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FBI Expands Search for Trump Supporters to Torture over Misdemeanors

You might think that the FBI would be getting bored with jailing and torturing Trump voters for misdemeanor trespassing charges, but you’d be wrong. Four full months after the January 6 kerfuffle at the US Capitol, the feds are expanding their search for “the worst of the worst.”

These must be people who did super trespassing or something – like the lady in the Captain America costume who was waving a QAnon flag, or the guy wearing a kilt and a MAGA hat. Time to round them up for their jailhouse beatings!

As of this writing, the FBI has arrested approximately 440 Trump supporters in 44 states. Those numbers include the husband and wife who had their door kicked in last week in Homer, Alaska, after the FBI misidentified the wife as the suspect who supposedly took Nancy Pelosi’s laptop on January 6th. (Are they sure she didn’t just misplace the laptop? Pelosi looks 193 years old every time the Botox starts to wear off, and little old ladies are known to lose stuff.)

Speaking of Pelosi, the burly blue collar construction worker who put his boots on her desk has miraculously been freed from the DC jail where he was held in solitary confinement for three months while being subjected to regular beatings by the guards. He broke down in tears during his appearance before the judge – psychologically broken, no doubt, by 90 days of solitary confinement and being forced to eat off the floor. Somehow, the judge decided to have pity on him over that misdemeanor trespassing charge and let him out.

The jailed Trump supporters still continue to find no support whatsoever from congressional Republicans. These are elected politicians who some of the jailed Trump supporters voted for, and they are still hiding under their desks.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), who supposedly is planning to run for president in some future election, said this week that “We absolutely need to prosecute” the Trump supporters who briefly disrupted a US Senate meeting on January 6th. Some ally. We’re not going to forget this when future presidential primaries come around, Senator Hawley. Our friends and neighbors who are having their eyeballs punched out of the socket by DC jail guards could have used your moral support, if nothing else. Guess they aren’t worth it to you.

In the latest fake narrative, federal prosecutors are claiming that four Trump supporters assaulted a police officer named Daniel Hodges on January 6th with a police riot shield. They’re using a screenshot from a video that shows the moment the officer was pinned against a wall. The officer appears to be in pain and screaming, when the screenshot is taken out of context.

But even the judge is expressing doubts about this. When Officer Hodges was debriefed about the protests, he stated that he was not “screaming in pain” as prosecutors and the media claimed. Hodges said he just yelled out to let his fellow officers know he was stuck against the wall. He wasn’t hurt, and he wasn’t screaming.

The judge noted, “It looks to me like the defendant was trying to push his way through the officers with other [protesters] to enter the Capitol, rather than that [the suspect] was trying to hurt or attack the officers.”

So, this story is just more lies from corrupt Biden regime prosecutors. Just as officer Brian Sicknick was originally “bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher” and it later turned out that he died from a stroke, Officer Hodges was jostled in a crowded hallway – and prosecutors turned it into Hodges screaming in pain as he was assaulted.

The FBI has now posted images of an additional 353 people who were at the peaceful protests on its website. The feds say they would really appreciate it if the public could help identify these Trump supporters, so that they too can be brutally tortured, spat upon, beaten, subjected to racial epithets, forced to eat off the floor and held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day without bail. 

At least now we know why the FBI can’t look into John Kerry selling state secrets to the Iranians, or the child porn alleged to be on Hunter Biden’s laptop. The feds are still just way too busy tracking down the real threat – our friends and neighbors.

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  1. Original Anna says

    It’s time we do not visit our own capital. It is a tourist city as well as our congress center. Washington, D. C. citizens vote in these democrats who are letting the FBI demanding you can’t have the nerve to visit our own capital and spend our money. The only way to stop the FBI for arresting anybody for having the gall to visit our capital and visiting you when you get home asking you why did you have the nerve to visit the city that belongs to the democrats not the people is not giving them your tourist dollars. It is the tourists that keep the city in money not the part that the politicians run. It’s time to stop visiting the capital if you don’t want your reputation and job loss destroyed. Remember these Trump followers in jail have lost their jobs because no company holds your job for you while you’re in jail for months. They spent their own money in the city while there and this is how the FBI and the democrat voters pay the visitors back. Don’t visit the capital any more until the democrats and the FBI remember we have a right to visit the capital as citizens and a right to due process and not be held in jail until seeing a judge and /or being judged guilty by a jury. In solitary and being beaten too. If you don’t want to end up in jail for months, losing your job, your reputation, your house with no representation and no money coming in, just for visiting the capital, don’t go. Kill their tourism and force them to welcome you back. When the Whitehouse was attacked for days and Trump was in the bunker not one of the politicians and the FBI and the city citizens came to Trump’s defense and nobody was arrested like January 6 people were and held as long as they have without due process. This city doesn’t deserve our visits and we don’t need the headache of an FBI visit at our home among our neighbors and in our towns. Trump ralliers are the cleanest, they don’t leave streets dirty with crap like feces, broken glass, etc. like 99% of the other people who have showed up at rallies. You would think the city residents would like the clean Trump ralliers and not the filthy women’s marches, etc. who throw their waste wherever on the streets.

