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The Texas 2020 Preliminary Audit Results Are Jaw-Dropping

The Texas Secretary of State is conducting an audit of the 2020 results to see if things were on the up-and-up in that state’s last presidential election. The preliminary results of Phase 1 of the audit were released on New Year’s Eve. Lo and behold, there were problems – even in a deep red state like Texas.

You might think, why bother? Trump clearly won Texas in 2020 and we all knew he was going to win Texas. We should “bother,” because the results of this Texas audit are already revealing that the problem was systemic and holistic – and it took place in all 50 states.

81 million vote-getter Joe Biden outpaced Crooked Hillary’s 2016 popular vote total by about 16 million votes. They couldn’t just dump all those votes into one state like Pennsylvania. Everyone would have noticed. Instead, the dirty cheaters seeded extra votes into all 50 states. I’ve been saying it since Election Night in 2020: The results in every state looked “off” to me. Plus, there were too many mathematical impossibilities in the 2020 election that all seemed to run in one direction. This is why Texas, and every other state, should audit its results.

Before we look at the preliminary audit results, let’s take a look at the results of several previous elections in Texas and compare them to 2020.

In 2008, John McCain beat Barack Obama in Texas by about 950,000 votes, with a total of 8.3 million Texans voting.

In 2012, Mitt Romney beat Obama in Texas by about 1.2 million votes, with a total of 7.8 million votes cast.

Note the drift between those two elections: Romney’s margin of victory was bigger than McCain’s in the previous election, despite 500,000 fewer voters turning out.

In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Crooked Hillary in Texas by 807,000 votes, with a total of 8.4 million votes cast.

And now, 2020: Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden in Texas by 631,000 votes, with a total of 11.9 million votes cast.

Trump’s support in Texas grew by 1.2 million votes between 2016 and 2020. This is not surprising, due to the fact that Donald Trump is the single most popular president in American history. His America First agenda bettered the lives of countless millions of Americans, and he was clearly headed toward a landslide in 2020.

So… how did Donald Trump only manage to defeat Joe Biden by 600,000 votes in Texas? How did Joe Biden nearly double his support in Texas in 2020, compared to the 2012 election which – by the way – Joe Biden was also in as Obama’s VP?

Donald Trump’s support in Texas grew by 1.2 million votes between 2016 and 2020. But the Basement Campaigner somehow grew his support in Texas by 1.4 million? Seriously? This is what I mean when I say the results in all 50 states look “off.” Something is fishy.

And the Texas Secretary of State is now confirming this. The Phase 1 audit results that were released on New Year’s Eve reveal the following:

Texas had 700,000 ineligible voter registrations in the 2020 election. Most of those ineligible registrations were in four counties (Collin County, Dallas County, Harris County and Tarrant County.)

The Secretary of State found 11,737 illegal aliens on the Texas voter rolls (so far). Texas isn’t a state like California that makes it easy for illegal aliens to register and cast ballots in presidential elections. And yet nearly 12,000 slipped through the cracks and managed to vote in 2020.

They also found 449,362 duplicate voter registrations (people registered to vote in two different locations in Texas).

Since the 2020 election, the Texas Secretary of State has identified 224,585 dead voters who were registered in November of 2020. They’re in the process of removing them from the rolls right now.

Joe Biden gained 1.4 million more votes in 2020 than Hillary Clinton achieved in Texas in 2016.

Math: 700,000 ineligible registrations + 11,737 illegal aliens + 449,000 duplicate registrations + 224,000 dead voters = 1.38 million votes.

This is why we need audits of the 2020 election to take place in all 50 states. Hopefully after Texas completes its audit, some of the other Republican legislatures will finally get off their rear ends and do their constitutional duty, by forcing audits in their own states as well.

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  1. Lori says

    What more do we need to overturn this election. Biden new the fix was in that is why they “didn’t let him campaign”.

    They rigged the election and should be tried for treason. Not continue to ruin our lives

  2. Bret says

    My poor grandfather would be rolling over in his grave knowing he is now a confirmed Demo RAT!

  3. bruce says

    They spread the cheat votes around in the battleground states in particular, so basement joe could win the election. Not so he could get 81 million votes. When its all said and done he probably got 71 million votes to Trump’s 75 million. But liberals and RINOs worked overtime and are still doing so to hide the facts. Now look at the results of the cheat. We have a senile old fool puppet for the socialist left running things and its a disaster. I hope all you liberal democrats and haters are happy now. You ruined our country out of hate and dishonesty. The propaganda media led you around by the nose with lies.

