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Biden’s Afghanistan Actions ‘Treason,’ Says GOP Congressman and Veteran

Florida Republican Rep. Brian Mast, who also served in the Armed Forces in Afghanistan, said during a Sunday interview on Fox News that President Joe Biden should be removed from office for treason.

“Impeachment is absolutely something that should be considered. I would say no less than 10,000 counts of reckless endangerment, all of the American lives over there that’s the minimum, which is actually a real crime,” Mast said.

“Beyond that, as I’ve said already, I think we absolutely need to look at what is the truth about this phone call with the former Afghan president.

“We know for a fact that the Taliban is the sworn enemy of the United States of America,” Mast continued.

“We are still in the midst of the war on terror, and as I said, I would absolutely consider the manipulation of intelligence, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, all three of those things are part of what meets the constitutional definition of treason,” Mast said.

Congressman Mast is not alone in his calls for Biden to be removed from office. As many as 40 GOP lawmakers have called for his resignation or removal from office.

“‘No man left behind’ is an empty promise for the Biden Administration,” Mast also tweeted alongside a video of the interview.

“Americans are left behind, our Afghan allies are left behind, and yet the Biden Administration seeks to move on like nothing happened,” Mast said during another recent interview.

“The entire Administration needs to be held accountable for aiding terrorists,” he added.

Mast is right. For Labor Day weekend, Biden flew out of town for vacation while hundreds of Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan. He’s not looking to rescue Americans. He has already abandoned them as hostages to the Taliban.

Worse, the Biden administration won’t even call the Taliban an enemy of the United States. This is the same group that just reconnected with al Qaeda, the group behind 9/11 that killed nearly 3,000 Americans and began the War on Terror 20 years ago.

Are you kidding me? Now, the United Nations will “continue to support” the Taliban and its people with humanitarian assistance. Of course, the U.S. will be part of sending our tax dollars back to Afghanistan in the form of humanitarian aid, but there’s nothing humanitarian about its new government.

In other words, Biden left a war, gave the nation back to the Taliban, left Americans in the country under the power of the enemy, gave them American military equipment, will continue to send money for humanitarian aid and yet has the audacity to call it a great success. The only thing successful about this failure from Biden’s perspective is that he’s still in office despite what could be called the worst foreign policy failure in the nation’s history.

Of course, if you ask the left, the typical answer is to blame Trump. It was his plan and his failures that led to Biden’s blunders. But those answers are not the reality. Trump didn’t leave Americans in Kabul. Biden did. Trump didn’t evacuate the military first. Biden did. And Trump didn’t leave behind American military equipment. Biden did.

Mast is exactly on target when he says the actions of Biden are not only bad, they are treasonous.

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  1. William Swift says


  2. Chad Stuart says

    Joe Biden needs to impeached from Office for his Treasonous actions in Afghanistan. He not only put Afghan allies in jeopardy but most importantly he cost 13 lives of American servicemen and put Americans lives in jeopardy by giving the Taliban a list of Americans names. After doing everything he has done that we know about, what about the things we do not know about. He needs to be held accountable for what he has done. He has definitely violated the treason statue. Lastly if anybody else assisted in this they to need to be held accountable and/or charged with Treason.

  3. Don says

    Just accused??? It’s obvious.


    Get rid of this clown and lock up who ever is directing him. He is not capable of making decisions. It seems they are intentionally wrecking this country.

  5. David L Edmond says

    This is what you get from the Biden crime family and I will bet you that before those lowlifes even try to impeach the phoney president they will let him resign as the supreme leader of the United states of America. Then watch out for the other lowlife Kamala Harris think of things getting worse you all haven’t seen nothing yet. Wait until that baby killer is in office.

  6. Terry-----I HOPE BIDEN DIES TODAY says


  7. jerry lockhart says

    This has been the most corrupt administration in history, nothing but schemes, lies . deception. racism . etc. They should all be remove for crimes against the america people, and for those democratics who did nothing they also did not stand up for the constitution, they did not stand up for rights of the american people, a full investtigation is needed with also pelosi. schumer,

