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And There Goes Arizona! Auditors Confirm Trump Won by a Lot

What an amazing start to the week! I got bored after watching the first 20 minutes or so of the Arizona senate hearing with the forensic auditors. I thought they were going to remain tight-lipped about what they’ve uncovered so far, because they’ve said all along that they aren’t going to release any findings until the final report is issued. I guess they changed their minds. A couple of hours after I stopped watching, my phone started blowing up. Family members from across the country started texting with the same message: TRUMP WON!

Sure enough, the auditors testifying in Arizona pretty much nuked Joe Biden, the Democrat Party and the Maricopa County elections officials from orbit. Based on what the auditors said under oath, we can now say conclusively that Donald Trump won the State of Arizona in the 2020 election. By a lot!

Among the findings that they announced:

Dominion Voting Systems machines were hooked up to the internet, and they were breached DURING the 2020 election. This flies in the face of everything that this Dominion company has publicly stated. They’re trying to sue Mike “The Pillow Guy” Lindell for a billion dollars for claiming that their machines were hooked up to the internet in order to rig the election.

It looks like Dominion has lied to the American people about this as a factual matter. Any state that used Dominion voting machines should now be subjected to a full forensic audit of those machines. Period!

Next, multiple ballot boxes were discovered with duplicate ballots. The way the auditors discovered this was because there were many, many ballots that were printed on the wrong paper stock – and whoever falsely filled out those ballots did, in fact fill them out with a Sharpie marker. Remember Sharpie-Gate in Arizona? The marker’s ink easily bled through the incorrect paper stock, which allowed them to quickly identify the duplicate ballots. The auditors did not give an exact number for the total amount of duplicate ballots they found, however.

And here’s the Big Truth: The auditors discovered 74,000 mail-in ballots that were recorded and counted in the 2020 election – which were never mailed out by the US Postal Service.

Someone call the Fox News Decision Desk, quick! They might have gotten that early call in Arizona wrong on Election Night!

Those 74,000 fraudulent votes are way outside of Joe Biden’s “official” 10,000-vote margin of victory. The votes are also strongly suggestive that the election rigging in Arizona was at least partly carried out by someone on the inside of the Maricopa County election system. The ballots were not mailed out to voters – but someone took them from a secure location, had them hastily filled out (for Joe Biden), and then inserted into the official vote totals.

Sing along with me if you know the words:

“Somebody’s goin’ to jaaaail! Somebody’s goin’ to jaaaail!”


Sorry, I’m a little excited this week with all of the audit truth being poured out in front of us. The Arizona hearing came just a day after we learned conclusively that Donald Trump also won the State of Georgia in the election.

Let’s do some quick math!

Let’s see… Georgia has 16 electoral votes and Arizona has 11, for a total of 27. Subtract those 27 from Joe Biden’s official total of 306, and that leaves him with just 279 electoral votes. If Pennsylvania or any other state with at least 10 electoral votes finds widespread Democrat Party fraud in their results, that’s game over.

What happens next? First, the state legislatures in Arizona and Georgia need to decertify their elections, so that those electoral votes are taken away from Biden’s total. Joe Biden did NOT legitimately win 306 votes.

Plus, we the people should start making some noise. Don’t make Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) carry the load alone!

We should all start calling our Representatives and Senators in Congress. Now that two states have conclusively shown that the election was rigged in their jurisdictions by the Democrat Party, we insist on full forensic audits of the 2020 results in the remaining 48 states.

You can reach your Representative in House at: 202-225-3121

You can reach your two Senators at: 202-224-3121

Let’s make some noise, America! Because we know that the truth is on our side and that truth is:

Trump won by a lot!

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  1. Cheryl says

    We the people have known since the election there was FRAUD. Put all those in JAIL that were involved The TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT. GOD BLESS THE USA!

  2. Jonie Rochon says

    Do not just send them to jail. Put the real president back in office. Kick the Dem-o-rats out of our WHITE HOUSE…….

  3. Robert Richey says

    Anyone with an ounce of a brain knew from the start that the election was fraudulent. There is no way that many stupid people live in the U.S.

  4. Peted says

    If this 2020 fraudulent election goes up to the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of Chickens) will John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court bully the other justices into doing nothing because of fear that riots will occur? Hell riots have been occurring for less important reasons but just to bust and grab reparations!

