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Update: FBI Lied to Magistrate Judge to Raid Trump Supporters’ Safety Deposit Boxes

If you’re one of those Trump supporters who thinks that the unprecedented FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago is no big deal, you should know that Joe Biden’s personal Stasi is capable of doing the exact same thing or worse to you. Just look at the January 6ers. Hundreds of men and women have been convicted of “parading” inside the US Capitol and sent TO PRISON for what amounts to misdemeanor trespassing. You aren’t so different from the January 6 election justice protesters, are you?

And you’re not so different from the Trump supporters in Beverly Hills, where Biden’s FBI raided their safety deposit boxes to steal their cash, gold, jewelry, certificates and other items without any justification.

We’ve been covering the FBI raid on US Private Vaults in Beverly Hills since it first happened in March of 2021. That was when the Biden Department of Justice and FBI were really getting ramped up with their assault on the civil liberties of their political enemies. The “shock and awe” campaign against single moms, grandmothers and small business owners who attended the election justice protest of January 6 was getting under way. Front doors were knocked down with armored vehicles and black helicopters swarmed over trailer parks to arrest the trespassers.

And the FBI was hard at work stealing the contents of the safe deposit boxes of some of the wealthiest Trump supporters in the country. US Private Vaults was a safe deposit box company in Beverly Hills that its advertised its services as being “safer than banks.” They had lasers and everything.

Why did the FBI raid US Private Vaults? Ostensibly because an employee was selling drugs from the premises. (Because that never happens in Beverly Hills and couldn’t have been handled by the LAPD for some reason.) Instead of just arresting the employee that was allegedly selling drugs, a platoon of FBI agents cracked open every safe deposit box and seized the contents.

The significance of this is that US Private Vaults was located in the reddest area in Beverly Hills. The two neighborhoods where the company was situated went for Donald Trump by about 60% in 2020. Those neighborhoods stretch from Trousdale Estates to the Los Angeles Country Club. They were the only two neighborhoods in Los Angeles County that Trump won. (Side note, but Trump doubled his support in Beverly Hills of all places between 2016 and 2020. But somehow lost to Mr. LOL-81-Million Votes.)

The FBI looted the safe deposit boxes of many of the wealthiest Trump supporters in the entire country and stole their gold and jewelry. Surveillance video showed FBI agents literally stuffing gold coins in their pockets, rather than putting them into evidence bags. I checked – the spot price of gold in March 2021 was around $1,715 an ounce.

Good thing all of those FBI agents were fired! Oh, wait. That never happened. No one got fired.

Just to be clear: None of the Trump supporters who had their gold, jewelry and other stuff stolen by the FBI were ever accused of any crime. The FBI just took their stuff, and now they’re having to sue in order to try to get it back.

And the affidavits in the case are finally starting to be unsealed, so we can see just how unethical and out of control Biden’s FBI really is. The magistrate judge who signed the warrant to raid US Private Vaults EXPLICITLY stated in writing that the FBI was not supposed to crack open any safety deposit boxes, thereby invading the privacy of Trump supporters and stealing their stuff.

In a newly unsealed and unredacted deposition, FBI Special Agent Lynne Zellhart said she wrote “supplemental instructions” for agents to follow when they conducted the raid. The supplemental instructions were obviously quite different from the magistrate judge’s court order in the warrant. The judge said no safety deposit boxes were to be cracked open. The supplemental instructions said crack all of the boxes open and take all of the loot.

The FBI now believes that it is completely above the law. It can just rewrite instructions on search warrants to suit its own evil ends. This explains why agents rifled through Melania Trump’s underpants when the search warrant explicitly allowed them to search for boxes in a room in the basement at Mar-a-Lago. It also explains why they cracked open Donald Trump’s (hilariously empty) personal safe.

They probably had “supplemental instructions” above what the search warrant allowed. Do you still think that something like the Mar-a-Lago raid couldn’t happen to you? It’s already happening to other Trump supporters right now.