  8. Vic says

    He absolutely committed treason. Another example of treason: our Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces has provided, in this instance for FREE, weapons, ammo, machines and equipment of war, several pallets of US $100 bills.. .millions..THAT CAN BE USED AGAINST US. This action, even by civilians, let alone our military Commander, has been considered treason since the beginning of our country (and for centuries before, in other countries), punishable by death. In fact, for a military Commander to do this is the highest level of treason. He needs to be arrested and charged/convicted, and punishment carried out. This man, and Harris who says she knows everything he has done and SUPPORTS IT AL, can both be charged with treason, along with several members of his Admin, like Austin, Milley, even Blinken, etc. At no time was an efgort made to disable, destroy before leaving, no effort to retrieve ANY of it, no effort to come back and blow it all up. Biden even had left behind our soldiers camo outfits, boots, helmets/goggles, communication strap on systems, and bullet proof vests. As our soldiers have stated, now in combat they WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DETERMINE if friend or foe. They could shoot possible friendlies, our soldiers, or a foe could walk right up to our soldiers, dressed like them, carrying SAME WEAPONS, and shoot or bomb them, point blank. ANOTHER ACT OF TREASON against our country, our soldiers, allowing them to be wounded or killed BECAUSE of Biden’s treasonous actions.

    Charge and convict.

    Now we understand, from direct statements, the Biden/Harris, Blinken/State Dept, Austin, Milley, are PREVENTING private EVAC planes, after doing all the paperwork, flight plans, approvals, ARE NOT BEING ALLOWED TO LAND in outlying areas to pick up stranded Americans, up to 20 some per flight. The State Dept, with military F6 fighter planes used as a threat ( ! ), told the pilot and co-pilot (retired vets over there to save American cits Biden left behind), to NOT LAND, permissions and approvals revoked. The pilot and staff called quick to get approval from someone else as they circled over Afghanistan, agsin State Dept revoked it. This happened THREE TIMES, the State Dept saying the pickups could be terrorists. Wouldn’t allow them to land after, somewhere, and prove citizenship, which the State Dept did even with the 122,110 non citizens, unvetted, non SIVs and sent to US where over 100 were found to be terrorists!
    Final threat from State Dept: if you land, we’ll take your license and your plane, and right now have an F-6 on your tail… to what, SHOOT THEM DOWN??? Apparently. American cit, retired military vets trying to save American cits Biden left behind. So they had to WALK THEM OUT in very dangerous circumstances and Taliban checkpoints, lying about having Taliban permission to leave, to make it out. This has to be treason or beyond, also.

  9. Maryrose Fazio says

    Your comments are so accurate. With the cockroaches in charge America will fall unless, we stay strong and take over the House and Senate. Biden and all the rest of the cockroaches need to be impeached. The US is the laughing stock of the world. Americans have to fight for our freedom.

  10. Maryrose says

    I agree that Biden should die, but what about Pelosi, Schumer AOC and the rest of the group.

  11. Ken says

    This whole administration is a joke. Trump was an awesome President. Hope we get him back before Biden gives the whole shebang away.

  12. Vic says


    Over 1000 American citizens, 4500+ SIVs. Blinken lies and says 100. There are more than 100 just counting the California students/parents group.

    Germany 6000+ still, plus
    UK 1000+
    France 1000+
    Spain 1000+
    NATO 3000+
    Canada 1500+

    It’s like Hillary NOT wanting the Benghazi Ambassador and two aides to make it back to tell their story of HER incompetence ignoring their requests for evac and the growing instability, then mad when found out and called out on it.

    Biden/Harris, Admin already trying to pivot away from Afghanistan news. He’s trying to walk away, clammed up, and hopes public moves on, too. But NO, JOE, we’re NOT letting you sweep this under the rug.

    13 soldiers and Corpman were killed with OUR WEAPONS, shooting them after bomb exploded.
    Also dead: almost 10,000 Resistance fighters, and the Afghani VP, our allies, were now killed with weapons and machines Biden left behind. Killed by Taliban wearing our soldiers camo outfits, carrying US rifles, disguising them. Also dead by Biden/Harris, Milley, Austin, Blinken.

  13. Nate says

    Obama gave aid to the enemy as well when he traded Gitmo prisoner terrorist for Bergdahl!

  14. Nate says

    Can’t we trade Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Omar, Thalib, K. Harris and Waters for those remaining?

  15. TaylorMimi says

    Nothing less than a charge of TREASON should be leveled against this administration. As we celebrated Labor Day this passed weekend, Joe Biden, yet again, went on vacation, yet the uncertainty of the future lives of many American’s and our allies hangs in the balance at the hands of the Taliban. This President of the United States of America, should have remained in Washington leaving no stone unturned until an acceptable resolution was reached securing the freedom of these citizens being held hostage. He has demonstrated to the world his ineptitude and lack of leadership skills. How much more damage are the American people willing to put up with over the next three and a half years if he is allowed to continue to remain in the White House. America, cut your losses before we are more of a laughing stock to the rest of the world and our enemies have overrun us not only at the Southern border but infiltrated us from other ports as well. Wake up America, our Freedom, life and liberty as we know it in America is at stake.

