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Christian Wedding Photographer Who Refused Service to Same-Sex Couples Loses Case

A federal district court dismissed a case Monday from a photographer who argued that she should not be required to photograph same-sex weddings.

U.S. District Judge Frank P. Geraci, Jr. wrote in the ruling against Christian photographer Emilee Carpenter, “Her photographs are a product of her personal ‘artistic discretion,’ ‘technical proficiency,’ and ‘moral standards,’ and it is her ‘faith and eye for beauty’ that ‘shape her photography—from first click to final edit.’”

The Alliance for Defending Freedom, the organization representing Carpenter in the case, disagreed with the ruling.

The ADF argues that the court’s ruling can prohibit Carpenter from “even explaining on her company’s website which photographs and blogs she can create in good conscience based on her religious beliefs,” according to the ADF’s statement.

Penalties for violating the laws noted in the ruling could include a fine of up to $100,000, revocation of a business license, and up to one year in jail, the ADF noted.

The case arose after Carpenter had received at least seven requests since March to create content celebrating same-sex weddings in New York. “The state shouldn’t be able to silence or punish me for living out my convictions,” Carpenter said when the lawsuit was announced in April.

“I serve clients from all backgrounds, but the government is attempting to tell me what to do, what to say, and what to create based on its beliefs, not mine. Free speech protects everyone. Photographers and other artists should be able to choose the stories they tell,” she added.

Carpenter plans to appeal the decision.

“The court’s decision continues down a dangerous path of the government compelling artists to speak messages that violate their religious beliefs—or imposing steep fines, closing their businesses, or throwing them in jail,” ADF Senior Counsel Jonathan Scruggs said in the statement.

This isn’t the first time a case like this has occurred. Remember Jack the cake maker? His Colorado case over refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding has led to years of legal battles as LGBT activists seek not only to disagree with him, but to destroy his life and business. It’s one thing to disagree; it’s quite another to actively seek to take down those who hold a different view.

But is anyone in the Biden administration running to help Carpenter with her case? No way. She’s on her own, being represented by a legal group that raises donor funds to help in such cases.

Our nation’s lawfare against conservative Christian viewpoints continue to damage our citizens and destroy the foundations of our country. People should be free to conduct their personal businesses without fear of being hassled over choosing not to take on certain projects.

By the way, the judge in the court? An Obama appointee. The people we vote for matter. He’s been out of office since January 2016, but his actions continue to impact the lives of many. Let’s choose to support those who will help our nation increase freedoms – not limit them – in the days ahead.

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  3. Festus says

    If I was in ms. Carpenter’s shoes, I’d be busy, or do a crappy job. There’s plenty of homo photographers out there. Heck, they could get one to do flowers and photos! Twofer!

  4. Don says

    A federal district court dismissed a case Monday from a photographer who argued that she should not be required to photograph same-sex weddings.

    This asinine Judge is wrong under the constitution she has the right to deny this job and this judge can that his communist ass to Hell

  5. Kirby Van Horn says

    This is pure communist bullshit!!!

  6. Wyatt Earp says

    What do you expect from the judge that were appointed by Obama? Knowing Obama is a gay man! These judge do not follow the laws! This wasn’t just an attack against her Christian faith or work! It was an attack against GOD! We all know homosexual people know they could when and got another guy person. But choose to make headlines with this!

  7. Ron says

    So we can now tell restaurants what they can or cannot serve or theaters what movie they can or cannot show.This is this person’s personal business and now big brother is telling her what she HAS to do. It’s like big brother saying we will have nothing but electric vehicles by 2030. EVs don’t work for me.when is the government going to stop and realize we the people elected you to do the work of the people not your stupid agenda OURS. So now we are stuck with idiots making us do what they want us to do instead of us doing what we want with our lives and businesses.

  8. Ralph maddocks says

    Queer judge making queer decisions .yes thats exactly what I said

  9. William M Quilty says

    Maybe the LGBTQ community should start refusing to serve White christian people because they are anything BUT Christian. They don’t act, speak or think in a christian manner. they don’t treat others with Christian principles. The only people in this country that are worse hypocrites then the Christians are the politicians. And even then, it is close to a toss up. If the so-called Christians of this country would worry more about their own behavior and a lot less of someone else’s, what a beautiful country this would be. Christians and politicians need to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS! I have no love lost for breeders, but their money spends just as fast as the money from the Gay Community.

