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Criminal Biden Regime Threatens to Force Vaccinate You at Home

The Biden regime issued a threat this week to go door-to-door across America with COVID vaccination squads, to try to intimidate Americans into taking the experimental coronavirus medicine. The initial threat was uttered in such a way that it implied that they’d be putting shots directly in the arms of Americans – by force – who may or may want or need the shot.

It was only after intense public backlash that Joe Biden’s press flack huffed, “Well, we’re not going to FORCE anyone to take the shot. We’re just trying to help!” With the issuing of this forced vaccination threat from the Biden regime, we’ve now entered one of the most terrifying periods of government overreach in government history.

Tucker Carlson broached this subject on his show on Thursday night. Here’s the argument that he presented to his viewers: If the government can force you to have an experimental medicine injected into your body against your will, then where is the line? Is there anything a government can not force you to do medically if we cross this line on the experimental COVID medicines?

Historically, the answer to that question in American history is terrifying. A 19th-century Supreme Court decision which forced a Massachusetts man to get a smallpox vaccine against his will, was later used to forcibly sterilize more than 60,000 American women. That same decision was also used to justify the government lying to black Americans and injecting them with syphilis, “in the name of science.”

Here’s a serious question to ponder: As the Biden regime is going all-in on “Critical Race Theory” to demonize white people who support Donald Trump, is it a good idea to give that regime the authority to force medical decisions on Americans? We’ve seen plenty of race-based medical horrors inflicted on people in the past when we have surrendered our medical autonomy to government, so think seriously about that question before you cheer about the Biden regime’s “medical authority” based on court precedents.

I haven’t written much about the China-China Chinese coronavirus (from Chi-nah) in recent months because I’m just flat-out bored with the subject. But with the Biden regime threatening to go door-to-door to force people to take an experimental medicine, I felt it was time to speak about it once again. All of the following information is completely FACTUAL and you can look it up for yourself. You’ll never see this reported in the mainstream media, but you can look all of this data up for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Fact: The powers-that-be have redefined the word “vaccine” to describe experimental coronavirus medicines that they’re pushing on the population.

In all previous vaccines throughout history, “vaccines” have contained killed virus cells. If you get a polio vaccine, your immune system reacts to the killed polio cells in it, so that you can’t catch polio. There are no killed coronavirus cells in a coronavirus “vaccine.”

These medicines attach a spike HIV protein (yes, from the frickin’ AIDS virus) to your messenger RNA (mRNA) which somehow fights off coronavirus. We absolutely do not know the long-term effects of these experimental medicines. They seem to work for elderly at-risk people who are likely to die from COVID. But we also know that the short-term effects are much more catastrophic in young and healthy people than any previous “vaccine” in human history.

Fact: These “vaccines” have killed over 7,000 young and healthy Americans.

You can look this statistic up on the CDC’s VAERS (vaccine injury reporting) website for yourself. This statistic means that the experimental COVID medicines are several orders of magnitude more dangerous than all other vaccines combined in the last century. The medicine appears to be even more dangerous to young and healthy people who have already had the virus.

Fact: 5% of America’s workforce has been permanently disabled since this “vaccine” became widely distributed.

This is one of the most shocking statistics that has been openly revealed by the Biden regime. Since January of 2021, 2.8 million working age Americans (age 16-65) have left the workforce by becoming permanently disabled. That’s jaw-dropping. This has never happened before in American history.

The government has not yet offered any explanation for this. But you should know that the percentage of the workforce that is permanently disabled and unable to ever work again has been trending downward for decades now. Why did this trend suddenly and catastrophically reverse in January of 2021?

Did we start doing something differently in January of 2021 that you can think of that would account for a jaw-dropping 5% of American workers becoming permanently disabled? Anything besides mass distribution of “the vaccine?”

This is not a conspiracy theory. I encourage you to look it up for yourself and verify this fact on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. We’ve lost 5% of America’s work force to permanent disability, since the mass introduction of these experimental COVID medicines in January.

At this point, anyone who does not want to get the coronavirus “vaccine” probably has a good reason for it. And even if they have a bad reason for not getting it, it’s still their individual choice. Our medical autonomy as human beings and American citizens is far too important for us to simply accept that an unelected regime is going to show up at our doors and force us to take this dangerous shot if we don’t want to.

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  1. SpookyAZ says

    I’m immune, I had the disease. Not going to get an untested, experimental innoculation. Our sheriff said he would not enforce an unconstitutional law. This threat is not law but trespass is. Let’s see if he will allow that.

  2. timothy marcum says

    i like to see someone try to come in my house and try to stick me with a needel one of us wont be around anymore plane and simpel simper fi

  3. Jim2 says

    Big AMEN!

  4. sharon sivori says

    I also have no intention of taking an experimental “vaccine” that does not stop you from getting the disease. A Vaccine that we did not need (the dems did to try and control, WE THE PEOPLE), we had and have great drugs to treat and cure the virus. It just angers me that the CDC and FDA are not pulling the vaccine off the market to do further testing. TOO many DEATHS and VERY SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS!! Start screaming to those people and to the stupid AMA for following along, these are the people that should be tried for crimes AGAINST HUMANITY!!