  2. Doris Lauter says

    I doubt there were ANY Trump supporters inside the capitol. Remember, the FBI said that Trump was still giving his speech when the capitol was broken into., Then they had to walk a mile to get there. Antifa website told members to wear Trump hats and flags and infiltrate the Trump speech. Trump people are mostly middle age, and do not wear hoodies or black clothing. Some known Antifa guys that police knew, said that Trump invited them. Never! Antifa tried to blame Trump, and the FBI fell for it.

  3. BluelineVet411 says

    Let’s hope we can overcome and defeat the cheating these next two years, reinstate the legitimate President, Trump, and completely gut the DC machine. DOJ, FBI, every single oversight committee, congress, the courts, education, etc.

  4. Recent Convert says

    All democrats and FBI will be made into live harvested skin rugs

  5. Sorcerer 7 says

    Maybe it’s time that Christopher Wray to be arrested for incompetence, lying to Congress, failure to honor his oath of office, violation of the Constitution and just being a spineless minion of the Dems and do to him, what he’s done to those that have been falsely arrested.
    I’d bet he’d cry like the baby he is, when threatened. Water boarding comes to mind, but that’s too good for him.

  6. Robert says

    This is nothing but a load of the most outlandish crap anyone could ever write. If anyone incarcerated is actually man handled it is because they are not following the police orders, you do remember that with all those blck person shot of strangled, do you not.

  7. Robert6391 says

    Doris Lauter
    Now it is amazing that those arrested and charged are about 90 % persons already known to be in White Supremist Groups or illegal paramilitary militia groups, only 3 person connected to Antifa in any way have been arrested, so where are all those Antifa wearing Trump clothes, no all the faces are on record, just like your home photos from home. I do think that the persons arrested disagree with you in every way you could put in this blog.

  8. PattyAnn says

    This report is a horrible picture of what will be coming under Demon-rat rule. It is total communist tactics. I truly believe we need to start using a firing squad to eliminate the biden/pelosi, /obama, harris/ schummer/FBI, gang. for treason. The people they are holding in jail without any reason is a travesty against our freedom that we have been enjoying in our country for hundreds of years…the scum in Washington are selling out America for power!!!

  9. Michael Morgan says

    It is time to ”Clean Out” the FBI which has become another arm of the Democommunist Party. Begin by firing every agent in the FBI that has been there over 10 years. In particular, remove ALL politically appointed agents/ supervisors that have been in charge for more than two former Administrations.
    TRUMP again was right, the only problem he arrived on the scene about three decades too late. The swamp is now a mudflat and much harder to drain

  10. lois buell says

    The fbi cia haven’t been working for Americans since the Clinton cover up of the white water scandel . They covered up everything oboma,everything biden and will continue to cover up everything sick and rotten in DC. Used to be the capital. A place for all americans and visitors . Now just a dump with a fence around it for Demorats to hide and scheme in . They soon will be the only party. The Communist Democratic Party CDP.

  11. Gerald S Ladd says

    Meanwhile the DemonRATS are still burning, and looting in DemonRAT cities. The Federal Bureau of Incompetency could care less.

  12. Gilmore says

    We knew it wasn’t Trump supporters from the rally in real time that day when we watched. Pelosi set this up & the whole insurrection narrative they are clinging on to. Our people must start speaking up against what Pelosi did & making the story above more public, somehow, some way

  13. Anita Dirocco says

    We need to take back our country. I agree we should not visit the Capitol as long as these Demorats are in power, they don’t want us to have OUR HOUSE any longer. VOTE THRUMP BACK AS OUR PRESIDENT, biden will never be my president.

  14. James C. Hays says

    I feel that ballots for presidential elections should be printed on income tax forms for that year. Taxpayers vote, non taxpayers don’t. Elections, as they are now offered, are too easy to be mishandled, as seen by our last Attempt to elect a president. No one really knows what the true results of the last election was. It all depends on the counters and therefore is subject to many descriptions.

