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Georgia Election Audit Under Way & Huge Discrepancy Already Discovered

Well, it looks like we won’t have to wait around holding our breath to find out the results of Georgia’s forensic audit! Information has already “leaked” and it’s not looking good for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the Peach State.

Plus, my idea for not having a civil war over this whole deal is filtering out into the mainstream, with major public figures starting to ask about the process and “next steps” once it becomes clear that Joe Biden did not win 270 electoral college votes in the 2020 contest.

And did you hear about Pennsylvania? The forensic audit in that state is a GO! Let’s dive in.

First, the audit in Georgia doesn’t seem as interested in being tight-lipped about their process the way that Arizona has. The process there has barely – and I mean BARELY – got under way and we already have news that a major discrepancy has been uncovered.

Last month, Superior Court Judge Brian Amero authorized a citizens’ voter integrity group to conduct a forensic audit of 147,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County, Georgia. Those are presumably the magic suitcase ballots that they pulled out from under a table in the dead of night after all the election observers had been sent home at the State Farm Arena.

The Georgia auditors instantly discovered something major in terms of a vote count discrepancy. In order to keep a tight lid on this, they immediately leaked the discovery to the most timid, quiet and tight-lipped Member of Congress: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)!


Just kidding. America’s favorite congresswoman immediately blasted the news out to her 400,000+ followers on Twitter:

“The Fulton county audit is going to reveal serious election fraud. The forensic auditor has already found a very big issue causing a drastic vote tally change. And they are barely getting started. Biden did not win my state.”

(Don’t you just love her?)

In other news, the Pennsylvania audit process has officially started. State Senator Doug Mastriano (R) issued a statement that the Intergovernmental Operations Committee, which he chairs, is subpoenaing the ballots, machines and other evidence from multiple counties. His committee is authorizing a full forensic audit of Pennsylvania’s election, just as Arizona is doing. Mastriano issued a full statement/op-ed on the reasons why he’s authorizing the audit, which you can read HERE if you’re interested.

Why now? Why did it take so long in Pennsylvania? I’m guessing that everyone has been waiting to see the results of the Arizona audit before jumping into the audit fray. No one wants to get egg on their face by launching an audit, only to have it go sideways.

But I also think we’ve been fed a little bit of misinformation by our own side. That’s nothing to get mad about. The Arizona auditors and the Trump-supporting state lawmakers are being extra careful. Biden probably has the NSA tapping all their phones and email accounts.

So… remember those 20 different state delegations that went to Arizona to tour the audit site? I don’t think they traveled down to Arizona in frickin’ hot-as-hell June just to learn how the audit was being conducted. They could have learned that from any number of right-leaning news sites (except for Breitbart, which is still wildly disinterested in any election audit news).

I think all those Republican state lawmakers traveled to Arizona for face-to-face briefings on what the auditors had already found. They’re keeping a tight lid on it and putting nothing in writing to keep Team Biden in the dark. Because they know that the results of the Arizona audit are going to send shockwaves through the entire world.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik (Ret.), who is a staunch Trump supporter, tweeted this message this week:

“PREDICTION!! Arizona, Georgia and now Pennsylvania in the very near future will prove that Joe Biden did not acquire 270 or more electoral votes which is required to elect the president and vice-president. THEN WHAT?!”

Gosh! I wonder where he got that idea from? (Hi Bernie!)

As I’ve been saying for weeks now, if neither candidate in the 2020 election has 270 votes, the election then falls to Congress. Each state gets one vote to cast, which is determined by each individual state legislature. 27 red states and 23 blue states would cast their votes for either Trump or Biden. That’s the legal, constitutional and non-deadly way to settle the whole thing.

Or we could do it the hard way. But either way, this path only leads to one outcome – and that’s Donald Trump’s return to the White House.

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  1. Robert Black says

    No Constitutional provision exists to remove a President for a fraudulent election, but these revelations set the stage for 2022.

  2. AMERICAN GAL says

    Well, …
    No kidding!!!!!
    Let’s get these IMPOSTERS that are RUINING OUR COUNTRY out of the WH!!!!!
    Send them ALL to PRISON!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Fred says


  4. Wyatt Earp says

    Better read the CONSTITUTION then if you don’t think so! It in there!

  5. henry_g says

    Take the house & senate back; Finish the wall; no $ or help of any kind or health care for illegal persons; English language only; teach US history and Constitution in schools; audit the Fed Reserve; no visas of any kind except merit visas, revert to back our $ with gold, cancel the security clearances for all Obama, Biden hold overs and RINO’s & get rid of them; voting with photo ID only, NO MAIL-IN voting, NO SAME DAY VOTING REGISTRATION AND VOTING; no doing any business with China; do not use dominion HAMMER computer and scorecard software in future voting; seize all bank accounts belonging or affiliated with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. This is my opinion.

