worst state in our country. It’s not just the endless rioting in Portland or the legalization of all drugs they’ve passed. They’re also the most racist state in the union, and not by a small margin. Are you ready to be enraged? This story is despicable.

Before we jump in, let’s clarify something. The left tells us every day that racism is not dead in this country. It’s a big fu*#*ng deal. They tell us that it is getting worse. Here is what’s hard to verbalize. The left is right.

They’re completely right. Racism is prevalent and on the rise. It is a real threat to the integrity of our nation. Of course, the left blames Republicans/the Right/Trump supporters for this racism. They say that cops are racist and the systems in this country oppress black people. This is beyond dishonest. It is no longer black Americans who are on the receiving end. Instead, the new sin of birth is to be born to any race that isn’t black. What’s worse is that modern racism is codified into law. Our government is pushing this racism, and they’re doing it to placate the radical leftists.

You’ve probably seen how affirmative action displaced white and Asian students at major colleges around the country. Well, we have a new example of government-led racism, and this one is much more egregious.

The state of Oregon, like most states, has received huge sums of financial support from the federal government this year. A significant portion of it was allocated for small business assistance loans. Since the government shut down a bunch of businesses, the Constitution requires the government to provide compensation. Oregon has taken that compensation and said that you can only get it if you’re black.

Say what?!?

This is not a joke. It’s not hyperbole. The Oregon legislature seriously earmarked $62 million in COVID relief for black-owned businesses only (out of $200 million total). Rest assured, black businesses can apply for any of the $200 million in available aid, but more than a quarter of the aid is reserved exclusively for people who have Oregon-approved skin color.

Keep in mind that this isn’t just discriminating against whites (which would be plenty racist and bad on its own). It’s discriminating against every other ethnic group in Oregon too. Asians, Hispanics and aboriginal Americans are all being denied relief so that the money can be steered exclusively to black-owned businesses. It is overt racism on every front.

Here’s a sliver of good news. Oregon is being sued on the grounds that this act is unconstitutional. As long as the case can be heard outside of the overtly biased Portland, Oregon courts, the state will lose.

Regardless, it’s patently ridiculous that we have politicians still trying to legislate by race in this country. Maybe it’s time we dropped down to a union of 49 states.

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  1. Katydid says

    Just another example of dirty Dems running the state. Move out of Oregon.,

  2. kiln dried says

    we already knew all the nuts rolled toward the coasts what is being demonstrated is they all collect in Oregon on the way into Pacific

  3. doug says


  4. Dr Richard says

    Pacific Northwest sewer rains all the time gloomy all the time and transplants from Ca who are from NY rotten apple

  5. Bill says

    No surprise to me. In the Liberal universe, Blacks are inferior and incapable of making it without help from their White protectors, so they must be given “special treatment.” The “plantation mentality” in a nutshell.

  6. The Grinch says

    No surprise here, Oregon’s Governor is Kate Brown, you know, Jerry Browns sister, Jerry is the one responsible for ruining California, now baby sister is doing same thing in Oregon! You all better get with it, or you too will be overrun with the poor drug addicts, and the homeless! Hopefully the Courts outside of Oregon can bring you some saneness, but I wouldn’t count on it! The problem is the rest of the states that these people move too are going to be fighting to keep their states from all this nonsense!

  7. Paul Aldredge says

    Can we force Oregon to secede from the U.S.?

  8. Mike says

    These liberal yuppies think blacks are stupid and dumb.I bet none of them ever had a black friend. If they did they would know blacks are just as smart and capable as anyone else.

  9. Gerald S Ladd says

    That’s funny because DemonRATS hate niggers.

  10. Richard Pierce says

    I’m sure the dope smoking,
    Marxist loving, American hating godless baby killing Democrats feel all warm and fuzzy about themselves. They single handley save all those poor black folks. Actually, saved them with my money.

  11. Barbaree says

    Tell me again about “white privilege”!?

  12. graceythecat says

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. MLK
    This as the democrats revive racism with their hateful tactics in these all democrat cities and states.

  13. Thomas Sanders says

    Systemic racism is where a black man can be a foreign exchange student to gain scholarships to prestigious schools including Harvard Law and become a president of the country–despite being horribly underqualified. This individual is then protected criticism by the racists who call him out. This individual is then given tens of millions of dollars for being exactly what he criticizes for his sham of a career. While disabled American veterans such as myself settle for the scraps that we can hustle to support our families from people who say they support veterans until it affects their wallets.

  14. Good Luck says

    Time to defund these States.

  15. Kappelvo says

    To Gerald S Ladd : You are perfectly right, but, when it suits them (demonRATS), they rush even to kiss niggas’ asses. Such a bounch of dements who don’t even think that when the time comes, they will be the first in line victims of unleashed niggers.
    To be PC : I mean nigger-snow-white .

  16. Sic&Tired says

    So….Sick and Tired of Seeing this Country “CATER”… the Blacks. Just BECAUSE They Are Black – Doesn’t Give them ANY PRIVILEGES.!!! All this does is Increase the Racism Problem that we have in this Country. When will ALL people of all Races, Creed, or Religious Backgrounds………START SMARTENING UP.!!!!!!!!