  15. Joaquin says

    The corrupt Democrats seem to have everybody in their pockets including the FBI doing their bidding to be able to punish all of America’s Trump supporters . When the American people come to their senses and realize what’s happening to our Country and our laws is when everybody involved including the FBI and CIA and anyone else that is corrupt will be put in prison . That’s the only way to kill this Democratic cancer within our government. Right now they are in control and they are doing everything they possibly can to stop we the people from seeing or hearing the truth by controlling the lying news media who is also corrupt and they should be made to pay a fine large enough to put them out of business plus be put in prison for at least 20 years.

  16. TheDragon says

    America is dead !!!!
    The marxists got full power and control on all the branches of the government, therefore the
    “Fundamental transformation of America “ is complete
    ( that was Hussein O promise in 2008 and he kept it).

    The “sniffer” is nothing but a puppet, a sick and
    demented one and Hussein O ( along with Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton , AOC, Bernie and the rest of the marxists) are pulling the strings .

    They finally completed the destruction of America as they kept working on for decades ( and it was done from
    “within” as the marxists were planning).

    This is what happens when the kids get brainwashed in school and the brave and courageous are being turned into sheeple …

    Adios, America !!!
    Time to learn Chinese !!!

  17. Frank W Brown says

    Waiting for the worm to turn because IT WILL and the vermin democrats will NEVER be the same, thankfully!

  18. Frank W Brown says

    You. Are. An. Idiot. Period!

  19. Chris Wolf says

    The Fake Bureau of non-Investigation is a complete disgrace! They are nothing more than a modern day Nazi Gestapo for the democRAT party. They are totally corrupt from top to bottom and should be dismantled by the military. The top directors should be tried for treason. They know better than anyone else, who and how the election was rigged. But they choose to do nothing. Instead they harass innocent Trump supporters. They also know Antifa was behind the “riot” and that the true insurrection took place November of 2020, by the democRATs.

  20. Vic says

    Look at the article picture. Anyone think those in total camo, matching HUGE backpacks and ski goggles wouldn’t have been looked at eskew at the Trump speech. Even DURING the riot filming, police said the fur and horns guy is known as a BLM ACTIVIST/RIOTER from Arizona. The man arrested in SLC and he had the video, which we saw portions of? He stated he is an ABTIFA LEADER and the video was sent nationwide to all the ANTIFA EMPLOYEES, telling them how to dress, add Trump or red hats, cause a riof and be violent and “Burn shiooot down!”, to try and get Trump supporters inside the bldg and that their equipment would be waiting for them when they got to DC after their free plane rides there. The supplies were NOT going to be the usual pallets of stacked bricks and hundreds of frozen water bottles to throw. THIS ORGANIZED RIOT supplies included matching backpacks, matching ~100 ft BRIGHT YELLOW climbing ropes we SAW THEM using to scale up to balconey (better photo op than simply walking up the steps), glass breaking equip and weapons. This video by the self proclaimed ANTIFA CAPTAIN was shown early on, then disappeared. The Antifa guy had been arrested and the video confiscated. Bet he’s no longer in jail. Apparently the crazy fur/horns BLM GUY is still jailed. A Trump supporting couple who only WALKED ON THE LAWN are still in solitary – since January – have lost their jobs, will likely lose their farm. Their 17 yr old son is working the farm, is taking care of livestock, taking care of young siblings, and trying to work his minimum wage job for food for kids and animals. They are just ONE EXAMPLE.

    A blackclad guy (can we spell ANTIFA?) wearing a flag mask was filmed using a flag on pole to bust up some equipment belonging to some news group, then he THREW the flag on the ground and was stomping on it. When he realized he was being filmed, he did the ANTIFA usual, turned away from filmer and walked off. Another, clad virtually the same, was inside using a flag on a pole to hammer at the assembly door and break the door window. Trump supporters LOVE and HONOR the American flag. They don’t use it as a spear or stomp all over it.

