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Breaking: Biden’s Georgia “Lead” Evaporates Under Ballot Scrutiny

This is the political earthquake we’ve been waiting for, folks. The citizens’ group VoterGA in Georgia is wasting no time in revealing widespread, massive fraud in the 2020 contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. VoterGA has been suing for the right to inspect the mail-in ballots in Fulton County for months, and they have only just begun that process.

Just a few days into their inspection, VoterGA announced that they have already uncovered concrete proof that the 2020 election in Georgia was “riddled with massive errors and provable fraud.”

This is just an inspection of the ballots in one county in Georgia – and yet Joe Biden’s “victory” by 11,779 votes in the state has already evaporated due to the fraud that VoterGA has uncovered. By my count, Biden currently leads in Georgia by roughly 3,000 votes – give or take a few – once those fake ballots are tossed out. And these guys are just getting started!

Here are just a few of the findings that VoterGA publicly released on Tuesday morning.

60% Error Reporting Rate

After examining the batches of mail-in ballot files, VoterGA discovered that 923 of the 1,539 batches had reporting errors. In other words, the reported vote totals did not match the number of ballots. That’s an astonishing 60% error reporting rate.

Duplicate Vote Totals

Out of all the election fraud we saw in 2020, nothing was more maddening – more childishly infuriating – than the magic suitcase ballots at State Farm Arena. After “Ruby” and other election officials told the observers to go home for the night on November 3rd, they pulled suitcases full of ballots out from under a table where they had been hidden. They then proceeded to jam those ballots through the vote tabulation machines over and over and over again.

Ballots in wheeled suitcases? Really, Democrats? That is just so incredibly absurd. That’s like walking into the bank and seeing the bank president dressed in clown suit while wheeling stacks of cash in and out of the vault in a children’s Little Red Wagon.

The suitcase ballots were absurd, they were illegal as hell, and that video was proof that the Georgia legislature should have impeached their lying weasel Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger months ago. “Most safe and secure election ever!”

Anyway, VoterGA has thus far discovered 36 batches of magic suitcase ballots that were counted more than once. There were 3,390 extra votes for Joe Biden and 865 extra votes for Donald Trump in those batches.

In other words, the magic suitcase ballots were weighted 4-to-1 in favor of Joe Biden. By running those ballots through the tabulation machines over and over and over again, Fulton County election officials fraudulently added thousands of extra, illegitimate duplicate votes for Joe Biden. And again, VoterGA is still looking for more examples of duplicate ballots.

Falsified Tally Sheets

VoterGA has so far identified seven falsified tally sheets from the November count. The actual tally for those seven sheets was supposed to be 554 Biden votes and 140 Trump votes. (Fulton County is ultra-liberal, so that’s a reasonable tally in that area.) But those seven tally sheets were falsified to record 850 votes for Joe Biden and zero for Donald Trump.

Missing Chain-of-Custody Documents

The investigators have found 5,000 mail-in ballots (so far) that are missing any chain-of-custody paperwork. We don’t know whether those ballots were weighted 4-to-1 in favor of Biden or 5-to-0 in favor of Biden, but it’s a sure bet that they were weighted in favor of Biden, since all of the fraud went one-way in the 2020 election.

Even giving them the benefit of the doubt – let’s say those ballots were 4,000 for Biden and 1,000 for Trump – that’s another huge chunk of fraudulent ballots.

Quick math:

3,390 + 850 + 4,000 = 8,240 fraudulent votes.

Subtract that number from Biden’s “official” total of 11,779 votes in the State of Georgia, and Biden’s lead shrinks to a razor-thin 3,539 votes.

There are also tens of thousands of ballots outside of Fulton County that have no chain-of-custody on them, either. The Georgia legislature must step in and begin a full forensic audit of their entire 2020 election, as well as the runoff US Senate elections that happened in January.

VoterGA will probably easily uncover another 4,000 fraudulent votes in the coming days, which will completely erase Joe Biden’s margin of false victory. Georgia’s 16 electoral votes must be decertified and subtracted from Joe Biden’s total in the 2020 election.

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  1. bruce says

    Ruby Freeman knew GA would vote for Trump. She even said so, but her daughter Shae Shae had a plan B, she said, and they executed it. It gets much worse than what they found so far. State wide forensic audit is needed but fulton and Chatam county (Savannah) will show Trump won GA. The 2 Senate runoff races will also show fraud and irregularities.

  2. Carlos Sanchez says

    This is all well and good but what are the courts gonna do about it? We need to start by removing that insect, Ossof, and that jive ass geechee, Warnock, from the Senate!

  3. David L Edmond says

    Like usual you know that the election was rigged and that you can’t do anything about it!! So why don’t you just give it up. No body will be prosecuted not even charged with a crime!!!! No arrests nothing will happen to the Democrats lowlifes and you know it!!!!