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  1. Stevemitz says

    The story above is typical of what we get, and deserve from dumping our [once] GOD believing/ Christian inspired “One nation under God.” land of opportunity, switching to a corrupt MAN inspired/ “Free Stuff” based land of sin and disharmony! A nothing new under the sun story, older than Jesus!

  2. Pat says

    The elite just keeps taking our money and they get richer. Why in the world are democrats not being held accountable for their actions?

  3. Paul Watson says

    This is a shocking make you sick to read article on America liberty and freedom supposed to be protected honorably by the constitution. Just more rationale to reelect the one and only chance we as Americans have left, and that is former President Danald Trump. DOJ/FBI out of order here and need to pay heavily restitution, especially the upper management.

  4. Margaret says

    Wants to beat his butt, to me that is theft in the first class. Needs to go to jail, didn’t his head guy say no one is above the law. Should have put their valuables out of the country. I have nothing so no worries, Biden broke us, had to sell my wedding rings to get by.

  5. Avy115 says

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  6. Vic says

    The FBI had no special safe warrant, required as a SEPARATE WARRANT, before having their safe cracker guy drill the locking mechanism. It was a new, expensive safe and what they did destroyed it.

    The FBI is required to use working shoulder cams during a warrant search. They did not.

    They not only searched Trump and Melania’s closets and dressers, but rifled through young son Baron’s clothing and belongings. Trump said they had left the rooms a mess, with clothing strewn around. Not only that, but items TAKEN included CLOTHING. I WONDER if any clothing items got stuffed into pockets instead of evidence bags, like the gold coins stuffed into pockets at the Deposit boxes company as surveillance cameras showed them doing.

    That the Deposit box company warrant Judge had stated NO BOXES were to be cracked open, but one of the FBI managers gave them “special instructions” to open ALL BOXES and TAKE EVERYTHING. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN A PROSECUTORIAL OFFENSE, but over a year later, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED . Plus box owners are having to hire attorneys to SUE to get their property back, which hasn’t been returned yet. I remember one affected person said they kept most of their money there vs a regular bank. Another had over $100,000 there. Another had heirloom jewelry from great grandmother there. Had survived with her escaping the sinking Titanic, but then the FBI just takes it and WON’T RETURN IT. ABSOLUTELY LAWLESS ACTIVITIES BY AN AGENCY NOW BEING LED BY CRIMINALS.

