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Stunning Vote Canvass in Arizona Shocks the Liberal Narrative to Its Core

Before we dive into the amazing numbers that were released in Arizona today, we want to point one thing out: This is not the Big One. The numbers being reported are NOT from the forensic audit in Maricopa County, which was authorized by the state senate. The new numbers we have today come from a private citizens’ group that was concerned with voter fraud in Arizona.

What these private citizens uncovered was approximately 300,000 votes that were either tossed in the trash by postal workers or election officials in Maricopa County or were cast by voters who voted illegally (or who were dead). And these are not even numbers that the official audit is checking on!

When Joe Biden “won” red-state Arizona by a paltry 10,457 votes in November, a realtor in Arizona names Liz Harris was skeptical. She had been watching the same mountains of evidence of provable fraud in the 2020 election as the rest of us had, and she wondered if something hinky had taken place in Maricopa County. Ms. Harris decided to get a group of citizen volunteers together and do a voluntary door-to-door canvass and ask registered voters in Maricopa County some questions.

Remember: Phase One of the official forensic audit was supposed to be a door-to-door canvass back in March. But they were prohibited from conducting a canvass, with Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland even threatening to jail the auditors for civil rights violations. Garland claimed that if the auditors went door-to-door to ask questions of registered voters, it would scare black people so badly that they’d never vote again or something.

So while the official auditors were prohibited from conducting a door-to-door canvass, there’s nothing that says a private citizen cannot do one. And that’s what Liz Harris and her very large team of volunteers did. They knocked on the doors of registered voters, identified themselves as citizen volunteers who don’t represent the State of Arizona, and asked a series of non-identifying questions, such as:

Did you vote? How did you vote (in-person, mail-in ballot, etc.)? Did you receive an ballots addressed to the wrong person? Did you receive extra ballots? And so on.

They canvassed a ton of registered voters this year. They visited all 7,228 homes of registered voters in the Warner District, and hundreds of voters’ homes in other districts in Maricopa County. This gave them a huge statistical sampling, which they were able to hand over to math nerds and extrapolate out to the whole of Maricopa County with 95% confidence and a +/-1.5% sampling accuracy.

The results:

173,104 Maricopa County residents voted in the 2020 election, only to have their votes vanish. Their votes were not recorded in the vote totals. Their ballots were likely either tossed in the trash or erased by election software. (When the forensic audit results are finally released, this should be easy to check against their results as well.)

96,389 “ghost votes” were cast in Maricopa County in the 2020 election. These are votes in which living, breathing humans who were registered to vote told the canvassers that they didn’t actually mail their ballots in. They didn’t vote in the election – but their votes were actually recorded! Other “ghost votes” included ballots that were mailed to nonexistent addresses but got mailed back in and counted somehow. On the cover of Liz Harris’s report, she even included a picture of an empty lot in the Garfield District in Maricopa County. It’s just a patch of dirt with some trash on it in the middle of nowhere. But 2 people voted from that “address” in the 2020 election.

There were many other anomalies they discovered, including dead voters who turned out for Joe Biden. The citizen volunteers – who have offered to sign affidavits under penalty of perjury – have carried out the task that the official auditors were prohibited from doing. All told, they discovered 299,493 votes that were either discarded (real Trump votes) or cast by non-existent voters (fake Biden votes).

We haven’t even seen the official audit results yet. But the evidence uncovered by Liz Harris and her team of patriots has already provided the answer to us: Arizona’s 2020 election result is unknowable, and therefore its results must be decertified!

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  1. Tim Kyle says

    I live “across the pond” in the United Kingdom. Even this far away many of us could smell the stink of rotten fish emanating from your November ‘election’. All the tricks employed to defraud were as obvious as daylight. From Joe’s misspoken words about the greatest voter fraud organisation, (first signs of a dementia patient), to the vote count stoppages and massive ballot dumps in the middle of the night. The list is nearly endless. Your major problem now is the crooks are in charge from the highest to the lowest. How do you get anything corrected?

  2. Buster says

    With our guns

  3. David L Edmond says

    Boo hoo so you have found out that the election was rigged AGAINST Donald Trump there is not nothing that you can do to change ANYTHING, nobody’s gonna be arrested and nobody’s gonna be charged with voter fraud PROVE me wrong!!!

  4. PROVE ME WRONG says

    The one MAJOR sensible reasoning that DEMO–C–RATS do not know how to do is CREEPING up on themselves so FAST ,& its finally DESTROYING their HEARTS & MINDS DRASTICALLY, only a few DEMO–C–RATS can see it happening ,the millions of others refuse to open their HEARTS & MINDS &get over the “”JACKASS “” voting mentality that’s DESTROYING their party !!!