  4. Karen Frasene says

    No surprise here for sure , that’s why the Demorats are fighting so hard to stop these audits and all the other ones that are going to happen.The Truth will set this political table much DIFFERENTLY

  5. Karen Frasene says

    No surprise here for sure , that’s why the Demorats are fighting so hard to stop these audits and all the other ones that are going to happen.The Truth will set this political table much DIFFERENTLY MAGA!!

  6. Tina says

    80 million people spoke, the few cheated, lied, denied access to fair representation, denied the right to challenge a vote, forced to no entry allowed. Massive fraud and TRUE American Citizens are aware. CHINA manipulation and Dominion machines with USB memory cards all attributed to the BLATENT FRAUD. When questioned about any of it Republicans were kicked out of arena. I will NEVER have faith in this fraudulent voting system especially with Creepy Joe leading the FRAUD.

  7. Dawn says

    Here’s my perspective, as if it really matters to anyone. These audits in ALL the States should have started months ago BUT, if they had been the scumbags in our government would not have surfaced as they have been since the 2020 elections. Those of us with any wisdom & discernment have known far before the election fraud about a lot of them since Trump was elected in 2016 but my oh my how many more have since slithered out of their tar pit holes! Yet there are still more hiding behind the curtains of their smoke filled back room dungeons that will be brought out into the light of exposure through all of this, thank God! We must and will see justice so hold onto your hats, it’s coming…JUSTICE!!

  8. Bret says

    Biden stole more money from the USA in 2 weeks than Nixon did in over 2 years C’mon Man????

  9. Bret says

    Impeach the Leach! Impeach the Leach!

  10. Robert Glade says

    For all of you that are spouting out about there not being any court that has found any evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, wake up. They haven’t found fraud because they haven’t looked at the evidence. It is time for the courts to examine the evidence and face the facts, Trump won

  11. Pat says

    As usual Democrats corruption continues. Someone put out an article after election that Trump actually had three times more votes then Biden so that is why suddenly these places locked out Republicans and force fed Biden only ballots. That is why Biden did so many executive orders ASAP and Pelosi rushing everything through before times up. That is also why Democrats won’t give Republicans and other authorization for info needed for proof. Even in congress Democrats won’t give Republicans what they ask for. That is why they have tried to remove Republicans from committees they are on and try to out them politically. Americans woke up because of Democrats lockdowns and double standards not to mention lies they amplified with help of media and others. But as usual Democrats have bought out everyone they need to assist in corruption throughout our government. We all know to many people in right places for Democrats so they will not ever be elf accountable. Going after Trump supporters and staff is a way to scare everyone to obey them. Do they really think the American people will sit down and shut up?

  12. Stanley M Robinson says

    What will happen if they find more fraud, will they declare the election null and void and run it again with the same two candidates or will all this work in finding the fraud be for absolutely nothing. I don’t even know if it can be changed once it’s been settled in the first place. Will those responsible for the fraud be charged and if found guilty be in prisoned? Whatever happens, they need to be dealt with one way or the other before the midterms next year otherwise it will happen again.

  13. Rachel Ruiz says

    And this is the America many she’d their blood for. Like Abel killed by brother Cain who’s blood cried out from the ground for justice. Can you hear the blood crying out from the millions upon millions who sacriced their lives for this great nation. CAN YOU HEAR IT

  14. William Whiteley says

    You may say Donald Trump is a sore looser. I am not Donald Trump and I’m sore as hell. Democrats in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin have cheated all Americans out of their elected leader.
    Surely all Democrats cannot condone this. Where is your outrage! Where is your shame!

  15. MB says

    Now that we are all woken up to this truth
    What is the next step?
    Please consult the COS of your state
    Find a leader within , unite
    Find a backbone to really do act instead of lip services

  16. Candace says

    If allowed, they will continue this behavior. For future elections this needs to come out. Why are Democratics fighting so hard against voter ID. It seems to me voter ID would help prevent fraud.
    Look how they allowed Hillary to not held accountable and I’m pretty sure Hunter won’t either. They had absolute proof, but look at what they did to Trump in a matter of months. Clearly Republicans are held to higher standards. Seriously, doesn’t anybody see this?

  17. Sharon says

    Biden and all involved should definitely be tried and put into prison for many many years for taking away from the people what they voted for. The majority of Americans wanted Trump because he is strong and sticks by what he says. We all make mistakes but Biden is the biggest mistake for America’s president. Those behind him should also be put in prison for being dishonest anti-American Constitution and many other destructive acts. Biden is an embarrassment to our country and they are fools who are using him as a puppet. They will have Hell to pay for their acts against the American people and God.

