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Trump Calls for an Immediate Remedy to the Stolen 2020 Contest

President Donald Trump has called for an immediate do-over of the 2020 election following the revelation that the FBI – the enforcement arm of the federal government – interfered in the contest in an unprecedented manner. In direct violation of the First Amendment, the FBI acting as a government agency told social media companies to censor any and all opinion about the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell.” The only statement anyone was allowed to make on social media about the laptop was the Democrat Party line, which was that the laptop was “Russian disinformation.” That was a lie, and the FBI knew it was a lie.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook casually admitted this on Joe Rogan’s podcast last week. Zuckerberg stated that the FBI approached his people in early October of 2020 and asked them to be “vigilant” because there was “Russian disinformation” coming down the pipeline. A few days later, the New York Post broke the story about the laptop.

It’s safe to assume at this point that the FBI went to every social media company in existence at the time, to warn them to censor the laptop story. The New York Post, which is one of the oldest newspapers in the US, was locked out of its own Twitter account for nearly two weeks. They had the laptop almost exclusively, they had corroborated the laptop as authentic, and their reporting on it was worthy of an award. But they were censored, because the FBI demanded that they be censored.

As Harmeet Dillon noted about the Zuckerberg story on Tucker Carlson Tonight, when the FBI taps you on the shoulder and asks you to do something, it’s not a polite suggestion. The FBI ordered Twitter, Facebook and other tech companies to censor all information about the laptop. They did this to sway the outcome of the election. And they knew exactly what was on the laptop, because they had it in their possession.

The laptop was loaded with Hunter Biden’s personal porn collection – including alleged child porn that he filmed of himself with politicians’ daughters and underaged relatives. It also had videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack while exploiting adult and child sex trafficking victims of the Ukrainian mob. And videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack and having sex with Chinese hookers – a honey trap so obvious that… well, Eric Swalwell probably would have fallen for it, too. But a normal person wouldn’t!

And most importantly of all, the laptop had emails and text messages that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hunter Biden was selling American foreign policy for personal profit, for himself and for his father, the “Big Guy.” All of these things were actionable crimes. Yet the FBI told its field agents to ignore the contents of the laptop until after the election, and it ordered all news about the laptop to be censored.

In response to the Zuckerberg revelations, President Trump issued the following statement on Truth Social:

“So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI buried the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election knowing that, if they didn’t, ‘Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election.’ This is massive fraud & Election interference at a level never seen before in our Country. REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!”

While I agree with Trump that he should be declared the rightful winner, or that the 2020 election should be declared compromised and we should have a do-over election in Congress, it’s not because of the laptop. Basically, everyone KNEW the laptop was being censored and that the contents on it were bad. If the full contents of the laptop were revealed to the public, I don’t think it would have swayed a single vote away from Joe Biden. Even if it did sway some votes away from Biden, it wouldn’t have made a difference in the outcome of the election.

Because the Democrats CHEATED IN THE ELECTION.

Every time I see another news bulletin on the laptop, I feel like it’s a red herring. Yes, the FBI violated the Constitution by censoring the laptop. That’s bad. But that’s not what stole the 2020 election. The 2020 election was stolen by ballot box stuffing with illegitimate mail-in ballots dumped in drop boxes in the middle of the night. Period.

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  1. brian k smith says

    I think we should have a new 2020 election for president. with more oversite on voting so we don:t have any shanagins again or a recall

  2. Linda says

    Of course the Election was Stolen from President Donald J. Trump..Of course us Americans have a legal right to vote again…OR the fake resident Biden should resign immediately. He has committed numerous crimes against humanity.

  3. Mark says

    Trump won the election. Joetato the moron did not win. The election was cheated.

  4. Carol A Miller says

    Why American citizens can’t see the blatant lies & dirty deeds, and coverups the Democrats are getting away with. The Whitehouse is not ours anymore, Democrats consider it their territory, they own it and Anyone opposing this truth is considered against Democracy and an enemy. WAKE UP. We are on the cusp of losing our freedom. Impeach Pelosi, she is one of the true enemy’s of the American people.

  5. Mark says

    Announce Donald J. Trump as the real elected President of the United States of America.

  6. Mark says

    Hang Joetato, Kameltoe, Nasty Piglosi, Adam Shit, Hildebeast, Liz Cheney, Mittens Romney, Mueller, Comey, Merrick Garland, George Soros, Chimp44, Mayorkas, Maxine Waters, Chucky Scummer, Mitch Turtle McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Stacey Abrams, Humpty Dumpty Nadler.