  5. Mike says

    Can you say treason. Can you say death penalty. Time to crack diwn hard in this communist regime

  6. Kevin says

    Come on America let’s demand audits of the swing states and decertification of every state with fraud

  7. Mike Barnes says

    Time to prosecute and execute. We know Trump Won.

  8. Rene Rivera says

    Great news!. Now let’s get more of the samefrom some other states…

  9. Chris says

    I’m in Ky, Didn’t like our sitting that time. But besides the point I declare all states forensic investigations into Dominion scandal, backed by Elite politicians. Where is Hillary, Obama, and Any other political, crooks of the Century? Democrats are total liers. And yes that my free right to claim them as so!

  10. Noe Rodriguez says

    The election should be awarded to President Trump, even if other states dont conduct an audit. The democrats committed fraud and that’s enough to accuse the party of unfair elections. They were caught cheating and cheaters never win. Biden even admitted that was going to happened, and they thought they could get away. This type of fraud should automatically disqualify Biden even if it was done in a small county or city. It doesnt take a large margin of votes to decide a winner, so why does it take more than two states to disqualify him? Fraud was committed and unfair elections carried out by the DNC.

  11. Jake says

    And the liberal left DemoTrash have the balls to protest the rights voting laws put in place.
    The DemoTrash Party is made of lying cheating stealing
    Communist Marxist Socialist Racists!!
    I pray everyone of the feel the cold steel around they’re wrists then locked into a 6×8 cell for treason and fraud!!

  12. irisheyes17 says

    I postd last yr a vid from info wars nterview of 4mer st8 dept Dr Steve Pieczenik [ ] who said he and the military watermarkd all the ballots [ papr ] and stord them on a QFS and blockchaind 2 prevent fraud…he also said every ballot was GPS trackd…they know where every ballot went and who got them….hahahaha…

    Dr Pieczenik also said the NSA and DNI were monitorin’ the ntire election…he and US Cyber Security Command, led by 4-☆ Gen Paul Nakasone markd all the Dominion machines…they know which machines were sus…hahahaha…

    What were the auditors lookin’ 4 with the uv lights….can y’all say watrmarks?!?!

    Jovan Pulitzer also testd b4 a senate hrin’ on votr fraud n Fulton county Ga, that he cud evn dtermine where the ppr for the ballots came from….

    The auditors were also lookin’ 4 bamboo fibres n the ballots….mhm…


    They r now havin’ the ballots analyzd 2 c where the ppr came from….

    I also postd a vid last yr that Gen Thomas McInerney at a celebration at Mara Lago was tellin’ a group of ppl that SPECIAL FORCES [ DELTA FORCE ] were sent n 2 the capitol on the 6th of Jan 2 steal Pelosi’s and 14 othrs laptops…

    Trump was aware of Pelosi’s plan 2 stage a seige by blantifa, and sent n SPECIAL FORCES 2 steal her laptop…hahahaha…

    That’s why Trump dlayd his speech by an hr…he screwd up their timeline…but all the actors were n place and the 5 bus loads of blantifa had been escortd n by the capitol police… and the show must go on!!

    He said he had seen Pelosi’s laptop and she is frantic…while he was talkin’ a clip from the capitol on the 6th was playin’ showin’ those SPECIAL FORCES dudes comin’ dwn the stairs, wearin’ big grey puffr coats, with hoods pulld dwn, wearin’ shades 2 hide their identity…and wearin’ bckpks…

    Trump supportrs thought they were antifa and almost took those dudes dwn…hahahaha…

    Youtube quickly tk dwn that vid…

    That nfo from her laptop has been a goldmine 4 Pres Trump, who also has Hunter Biden’s laptop [ the laptop from hell, which has now been givn 2 Sen Grassley ] and Weiner’s laptop….hahahaha…

    The FBI r still kickin’ dwn doors of Trump supportrs, lookin’ 4 her laptop….

    HEY, FBI TRY MARA LAGO!!!…hahahaha…

    The mothr daughtr tag team Ruby Freeman and her daughtr seen pullin’out the suitcase with ballots from undr the table aftr orderin’ all repub observors 2 leave on elect night hav been arrestd…

    Told y’all the military were monitorin’ the ntire election…

    They hav lawyerd up, and r not talkin’….hahahaha…


    Pres Trump knew what the plan was 2 steal the election n 2018, when he signd EO 13848…any 4rign interference n our elections, any1 nvolvd, any1 associ8d with vote machines, ncludin’ tabulators, any1 promotin’ propaganda [ FAKE NEWZ ] will hav all assets n the country BLOCKD…all assets seizd…

    This shall be declared an Act Of War.