  17. Terrie Wyatt says

    That’s nothing new blacks have been given priority over whites and other races for many decades now

  18. William E Gordon Sr USAF Ret says


  19. Wylena says

    All the “Sane” States don’t want Oregon either.

  20. Wylena says

    I thought that “Equal Treatment” was the goal. The Black individuals I know would be insulted would be insulted by someone thinking that they needed special Treatment when all they want is to be treated Equally and they are equal to everyone else.

  21. Robert M says

    This whole sitution is ridiculous. If you bleed red American blood then there is no difference with the color of your skin. Quess the DUMMICRATS forgot President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery in 1865. BLM and it’s members and supporters wake up and get over your whiny ways. A lot of our our ancestors no matter what color where slaves at some point in history!! What about sex slavery? Have the DUM liberals forgot. All this political money wasted on the wrong agenda. I’ve never seen in my 67 years such hatred, lies, decent, etc. from the Democratic Party. They are sad excuses for human beings. The PDP as I call them – Pathetic Democratic Party. Maybe we should burn the west coast states to the ground. What could happen get taken to the jail and released in 5 minutes or just say this is a peaceful protest!!! (and I live in Ca.) Like the famous quote goes “Give me Liberty or give me Death”. Since the Dummicrats and company (MS, Apple, twitter, etc.) like China so much lets ship them off to China.

  22. Mojo says

    I know we have been trying to get rid of Brown for over a year but as long as Multnomah County, Washington County and Marion County democRATS keep voting for state idiots we will have state idiot we have tried to recall but cannot get enough signatures to get Brown recalled but this may be what was needed to get some people off their butts and signing the recall petitions to get rid of Brown. One thing since she took over for one governor and was then elected she cannot run again as per the law if it is followed and she doesn’t change it this is her second term and she has to at the very least stand down a term before she can be re-elected again. Come on Oregonians lets get the state great again like it was at one time a ways back under Hatfield I remember as a kid the good things that got done.

  23. Robert Wayne says

    I’ve been saying for years that the DemoRATs are racist against white people. What I don’t understand is how anybody can be white and still be a DemoRAT. It’s like being Jewish and being a Nazi. It doesn’t make sense.

  24. V says

    If that’s what they did as long as they are legitimate businesses. Yes it should be across the board, but they are doing what they said they wanted to do. I am not against any race, I’m saying special interest groups get their say and do and officials are elected by most of the people.
    They must remember riot zones and destruction throughout the state should not be paid for by the Federal Government. It should be the state’s responsibility since they enabled the destruction.

  25. Terry Wall says

    No federal money to Oregon or any Covid-19 relief checks it seems they have enough to go around. Racism is a live and well there and should stay there!

  26. Don says

    Oregon Gave $64 Million In COVID Relief Funds To Black Businesses, Denied Same Funds To Whites And Hispanics


  27. Wyatt Earp says

    Well it look like these leftist are trying hard to get the black to do AS I SAY NOT AS I DO! If the black haven’t figured out what is happening in their own community and RACE I feel sorry for them! If you watch ANTIFA AND BLM GROUP you will see it mostly white college kids and PRISONER who where RELEASE by LIBERAL DEMONCRAT GOVERNOR TO START THE RIOTER AND LOOTING! And it was DONE MOSTLY IN THE BLACK PART OF THE CITY! Guess who dumb?

  28. Dusty says

    OH NO! This is lawyer time . If I am a tax payer in Oregon and you do this with my money to one group of people this is not very Kosher? So line up Oregon voters and tax payers and go after your state for this total bias of one race. Blacks are last I saw 14% of the population. There are jobs all over Ga if you want to work there is a job. We let in 20 million immigrants last noted to work for low wages and took away jobs from citizens. Why is this okay for any state to just do? WRONG! Called get to work and take care of yourself. No more of this opening the borders . We are hurting with so many restaurants out of business and small businesses shut down not needed now gone also could not survive this? Yet Walmart and all the many grocery were open WHY? Wake up voters and know what you are doing and who is not for you.

  29. Mojp says

    Well if we could recall the gov we could but unfortunately, Multnomah, Washington, Marion and sometimes Clackamas count like her so the DemocRATS that live there outnumber the rest of us so we can not get rid of her. I understand 3 or 4 counties on our east side have voted to join the state of Idaho.

  30. cathym says

    this is “racist” as far as i can see. enough of the identity politics!

  31. Douglas L Self says

    Oregon SHOULD be sued for this. Multnomah County has less than six percent of its citizens that identified in the 2010 census as “African-American”, the rest of Oregon far less, and I’ll wager the number of “black-owned” businesses, as the Small Business Administration (SBA) would identify, is less than that. The awarding of $62 million of $200 million available in COVID-relief funds to “black” businesses works out to 31 percent.

    Left-wing politics involve nothing more than phony virtue-signaling and a race-based spoils system.

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