  7. Kath says

    President Trump is right! We need a do-over fir the 2020 stolen and fraudulent election immediately.

  8. Jimmy R Harris says

    Yes it should be redone everyone knows trump won

  9. paw paw says

    I agree that the election was stolen. I think we need the rule of law to be followed in each state regarding how the votes were counted & justice be done.

  10. Jack says

    Yes it probably should be redone cuz what you actually know maybe just a drop in the bucket as to what went on

  11. Raymond Miller says

    Stupid Biden, said, before the election that they were stealing it, and has said since then that it was stolen, when is a confession not legal grounds for a recall or trial?

  12. Joseph haynes says

    Yes we should redo the 2020 election and then ALL the people that were involved in the overthrow of the election should be held accountable and tried for treason…

  13. President Poops His Pants says

    The rightful winner should be installed immediately. Unfortunately, how do we undo the cowardly Afghanistan withdrawal, the 13 lost military lives, the unknown thousands left behind enemy lines, Biden’s weakness allowing Putin to invade Ukraine, the Chinese preparing for war in Taiwan, the mutilation of young children, etc.
    We are only two months away from the mid-terms; how can anyone vote to continuing the Democrat insanity (keep voting for the same incompetents and expecting different results)?
    Black America – open your eyes and understand the murdering of your youth, the failed education systems are sentencing your families into poverty and crime.
    Dump the Democrats
    Defund the FBI
    Let’s Go Brandon

  14. JWM says

    I don’t believe that congress has the balls to rectify this presidential election!!! Crooked democrats snd the idiots in the DOJ, especially the FBI, should be held in jail and their passports held by decent law enforcements people!!!

  15. Marlene Hessler says





  16. William I Decker says

    The election should most definitely be done over with a thorough housecleaning @ the FBI along with Federal charges filed against those most responsible for the interference. This entire revelation is ridiculous & completely unacceptable especially since it violates the First Amendment, among other laws, plus it seriously betrays the public’s trust. This should be front page, headline news and Americans should be outraged by it.

  17. Terri Lynn Mitchell says

    The democrats did cheat in the election to make it possible for Biden to win. He is a horrible president, and should never have been put in charge of this great country. Trump was a wonderful president who only wanted the best things for Americans.

  18. Marcia Cummins says

    I would like to see a redo but I am not sure it is the best thing for America. Lets make sure we get the house and senate majorities. Then start investigating Brandon and his connections to the Ukraine and China through Hunter. Get him impeached and then start on Kamala who in 2020 encourage riots, burnings, and killings, in our major cities. Then impeach her and. By then the 2026 election cycle will have begun. Trump and Desantis will be ready to take on hopefully the next 4 years or more.

  19. roy thompson says

    All those FBI personal who lied should be FIRED — removed from office and prosecuted ! !!!! Biden should be dismissed, (prosecuted) and taken out of office. Trump should be put in office and it should NOT be considered his second term. !!!!! He should be allowed ( as his second term ) to run again in 24 ! LETS GO BRENDON !!!

  20. Charles Gugins says

    The FBI interfered in the 2020 election hoping to install a president that was not elected by the people. I do not think the actions have to be successful to make the case.

  21. private says

    Recall electorate NOW, too many states were ILLEGALLY CERTIFIED, in addition to corrupt fbi (fibbi) aiding COMMUNIST coup d’état by stealing the election.

  22. Michele Burlingame says

    The 2020 election was 100% tainted and fraudulently obstructed by the democrats and all the bad actors they involved! Joe Biden couldn’t win a rat race, let alone a race, against the greatest President, ever, Donald Trump!

  23. private says

    If corrupted, ILLEGALLY CERTIFIED battleground states that fraudulently threw the election are not DECERTIFIED before the deadlines, THEN THE DEADLINES MUST BE EXTENDED. Chicken shit “supreme court” whimpered that “it had never been done before,” BUT US HAD NEVER BEEN TAKEN OVER BY COMMUNIST COUP D’ÉTAT BEFORE EITHER!!!!!!!! HELLOW!!!!!!!!

  24. Avy115 says

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  25. Arlene says

    Absolutely, it was not a fair election and I for one of many felt it from the get go. It is a no brainier. It was never legal and there needs to be a fair re-election with fair and honest oversight.