    Pelosi ,Dianne Frankenstein [ where is she?!?!] Barack, Schumer, many politicians both repub and dems hav interests n Dominion Vote Systems…ncludin SOROS!!


    Pres Trump has this under control!!





  13. Dave says

    Hate to bust your bubble, but the damage is done. There will be no criminal charges, no one is going to jail, there will be no decertifications. The crooks are in charge, and if it’s not fixed before Nov. ‘22, we will become The American Soviet Socialist Republic.

  14. Sarah says

    Then does this mean that our real elected President Trump will be re-instated ? He better and fast !

  15. Evelyn Hyland says

    We already knew it was all wrong. Trump did win but what can we do about it now? Too late. Wish we could get Trump back in now and not wait for the election. EH

  16. Marilyn M Lindsay says

    Americans are going to have to unite and protest loud and clear. Their needs to be some serious consequences and prison time for offenders. This includes John Roberts and the other chicken Supreme Court Justices that failed to do their sworn duty. This whole mess should have been stopped by the Supreme Court. They are guilty of treason for not standing up for the Constitution.

  17. Doris Lauter says

    Roberts was overheard before the election . saying “I will see to it that Trump doesn’t get a second term”, so I hope it isn’t up to him.

  18. Pat says

    Thank God finally proof. Now we get The Man back in the WH let’s make sure Democrats punished for it. I suggest that where the fraud occurred, any Democrats in office in that state be removed and a republican gets put in their place. Those machines should never be allowed ever again. If a Democrat won any state office or local race then those need audited also. Any republicans in jail should immediately be released and all charges dropped. Any Democrat judge that has punished real in any manor must be removed ASAP. All Biden’s executive orders and any new bills passed this year can’t be valid and removed. Anyone involved at election sites must be prosecuted. Pelosi and gang must be removed from any and all committees ASAP, along with top officials being removed in military, FBI, CIA, NSA and all other government agencies. Especially if Biden placed them. Any media outlets that were Democrats mouth pieces should be held accountable one way or the other. Then begin investigations begin on all of them including Biden, Harris and others like Obama, Clinton, Bush’s and any one else like Comey. First thing republicans need to do is make it a crime if you threaten a President or family and staff and any government and other agencies that disobeys the President’s orders need punished and never work in government, state or local positions again. Any money from book sales from any of these people needs to be turned over to our treasurer to help with debt. I would also take away their retirement and security detail. No perks for corruption. No one in any of these positions should be allowed government money of any kind. Let’s remove antifa, BLM and Marxist and put in prison but make sure everyone knows who they are. Go after unions next. This is called swamp cleaning 101.

  19. Captain America says

    REVOLT! bidens socialist regime must end!

  20. Fedup2 says

    It sounds like Irisheyes17 is part of Q perhaps? No one else would know all that information. God bless you Irisheyes17! And God bless America!

  21. Ray R says

    Great, now who enforces these findings? The DOJ, no sorry, that’s a joke! The FBI, no sorry, that’s joke! The SCOTUS, no sorry, that’s a joke! So who? The American people? No sorry, that’s a joke as well! The American people allowed the socialist communist dems to steal an election to the highest office in the country and get away with it! You say it wasn’t the people! Ok, so why have they not rose up in open revolt or armed revolt? They haven’t because they just don’t have the stomach for that anymore! Freedom and liberty are things of the past that just are not worth fighting for anymore! People like to say, we need to pray for our country! Sorry, but a prayer is not going to cut it this time! You’d better unfold your hands of prayer and fill them with firearms and prepare for war! Or just set on those hands and let it slip into darkness without a shot being fired!

  22. Eveleric says

    Now, here comes the false flag event. Anyone wanna bet that the left will stage some kind of crazy shootem up, bang, bang, like the LV Nevada fiasco? I guarantee you something will be coming, because the left cannot let this happen. One more state, and could be lights out for the Pedophile.

  23. Edward Oscar DAIGLE says

    Where is the Supreme Court? What will it take to force all the courts to actually look at evidence, regardless of where it leads. The security and integrity of our election system is at stake, which means our country is at stake.

  24. J M says

    Remove this fraudulent COMMUNIST SOCIALIST administration and arrest all who contributed to this national disgrace. This is AMERICA and we demand that the people who serve MUST do so for the good of the people and not to fill their GREEDY pockets. WE MUST ALSO ESTABLISH “TERM LIMITS” SO THAT THIS IDIOCRACY DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THR FUTURE. We must TEACH the TRUE history of this country, good or bad, so that we can use the past the build the future. Remove all socialist communist “woke” teachers and stop the unions from their money grubbing hands that now rule the education system.