  4. John says

    They all need to be charged with treason now. Not next week. Not next month. NOW!

  5. Gary says

    No matter how much “illegal” votes were cast, NO one will go to jail. Therefore it will keep happening.

  6. john hering says

    Lawmakers STAND UP NOW OR GET RUN OVER LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. charles A wilkins says

    My wife’s best friend neighbors cousin said ground beef was up to $5,00 a pound WTF is going on, get me all those meat packing SOB’s on the phone, somebody is fxxxin the dog..WOW this is the person who is making decisions to run our Country? What about the increase in fuels to get the products to the markets? which you cut off? what about the lack of drivers and labor in general to get the products delivered? Which your are still paying to stay home?What about all the shortages? not just the high cost of beef, but everything, your policies suck. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE PRESIDENT CAN’T DO THE JOB HE PROMISED HE COULD DO, HE IS STUCK ON STOP. A CNN analysis of Biden’s public schedule indicates the President has spent a significant amount of time away from the White House, particularly on weekends, since his January inauguration. Including this weekend’s trip to Delaware, Biden has taken 35 personal trips and spent all or part of 108 of his first 276 days in office at one of his Delaware homes or at Camp David in Maryland. That includes partial days, like Friday — when he spent the day at the White House and departed in the evening. Sixty-nine of those 108 days away from Washington were spent at his home in Wilmington, spread over 23 visits; seven days at his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, beach house over two visits; and 32 days at Camp David over 10 visits. Biden lives in a non reality cocoon somewhere back in time.Lets’start voting these corrupt relics out of office. Part time basement joe,and his band of misfits.

  8. Shirley says

    I have seen so many reports and testimonies from whistle blowers starting from day 1 after the election. That was the time to put a hold on the certifying and redo the election. If we had a Republican party that was not in cahoots with the dems and a supreme court that did nothing, we would not be in this mess.

  9. kurt gandenberger says

    the demoncrat party has used election fraud as one of its tools since the 1870’s. it has been elevated to an art form.

  10. Gerry says

    John — you are exactly right — not later — NOW. The 2020 farce needs to be decertified and overturned NOW not 6 months or a year from now — NOW !!!!

  11. Fred Toulch says

    When asked about an inquiry into the election John Roberts responded that there would be rioting all over the country. Roberts was clearly intimidated.

    Think back to 2016 – how much more Trump would have accomplished if the GOP had been with him from the outset – as the voters clearly wanted.

    Unfortunately, the anachronistic swamp is still pervasive. The only mainstream TV media outlet sympathetic to the GOP is Fox. Why hasn’t Brit Hume been put out to pasture? No matter what he speaks on he never misses an opportunity to disparage Trump.

  12. Tom Tucker says

    Think we don’t need civil war? they aren’t to stop cheating and they will do anything it takes to make the US a one party system, the communist party.

  13. Tom Tucker says

    We’ve known this since election night, when we went to bed at midnight, with Trump winning in a landslide and woke to a Brnadon win.

  14. SOLDADO says

    The American Tax Payer’s want to see Indictments, Arrests & Prosecution of the officials who committed the mass voter FRAUD. Until then….just another story.

  15. bkaur says

    The Audit should have been done back in November of 2020….immediately after the election…. ALL 50 states MUST have their voter rolls cleaned out or this mess is going to happen again in 2022 and 2024 so that evil democRATS remain in power.. God help us all if that happens…. GOP MUST take back the house and Senate to save America from this dictato Gestapo Biden..

  16. Lyudmila says

    The dead of America have chosen their president, the half-dead Biden. Is the USA a dead country?

  17. Phyllis says

    As long as we have a corrupt democratic, communist party in charge, a clearly bought and paid for media, calling election fraud, Trump s big lie, and judges who refuse to even look at these cases, we can’t get justice. It’s no different than the Jan. 6 set up by Pelosi, Schumer, Schitf, who has no problem changing documents to suit the party narrative, and the other corrupt Communist party members, in their attempt to stop President Trump. Pres. Trump asked the DC police and Pelosi, if they wanted him to call in the National Guard, and they told him it wasn’t necessary. The Police announced, there were no injuries to any police officers following the protests, yet now we have many of them suing the President, for so called injuries. Pelosi’s reason for impeaching the President was based on the killing of Officer Sicknic, which was a complete and total lie. Liberals have disparaged and hounded Trump, since the day he announced he was running for office, because he got things done, and they couldn’t have that. We need audits of the election, of 2020, prosecution of all those involved in the Russian hoax, voter ID, the American people voting on any raise, for Congress, and term limits.