  26. Peggy Joyce Thompson says

    I think Biden should immediately be removed from office and ALL HIS POLICIES BE NULL AND VOID starting today. Put the rightful PRESIDENT in the White House to help all the people. I, also, think because of this debacle of an election Trump should be allowed to run again in 2024, giving him 10 years in office INSTEAD of 6……….
    Joe Biden is a complete FAILURE as a President!!!! The only true thing B Obama every said is, “Don’t under estimate Joe Biden’s ability to F Thing up:. Man that is a true fact. Look at the mess we as AMERICANS are in due to this joke of a person. Not to mention, Biden’s family should be held accountable for ELDERLY ABUSE!!!!

  27. Billy 9080 says

    Well said……. Let’s hope for a correction soon!!!!!!

  28. bruce says

    I agree that the 2020 election was spoiled. I went to bed at 11:00 pm on NOV 3 and Trump was winning pretty easily and got up in the morning to find that massive vote dumps took place when no one was counting in the very early morning. After all the 2 years of videos, real audits, fake audits, 2000 mules evidence, the changing of voting laws by secretaries of States and State Attorney Generals and election boards without legislative approvals under the guise of COVID protection, examinations of machines that did have problems, people arrested for fraud, lying and attacks and denial by media and tons of other evidence like extending the results to 2 weeks after the elections (so they could manufacture more votes). Let’s not forget the terrible shape of voting registration roles in many states (that in some cases are illegal to not be updated)…Then the whole fiasco of not allowing contested states to actually determine who there is no recourse, we have what we have. An inept and corrupt president and administration is hell bent on destroying the country. Legally you can’t just install someone. All this needs to proved at the supreme court level. AL Gore was able to get a hearing when he complained come Trump or anyone else with standing has gotten shot down? We have a serious problem and ist gonna take a lot of courageous effort to fix this.

  29. Jane C Dewberry says

    There is now enough proof brought to light to cast serious doubts as to the legality of the outcome of the presidential election of 2020. Just because some people refuse to accept the facts doesn’t automatically mean the facts cease to exist. We now have a “rogue” administration in office that is systematically destroying this country, refuting the Constitution, breaking our established laws, and laughing as they enrich themselves by betraying their oaths of office. They need to be stopped before the entire country is brought to its knees. We, the People, must insist on a new election, held as soon as possible. We can’t continue in this manner until 2024. Insuring the progressive socialist Democrats lose the mid-terms, and lose them massively, would help in stemming the tide of corruption in DC, so go out on Nov. 8th and vote these criminals out of office.

  30. BaeBae says

    Of course zuckerberg is lying. He is a puke liberal. He funded ballot drop boxes in swing states with his dark money and made big contributions to the dnc. He should be hanging by his testicles. Despicable piece of low life white trash who happens to have more money than he is worth.

  31. BaeBae says

    Several months ago, North Carolina cleaned up their voter roles. 450,000 deceased, non-eligible, people who moved out of state were on the voter’s registration lists. How come they are just now doing this after those 450,000; probably most of them dead, voted. Nice going maggots.

  32. RED says

    From stuffing / altering ballots to off site and off shore servers, the forensic evidence of FRAUD is overwhelming!
    The current fraudulently installed administration should be removed immediately and Donald Trump and his administration should be installed in their place.

  33. Linda Silvanic says

    I say turn the government over to the rightful President. It has been proven that the election was rigged and the
    rightful President should have been called for President Trump. Undo that mistake and return the true President, Donald J. Trump to his rightful position.

  34. Eugene Long says

    Insanity? Without restoring the state voting laws to pre-rigged status, we will simply achieve the same results. We must do that first and ASAP. It is Votes that count — not dollars. The truth is already out.

  35. James Brooks says

    It was obvious on election night we should have a revote, without the unlawful shenanigans’ going on.

  36. Myrle says

    Of course it was stolen. Our country
    would not be in the position is in.

  37. Ken says

    Although the writer of the article is not credited, and I do believe that the election was stolen, I don’t believe he has made a case for a “redo”. Donald Trump said the election was stolen, as did Hillary about the 2016 election. Instead of contesting the 2020 results, VP Mike Pence shrugged and validated the so-called results. He was more concerned with his own career than the country. I believe President Trump was contesting the outcome based on data, and obvious irregularities. But Dems branded him a poor loser, and some even started chanting that it was illegal to contest the election. To this day libs everywhere are insisting that anyone who states the election was stolen is un-American.