  5. Patricia Karol says


  6. PROVE ME WRONG says

    It ain’t over till the “FAT DEMO–C–RAT SQUEALS” cause they ALL eat each other alive when the BLAME comes to BITE THEM !!!

  7. bruce says

    So you are OK with the election being stolen? Just checking…Its good to know who the lawless criminals are.

  8. Fred says

    Every democrat win was fraud. All seats were fraudulently stolen by corrupt democrats. Election fraud is treason. Treason is punishable by death. ANY PIG WHO PARTICIPATED MUST FACE FIRING SQUAD. EVERY MAGGOT ON MARICOPA COUNTY ELECTION BOARD MUST PAY WITH THEIR AMERICA HATING TINY USELESS LIVES.

  9. Don says

    Sign on the back window of an SUV

  10. Fred says


  11. David Cameron says

    The massive fraud in the election proves that America isn’t even close to being a democracy and all you hear is crickets. America deserves to fall.

  12. Sgt York says

    Awwwww I cannot believe tha staunch group of socialist DevilsRats would do scutch a ting as cheat to this point,lol this proves tho we’re seeing a huge socialist move to,not only take over the country but to do it in Dutch a outright wat thinking we the American people wouldn’t be so awake as to see and smell the crooked deals they were pulling. This is now showing we’re asleep at the wheel letting this whole crooked tribe the socialist DevilsRats pull the wool over our eyes and set back while doing nothing to insure we get or got what we voted for. Have we fallen to the communist point of shear stupidity and if so we’re getting just what we voted for. Look at the mess in Afghanistan we’re seeing leaving our brother sister and children there for the Taliban to kill auction off or show the world we’re no longer the richest country we have always been.socialist DevilsRats have killed the true old time Americanism for what,Devilrat hate here and love for communism? Not me I’m still an American Patriot, veteran and standing up for my America even at the age of 87 I’ll come to the call to take America back. Sgt York

  13. JoeyP says

    Boy, you’ve GOT to WATCH those DEAD voters . . . What a SNEAKY lot! Can’t TRUST them – ALWAYS vote DEMOCRAT. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  14. Brian says

    Yet another example of the criminal trash in operation. This fascist government should be tried for treason against the people. Nazis like Pelosi, who is running the country, and the terrorists garbage in the swamp care nothing about the citizens, it’s all about Orwellian control. Their is corruption everywhere, and England is no better, but the 2020 election has to be resolved, if not, these members of the new Nazi party will get worse. If you think democrat voters think you are being clever, think again. Most of you are lowlife no hopers, and if you were intelligent, or educated enough, you would know, you are cannon fodder for a terrorist organisation who care so no one but themselves. Power, greed, and control = Money for them. Insider trading, stealing your tax dollars, and skimming off the top of everything. Want proof? Pelosi and her husband insider trading multiple times. More, Omar not paying taxes she owes, Cortez not paying what she owes. You heroic leaders of BLM who stole all your donations. You may be on the street, but thanks to you, they have million dollar homes. Wake up America, you’re being conned, up hill, and down dale.

  15. joseph firestone says

    i agree ,its time to march on the traitors and wipe them from the planet.we have the right to bear arms for this reason..our founding fathers knew this day would come and put the right to bare arms in the constitution for this
    express purpose..its time to arm up ,stand up,and group up and go and take our country back and put a real government in place instaed of a nest of lying traitors..alot of people hate trump for some reason ,but he never lied to the people and always had the people and countries best interest at heart…its time to fight for our country and freedom while we still have the means to do it and something left of our country worth fighting for
    i am ready,need 1 million more patriots to stand with,lets make it happen

  16. answierd says

    I believe.t the voter fraud plan was cooked up while the secret meetings in the basement of the Capital was going on

  17. John says

    I agree with you Joseph. We need to make it happen now.

  18. Lemont Cranston says

    “We the People” have been armed w/a Constitution. The Constitution recognizes a Creator-God, who grants “We the People”, inalienable rights.(Rights that are God-Given.)That no one, except Himself may take away. And since there is no equal on earth, there is no one that can take these rights away.

    The chain of command is first, Creator-God; second, We the People: third,then the government. It is #3 in the chain, not #1 as they would like you to believe. It exists only by the “consent” of the people. Maybe it is time to remove that consent and send these democrats to prison for committing treason against it’s employers!?

  19. francine martin says

    stunning work by harris; all volunteers…these are the real patriots, not only jaw exercises but feet on the ground real time-consuming work, planning and execution were put into place here….one goal-ensuring election integrity!
    kudos to liz harris and her team!