  18. Gary says

    Now, let’s bring in the events on Jan. 6 ; While legislators were bringing forth the case(s) against these states that had violated the voting laws of those states and the constitution of the US ,the rioters broke into the capitol and stopped the process !! It was all part of the plan carried out by Pelosi , Schumer , Bowser and other radicals (democrats) . They got EXACTLY what they wanted !! The due process of law was STOPPED COLD !! The incident was blamed on Trump ! Then the session was restarted in the middle of the night , while everyone was still shaken and not thinking clearly , the certification was carried out without any dissent . And ” THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT ” !!!! Cooler heads did not prevail that day . Donald Trump , and all Americans were the Victims of this coup !! Where are Hannity , Carlson , Ingram , etc. Why are they not exposing this !!! ??

  19. Gerald says

    Its BECAUSE of people like David L. Edmond, who just LIE DOWN, and GIVE UP–that NOTHING WILL BE DONE to HOLD the FRAUDULENT DEMOCRATS ACCOUNTABLE for STEALING the 2020 election AWAY from the AMERICAN PEOPLE!! WHY don’t you just MOVE to CHINA, or RUSSIA, or NORTH KOREA!! You’d be MUCH HAPPIER THERE, than HERE in the UNITED STATES, where REAL PATRIOTS AREN’T willing to, “just LIE DOWN, and GIVE UP” trying to SAVE this country!!

  20. Dennis Clements says

    One can only hope that there really is justice in our country. Biteme biden and camelhump and the other candidates for the demoncreeps all cheated, all lied and all deserve to be removed from office for their crimes. Will this happen? We will have wait and see if the Republicans and the courts (judges) have the balls to do the right thing.

  21. Lyudmila says

    Biden’s suitcases beat Trump’s suitcase 5-0 in favor of Joe Biden’s suitcases.
    Dominion machine, which were sitting on the “bench” up to this time, increased the score to 850: 0 in favor of, of course, Biden
    And when the post office scored 4,000 goals against Trump, (that is, votes) the score became 4,000: 0 in favor of Joe Biden.
    Joe Biden has been declared champion, and the deceitful Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger should be impeached.

  22. kurt gandenberger says

    there has always been election fraud but demoncrat nazis have elevated it to an art-form. i am not speaking to demoncrats any more.

  23. william t Lewis says

    When Biden and Harris are proven beyond doubt that they cheated and were never the legit President and VP.
    Then everything they have done, every document, every bill all of it is negated Due to they not being the legal President have had no power. But it must be exposed completly. This process is exposing the Deep State and its Dominons at every level. From the Intellegice alphabet agencies, courts, President and staff, Senators, Congress members, Media and the Tech Company’s. This all had to happen to prepare for Trump to re-enter the White House and take charge in a way the Gov’t never has experienced before. He is building a trusting team around him. He will fire DOJ, FBI, CIA, MILATARY GENERALS AND SO MANY OTHERS. He will rebuild and not their crap anymore. He is wiser, and will be more powerful especially when the Country knows the truth.

  24. Camille Gilliam says

    I have said for a long time now they need to follow the money from Zuckerberg and see where it ended up. Kemp and Raffensperger both acted weird right after the election and were acting like they were covering things up.
    I did see a video on a Sunday morning after the election where a rental truck was parked at a storage unit, and was being loaded with ballots, they were than taken to a sheriff’s office and shredded. It happened on Saturday also. So were these old ballots or what?

  25. Chad Stuart says

    With the amount of fraud and corruption that has been in the state of Georgia, Arizona, and a few of Midwestern states it’s time that the votes are decertified until a more forensic audit can take place. That also means shutting Biden and his radical administration down until the election has been settled. It shouldn’t take this long for this to take place!!

  26. Hal Lemoyne says

    🥰💥👍CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍❤️🥰

  27. Hal Lemoyne says

    🥰💥👍CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2032 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍❤️🥰

  28. Brian says

    Seek and ye shall find. These fascists should all be arrested, and tried for treason agounst the US, and the true American people. The Clinton woman, Obomination, Pelosi, Waters, all the loud mouthed terrorist eliment of the demonic party should be made an example of. Back in the day, treason was dealt with at a firing squad, and it did not matter who your friend was, your position, or how much money you had, if you were guilty, you died. After all the criminal stunts this Nazi party has taken part in since 2016, you will be lucky to find more that 20% not eligible for the bullet.

  29. Lash LaRue says

    Decertify it and give the election back to the rightful winner.

  30. Jake says

    The DemoTrash go to sleep living a lie, they wake up to relive the lie.
    The DemoTrash Party is made up of Clueless Lying Cheating and Thieving people. Millions of people make up the Communist Socialist Marxist Party.
    Biden and the DemoTrash stole the election and now they’re trying to steal our country and it’s Patriotic people.