    I don’t feel that the 2020 Election will ever be overturned. In the meantime Biden and his handlers are destroying the country, while calling MAGA supporters a danger to America. Republicans are in danger of seeing their “Red Wave” fizzle. Taking control of both houses of Congress is the only way they have to let the truth be told.

  38. private says

    If corrupted, ILLEGALLY CERTIFIED battleground states that fraudulently threw the election are not DECERTIFIED before the deadlines, THEN THE DEADLINES MUST BE EXTENDED. Chicken shit “supreme court” was bullied and threatened by Antifree and BurnLootMurder. Military could have taken care of that problem to save America from communist dictatorship, thousands dying in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and US. MORE IN FUTURE. World now heading into Mad Max, Terminator, and Soylent Green movies scenarios.

  39. Mary Waldridge says

    I think you should give President Trump back his position. Biden even said there was a stolen election and Mike Lindell has the proof of who won.

  40. David Lee Ray II says

    Damn Well Better Just Do It…!!!! We Real Americans Like Our ‘Justice’ Served On A Silver Platter Piping Hot…!!!! Missourians Don’t Take Kindly To The Fraudulently Established Likes Of Lucifer Joe Biden…!!!!

  41. Gary says

    I know that they cheated. Everyone knows that they cheated. Not only do we need a redo of election. Most of the FBI and CIA needs to be fired. They are corrupt and need to be gone. And all that helped with the cheating needs to be tried for treason and put before a firing squad and put to death no matter what their office or standing. Shouldn’t be allowed on TV or social media to cry about it either. This would not only fix the problem but would make others think twice before breaking the law and corrupting our government.

  42. Boca Jack says

    Yes to your point. The steal was highly coordinated as they had to cheat “old school” (ballots) to match the numbers they flipped “new school” (machines) but as in 2016, Trump VASTLY outperformed their guesstimate, and they got sloppy. 1) How could PA have over 200,000 more votes than voters? 2) WI had 116,502 votes from men who first registered to vote in 1918? (Women did not have the vote yet). They would have all been 123 years old! Many more instances that prove they cheated, must have cost hundreds of billions of dollars in payoffs. Remedy: Battleground states which mostly have (R) majority Legislatures have to grow a pair and decertify. If MI, PA, & GA did that puts Biden under 270. Invoke 12th Amendment. Citizens need to tell pols if they DON’T vote to decertify they will be voted out, AND they need to vote for Trump. Expected win-trump, 27-23. Start arrests & prosecutions for High Treason. No deals.

  43. Cath says

    After last nights speech joe bidumb showed his true feelings that he hates us maga americans. He divides americans against each other cause he seems to be wanting a civil war. Then he can put all Americans in jail. He is a total dictator and needs to STOP his foul mouth. His policies are horrid and even Obummer said many things against him. Bring back the real Pres #45. We were much better off.

  44. Kat Amato says

    Anyone with an ounce of sense knows Trump won and BIG TIME…We found all those fraud ballots in states , like Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia..and you know they are in the other states. Just watch the 2000 MULES MOVIE with the ACTUAL GOVERNMENT FOOTAGE SHOWING CHEATING AT2 am when they shut down the election when Trump wsa ahead. in all SWING STATES…Maricopa county in Arizona , Lade county in Wisconsin and Texas signed a resolution stating after seeing there outcome in their state that TRAITOR JOE was not the legitimate President..Go to where Mike Lindell has all the copies of the electronic packages sent back and forth from China the night of the election , put in your state and see the real number Trump won by, Trump did 3 rallies a day and got up to 50,000 people at each and 2 years later the same thing and Disgrace Dementia Joe could not get 8 people in his circles. Trump recently broke ELVIS Presleys record in Texas of 80,000 for an outdoor event. LOOK at how Biden has destroyed this country and all good Trump did in just 2 years. Look what BIden daughter had in her diary how her father made her take showers with him look what creep Hunter has on his laptop!.. JOE NEEDS TO GO!

  45. Capt_Kirk. says

    Just listen to Beijing Joe told the World!, ” I’ve have the Biggest and the best Voter fraud team in the Political History of the US “? 2000. Mules Stuffing Balade boxes full of fake Votes. There are 133.000.000. Legally Registered Voters in the US, Trump got 74.MILLION according to the DemonRatPack. If all 133,M, Voted, that’s 59. Million Votes for Biden.?
    in 3. Counties in 3. states, AZ, GA, and PA. 80.000 Votes without Signature. another 80.000. Votes from NON Registered Voters, 48.000. Votes from 124. Years or older. 20.000. Votes from one and the seam address?? Not Buc-Palace. Lets Make sure, NO!!! Dominion Voting Machine that even a 16. year-old girl can hack. NO!! Voting Drop-Boxes. And enforce Voter ID’s. Everybody got one.!! Stronger penalties for Voter fraud.

