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FBI Amazingly Blunders Hunt for MAGA Protesters in Alaska

The incompetent and corrupt FBI is so hungry to violate the civil rights of Trump supporters that it is now kicking down the doors of anyone who may have worn a red hat at some point since 2017. You’re not going to believe the latest blunder that the FBI committed in Alaska last week. You’d think that some of the nation’s FBI agents would be resigning out of embarrassment by this point, but maybe they’re all just so overpaid that they are incapable of shame.

The FBI kicked in the doors at the Homer Inn & Spa last Wednesday. Go ahead and look up the location of Homer, Alaska on a map. We’ll wait. Yeah. That’s how far afield the nation’s “foremost law enforcement agency” is running around and raiding homes and businesses to try to find Trump supporters to unlawfully jail and torture.

Anyway, all of the guests at the bed and breakfast were obviously awakened by the FBI kicking open their doors (guns drawn, naturally). But it was the owners of the business the FBI was actually looking for. Paul and Marilyn Hueper own the bed and breakfast, and presumably will now have to pay for a new door.

The Huepers were handcuffed in their home so that the FBI could question them. The agents told the Huepers, “You probably know why we’re here.” The Huepers replied that actually, no, they weren’t sure why armed FBI agents with guns drawn were kicking down their door and waking them up in Homer, Alaska.

So, the agents told the Huepers that they were looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. Which was news to the Huepers, because they had never went inside the US Capitol building on January 6th when Pelosi’s laptop wandered off.

The FBI then showed them a picture of Mrs. Hueper near the Capitol steps on the 6th and asked if it was her. The Huepers went on vacation to DC in January and decided to finally attend a Donald Trump rally that day. And yes, Paul Hueper did take a picture of his wife near the Capitol steps, which they confirmed to the FBI.

Next, the FBI pulled out photographs of a completely different woman walking around inside the US Capitol and demanded to know if that was Mrs. Hueper. The picture at the top is a side-by-side comparisons of Mrs. Hueper and the Laptop Suspect Lady, and you pretty much have to laugh at the FBI’s assertion they are the same women. They have similar hairstyles, but otherwise look almost nothing alike. Perhaps the FBI’s working theory is that the Huepers took a picture of Marilyn outside the Capitol and then she changed her clothes to pull off the big Pelosi laptop heist?

Paul Hueper did laugh at the FBI over it. He mused that he wished his wife would wear a pair of sexy leather boots for him like the ones that Laptop Suspect Lady was wearing.

Side Note: Mr. Paul Hueper… you are a LEGEND. When the FBI kicks in my door and points guns at me for not being at the January 6 peaceful protests, I hope that I can keep my sense of humor about it. I’m buying Hueper a beer for that line if I ever make it to Homer, Alaska.

Anyway, the Huepers patiently explained to the FBI that the Laptop Suspect Lady had on different clothes than Marilyn on January 6th. They also pointed out that the two women have completely different physical features than each other and were obviously two different people.

Nonplussed, the FBI agents seized the Huepers’ laptops and cell phones anyway. Maybe this is more of that “shock and awe” that that one corrupt DOJ official bragged about on ‘60 Minutes.’ Congratulations, FBI! We are shocked by your incompetence and in awe at how any of you manage to keep your jobs when you can’t handle a simple game of “Spot the Difference” with two photographs.

The good news is that the Huepers were not arrested and therefore are not getting their eyeballs punched out of the socket in that nasty DC jail where the rest of the Trump supporters are being held as political prisoners. The bad news is that if you’ve ever worn a red hat, the FBI may be coming to your home next.

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  1. Mari Jo Oneill says

    This is a slap in the face to law-abiding American Citizens, that the “corrupt ” FBI, breaking into someones home, that hasn’t committed a crime. The FBI, should be focused on the person or person who actually commit crimes. Director Wray, should be ousted from his position, if this is a tactic his agents are using. The FBI, once a distinguished law enforcement agency is now a disreputable organization that needs new director and agents. They have been politicized to the point of disaster. WHERE ARE THE GUTLESS COWARDS IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY????.?

  2. Jim says

    You’re right about one thing, the FBI has lost it’s self respect. I’m surprised these people aren’t resigning by the hundreds. Anyone with any self respect would, but not these gestapo morons. If they wonder, “IF” why people no longer have any respect for the FBI, look no further.

  3. Pat Riot says

    Sorry Mari Jo but when was the FBI ******EVER***** “a distinguished law enforcement agency”? Or maybe it’s just sarcasm and I’m missing it!

