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Lockdown Tyrants Pushing America Closer to Pitchfork Politics

How many more weeks do you suppose blue-state tyrants will continue their pointless anti-science “lockdowns” before people start to take a pitchforks-and-torches response to it? I’m thinking maybe early January. Before anyone accuses me of inciting violence against politicians, I don’t wish violence against any elected or non-elected person here in America. I’m only pointing out that the fascists posing as “leaders” in many places are inviting violence upon themselves. As many states start to enter their second or third lockdown right now, America is a powder keg… and it’s about to get a lot worse.

Some of us figured that as soon as the election was over, the Democrat Governors and Mayors who were relishing their newfound powers to punish healthy people would let up. Boy, were we wrong! It turns out that the pretext of a not-very-serious virus that has a 996 in 1,000 survival rate is just what these romantically inadequate dorks were looking for. Bossing everyone around sends a thrill up their leg, sort of like an Obama speech used to do to MSNBC anchors.

But now that the same people are canceling Thanksgiving and probably Christmas for normal people, look at what’s happening.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy went out to dinner right after he canceled Thanksgiving for everyone else. A pair of Jersey girls spotted him, mask-less, at a restaurant with half a dozen other people shoulder-to-shoulder. Looked like the Governor was having a nice time.

A few years ago in America, that would have been an opportunity for a constituent to say, “Hi Governor, sorry to interrupt, I just want to voice my opposition to your policy on XYZ” and then politely move along. But not anymore.

One of the Jersey girls asks the governor, “Hey, how ya doin’?” and the first words out of the other Jersey girl’s mouth were, “You are such a d**k!”

When he realized he was being recorded, Governor Murphy shamefully put down his fork and put on his mask. The governor’s son asked the Jersey girls to put on their masks, to which one of them replied, “You can go f*** yourself, how’s that?”

And that’s how our women are talking to the politicians! Governor Murphy is lucky that an out-of-work carpenter or gym owner didn’t bump into him at his nice little outing.

After locking down California, Governor Gavin Newsom – Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew – was caught dining out at one of the most expensive gourmet restaurants in the world. The restaurant is called the “French Laundry.” Pelosi’s nephew was packed indoors, wearing no mask, and enjoying a meal shoulder-to-shoulder with a bunch of California health officials and at least one lobbyist. Just the wine bill for that meal was $12,000, according to one witness.

Pelosi’s nephew is lucky that the sort of Americans who work with chainsaws and other power tools don’t normally dine out at the French Laundry.

Now that Pelosi’s nephew has canceled Thanksgiving and locked down small businesses again, assuring their doom in order to benefit Amazon and other multinational corporations, how are Californians reacting?

Mass protests broke out at 10:01 p.m. all across southern California over the weekend. Pelosi’s nephew is trying to impose a 10:00 p.m. martial law curfew on the whole state. That’s obviously based on all the science that coronavirus is more spready after 10:00 pm.

Thousands upon thousands of protesters took to the streets in 16 of the largest cities in SoCal. There were too many of them to arrest. Thankfully, most of the sheriffs in the LA area have said they’re not going to enforce the Governor’s martial law fantasies and they won’t be checking people’s homes to see if they’re enjoying themselves on Thanksgiving Day. Whether local police will is another question.

Residents in Michigan, Oregon, Washington and other states are going through a ridiculous second round of lockdowns as well. The difference between now and last March is that we know a lot more about this virus and who is vulnerable to it. Everyone sees through the scam and is fed up with it. Even the out-of-work hookers employed in Nevada’s brothels are crowdfunding to raise money to sue Gov. Steve Sisolak.

It’s only a matter of time before a jobless American whose livelihood and family have been destroyed by these lockdowns does something extreme. Everyone knows that day is coming if this continues. The question is: Why don’t any of these lockdown tyrants see it coming?

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  1. Bald Eagle says

    In answer to your question, “lockdown tyrants don’t see it coming”. I have, let’s see” read somewhere, “that they have eyes but don’t see and ears but do not hear”. Does that answer the question?

  2. Rick says

    My guess is they DO see it coming and will use it to push for ACTUAL…..not this de-facto….. Martial Law……….and people DO see it coming…..tried to buy ammo recently?

  3. Douglas L Self says

    It’s become more evident that this “lockdowns” and arrogant Democrat governors and/or mayors making arbitrary decisions as to whose activity is “essential” or not is NOT about halting the spread of contagion. It’s been further exacerbated by their blatant HYPOCRISY in their own personal behavior.

    I like the analogy of “pitchforks”. In the 2000 movie, “The Patriot”, Lord and General Charles Cornwallis is scripted as referring to the South Carolina militiamen, led by the fictional Benjamin Martin (a composite character of several men that fought for the Continentals, mostly Francis “Swamp Fox” Marion, and himself a veteran of the French and Indian Wars, notably renowned or infamous, depending on POV, for leading an attack on the French “Fort Wilderness” and slaughtering the POWs afterwards) as…”Farmers…with PITCHFORKS!” I wonder at times if the American public still has that resolve to defend their freedoms, and if it comes to that, may we have a similar result!