  10. Sharon Taylor says

    I can’t help but wonder what you’ll say when the Government forces YOU to do something that is against your beliefs.

  11. Robert says

    What happened to the age old phrase that was seen in restaurants (and other businesses) over the years – “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone?” This should be the case in any business.

  12. Frances Weingarten says

    I don’t at all understand why this woman was being harrassed because her religion prevented her from being the photographer for a same sex wedding! There surely were other photographers that could do the wedding for these women but for whatever reason, this person was insistent on this photographer! The photographer had explained that her religion prevented her from same sex photographs, which should have been an adequate reason for not agreeing to do the photography!

  13. DrSique says

    Well, when it comes to modern liberalism, forced labor is the name of the game………………………………………………………….so long as they disagree with you.

  14. A. Wilk says

    Why are conservatives remaining in New York or California??? Get out of there and let the dippy Democrat voters live in their self-created hole.

  15. The Angler says

    WELL, it is time for a CONVENTION OF STATES to add a few Amendments to the Constitution and REAFFIRM the BILL OF RIGHTS found in the Constitution so our FREEDOMS cannot be taken away ever again as this DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT has done. The new Amendment that the Convention of States should consider are:
    1. TERM LIMITS for the House of Representative and the Senate. The elected official should have to retire once they reach age 70 or 12 years of service, whichever comes FIRST!
    2. OVERHAUL OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL POSITION making it an ELECTED POSITION NOT APPOINTED, which should prevent the POLITICALIZATION of the A.G.’s OFFICE! With the TERM BEING 2 years and a MAX LIFETIME TERM of 3 terms equaling 6 years.
    3. REMOVING THE F.B.I. from Presidential APPOINTMENT to a COMMISSION STYLE OVERSITE consisting of 2 Representative (one Democrat and 1 Republican), 2 Senators (one Democrat and one Republican) and 2 Civilians (1 Democrat and 1 Republican). The Commissioners should be ELECTED by the House of Representatives for their 2 Commissioners and by the Senate for their 2 Commissioners and the 2 Civilians Elected every 2 years during General Elections by the Citizens. Removing the F.B.I. from the control of the A.G. and President should prevent POLITICALIZATION of the Bureau allowing to operating as a legitimate NON-PARTISIAN INVESTIGATIVE AGENCY. OVERSITE (only) will by the SENATE.
    4. Establishing 9 Judges to the Supreme Court so COURT PACKING CAN NEVER BE AN INTIMIDATION FACTOR allowing the JUDGES to rule by the CONSTITUTIONALITY of LAWS not POLITICS.
    6. AMENDMENT for VOTER INTEGRITY by requiring the PURGE of VOTER ROLLS and VOTER I.D. every four years. This will help to prevent FRAUD in our election.
    7. AMENDMENT PLACING ABORTION at a state level NOT FEDERAL. This will eliminate the Political fallout of ABORTION every day.
    8. IMMIGRATION must 100% FOLLOW THE LAWS and cannot be circumvented by EXECUTIVE ORDER.
    9. PRESIDENTAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS cannot change a LAW, they must FOLLOW THE LAW.
    10. AN AMENDMENT for the Public Education System NOT TO INDOCTRINATE children BUT TO TEACH CHILDREN.
    My opinion above is what can be done to BRING OUR COUNTRY BACK TO BEING RESPECTED AROUND THE WORLD and PUTS THE U.S. and her CITIZENS FIRST!

  16. Rudy says

    I wonder if they’d force a Muslim to perform a service for a bar mitzvah or a Christian wedding???

  17. Thomas S. Tucker says

    The judge is a faggot, appointed by a faggot. Take it to a higher lever of judiciary.

  18. WK says

    Exactly these dumbocraps are killing our country

  19. Dr. Tony Salinski says

    Ms. Quilty, this pitting Christians against their own religious beliefs is a tactic I learned back when I was a communist. It’s also in communist writer Saul Alinsky’s book, rules for Radicals, but of course, you already know that, don’t you? Who ever told you that the Christian thing to do is to abandon one’s Christian principles? Christians aren’t the outliers in this game, YOU are, so why don’t you just leave the country and go find a communist hell-hole more to your liking?