  6. Ally says

    All the Commies in our National government are certainly having a hard time with this situation. Too bad for them. Better to be honest.

  7. Gregory Miller says

    I agree and add one more; Open investigation into Obamas DOJ and hammer the FBI .

  8. CC says

    Trump Won! Only illegal’s, Muslims, fools and dead people vote Democrat.

  9. Fred LeMaster says

    Say mr. biden and your whole left side of the us political equation, Which Definitely Includes Those Anti-US Constitutional Butt Heads = Mr. Traitorous Billy Barr And His So-Called Friend mr. us supreme court justice roberts, who on purpose did NOT even want to open their eyes or even want to go the doctor, so their doctors could find out the reason why they could NOT hear The Pertinent Evidence About All Of The FRAUD Laced 2020 AD US Presidential Election, why are all of you Un-Educated = Indoctrinated Mob Ruled DEPLORABLES AFRAID OF? It is the complete opposite of what you Lefties Love Telling “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA, Minus All 14,000,000 Illegal Immigrant-Aliens And Illegal Immigrant-Alien Children, Which Is TREASONOUSm According To The US Constitution To The Letter, Word And All Of The Time!!!!!!!

  10. Brian says

    I would love to be a fly on the wall in the following households. The Clinton woman, Pelosi, Obomination, Soros, Gates, Schiff, WATERS! I’ll bet she’s having a crazy woman heart attack. Good job too.
    Once the proof is out there, then it’s time to clean house at republican base. Time to get rid of every RINO, and let the public know once and for all. Only republicans for the Republican Party. There are too many traitors to America, and to the true American people. If they want to stay in politics, let them shuffle their fascist worthless selves to the New Nazi Party, where they belong. Let the globalists drown in their own tears.

  11. Leslie < Fish says

    Agreed, there’s no Constitutional remedy for a president winning by an exposed cheat. The most Congress could do would be to impeach Biden, but whether he would be removed from office or not is questionable — if only because nobody wants Harris as POTUS. In any case, this would have the most impact on the 2022 elections.

  12. Judy76 says

    Why do you think Biden was in Philadelphia making his speech and Harris was recently in Allegheny County, both Democratic strongholds, where most of the fraud is suspected in Pennsylvania! Democrat Governor Wolf recently vetoed the election integrity bill and they are threatening officials to be uncooperative with Senator Mastriano!! It’s quite interesting!!!

  13. Kerry Bulls says

    Can’t wait to see Biden and crew escorted out of the Whitehouse. How awesome is that.

  14. Jerry Griffin says

    A thief is a thief and a liar is a liar !!! Biden and his administration are both !!! It is becoming time for the real Americans to TAKE CONTROL OF THIS COUNTRY !!! This country is being divided – FOR WHAT ??? This was once a great country that everyone wanted to be part of – NOW ???

  15. Montoya, Richard James says

    Biden family traitors, Purgerer’s, Pedophiles, human/child traffickers. They must be getting a kickback from the smugglers/coyotes. All those missing children, the slavery established again by DemocRATs on our soil. They fought for slavery in Lincoln’s day, obstructed DR. Martin Luther King and were probably involved in his murder. GITMO for the DNC. And it won’t matter one whit if they’re related to the queen

  16. Capt Rich Galauski says

    Besides the fraud which is being proven more each day – we have demented Joe extorting a leader of a foreign government – fire the AG or no money – all on tape – high crimes & misdemeanors – Hunter’s laptop, Rape allegations Biden is a punk criminal bring him up on these charges & he will be gone – Harris would be next – there are a littany of charges against her also Pelosi is easy to legally get rid of. Bottom line if we went down the chain of command they could not install the guy who parks cars at the Capital garage. When the audits from all the states are finished we won’t need a Constitutional anything to install Trump where he belongs. Look forward to Sept.

  17. lyin biden says

    With the huge voter fraud by the democrats found in Arizona and now Georgia and soon in Pennsylvania the democrats need to be kicked out of every office everywhere.

    There is no democrat who can proof they were elected fairly and hence they must all go.

    Biden and his entire administration need to be charged with treason and insurrection and then hung. then we need to go after every state democrat governor.

    The only good democrats is a dead democrat. the only good liberal is a lifeless liberal

  18. Not confused says

    Treason and violating their oath of office to support and defend. Should be sufficient to remove ALL those commie liberal ashes.

  19. Dennis F says


  20. bootsonground says

    The numbers never added up. 75 million plus Americans voted for Trump that we were told. Thousands upon thousands attended his campaign rallies while Biden spent all his time in the basement trying to put two words together, and yet we were told he got 85 million votes? Trump won the presidential election, folks.