  16. John Joseph Little Eagle-Freeman says

    Joe Biden acquiesced to the pressure from the Taliban.

    Joe Biden ‘allowed’ the Taliban to surround Kabul Airport without any resistance from our forces.

    As I understand, the troops were removed, then returned to the airbase, reinforced, and amounted to around 5200 strong.

    * That LARGE of a force could have had a Band of Brothers rewrite a “New ALAMO Battle” with an entirely
    different outcome. Marines on the perimeter are a very skilled group of well-trained marksmen,
    sharpshooters, and Expert riflemen who would pick off an onslaught one shot, one kill at a time. Long-
    range Marine & Army Snipers would have a target-rich environment wherewith they could make several
    kills with a single projectile.
    * Not to mention, the U.S. had total air superiority. To my knowledge, there is no such thing as a ‘Taliban
    Air-Force. Well, that is not until Joe Biden GAVE them one, free of charge.

    Joe Biden ordered our troops to evacuate while leaving behind large numbers of both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft (helicopters). At least they could have “blown-in place” (destroy or disable) all of the vehicles, aircraft, and the weapons, munitions & supplies left behind. That is SOP as last I had been trained. If unable to blow in place the equipment remaining before they left, a contingency backup plan should have been in place, to wit: fighter bomber sorties to bomb and strafe the row upon row of military vehicles and other equipment: firebombs, white-phosphorus, those little cluster-fukers, and frags all over the place. By God, the troops in boots don’t need a General’s Star to know that much at a minimum.

    All of these failures are instances of dereliction of duty in the case of Joe Biden, his planners, his military staff, the leadership at sea, in the air, and on the ground from the Commanding Generals on down the line to the Platoon Commanders.

    EACH OF THESE FAILURES resulted in Joe Biden giving Aide & Comfort To An Armed Enemy of the United States at a Time of War. As such, this is a crime of Treason. The penalty for Treason is Death by Hanging.
    I opine that the penalty, in this case, is unnecessary, but only by the fact that Joe Biden is quite obviously not in charge of his faculties. He is actually not in charge of anything at all. Whoever is calling the shots out of the White House, I have no doubt whatsoever that it is not Joe Biden. He is merely a puppet flapping his jaw to the propaganda of the far left shadow ruler, whomever that may be. I believe that to be a consortium of Pelosi, Schumer, SecDef Austin, Blinken, General. Milley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    Also, the current government hasn’t the stomach, the fortitude, the desire, the moral volition, or conviction toward adherence to the laws, or in a like fashion and manner, effectively serve equal justice to ALL.

  17. Helga says

    William, if we don’t vote the Socialist/Marxist will continue with their complete overpowering of the American people and we can never get out from under it! We did not vote for the current occupant in the WH and look what they have done! The Country lies in virtual ruins, people have been cowtowed and threatened at the slightest opposition and many are completely demoralized. We all must vote and get them out. We can only hope that they don’t succeed in cheating again but we know that they are lying every day when they open their mouths!

  18. Vic says

    Others left behind, alk over Afghanistan: good journalists and radio broadcasters. OVER 600, it’s reported.

    Includes staff of
    Voice of America,
    Radio Free Europe,
    USAGM/ United States of America Global Media which is a US citizen staffed FEDERAL AGENCY funded by Congress and also operates VOC and VOA.

    Biden left them behind too.

    Journalists and news media are targeted by Taliban as KILL targets. This past wkend I heard two journalists had been killed there. More blood on Biden’s hands. And they have NOT said ONE thing about this situation as they shove it under their bloodied rug.

    This Admin is worse than the Mafia ever was. As bad or worse than Hitler. Monsters.

  19. john fudacz says

    we should take all bidens, harris,and those treasonus democraps to afganistan, and abandon them there ! let them see how it feels to be abandond there !

  20. Lynn says

    Treason for Biden and impeachment for all house and Senate democrats and rhino mitch,Mitt and any rhino agreeing with this treason.

  21. Vic says

    Ok, getting more angry as more news coming thru.

    When another group tried to get evacs into another country, they were blocked. Going up chain, finally heard AFTER USING A LOT OF LEGAL PRESSURE and threat to put on news TO BREAK THRU THE SECRET from that country’s embassy: OUR STATE DEPT ASKED THEM TO NOT ALLOW American cits to enter their country from Afghanistan! They checked with other surrounding countries, the SAME request from our State Dept to not allow our cits in. So keeping them in supreme danger. No food. No water, NOT able to depend on their own country to even be interested in their survival. The only way out left for them was to sneak out, on no path, in the dark, or on a plane risking all to go in off the radar. There supposedly have even been Afghani goat herder families who have led some to the border on a goat track. Bless them.