  25. Trump LOST says

    You people need help, serious psychiatric help. And this trash ass fake news website should be sued out of business.

  26. Mario says

    Pandora box is open knowing that there’s only one thing to do Pennsylvania should continue there pursuit for the truth. This rigging and fraud has been proven to be Prevalent in swing states that’s all we need to start and end? The real question is how much involvement did Dominion voting machines have in the conspiracy? Dominion has had plenty of time to destroy any incriminating evidence that’s why they failed to cooperate with Arizona audit. Knowing that the democrats control congress and the DOJ and the left will being trying every dirty trick in their playbook?

  27. Murphmeister says

    I hate to throw a damper on all this, but I don’t know if states can de-certify their electoral votes. As was said in times of old, ” the gods cannot take back their gifts. ” Even if the states did de-certify, it will end up in the courts.

  28. Tom Vaughan says

    Why is this information now available any place else? I want to to be true, but confirmation from someplace else is necessary or this site will be labeled the new BabylonBee.

  29. NAN says


  30. Old Man says

    YES CAPITAN ! There is more than ONE WAY TO SCLE A FISH !!!

  31. Johnny says

    We Americans must get out and Vote these Socialist people out of office starting in 2022 and Pennsylvania must have a Audit.

  32. fay rolfe says

    Any person with half a brain knows this election was a fraud and corrupt. I always knew Trump won. But now we need to do something about it and get that Communist out of the White House and put all these corrupt Democrats in prison or prosecute for treason. You know what the sentence is for treason, right? Firing squad! Let’s get on with it! Take our country and rights back. Let’s not waste any more time on Communism.

  33. kathy says

    amen. we want trump back in the white house now.put these demorats in jail.they knew trump won. there is a real god. thank you god.

  34. jim says

    we want trump back in the whie house now

  35. su says

    COM’ON people…let’s organize like the Left does or America is over!!!! Call your Rep and Sen…they even give you the #,,,Use your finger and DIAL IT!!

  36. jOHN GRODEN says


  37. Ru12 says

    Tell me again the prison term 4 fraud in the election

  38. Ru12 says

    Being complicit makes you an accomplise mr pence

  39. Yeah me says

    Would you have me believe that Pelosi and Waters won fair and square also when Pelosi’s husband is a big owner of Dominion

  40. Yeah me says

    Play Irish eyes I like the part where their assets are seized maybe we can start getting this national debt under control since that’s most likely where it went

  41. Ralph E Ormsbee says

    Biden and the Total Democratic Party is Red China Communist Terrorist

  42. Ralph E Ormsbee says

    Biden is not a President of anything American and the Democratic party does not have one American in it wipe them all out

  43. George Peabody says

    FRAUD voids all contracts, including contracts for employment as POTUS and VP, by way of elections. 2020Election is rife with fraud resulting in Biden/Harris usurping government job employment for which they are not eligible. Contracts are void for 2020Election FRAUD. President Trump is still POTUS, but his 2nd term is usurped so far by criminals in Office. ARREST Biden/Harris/Obama/ Omar,, immediately; restore Trump Presidency.

    KAMALA: What is important to know and fight against is this fact: Kamala is usurping OFFICE by election2020 fraud, and she is not eligible for VP or POTUS because she is not a Natural Born Citizen of USA as her parents were alien student visa travelers NOT US Citizens. Like the 2-Term Usurper Muslim Infiltrator Barack Obama who has finally admitted he was born in Kenya not USA, Kamala Harris must be arrested immediately for her federal level felony treasonous crimes, then after prison, both she and Obama should be deported and banished from USA forever!
    Biden/Harris are usurping Offices by way of massive collusion with China’s CCP to corrupt our 2020 Elections, and therefore you must resign immediately , or be arrested for TREASON.

    CANCEL Obama. The very WORST thing Obama. aka Barry Soetoro did, was usurp the Office of POTUS, two times, to which he was not eligible as a foreign agent ISLAMIC Jihadist infiltrator, and admitted Enemy of our Constitution FOR the USA, and seething with hatred of White AMERICANS.

    Anyone who thinks White Supremacy is bad, has not experienced Black Supremacy.