  21. bootsonground says

    Looks like President Trump and Melania may have to start gearing up to head back to the White House. May be tough to dislodge Old Joe and his company of Marxists from there. It’s like trying to remove rebar from concrete, and it will probably get messy

  22. Boren Badenoff says

    I have read previous speculation on how to keep VP Harris from becoming POTUS upon Biden’s removal. One is to build a case to impeach Harris BEFORE Biden’s Impeachment. We are currently stuck with a certain Representative from San Francisco likely moving into the Oval Office continuing the mess we suffer today but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. (Two Down, Five to Go?)

  23. Jake says

    write Email you congressmen & senators’ let them know what you think, keep the pressure on them. THEY REPESENT YOU & YOUR STATE I got a Email from sen Stien of Wi saying Trump won 30 votes in on county & 130 for Biden in another county, these are the 2 biggest countys in Wi’ & there was some thing like 300 illegal votes in Wi & they might prosecute them.
    According to this fool there was no election fraud! KEEP THE PRESSURE ON YOUR REPS

  24. Elaine Elaine. says

    Remember Piglosi we will have to gas the White House to get Trump out how many times did she talk about preserving the constitution and now all the traitors are saying we must preserve our democracy.What a bunch of traitors hypocrites

  25. candace dingess says

    I am not surprised in the least.

  26. Chad Stuart says

    It’s amazing to me that the Democratic Party are not only ruining our country but they are smearing the corruption of the 2020 election in our face and daring anybody to say anything. With the fraud that has been found the election and electoral votes should be decertified and Biden and his radical regime should be shut down until it can be settled.

  27. Pat Dyer says

    Of course the DemoRats did not win the presidency ! All those imposters / criminals need to go to the pokey and not to some luxury pokey. They need to go to your average American pokey. These cheats have cost Legal US Citizens so much in taxpayers’ money. Their actions have ruined so much of America and have pitted one person against the other with their idiocy. I can hardly wait for the audit results. There is no way that President Trump can lose — he will have more than the 270 votes ! Bring Back Trump Immediately ! Oust Bumbling Biden with his America Last Actions, Hyena Harris, Hatemonger Pelosi, Flip Flop Fauci, AOC the “Socialist Queen,” and let’s not forget Schumer !!!

  28. jose Salazar Jr says


  29. L says

    Their policies should be stopped till this is concluded

  30. joe says

    I agree with Miller why don’t the Senate open an investigation into the Durham investigation and why he not coming forward with his finding’s.We all know that was only a smoke screen by Bill Barr to satisfy Trump it’s a shame once again the money spent for what just like Muller’s investigation.

  31. Vic says

    There is history of fraud like this and outcome. The early 60s, JFK/LBJ were declared winner over Nixon. Latter, then trustful agencies came to Nixon and informed him JFK/LBJ had committed fraud (dead voters arose to vote, amongst other fraud) and that he had actually won. Nixon, in my opinion, made a decision that even affected things to today re election fraud. He told them not to remove them as it would destroy citizens belief in elections. Actually, we know NOT DOING ANYTHING is much more harmful.

    Do the audits, correct the fraud. DO NOT LET FRAUD STAND. Correct voter fraud. We need the January GA run off Senate election also needs to be audited, if original 11/2020 vote isn’t redone. Also surely fraud election. GA didn’t vote in two Dem radicals, Communists, Socialists, pedaphile.

  32. Ron Halfhill says

    Make Biden clean all the toilets in the White House so Melania will not need to install new ones. Dems are MESSY.

  33. john lukasik says

    To Robert Black : Close minded ! The only RIGHT THING TO DO , would be to REINSTATE THE TRUE WINNER OF THE ELECTION before the fraud occured ! IMPEACH bidden & CREW ! infact , throw all their ASS’S INTO PRISON !!! Creating FRAUD for a presidential election to gain power of a country is IN FACT , ( TREASON ) including a FEDERAL OFFENSE TO ALL INVOLVED !!! If 2020 election is PROVEN fraudulent , then there was no etrue election of whom the people really voted for ! We pretty much all , already knew from the get go this to be the case ! Now that the Audits have time and again shown that there was INDEED voter fraud , LET THE SHOW BEGIN ! MAGA 2020 & 2024

  34. Fed up 2 says

    I agree. There has to be a way to unseat a lying conniving cheating illegitimate fraud who everyone knows didn’t win. We cannot allow him to profit from their dirty deeds. We can’t afford to wait till 2022. What will it say to the rest of the world if we allow it to stand until election time? That the American people are just a bunch of pushovers!!!!

  35. Linda says

    Biden did not win and neither did Harris. Give the people absolute proof and let the people decide their sentence for treason. All people involved must forfeit 100 percent of their assets back to this country to pay the huge debt their policies created for this country. All laws created by them exist no longer since they were illegal while sitting in office.

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