  4. David says

    Been to the war. Don’t want it here. BUT, as a Veteran of the United States Military I will defend our freedoms and our right to choose at all costs because I have witnessed life in a Third World Police State and I know why Socialism and Martial Law does not work. This is the United States of America and I will die, if necessary, to preserve Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO DEFINE AND DEFEND OUR OWN PERSONAL PURSUITS!

  5. sissybrat says

    l live in Oregon and the majority of the rural and eastern parts of the state are not Demorats. Parts of Oregon want to move our state to Idaho. Just like Washington DC wants to become a state. When we became a sanctuary state and one of the 1st states to legalize marijuana the libs flocked in like a wild herd of sheep. Peter Defazio has been in Congress since I was in high school and my 50th class reunion is in 2021. Its impossible to get these libs out. Something has to change now!

  6. Pman says

    Arm and ammo up American Patriots!

  7. ROBERT says


  8. James says

    They know what there starting , and there are more than 1000s. There doing just what these other Countries wanted that’s why they rigged our election.. WAR.

  9. Wilber Williams says

    Let those idiots keep pushing their bull crap and they will push a little to hard and some of these hard workers are going to snap and take all these idiots with them. These power hungry dems are so stupid ,they can’t see the forest for the trees. .Open this country back up 100% and let the people take the actions to help themselves. All these power hungry idiots care about is themselves. They are all looking for glory that they will never get. Wear your masks in public at home as well if you have outsiders on a visit, wash your hands often, keep all areas clean .Use common sense and we will all get thru this safe and sound.The government needs to stand down and let this mess take its course..

  10. Disgusted says

    It’s only going to get 100% worse if all of you just sit on your asses, and do NOTHING but talk, talk, talk! If that’s what you want, start putting your affairs in order and hiding your valuables. Harris/Biden is going to confiscate all of it and happily put you into slavery. None of you believe this will happen, None of you. I want to know What Is Wrong With You? Your entire lives will totally change. You will have no rights at all, no right to say anything, do anything or be anything. What? Are you waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to do it for you? Who is that someone else? Where is that someone else? Huh? I guess you are glutens for punishment. If the Harris administration takes over, you are going to find out what HELL is like! I guarantee it! Oh, maybe you aren’t smart enough to know what to do about it. Is that it? Probably.

  11. ONLYJB1 says

    Here’s the REAL TRUTH. We don’t fight with pitch forks anymore! We are armed to the teeth with weapons and 1000’s and 1000’s of rounds of ammunition. Once we are finally forced to fight back the communist democrats will die in their own blood! MILLIONS! Keep pushing and watch what happens. The Liberty Tree will once again be nourished with the blood of the tyrants! GOD help them.

  12. JoeyP says

    Can we still TAR and FEATHER anymore?!? . . . just ASKING. This is what RECALLS are FOR – LET’S DO IT! This could be the NEW Patriot HOBBY for 2021. The MORE RECALLS the BETTER. Let PATRIOTISM march ON! One Enlightened And HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  13. Wyatt Earp says

    The time is upon us! To take a stand for our freedom and liberty! These junkie just want to control other people so they can get their drugs from mexico! They don’t care about anything but POWER AND CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE! I will say it again if killing start let it be on the state level first!

  14. Carla says

    You asked why these lockdown tyrants can’t see what the inevitable outcome will be if lockdowns continue. As my father often said, you can’t teach stupid.

  15. William Siems says

    These weak politicians, suddenly enjoying power because of their ability to issue edicts due to Covid, are too busy flexing their fake muscles to see where this could lead for them. Plus, they are liberal wonkish politicians and they know only one way to combat any problem – a one-size-fits-all government approach. They do not have the ability to approach a problem logically, like shutting down “hot spot areas” within their states and simply practicing caution, and trusting their people to do so while going about their lives. Too much work for these wonks, and that’s not the way they think. Easier to just shut down the whole freakin’ state. Almost all are blue states, and people are starting to realize that this is what you get when Dems are in charge.

  16. Joe says

    REVOLUTION 2021!

  17. John Galt says

    2020 was a terrible year. 2021 with Biden gone/Harris president may be even worse. We must all prepare for it, or we will lose what many people have died for and may have to do again.

  18. Carlos says

    Sorry, but I don’t think people in these blue cities will do shit. Look at this past Nov. AOC, Pelosi, Newsome, Schiff, Waters, Peters, etc. ALL got easily reelected. There’s no fixing stupid and liberalism is a mental disorder!

  19. Papa Bear says

    This entire “lock down” BS serves only one purpose as far as I can see. NO country has been able to impose a socialistic or communistic form of government on it people when the “peasants” (us) are well off financially. So, what better way to get the American People to except that form of government than to wreck the economy, so the people need to suck on the government tit to survive. Commie forms of government have not really worked for the average citizen, ever. It’s great for the elite. But it kills the initiative of the average worker. Why should I work and study to be a Doctor if I’m gonna get paid the same as a ditch digger. Not that there is anything wrong with a ditch digger, but he/she has not had to put in the years of education it takes to become a Doctor. so sooner or later the Dr. says the hell with it, and does not preform his job to the best of his ability. Get the point?

  20. Eugene Marcum says

    Lot’s of people will not see it coming, “So it is said, So let it be written”. At least not until everyone will see him coming in the clouds, when all eyes will see him. And by that time it will be to late to change their ways.

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