    Blast Biden/Harris, Jilly, Pelosi, Milley, Austin, Blinken, et al. Monsters all. Absolutely no reason to be doing this!

  22. akmurphy says

    William Swift, I totally agree with you. All this BS talk is worthless & all they do is sit on their hands & do nothing. Once they get what the want, betting the Chinese and the Taliban will throw all these ‘great American leaders’ a party fitting the filthy traitors they are.

  23. Nancy Gessner says

    We need to send Hunter Biden to report to the Taliban wearing a shirt stating I am the son of Joe Biden then wait fot his body to be returned 1. count the times A-H (ASSHOLE biden checks his watch) 2. what kind of statement will biden make 3. biden needs to be found guilty so he can be punished for killing women and children MURDER 1 AND FOUND GUILTY of treason. I know its against our constition but a slow painful torturous death is what biden deserves first get of pliers and pull out his finger and toe nails then separate the knuckles one at at a time yhen if he still does not confess take barb wire around his manhood if you can find it and hang him 4 ft off the ground and let him hand there

  24. Tom Tucker says

    Joe Biden is the biggest embarrassment this country has ever had. We have officially lost our standing in NATO and our staunchest ally, Britain, censured us and said if this administration calls for help, they will not answer. This slime ball and his cackling hen vp have to go.

  25. Rick Meredith says

    The dimwit in the Oval Office and all of those complicit with this fiasco need to be arrested and put on trial for treason. Those that are found guilty need to ultimate punishment which is a death sentence. If we allow this to go unpunished, things will only be worse next time around. As Speaker PIGLOSI screamed for over 4 years: “No one is above the law.”

  26. moon says

    A complete retarded fool lying to the people about everything his mindless brain tells him to believe. A complete worthless piece of shit.

  27. Wyatt Earp says

    This is the SECOND TIME BIDEN HAS GIVEN THE ENEMY OUR TROOPS NAME! Does anyone recall what happened to SEAL TEAM 6? IT WAS BIDEN WHO TOLD THE TALIBANS WHO THE SOLDIERS WERE! How many more got to died by this old dam fool?

  28. Sam DeMars says

    We MUST remove the entire democRat representation! Not one of them is capable of leading our country! If we get rid of Biden, WHICH WE MUST ASAP, then we CANNOT let this country fall into the hands of Harris, Pelosi or any of the other corrupt socialist representatives of China! We MUST declare the 2020 election illegitimate and remove this illegal regime immediately and install our rightful President Trump before it’s too late!!

  29. Crazy Elf says

    Not only is biden and his administration guilty of these crimes, so are the people who voted him into office – even all those dead ones!

  30. tbone188 says

    Well he finally made us into a third world country. The media is being paid by the dems the election is being twisted by the dems and the people are sitting idly by and watching this all happening. Biden booted out the Trump supporters from the Naval Academy and as far as I know all the other military academies. Has anyone heard about this in the media? He is doing damage to our country that may never be fixed. ALL IN THE NAME OF GETTING EVEN WIT TRUMP. Some way to run a country. Despicable!

  31. Patty Perdue says

    In my view, the only way America will get retribution is if each of us bombards Congress (and the Supremes) with demand letters to impeach this entire administration, certainly, the head of the snake, biteme, obama, rice, kammie, etc. Once successfully impeached or ousted, these traitors should not get one red cent more of our money in benefits of any kind, no retirement, health care, guards, expenses, not one red cent. It is time to return a consequence for all the traitorous activity that is living wide open in our midst. Obama started this revolution tearing America apart and he was made stinking filthy rich for doing it with all the government benefits that followed him out of office. This ship does not have to go down because of the RATS aboard – eliminate them, deport them, get them the hell out of America and confiscate their assets of whatever kind or nature; no trial, no discussion, just do it!

  32. Vern Fisher says

    I do really agree with all of you and get rid of all of nasgt bitem crew as soon as possible and letts get on with a civil war so we can eliminate the dirty dogs.

  33. Jo says

    I agree with both men Corrupt Biden should be charged with treason!!! Thanks to both men for they’re service!!!

  34. JOEL K GOODMAN says

    Biden’s assassination would be an event celebrated all lover the USA

  35. Ral says


  36. Cheryl says

    It’s not enough to impeach Joe… A court-marital is in order. This is treason by a higher-up and that’s exactly what he must be charged with–treason. In fact, while we’re at it… The same is true for BO… he gave all that money to an enemy–why is that not being treasonous or a traitor or any of the things that make for court martials. Where are the guts of our ‘true’ governing bodies?

  37. JOEL K GOODMAN says


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