  44. Vietnam Vet says

    It seems to me that if Trump won by such lofty margins, the Senate race results should be reviewed as well and if they were, I suspect the loser may in fact have been the winner. If this was the case, then Schumer would not be Majority Leader.

  45. Janusz Szczepanski says

    Criminals to prison,Trump to White House !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Madeleine says

    President Trump Officially won by 81% of the votes. Biden scrapped a mere 10% and Im sure many had voters remorse. The most useless and even dangerous administration of all time. CCP chose these 2 useless Luciferans so that they could take over America. Not going to happen Trust in God and dont allow the trolls to upset anyone. God won this war and Satan can go back to where he came from

  47. Robert Wayne says

    It’s been obvious all along that President Trump actually won the election. But with scum like that Supreme Court bigwig John Roberts along with the rest of the communist swamp and the stinking media determined to destroy this country it looks like it will take an all out war to put the rightful president back into power and send this senile pig Biden to prison where he belongs.

  48. Eveleric says

    Mike Barnes. Sorry, but nobody is going to jail. Matter of fact, now that we almost know the names, these traitors will be elevated and praised. Maybe offered some Q clearance jobs, but jail? Not a chance. You would have to have a party with stones enough to do it, and GOP is made up of cowards and backstabbing losers, just out for the graft. I wish you were right, because if situation was reversed, and we stole election from the old pedophile, people on the left would take care of the problem, their own way. And we call them snowflakes. Kinda funny when you think about it. We conservatives are the real snowflakes. We can’t get off the couch and turn off the game for 15 minutes, to defend an outright theft of presidency. But libs will burn down a city because a cop shot a known criminal.

  49. Gerry says

    This is NOT news to anyone who paid attention to what was happening. The pedophile himself said a month before the election that they had a full proof voter fraud plan in affect. It was known months before the election that the dominion machines were unreliable and had already been used in other countries to sway the votes. There was such blatant “in-your-face” corruption by the democrats who apparently were under the impression no matter what they did –NO ONE WAS GOING TO QUESTION IT. Everyone and I mean everyone who was involved in the Trump spy-gate by obama, the Russian hoax,to the phony impeachment circus and the voter fraud and corruption should be indicted and prosected to the fullest. This has become a matter of our National Security and needs to be dealt with and before anything gets started the pansy cowardly republicans need to start making a ton of noise. Come on you little scared mice repubs — find where you left your guts and let’s get Trump back in the WH where he should legitimately belongs OR are most of you part of the communist swamp as I suspect.

  50. Chris says

    Pelosi, just stated Republicans can’t handle the Truth. Well I say Republicans are about to enforce the Truth. And NANCY PELOSI, I and the American Republic appreciate The July 27th commission you have offered up. But to be honest. This was your last move against President Trump, Simply because it truly wreaks of EVIDENCE that will expose your agenda in whole. As far as Republicans, We want be a part or attend. When your Fed, freinds spill the twist on you, You will wish you never entered the profession of politics. And Hillary and Obama are Hush Hush now. They know what is about to occur.

  51. L says

    Why hadn’t dominion idiots being arrested

  52. Walter T. Deveau says

    Its especially disgusting,that biden & harris both know they are iligitament,& act so damn cocky about their positions. They need to be dragged out of there publicy,& thrown into jail.
    biden had to know what was going to happen,or he would have gone out to campaign,but knew it was rigged,& he would be coronated,so he just hid away,& waited for it to happen.
    Next…….. Philadelphia!!!!!!

  53. kurt gandenberger says

    even if it is proven in michigan and pennsylvania that biden lost the legitimate vote, the governors of those states would shut down their state rather than let the legislature decertify the elections there. kemp also will not cooperate with decertifying the election in georgia. this is going nowhere fast. just more normal demoncrat vote fraud.

  54. Sandra H Haddock says

    I get ads every day of “how to empty your bowels completely” but I never see the perfect cure. Mueller sucking the rear ends of dems/libs to relieve them! LOL*

  55. Martin Syvertson says

    Meanwhile, 5 MI Counties are planning to erase all data from their Dominion voting machines against existing cease and desist orders. All counties in the state have been provided these cease and desist orders and yet, these 5 counties are going to defy the orders. So, what does that tell us? A bit of fraud going on? Sounds to me like some prosecuting of a few officials is in order and, we can all make assumptions about the election results by they’re unwillingness to let us see the data they wish to destroy. Desertification of voting result should be a given.

  56. louise says

    where is durham?and were is president bush?i guess there both demorats ?

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