  5. Wyatt Earp says

    Who want to be a DICTATOR? Biden sure look the part!

  6. figmo says

    What a movie plot! Corrupt president who sold out our country to the Chinese forces citizens to take vaccine that turns them into mindless zombies. The Chinese take over the US and the world with little resistance because we are helpless to resist. The traitor president expects his reward for selling us out but instead is among the first killed by the Chinese who, like good communists, kill off the liberals and other “useful idiots” who helped them achieve victory. Communist gun control is simple, anyone found in possession of a firearm is summarily killed. It worked for Castro and Hitler who by the way, was really a liberal fascist. The rest of the movies would consist of the ongoing slaughter of non conforming Americans and life in the “reeducation camps”.

  7. graceythecat says

    All the while rich people from the US funded this Wuhan lab to create this virus and denied knowing what they were funding! Big BS! They knew period!
    This was known by the communist democrat cult and used to have a fake election! camelface hairass said in advance she would not take a vaccine while Trump was in office!

  8. Stephan Couris says

    Biden is now moving toward tyranny. Everyone has a constitutional right to refuse any and all medical treatment. The constitution is still the law of the land. Once that is gone we move into communism and socialism, controlling every aspect of human life in this country.
    I retired from ER /critical care nursing after 27 years and I have never once forced any drug on anyone who refused. For my profession it was called assault.
    People have a right to decide for themselves.
    I am really curious, are they forcing these shots on homeless people? Are they forcing these shots on drug addicts? Or are they only trying to injure and kill innocent hard working people? Are politicians getting the shots? All the videos I’ve seen where they show political fools and higher ups in society getting the shot the needle cap was on and the plunger was down. They are not getting the shot. It is just for show. Give it to biden, we won’t be hurt by him dying.

  9. Eveleric says

    If you think you can stop them from forcibly injecting you, I invite you to watch the video that just came out of New Zealand. The guy runs, jumps up on his rooftop, where 5 “men” in white, knock him down, and hold him, while the other calming climbs the steps and injects him. So I advise you to tell them that you got the shot in the early days if it, and everyone in household got it as well. Be nice, polite. Then, tell them about the troublemaker Karen, down the street, that is a liberal. Say she said she’d never get it. Let’s turn the tables on the antiAmerican scum. Libs want it so bad, let them have it.

  10. lefty says

    Get me out of Marxist New York State for a rural only, non democrat state ASAP.I need direct referrals.
    At age 70/retired/limited SS . I’ve had too much of the democrats and RINOs.
    I used to merely dislike them,now I despise them.

  11. Bruce says

    I’m 81. Had the virus. Was sick for a week, but fully recovered. Now I’m just “sick and tired” of Dr. ‘Fraudci” and his lies and the Biden dictatorship! Our demented imposter “president” sounds more and more like Hitler when he used Jews as guinea pigs for his ,”scientific” experiments! If someone comes to my home with a needle in one hand the other better be carrying a body bag!

  12. T says

    The reason Joe Biden is President is that the “powers that be” can tell him what to do and he doesn’t know the difference. I believe that we all should do what we know to be true and fight against people taking our right to make decisions for ourselves away from us.

  13. Jeannie W. says

    If God doesn’t force a person to do something then I’ll be danged if I let a fake white house resident tell me to take an experimental drug that has been proven to be a death sentence to thousands of people. They want mindless workers for the good of the DemonRats. I’m 70 years old so I know what I want to take and what I don’t. I will not take their drugs and Fauci can kiss my behind. he helped create this virus so he knows that the meds we already had in abundance were what was needed but that didn’t serve the agenda of the DemonRats so they made out that the readily available meds were not effective and only this experiment was effective. BS to Fauci and the CDC , AMA, the UN and Sniffy Joe Bidens Zombie followers

  14. Elizabeth says

    They REALLY, REALLY DO NOT want to show up at my house, for their OWN good!!

  15. Johnny says

    Is Joe and his administration that Stupid that they think they can give a experimental drug door to door. This is going to be another of many terrible ideas that Joe can think of in his Senile mind.



  17. Lyudmila says

    Let them experiment on rabbits and on people who agree to this. And I will wait for the results of this experiment and, depending on these results, I will or will not give my consent.

  18. Darlene C Ziolkowski says

    The Nuremberg Code states that the voluntary consent of the human subject s absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be able to exercise free power of choice without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion, (and much more). Biden is violating the Nuremberg Code.
    The media isn’t talking about interventions a person could do, such as taking Vitamin D, zinc, sunshine and a healthy diet.

  19. Terry Bell says


  20. CC says

    The vaccine is a “Depopulation” toxic mix.. This dangerous witches brew vaccine parading as a cure for the China virus has killed over 7000 people and injured many, many more. The Globalist Fascist Biden regime is full of leftist control freaks and they fully intend to force us into submitting to that suicidal Jab. I believe that Biden’s gestapo knocking on our doors will backfire on them. I have “No Trespassing” signs at the entrance of my driveway and I will call 9-11 and take their names and write down their tag number or something even stronger. If the law doesn’t get Biden’s human impersonators out of my yard, I will do it for them.