    At some point the truth will come out, that 1/6 was likely all planned by the radical Left and helped by ANTIFA, planning to shout lies about to hurt Pres Trump, his supporters, Republicans. This is what they’ve been doing ever since. The SLC ANTIFA guy said he was getting anxious that they were going to be BEHIND SCHEDULE to start the riot, because Trump was so late, so they ended uo having to leave the cover of the ralky attendees, and get to the Capitol. Remember, the votes were going on. Pelosi left the Assembly early, before riot. AOC, who surely wanted to vote, was sequestered in her office, 1 1/2 blocks away and then did her hysterical usual scene. Per the NYTimes, the riot started at 12:46 pm, and Trump was speaking until 1:11pm. Rally was 16 blocks from Capitol…45 minutes walking time, they said. People that didn’t walk to the Capitol but went back to their hotels? Some were told they couldn’t stay longer, couldn’t rent a vehicle, or fly on planes. Doesn’t it seem fishy all these service companies were all informed these supporters were probably dangerous rioters, when they hadn’t gone to Capitol and these companies were informed WHILE RIOT WAS STILL GOING ON??? WHO was making calls to them? Yeah, pre-planning.

  21. Lynn Thomson says

    I pray it doesn’t take two years as this country can’t tolerate what is going on for much longer! Our Justice System is Corrupt, These DemonRats are Corrupt! All the Agencies we depend on are Corrupt! I pray for all these people they need it far more than Believers do! Their EVIL PERSONIFIED!! I pray also for all the people who are being Subjected to this Administration’s Agenda! God Help Each and Everyone of Us!! Give us Strength and Faith to Stand Against this Tyranny!! In Jesus Name! Amen

  22. Lisa says

    Robert you’re wrong and kinda childish. We have body cam videos of black people fighting with police and we don’t have any proof these guys did anything. There is no reason anyone should lose an eye because they were beaten. Also there is zero proof of any of them being white supremist but I hear nothing but racist s***t out of black people when they’re arrested. You have serious racist issues yourself typical of a liberal.



  24. chief1937 says

    It seems our own FBI is the most radical arm of law enforcement trampling on citizens rights and omitting some cases they should be investigating. They have gone all out to discover everyone involved in the capitol protest and at the same time ignored those who in the summer rioted burned and destroyed all kinds of property. Guess the saying is correct ” It is not what you do that matters it is who you are”. What happened to the equality everyone is ranting for?

  25. Clarence E Williams says

    The FBI is just a branch of the communist democrat party. Corrupt to the core and harassing, intimidating and terrorizing US citizens for minor petty crimes. Their time would be better spent trying to put real criminals like the treasonous traitorous democrats they protect behind bars. But they won’t do that because the communist democrats are the FBI’s comrades.

  26. GRIZZ MANN says

    Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Christopher Wray, Rob Rosenstein, Michael Horowitz, Bill Barr, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI and the Department of Justice.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  27. HoneyB says

    Very 1st thing I noticed was where was Antifa/BLM? Million Maga March & Trump rallies all across country Antifa & BLM freaks ALWAYS showed up to harass Trump supporters, cause chaos & spread their uplifting mssg of anarchy, hate & destruction. Where were they 1/6? That was The One rally they decided not to attend?? Ppl there that day didn’t question lack of Antifa presence yet followed those who pushed passed police & destroyed property that represents America, like Antifa is known for, bc they were dressed like Trump supporters & carried American flags. They were sheep who allowed the Wolf in sheep’s clothing to lead them into the trap demoncrats set. And it wrkd perfectly bc Trump lost a lot of support that day & he even conceded election. SO, at the end of the day the demoncrats ceated another crisis they won’t let go to waste.

  28. Mike says

    I am shocked, shocked. Are you trying to tell me that the vaunted FBI & ATF & CIA are populated with liars & barely concealed KGB in hob nailed sneakers??? Is anyone surprised that SCOTUS, led by the fearless leader, appointed by arch conservative Dubbya, thinks it’s ok to steal a federal Presidential election because the injured parties, all 73 million of them, have no standing?? Ruby Ridge or Waco anyone??? It is past time for all interested parties to do what they can to protect themselves & their families from what is coming down the pike, it’s probably not going to be pretty. Go trump 2024-2028-2032—————–!! That’s if we ever are able to have another fair & open election. May the good Lord bless & keep you, but he’s probably going to need some help.

    AMERICA 1st, everybody else 2nd!!

  29. LAWMAN says

    Here’s a big “F” for Wray and the rest of the incompetent FBI.

  30. Larry Gaines says

    The FBI is totally crooked and corrupt under Wray

  31. Billy says

    Democrats let Antifa and BLM members get into the public and they led the way with the blessing of the Democratic party. Now we are under a dictatorship. Pelosi refused the military deterant . The Capitol Policed then murdered a Civilian with no consequences. But charge one with the death of one of their own then had it proved not to be. When will we see the trial of the cop who shot her Nancy ?

  32. Danny Phillips says

    It’s past time to abolish the FBI. They have gotten too big for themselves.

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