  20. Vic says

    Mr. Kyle/UK: frankly, most of America is beyond frustrated with Biden/Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Squad, and still has a hand in it Obama and his buddy Soros. We’re thinking impeachment, and more appropriate charge of TREASON re so many things. The fraud 2020 election, the fraud January Georgia run-off Senate election, which handed Dems, by fraud, 2 Senate seats, preventing a true GOP majority. There had been fraud found in every swing state, but also in BLUE STATES that would have gone red/GOP without fraud. RED states also flipped to blue via fraud. Minnesota, a strong forever BLUE state actually had a lot of fraud discovered, and might be found to have gone RED if adequately audited to prove it. But we’re too gentlemanly about prosecuting election fraud, so like unpunished abuser criminals, IF YOU DON’T STOP THE ABUSE, IT CONTINUES and ESCALATES, because they know they can get away with it. A Minnesota Rep, Ilhan Omar, one of the anti-American Marxist Squad members in office, would have been OUT OF OFFICE, convicted of fraud, IF SHE’D BEEN PROSECUTED/convicted. Proof is solid. She committed felony of marrying her biological BROTHER to bring him over to US from UK. Lied about it on immigration forms. Has been 100% proven with DNA. She committed Voter Fraud in 2020 election, proven by Project Veritas video which had been verified true in Court already. She hired guys, including relatives, to take ballots, even by scare/threat tactics, from eldery citizens in retirement apartment complexes in MN. One of the guys had ballots stacked several feet high all over his car, shown in the film. Said Omar was paying them $200/ballot brought to her and helpers. Thousands of ballots. Marked then as Biden votes. Was she charged? NO. Did anyone even QUESTION HER? NOT that we’ve heard of. How about her brother? Besides immigration fraud and incest, was he involved in terrorist activity? She headed 2 protests in MN, a cpl yrs prior to her election, to protest two different terrorist groups tried and convicted of terrorist recruitment, training, and actions. She is pro-terrorist, anti-America.

    So no one prosecuted for election fraud except one in Texas. STOP THE POLITENESS BIT. PROSECUTE to MAX DEGREE. And charge this treasonous Administration and remove from office, punish.

    As if the Dems/ Admin needs more awful actions, we have Biden threatening us, saying it’s not about freedom here, not about rights, announcing plan to challenge both. States already planning lawsuits to preserve rights. It shouldn’t be necessary.
    Biden said to 18 amazing people, including Generals and Major Generals, to unpaid, NONPOLITICAL, 3 yr positions on Boards of advanced military academies, that they either had to resign or be fired the next day! NEVER done before; another overreach by a Pres/Admin who says he’d like an AUTOCRATIC government. Press Sec says Biden wants people in that will support HIS PROGRAM, such as WOKE training, false 1619 program, white supremacy and distrust of your fellow soldiers! Great.
    Then Biden/Harris did all the whole horrible actions re Afghanistan, and not even notifying our allies there, including UK, endangering their people there. Wouldn’t even take Boris Johnson’s emergency call, from early Monday morning until Tues 10pm!
    UK 1000+
    US 1000-2500 Amer Cits, 4500 SIV aides
    FRANCE 1000+
    GERMANY 6000+
    NATO 3500+
    CANADA 1250+

  21. Don says

    This is no surprise to adults. The trash is everywhere.

  22. AJM McGlynn says

    Time to remove this lying two faced BASTARD, and reinstate the REAL President, before this bunch of scumbags give the whole country away……………..

  23. G RED says



  24. Yeah me says

    The fraud has already been established and proven but yet nothing is getting done

  25. Vance says

    Jan. 6th would never have happened if the affidavits were actually reviewed by a judge or state Supreme courts. The blame falls on the legislators that fought tooth and nail to deny the ” largest far reaching all encompassing voter fraud seemed ever devised” Oct. 5, 2019 Joe Biden. And General Milley wants to know what caused the rage. Its as plain as the nose on his face, and the so called educated elite class can’t figure it out.
    Now they want to spend 3.5 trillion on social justice programs that only a minority want, and the majority don’t want because we now who will end up paying for it.
    Biden just gave a Terrorist organization 85 billion in warfare hardware. Aid to the enemy. Single handedly ruined the US energy industry, while advancing Russian interests.
    Not to mention the Southern Border. And the congress and Senate dems are all for it. Talk about DOMESTIC HOME GROWN TERRORISM – ITS THE DEMOCRATS.