  18. Imre says

    This is exactly WHY we are being driven to CIVIL WAR II.

  19. CharlieSeattle says

    Just starting???

    Well that only took a year! How much time do the states think you have??

    As long as the Democrat election fraud apparatus remains intact, and it still is, the next 2022/2024 fraudulent elections will be over before the states finish with 2020 audits!

  20. Elaine67 says

    They ALL Need to be arrested & tried for TREASON & then DEPORTED or EX*CUTED for Tr*ason.
    VOT*R FR*UD IS CHEAT**NG & IS AGAINST THE LAW even when the Democrat Party is paying you to do it


  21. janice says

    democraps are nothin but cheaters thats the only way they can when ask biden he knows he didn’t win legally , thats why he gets so mad when people ask him about it his face looks like the grumpy old cat but when he faced Trump he put the biggest smile he had on his face & told the biggest whopper in the world he was a liar way , way back when & hes a liar now hes lied so much that he thinks it’s true anymore , sign of dementia or he wants everyone to believe

  22. Al says

    It’s hard for Joe to see what’s going on with his head up his ass!

  23. Eric says

    I get so blasted sick and tired daily of a country that refuses to take action on an unlawful administration!!!! The wimpy judicial process for one including the SCOTUS!!!!

  24. Eric says

    The Left will NEVER learn of honesty and integrity as long as wimp arses in the system keep on, keep on letting them get away with their behavior again, again, again, and again!!!!!!!!

  25. Jake says

    criminals all! & then you have the Soros DA’s that think criminals need a revolving door’ not prison, part of New York { long island?} just got one’ but the strange part is he ran on not’ not’ prosicuting criminals & were not talking J walking but real hardened criminals. and there wondering why there is so much crime & climbing . They must have been serving that specal kool aid before you came in & another before you got your balled, there must have been koolaid cops standing there to make shure you drank it all! or your butt just might go to jail, the new DA will see to that’ he has the time for these dastardly crimes agenst NY & don’t forget the non taking covid criminals the people that voted for him must be STUCK ON STUPID

  26. Fred LeMaster says

    Ms. or Mrs. Lori, I 2nd Your Motion = I Agree With You 100%, With A Loud And Resounding HEAR! HEAR!!!

  27. Ron says

    It’s amazing to me that the Demonrats did everything possible to remove President Trump. The republicans are just sitting by while President dumb dumb continues to fail repeatedly. The objective of the president is to keep America and legal Americans safe. So let’s see if dumb dumb is doing just that. Is our border secure? Did we get all Americans out of Afghanistan? Has crime gone up or down since brandon took over? No is the answer. Yet republicans sit idly by and do NOTHING. We have a socialist part of the Demonrats that do not want to follow our laws and constitution. I hope people will remember or do some research the Germans had a national socialist workers party. It became known as the nazi party and we know where that got us.

  28. Doug says

    It was obvious at 0200 GMT on election night that it was statistically impossible for Biden to win.
    Our prime minister here in the UK brought new stricter election laws immediately after the US elections . I believe it was done in the USA to a large extent when Obama got rellected and they underestimated Trump support. Everyone here hate Biden & even people who believed msm about Trump say they preferred Trump.
    Biden gives the EU a trade deal but won’t to the UK who our greatest Allie. Treats us like shit. Our troops were put at risk by the arsewipe Biden in Afghanistan , unforgivable

  29. Nancy Bsrberis says

    when you live and run a business in a democratic city for 40 years.
    to this day I have only found , yes one person that voted democratic. people here are still caravanning for trump.
    if it looks like fraud, smells like fraud sounds like fraud, a sure bet it is fraud.

  30. Gary says

    We need to get real here! Do you know how hard it is to walk from the cemetery to the polling station to vote? That is why it is impossible for one person to get 81 million dead people to vote for him. Oh! you say 81 million dead people didn’t vote for him. 81 million Democrats did that is the same as 81 million braindead zombies.

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