  46. Linda Riggs says

    The Democrats will do anything to take over this country and build a Socialist country they can take control of for their own benefit.

  47. Debbie says

    Where’s my post

  48. Debbie says

    Where’s my post ya well answer me n i won’t have to post the same thing

  49. Ann Jennings says

    Someone come up with a feasible plan immediately! America is the NEW SODOM!! Remember how that ended? The good will go down with the DEGENERATES!!!

  50. RowZ says

    I watched a military commentator say that President Trump was never really officially discarded as President. How can we tell? The Military says it all…..did you notice that when the parade after Biden’s “inauguration” rode past the soldiers lining the streets that they did not salute him and turned their backs to him? That is a clear sign that he is NOT their commander in chief…the military knows for a fact that this was a coup designed to overthrow our nation’s election (and government.) The Deep State placed Biden there to do their bidding. And what was the first thing he did? Sign an unheard of amount of EOs which would set the path of destruction for our nation. And that has been his (and regime’s) scheme of things from the start. People need to know the truth and accept that Biden has no business being our leader, especially when we see that he does not have the best intentions for us. The globalists want to depopulate us!!

  51. Guy says

    All well said!

  52. Avy115 says

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  53. ALEX TOURIGNY says

    The laptop from hell is only one small portion of the interference the FBI is guilty of in the 2020 election. “We the People”, know the Democrats cheated with ballot harvesting, mail in ballot fraud, and disinformation spewed by tainted mainstream media. The fact that Zuckerbugger admits their censoring on social media platforms, does nothing to excuse him from his additional election interference with illegal cash infusions through back door political action groups bribing state and local officials to affect the outcome of this election. He is guilty of election fraud, using $400 million + to overthrow our government for the Globalist Elite’s Agenda ! The swing states with the most obvious evidence of voter fraud should recall their electoral votes to nullify the BIG STEAL, regardless of what fat assed Bill Bar’s claims. We deserve better, and should demand better from Congress, or kick them out on the door after the Mid Terms. You hear us now Mitch, time to earn your $ the way you are supposed to boy ! FJB !

  54. Mickey mouse says

    Boo hoo we all are to blame we are getting exactly what we deserve I said it before and was told to shut up about redoing the phoney election. I also said that even when you find out that the election was rigged AGAINST Donald Trump there is not nothing that you can do to change ANYTHING. PROVE me wrong arrest the lowlife Biden. And then investigate all of the corrupt courts that are clearly not honest about ANYTHING. Unless we hold the judges accountable nothing is going to change.

  55. Vic says

    Excellent comments Bruce, Jane, and well, almost every one is fantastic and fact stuffed. Wonderful. We know Trump probably won in a big landslide. Various types of fraud, and not limited to swing states. Voters, machine vote flipping, harvesting, stuffing, hauled in ballots from NY and went to PA and driver swore on affidavit that he saw the semi box load was BALLOTS, computer stamped choices and never folded/no envelope. Zuckerberg $165 million drop boxes, dead voters plentiful from pre 1900/120 yrs old+. FBI and Hunter laptop cover up until after election. So a revote for 2020 is very appropriate.

    However declaring him Rightful Winner is appropriate and justified and faster. In fact there is legal precedence for it and removing Biden Administration and reinstating Trump. It was the Nixon/JFK Election, early 1960s. Supposedly JFK/LBJ won narrowly, was sworn in and put in WH.

    THEN Federal officials came to Nixon and stated there had been investigation of election fraud; it was found there was vote fraud, with LBJ, abetted by JFK and Bobby Kennedy, used a lot of dead voters, enough for a narrow win. So they said Nixon had actually won and they were taking JFK Administration out of office and putting him, Nixon in as RIGHTFUL WINNER. Nixon, unfortunately, said to let it be or it could hurt citizens’ belief in election, and to keep the findings SECRET. We only found out about it a few yrs ago, and letting the fraud go by has likely encouraged current fraud elections.

    So even if Nixon said to leave it, Federal officials were prepared to put Nixon in, pull JFK and likely render charges re fraud.