  4. Michael Morgan says

    What happened to all of that ”facial recognition” equipment go that can recognize people by certain features on their faces? Or does it only recognize features on the ”facial” features as on Facial Tissue and were just looking at the wrong end? Please tell me how many FBI ( federal bureau of idiots) Agents are storming the Antifa and BLM rioters who have been burning our cities and neighborhoods. Maybe several could assist the victims of the criminals in Chicago. We usually loose 5, sometimes as many a 8 people every weekend.

  5. Jay says

    The FBI is taking its orders from the Biden/Harris DOJ. The DOJ that still has plenty of “leftovers” from Obama and a few from Clinton. Their number one goal is to “Lock the country down” so the elites can play and the serfs will pay. It is the only way to explain why a federal agency that has all of the money, specialized equipment, communications infrastructure and now Political power would act the way they do.

    No more free or FAIR elections, even at the state level. The DNC is now “HOG wild” on consolidating and HOLDING power. Watch the 2022 midterms. I predict the news media will lament that the election may go to the republicans because of all of the abuse of power issues with the DNC but at the LAST MINUTE and in the DEAD of night on election night the DEMS will again SWEEP everything. Those Dominion Voting machines, best investment ever for the DNC.

  6. Peter Guild says

    Disband the FBI. The FBI has been incompetent for a long time. Corruption combined with incompetence makes the FBI a total waste of money.

  7. Dave says

    I think i need to get me one of those red maga hats !!! If turds like that broke into (trespassed)my house it would be a bad night for those thugs!

  8. DennisoHara says

    FBI means nothing NO MORE !its a terrorist group !

  9. Gretchen says

    The fbi should go away. They are incompetent thugs. The swamp has taken over all the good in this country. Wray is an ignorant lib just like comey, Brennan and clapper.

  10. Carlos Sanchez says

    Mari Jo above asks “where are the gutless Republicans”? Well, right now they’re in the minority, albeit by a slim margin, and can’t do much more than complain in the House floor, which they should be doing. Aside from their own spineless pathetic inaction over 8 years they ran the House, we can thank millions of stupid Americans, especially college “educated” suburban cunts who stayed home or voted for scum like bug eyed AOC and her fellow squaws! The more pertinent question is what will the GOP do once they win back the House? Will they grill the FBI Nazis? I doubt it.

  11. GRIZZ MANN says

    GOP back to their cowardly ways. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Christopher Wray, Rob Rosenstein, Michael Horowitz, Bill Barr, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI and the Department of Justice.

  12. Kevin Bolin says

    The FBI, CIA, DOJ are all now just a part of the Demoncrats Brownshirts (yes Nazi brownshirts). If you take a look at the comparison to pre-WW2 Germany we are in it right now and Hitler is being played by a doddering old fool who is controlled by Obama. The media is 100 percent in cahoots with them and covers and lies all the time just like then, so what are the normal people to do about it ?

  13. pesteaguevos says

    fbi is a dem run go to boy agency

  14. Doris Lauter says

    Antifa was wearing red Trump hats. Antifa website told members to wear Trump hats and flags and infiltrate his group. Trump was still speaking a mile away when the capitol was attacked. The FBI should be smart enough to figure it out by now. There were 5 groups invited to crash the capitol by Antifa, BLM, Proud Boys, and others. When will they learn the truth? Or will they ever? They seem incompetent. by this one incident for sure.

  15. Rodney Steward says

    The FBI is proving to be the enemy of this country and America’s KGB !!

  16. Chad Stuart says

    Ain’t this s total embarrassment to every Federal Agent in America. Anybody without Law Enforcement experience can tell those are 2 different women in those pics. Pelosi and liberals in the DOJ will do anything even violating Americans rights to play the political game. I have a lot of friends active and retired agent at the FBI and you talking about a black eye. This gives Law Enforcement a black eye across the country and other countries are sitting back laughing there asses off at what’s going on in America today.

  17. PattyAnn says

    Yes, the FBI has a new name…the KGB….and is run by the demon-rats with their leader obama, biden, piglosi, schiff for brains, piss waters, scummer and don’t forget camel-toe hairless!!! They all want our country to become communist!!! I hope they rot in hell!!!

  18. sis says

    FBI stands for freaken bloody idiots. they were a lot better off run my a gay guy at it beginning than now run by leftists, commies and constitutional haters. sad.

  19. Susan says

    Other than the fact that they are both white women, the FBI is up Sheet creek on this hair brained boner. How incompetent can someone be. Oh, that’s right. The FBI can harm anyone they like, because all white people look alike.

  20. Don says

    Not FBI but the new Gestapo agency.

  21. Sonja Moreau says

    This is strange about the laptop. It was my understanding that they had arrested the person with this laptop and recovered it not long after the day of the rally. It was retrieved in Pennsylvania.

  22. David L Druif says

    J.E. Hoover is rolling over in his grave. Idea for a new television series about the FBI.
    It will be called : THE TOUCHABLES.