  26. Gerry says

    And this is a surprise to who ????????? The first page of the democrap playbook says — have just enough illegal ballots to distribute wherever needed to have the winning margin. They have been doing this for years– on a lower scale– but the 2020 farce is a blatant attempt to tell the American voters — we will do what we want and get away with it. What I do find hard to believe is that American voters outside of the pedophile and former escort tramp family members and the members of the democrap party even voted for these 2 who are not qualified to operate a lemonade stand let alone run this country. Keep in mind — this is just 1 county in 1 state– think about ALL the counties in ALL the states — the amount of organized corruption and voter fraud is mind boggling !!!!!!! The 2020 farce MUST be overturned and the rightful winner reinstalled in our WH.

  27. Robert Wayne says

    It’s obvious that this election was stolen by the communist pile of filth, Biden and his handlers. The big problem now is how do we put these worthless maggots in the prison they so richly deserve and get our true president, Donald Trump back in the White House.

  28. John Stuczynski says

    Why is it that democrats think black people are stupid. In this article, they say black people will be afraid to vote ever again. Why is that? Black people are NOT stupid. Yet democrats always use black people when trying to stop voter ID laws. They say black people do not know how to get a valid ID. That is false. You need ID for so many daily tasks. Quit trying to make black people look stupid.

  29. Lyudmila says

    Scammer – Biden’s attorney general Merrick Garland has threatened to jail auditors for conducting a poll. And what could the fraudster Merrick Garland face for electoral fraud?

  30. Danny Phillips says

    Thank you Liz Harris, Maricopa county is turning into California. Many thanks to you and your team.

  31. Sam DeMars says

    I PRAY THAT SOMETHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT THIS VERY EVIDENT VOTER FRAUD! First we have to toss out all of the corrupt Soros funded judges who say there’s “no evidence of fraud”!

  32. Marilyn says

    @ David L Edmond, it took 7 months for Biden to ruin himself, we have a lot of time and you will be boo-hooing in the end..

  33. Alan Wakefield says

    The three elements that usually must be proven to convict a perpetrator, or perpetrators, of a crime are Means, Motive and Opportunity. Dominion Voting Machines, and other “voting” machine suppliers, along with the USPS, corrupt postal workers, corrupt vote “counters,” certainly have supplied the MEANS. And the OPPORTUNITY! Blatant as they were as they performed their dirty deed! MOTIVE? Just look around, at the destruction of the United States, both domestically and internationally! The United States, Donald Trump and the American Voter who voted President Trump into office certainly rained on the New World Order Parade! It is clear, painfully, abundantly, transparent, Trump and his supporters were ALL that were standing in the path of the New World Order! TRUMP HAD TO GO! AND FAST! BY ANY AND ALL MEANS POSSIBLE! IS THAT MOTIVE ENOUGH TO PROVIDE THE MOTIVE TO COMMIT THE GREATEST CRIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD? THE DISENFRANCHISEMENT AND ENSLAVEMENT OF 340,000,000 PEOPLE?

  34. Leslie Fish says

    The “correction” is happening now, as the states — one by one — write election-reform laws. This is why the Dems are howling so loud about “voter suppression” and desperately trying to pass Fed. HR -1, which would put the federal govt. in charge of state election laws. So far the federal Senate is holding firm on resisting the bill; if it can hold out until the 2022 elections, there will be a lot of changes made.

  35. Baron HansVon Gress says

    My grand father said this since like 1921 and he was right then and now. The only good politician and judge (democrat) is a dead one. WTH, yes a dead one. We would ask WHY? He said that way the bastards can noa steala from you no more. How right he was then and now. But I expand that to include many in the GOP and Independents esp. the GOP Rhinos.
    I doubt if 9/11 happened again and we could ride America of 50% of the demorats in office, very few tears would be shed, a sigh of relief would be had and America could finally end this demorat BS once and for all. What we need is the Lord to smite ever bastard who hates America, liks teachers, their unions, professors and these students who hate the USA. Hey if you dislike your country, renounce your citizenship right now, and we will send your sorry ass to any islamic country and see how you do. America has its faults but rather live her and love her than any other friggin nation on this earth!

  36. kurt gandenberger says

    demoncrat nazis have been stealing elections since the 1870’s. nothing has been done and nothing will be done.

  37. joseph firestone says

    this is all true but our governmrnt lacks the ability to do the right thing and so it falls to we the people to do it for them…we need a few million patriots to step up and go clear the traitors out of our country..all of them
    i cant figure out where to start and how to organize such a huge undertaking but i am willing to try and fight once again for my do we get and organize millions of people..any suggestions

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