  56. Kim says

    We know Trump won 2020 ! Decertify the fraudulent election now and reinstate President Trump the real President ! Yea

  57. William says

    Stealing the 2020 Election was the only way the Democrats could retake Our White House. The Democrats did everything in the World they could do against Our Elected President ( Trump ); to remove him from office ( even attacking him before he became our President ), they had a clear Agenda to follow and he put it way off by winning in 2016. Obama built numerous concentration camps across America ( why )? Obama wrote an Exective Order allowing Government Agencies to enter homes in America without any search warrants of any kind and take all the food, water, guns and Ammo they find, (why)? Biden wrote an Exective Order to do any with our dollar ( why )? Biden writes another Exective Order hiring an Army of IRS Agents, buying thousands and thousands of rounds for them to use. ( why )? If you read the above and you can understand it, you just learned the Democratic Socialists Party’s Agenda. The Complete take over and full Control of America by the Democratic Party; that has been their plan ever since they picked Obama ( the Muslim President ) A fact they withheld from all America. Cheat, Deceive, Lie and Steal these are the ways of both True Socialists and Communists! The FBI and the Democratic Party need to be disbanded by Our True American Republician Government and the sooner the better. Our True President ( Donald Trump ) should order our military to remove all Democratic elected officials who have sided with Biden in betraying the trust of those who voted for all of them as well as all FBI directors and Supervisors who took an oath to serve Americans and not cater to only the Democratic Party and any of their illegal requests for illegal assistance. Speaking of Illegal, the Democrats have been providing illegal aliens with aid and support since the 1960s, using countless Billions and Billions of our tax dollars, they have been recruiting them all in the hopes they all understand it has been and continues to be their aid and support to them in hopes they will all become registered Democrat voters when they Reward them all with Citizenship for Breaking our Federal Laws (like many Americans had done and are still sitting in our Federal Prisons). This is what our Elected officials have been up to for more than 60 years, rewarding Known Federal Criminals with aid and support, food, clothing, housing, education, health services, Safe Cities to live in ( Democratic ran Citiesand States ), protecting them from the police ( which the Democrats want defunded ), with the hopes and prayers of the Democratic Party the millions and millions of their illegals will register to Vote Democrat ( after they all owe the Democrats who all given them Trillions of our tax dollars to all of them). These so called American Representatives who Represent all their millions of illegals, putting everything that is in English in Spanish as well ( just to make it easier for them all to obtain drivers licenses and other IDs as well as assists them all in staying in America and when the Democrats can Reward them all with Citizenship)! Anyone know when the last time any elected Democrat awarded anything to any American who broke our Federal Laws? This is your Democratic Party at work! Vote them all out of Office ASAP – no exceptions. Pass this on to all Americans- Now, before their take over of Our Country. God Bless America and all that we stand for Truth, Justice and Freedom – For Ever!

  58. jerry N williams says

    Sad but nothing will happen most of our Republican Leaders are worthless.

  59. Bill says

    The election in 2020 was clearly a Planned Activity by the Democratic leadership to deceive Americans into believing Biden could come close to beating Mr. Trump in any Election. After years of trying everything the Democratic Party could think of doing against Mr. Trump, attacking him daily to remove him from Office and since the Election trying to get anything they could against him, to keep him from running for President again. Their FBI knowingly lie about Trump regarding relationships with Russia, then the FBI hid the truth about Hunter Biden and his Father’s involvement in wrongful and illegal acts which was disclosed in Hunter Biden’s laptop. The FBI even threatened the big media agencies from running the facts found in Hunter Biden’s laptop. Should the Elections be Redone or just undone due to the wrongful and illegal acts by the FBI at the Direction of others in power outside of the FBI? Wonder who the FBI works directly for now? We need a new vote for the office of President ASAP!

  60. Republican Justice says

    Tar and feather all persons in office, the Director and Supervisors in the FBI and others involved in the false information provided which lead to a legal “Wrongful/Illegal Search Warrant” to be obtained and then used to ram sack Trump’s home and personal items and removing them from his home; let’s be nice enough about it to put these communists on a slow boat back to their Communist Country CHINA and allow them to truly have their dreams come true!

  61. DANIEL R SMITH SR says


  62. Rodzzz says

    Stolen items are always returned to the rightful owner……so why is the thief in this case allowed to keep the loot?

  63. slotpg says

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  64. Daniel Jack says

    Otherwise, President Donald Trump testified side in the civil fraud trial

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