  31. Ollie says

    Yeah!!I new we won you scumbags.

  32. A Seeker says

    “You shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall sets you FREE!” As they say!

  33. Walter T. Deveau says

    The real question isn’t about the fraud, it’s what will be done once it’s officially proven Trump won!
    Either biden,& harris step down, or they get dragged out!!!!

  34. Rebecca Tobey says

    Something will be done about it. And people will be held accountable and they better be punished to the maximum allowed by law. They have to be, the future of America is at stake and millions of citizens love this country and fought for our freedom. So the 75 million and more thanks to Biden’s pathetic stolen BS, we will demand Justice.
    Hanging in court square would be acceptable to most of us, one at a time.

  35. Wyatt Earp says

    Who in their right mind would vote for Biden? You got to a junkies or a dam fool! After Trump started turning around the country that was DESTROY BY OBAMA AND HIS ADMINISTRATION! Pelosi and Schumer HATE THOSE JOBS COMING BACK! DUE TO THEIR INVESTMENT IN CHINA ECONOMY! This was the main reason why she TRY TO IMPEACHED HIM! ALL DUE TO REPUBLICANS IMPEACHED OF CLINTON! Since the IMPEACHED didn’t work out. With the HELP FROM OBAMA AND CLINTON APPOINTED AGENTS! They when to DR.FAUCI A CLINTON APPOINTMENT IN THE HEALTH FIELD! They knew he was working with CHINA. But had to get help from MSM and other people to push their lies! Now it going to take a VERY BRAVE PATRIOTS AMERICAN to FIX THE PROBLEM! BECAUSE AS LONG AS PELOSI IS THE HOUSE SPEAKER NOT ONE REPUBLICANS OR MILITARY GENERAL WILL DO ANYTHING TO SAVE THIS COUNTRY!

  36. Vic says

    I was watching, live, plus later replays, on 1/6. I could tell right away it was a set up. Trump supporters stomping on American flag? No way. Using American flag and pole to pound window, wreck speaker systems outside? Nope. Capitol police motioning to young guys to follow him up interior stairs (WHY…?) and they kept looking back and obviously wondering why, too, but 3 of them slowly followed the officer up. SET UP. Trump voters walking 16 blocks – 45 minutes – wearing black outfits and red hats, often no Trump imprinting, with matching black backpacks with heavy riot gear and MATCHING BRIGHT YELLOW climbing ropes? Whyever would they do that on a hot day, and who arranged matching color climbing ropes???? What happened to the video of ANTIFA leader, arrested and released in SLC, who admitted on video how he notified ANTIFA employees all over US to get to DC for 1/6, transportation arranged and riot gear would be there waiting. News video showed ANTIFA leader Sullivan showing clips of HIS VIDEO he said he’d sent out nationwide to members as to how to dress, including using red or Trump accessories and how to act. They were to blend wuth Trump supporters at speech, tgen riot at Capitol, try to incite anger in Trump supporters and get them involved “and break s… up, burn s… up”. He said they WERE ALMOST LATE getting to the Capitol!!! Apparently they had a predetermined time to arrive at Capitol, and Trump was late getting there, as verified by the NYT. 12:46, riot started, 1:11 speech ended, 45 min walk from Capitol. This video, including the ANTIFA video clips, HAS DISAPPEARED. Capitol police opened doors and let them in. We also now know FBI staff pretended to be Trump supporters and acted violent. Those arrested and innocent should sue.

    The AZ auditing is being done quickly. Other states can do it quickly, too. Pence shouldn’t have voted to certify, should have legally paused it to allow audits. NOW states that find enough fraud to bring Biden votes down to equal Trumps votes, can DECERTIFY ELECTORAL COUNT and vote for state re-vote. If enough votes in enough states move to put Trump in, decertify vote and just put Trump in legal office as rightful winner. NO SCOTUS INVOLVEMENT NEEDED! Never done before, but this amt of treasonous fraud has occurred in our country’s history‐ Then PROSECUTE FELONS and add stolen months onto Trump’s term of office!

    It was a set up by Pelosi, AOC, Biden, Schumer, FBI, Gen Milley, et al.

  37. N A says

    We The People ! Look who’s gonna go to Jail or Prison. And it ain’t the POTUS Donald J.Trump. I believe that the Demo Demons of Beijing Joe O’biden Administration and Beijing Joe and Knee pads Harris VP. And many Demo Demons
    of the Democratic Socialist Party will be the One’s

  38. John Byrnes says

    Look up “” and watch his two videos which prove China beat Donald by using the internet after midnight. Why did Dominion equipment NEED to be hooked up to the internet?

  39. Don says

    But nothing will be done with the audit proof nor will the criminals go to jail which should start with Pelousy.

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