  21. MICK says

    How STUPID is our Government to not admit to the world that China has introduced germ warfare into the world.
    This whole thing is not an accident and the USA knows it. Biden and the rest of the idiots will some day be forced to admit it. DON

  22. James Truett says

    The obama era was when wuhan lab was given 4.5 million grant, and wuhan spent 3.6 million of it to hire american viral engineer who after doing his job came back home and was found dead almost his boxed millions. Then Fauci gave them another 3.2 million and opened the door to creating killer viruses to which they were not quarantined sufficiently to handle safely. Fauci lied, china lied, w.h.o. lied, biden lied. Do you really believe they got the shot. Even the news media lied.

  23. K Houseman says

    Go to type in Dr David Martin. He has info that will make your jaw drop and get you really angry!

  24. Clyde says

    Yep if Biden can’t bring you to the gas chamber he will bring the gas chamber to you! The is is not Government it is a dictatorship. Falsely elected it’s all in the Nazi play book. Check it out. Disinformation supplied by dems. Corrupt Media backs it up the truth is what THEY say it is! Pit people against their selves by asking them to turn in each other. Use racism to stop free speech take the guns. Take away your ability to communicate with each other. Spy on you every way possible.Then the Gestapo shows up to to give you an on-site trial ending with a hole in the back of your head! Sound Familiar? Why do you think they want to destroy history? Same crap ISIS did ! These commies will destroy America and Americans if we the people don’t fight back!

  25. Dave says

    Would it be too much of a stretch to think our unelected government would inject nano-bots into the American population in order to control them remotely?
    All it would take is a deadly virus, people dropping like flies and the population would beg for a vaccine.
    Sounds crazy, I know. But it could be possible and then all those pesky guns would be of no use.

  26. Deborah Coleman says

    They had better NOT try it! They WILL be met with FORCE! THAT is a violation of my constitutional rights and I am NOT having it! They want WAR, they got it!

  27. Lash LaRue says

    IMPEACH Adolf Biden
    Before its to late

  28. Recent Convert says

    Execute the dictator and his brown shirts. Skin each and every democrat alive

  29. irisheyes17 says

    It amazes me that absolutely no1 is askin’ what’s n the kill jab…mhm…

    Drs n Spain jus did an analysis on 1 of those vax…doesn’t mattr which 1…they’re all poison..

    They showd slides of a vaxd person…the cells r now wrappd with a black net like substance…the graphene…then they showd a slide of an unvaxd persons cells 4 with no black mesh lookin’ substance surroundin’ them…

    They were stund 2 find that ovah 99% of the vax is graphene oxide….poison…that’s why Kill G8s is fightin’ 2 keep the ngredients supr secrety…

    Dr Sherry Tenpenny [ 1 of the frontline drs ] has been n the 4front of this battle against the jab [ don’t call it a vax she says! ] and she calls it a perfectly dsignd killin’ machine…

    She says the real hell is gonna hit n the fall and wintr when vaxd ppl find thir immune systems hav been put on ovahdrive and when the flu or anythin’ else hits, they will die by the millions…

    We’re already seein’ the deaths and njuries, which the FAKE NEWZ r desperate 2 covah up…if y’all cud only c the real #’s of deaths and njuries, y’all wud b dmandin’ Fraudci and G8s heads…

    But the goid newz is there was a study done n Serbia on ivermectin, which we know kills covid….but they also discovahd that ivermectin dissolvd the hydrogel n the vax…

    Gen Thomas McInerney said he took 1 shot of that vax until he found out what was n it…and he went 2 his dr, who placed him on ivermectin and z-pack [ zinc ?] 2 countr the poisons n the vax…

    Gen McInerney is 80’s I think and he has regular blood tests [ 2 ck 4 blood clots] and he’s doin’ fine….



  30. Jay says

    Better not come on my property my dogs and bears love hunting and eating.

  31. Vic says

    Retired medical professional. I would have gkadly taken Hydroxychloroquin IF Fauci, MSN, others hadn’t gotten AMA to pressure doctors with loss of license if prescribed it. I got the 2 Mod. Vaccine doses. Small site inflamation after 2 days. Resolved. Three days after 2nd dose, entire arm swelling up, red, hot, painful. Took 3 weeks to START TO get better, taking several doses of antihistamine to calm my bodys fight against it, and Tylenol for pain. Though no one is getting test to see if have antibodies/had virus, I determined I must have had the virus sometime last yr and was asymptomatic, but getting the vaccine triggered my body to go into full attack against it. A booster? Probably a bad idea after my previous reaction. But Hydroxychloroquin? I’d take that if needed “extra ” protection. If I had a young or teen child, I would prefer they got Hydroxychloroquin, due to major side effects seen that can be fatal or permanently disabling. Myocardopathy, etc. Newest studies again support it. Has been used since early 1900s for anti- malarial and then anti Lupus. Daily pill, very rare problems. Virus itself has much more devastating effects.

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