  7. William says

    The real FBI is and has been for some time the right had of the Democratic Party. They have been lying to American for well over a decade. They lied about Trump having Russian dealings prior to the 2020 Elections ( and that has been proven )! The FBI set up, entrapped Mr. Flynn, a retired General who worked for Trump and had him prosecuted for lying to our Democratic controlled Congress. Flynn went to Prison for his Lie to Congress. It was later proven he had been set up by the FBI and he was released.
    The Democratic Party clearly Deceived Americans about Obama when he ran for President in 2007/2008. Obama is a Muslim and that fact was kept a Secret because he would never have been President ( not because he was a Muslim, but because of the Relious Fanatics they have within that Religon and what crimes they do In the name of that religion). Obama had numerous Concentration Camps built through out America, for whom were the built, this was also kept a Secret. Obama wrote an Exective Order (DO) allowing any Government Agency to enter our homes and TAKE our Food, Water, Guns And Ammo without any Search Warrant or any reason given at any time. This was not put in the media and was also kept a Secret for the most part – Why)? Now comes the worst betrail of the FBI, can you spell Hillary Clinton? One of America’s worst representative. Benghazi at number one, she blew this one big time. Later, she lied to Congress, totally mishandled Classified information and documents, attempted to destroy numerous thousands of classified she thought had been destroyed and were found, even on her personal laptop. All proven facts. The head of the FBI went on National TV and stated the FBI would not prosecute Hillary. Problem with that is that the FBI has Never Prosecuted anyone – Ever and he knew that before going on TV. The FBI is an investigative agency and that is all. The FBI turns over their investigative Reports of Investigation to the Judicial System for Prosections and none of that ever happened to Hillary. Still not convinced the FBI is not working directly for the Democrats? Why did General Flynn go to Prison for telling a lie to the Democratic Congress, but Hillary still walks freely and was allowed to Keep her Security Clearance. That should have been the very first thing that should have happened to Hillary, but it never happened. It never happened because the Democrats wanted her to win the Presidency so they could complete their Party’s Agenda. Hillary went into hiding for about two weeks after she lost the Election in 2016. She was suppose to be a shoe in for the Democratic Party. Members of herParty began attacking Mr. Trump even before he won the Election, and then did so Every day of his Presidency. They had plans and this non playing President was not a Puppet of any Party was interfering with theDemocrats Agenda plans. They have tried everything they could do or think of doing to and against Trump, the only way they knew they could bet him was to Steal the 2020 Election, and They did it! Now, they continue to try and get something onTrump to try and discredit him or anything to stop him from running for President, because they know he is now onto their Agendas and He would put a total Stop to them all. Biden recently signed a Direct Order to hire an Army of IRS Agents, buying numerous thousands rounds of ammo for them, making them all agree and sign statements they will use their guns. Is part of the Democratic Agendas coming to light to any Democrats out there. I was a Democrat for 55 years, until I observed what the Democrats in our offices have been doing and how they plan on a total take over in America. Think about it. Biden just signed another Direct Order removing our dollars to a totally GovernmentControl of all our funds and retirement funds. Hello America, time to Wake up and take Very Serious Actions against the Socialists and their planned take over of All of us. Once the Democrats control all the Money and their so called IRS Agents and other Federal agencies take our Food, Water, guns and Ammo, they have won, America is theirs for the taking. Oh yea; do not forget about Obama’s Concentration Camps, if anyone fails to Obey them or goes against this Socialists Party of liars, cheaters, theives, etc, you will be put into one of their Camps and treated like a Traitor for the rest of your lives. NOTE: Just ask anyone of those who were put in Prison ( or one of theses camps ), just being at the 6 Jan incident. They are all begging for help from the American people and Not a single person has demanded a complete direct investigation is yet to be opened. God Bless Those who are is willing to fight for Truth, Justice and the American way of life. Check it all out – Real Facts!

  8. Bill says

    Flash – Millions of wrongful and illegal votes were counted in favor of Biden in the 2020 Election according to Whistleblowers who are finally coming out after the Democratic Party’s recent illegal search of Mr. Trumps home. The FBI lied to obtain items at Trumps home and took their wrongful illegal search much further than was wrongfully authorized and obtained under their false pretenses. This clearly pissed off Almost everyone, not just Republicans. Whistleblowers are now coming forward about the Democratic theft of the 2020 Elections. God may have had a part in their coming forward with the truth after the Justice Department and FBI clearly proven they have become the Right hand of the Democratic Socialist Party are clearly working to serve only the Democrats in Office. Almost all of them vote each time for the very sick leadership of the wants and needs of their leaders. If they can do this to a former President – what can they do to any American Citizen who is a threat to them? The Democrats have made it clear they do not want God on anything, and have stated as so, many times. Don’t believe they will put honest hard working Americans in Prison who have not broken any laws? I dare anyone to investigate just how many Citizens are sitting in prison right now who had just attended the 6 Jan incident, who had not participated in any wrongful act and had not broken any Law, but put into prison for being at a demonstration that day! Many Citizens were wrongfully sent to the Democrats Prison and their stories to family members of being treated worst than prisoners of war. These poor American Citizens are living in the Democratic Hell and Nobody seems to care; because no help is being given to any of them. Where are the Attorneys in America who took an oath of office? Help them and help America to get the truth ASAP!

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