  20. Robert says

    One of the most touching stories in the Old Testament is about the woman and her 7 sons who refuse to eat pork. The woman watches her sons being tortured and dying for their believes before she herself is killed. Many people mistakenly believe that the USA is supposed to free from religion when in fact our country was founded on the belief of Freedom of Religion. In other words we are allowed to practice our religion in a peaceful manner without fear of reprisals. Unfortunately our current policy is to rewrite the Constitution to fit what ever narrative they are trying to sell.

  21. William F. Quilty says

    Dr. Salinski, resorting to calling me a Communist? Are you related to Joe McCarthy in some way? I “pitted” no one against anything. I merely stated an observation on my part. I would rather believe that this country was founded on spiritual principles, leaving more than enough room for everyone to worship as they wish, or not, without imposing their beliefs on others, than to think it was based on any religious belief. State and religion MUST remain separate entities, and keep their noses out of the other’s business. There are laws against discrimination.

    There are no exceptions or addendums concerning anyone’s religious beliefs. The minute you say you won’t perform a public service for someone for a reason, regardless of your religious belief, you have to take responsibility. I won’t do something cause something you do or something you are offends me is not an excuse. These are the laws that were lobbied for and passed. If you choose to use a discriminatory excuse for service refusal, then the law needs to be enforced. But being a communist, you would know that your leaders would have had you locked up or dead long before any trial could be choreographed.

  22. Stonewall says

    What ever happened to those good old signs often centered in many a business premises? “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” End of story. Well, we all know how the organized communists work. Pick out an example in the community where you know that the artist or whatever holds certain Christian values; then just
    do a frontal attack Demand the service.
    These trolls always have the legal documents to kick off the law suit already pending in their communist Layers office just waiting to date it and file. It’s just a vile game to them, aided by the added incentive of the sad fact that the courts full of mushy left wing extremist judges at the trial level will gleefully give them their desired result on a platter.
    It is beyond wonderful when such matters make their way to the Supreme court; and if you get “the right bench sitting “; you may very well have the whole thing properly reversed with costs in good measure awarded to you ,to boot!. Alas there are no promises , but one can only do ones best, and never lose faith.

  23. Leo says

    Taking photographs or baking special cakes should be a contract where either party can refuse to sign the contract. If forced by this ashhat judge to shoto homo evnets she should demand a huge nonrefundable down payment then provide blurry/unrecognizable photos of anything remotely queer. These days everything is digital so she should be sure to delete (bleach bit) all digital files after printing the photos. Sorry the contract did not gaurentee good photos.

  24. Faye says

    She is a private business owner, and they are no longer covered under the law that she can refuse to serve anyone. They changed that a long time ago, unfortunately. But under Biden, businesses must refuse people who are not vaccinated. The sword only swings one way, never on the side of the small business owner. She needs to be more diplomatic in matters like this, so she cannot be accused of discrimination. When faced with things that you are against, best not to announce it in a business. She would be better off in the future to just declare she is too busy that day to do it and apologizes. She could also be gracious enough to suggest another photographer in their area. That should be it. The same for anyone in business, same for the person who did not want to bake the cake. Never announce your business is against anything, especially your religion The world is upside down with what is in charge by stepping on our Constitutional rights and these judges are right with them.

  25. MO says

    You people that condone this sick and twisted crap, are just as sick as the ones you support. I will never give a fruity pebble anything but a look of concern for the future of this planet. These sick and twisted souls will pay with their souls.

  26. Harry J Schaubel says

    Shoot the Wedding AFTER being paid in advance (Clear the Check, 1st.)
    Then give them garbage. There are plenty of photographer’s in the Country.
    This is just more Activism. They don’t want photo’s, they want to ruin people

  27. Harry Schaubel says

    The Cake guy ALSO suggested other Bakers. But they weren’t interested in just a cake. They wanted to FORCE someone to do something AGAINST their religious beliefs.
    It sounds like this is the same case. If this was the ONLY photographer in NYC I could understand.
    But these freaks are just activists. I’d bet they purposely chose her BECAUSE of that.

  28. Gunny's Wife says

    Marriage is between a Man & a Woman. Anything else is an abomination of humanity. Queers are the scourge of the earth. They are dealt with in the bible, God has already passed judgement on these excrements. He dictates what should happen to them as well.

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