  23. Shelly says

    18 U.S.C. 242; 18 U.S.C. 245; 42 U.S.C. 1983
    Denial/Deprivation of Civil Rights Under color of Authority. ( arrest-able offense)
    The Fumbling Bumbling Idiots are a Disgrace & Embarrassment to the U.S justice system. The corruption is at levels never seen before, far & above John Connolly’s acts. These scumbags are worse than the corrupt Mexican Justice System.
    The State Police in Alaska should issues warrants & Arrest the GESTAPO offenders who raided the wrong home & handcuffed innocent citizens. This is NOT an innocent mistake it is Wanton & Willful violation of civil rights under color of authority. Hopefully the Hueper’s have retained an attorney for the multi-million dollar law suit that should be forthcoming with punitive actions against the individual Gestapo agents. It is also incorrect to call the Fed’s Police, as they wouldn’t make a pimple on a Real policeman’s behind.

  24. Rem308 says

    These ass holes are the most dangerous bastards in our country. They have become a cross of the GESTAPO and the KGB. When they can just kick doors in at will and pillage your person and property, we are no longer in America. We have to rebel to save our own asses. Live free or die trying. Remember, what our founding fathers sacrificed for us.

  25. Marc says

    @ Mari Jo O’Neil: “Where are the gutless cowards in the Republican Party” you ask? Why, they are busy sending emails, regular mail, and even making phone calls asking for donations. Yep. They only care about getting more and more funding for their worthless, inept RINOs to enable them to continue enjoying the “good life” in D.C. As for the peasants (voters)? Well, they are just a bunch of stupid, ignorant hicks who the “elite” have to….unfortunately…contend with every so often…(ugh…vermin!)

  26. Recent Convert says

    I play the mega lotto in hopes of SOON having the cash to put bounties on the heads of the brainless, soul-less , knuckle dragging mouth breathing, cretinous, child molesting inbreds currently polluting MY country as FBI agents & democrats.

  27. paw paw says

    The Gestapo is HERE!

  28. Grubz2u says

    FACISTS …… soon the only colour shirt you can buy will be brown ….. and only available in one style, as worn by Chairman Mao …… and, check if your neighbour recently put in a new security camera, pointing at your windows …..

  29. Micala says

    The FBI is lower than a bunch of hogs in heat. How disgusting and pathetic was their actions against that completely innocent woman? What’s going on FBI? Too much caffeine and no sleep so you cannot discern between two women who look nothing alike wearing DIFFERENT CLOTHING?

    You agents have embarassed the entire FBI. Not only that, but you agents owe that woman a HUGE APOLOGY for being Blind, Idiots, and Out of Control Macho Misfits! Duh…

  30. Joaquin says

    The Corrupt Democrats have the FBI in their pockets and in full control as to what they do and what to say. It’s a shame . I always admired the FBI until Hillary corrupted them.

  31. Grubz2u says

    The Demoncrat controlled facist FBI are sending a very clear message on behalf of their masters – and that is: if you’re not a registered Biden butt licker, we’re gonna bust your doors down any time day or night, and jack-boot thru your house ….

  32. Darlene Fife says

    We have freedoms.Freedom to own guns ,freedom of speech .The right to privacy.
    This infraction of our rights is way beyond disgusting.

    Filing a lawsuit would help to get the freaking butt idiots out . They have removed our ability to trust them at all.

    In the 70’s I admired their courage to face things head on.Things no one else would do.

    Now they’re a laughing stock along with the DOJ ,CIA Supreme Court .
    The speaker of the house is one of the worst followed by waters,harris,bidwn,obummer and the Clintons.

    How can we appreciate and respect those who insinuate themselves in private lives.

    The pursuit of happiness with these bozos is dambed near impossible

  33. john fudacz says

    why would the fbi claim they messed up, because these socalled rioters were not trump supporters , it would come out being democrap supported blm and antifa ! how would the democraps look then, it was their own groups destroying things???

  34. Recent Convert says

    Shouldn’t be too hard to find the names and then the HOME addresses of those SS agents. Then a LIBERAL application of The Patriot fire, acid, blow torch, and plier solution should eliminate any threat from future child molesting, baby murdering, freedom and natural born woman hating creatures calling themselves FBI agents.

  35. Joe says

    The FBI is chasing ghosts that don’t exist. It’s time to arrest the corrupt,leader c.wray, deep state swamp rat, that doesn’t belong in the leadership role, being the lying rat he is. The whole FBI should be shut down since with their leadership hasn’t done their job in years, they knew about mass shootings and did nothing, their incompetent, with their present leader, wray as the leader.

  36. Herbert Woodbury says

    I wish that the fbi was just a bunch of incompetents but the more I see is that they are flat-out corrupt amd anti USA.

  37. Original Anna says

    It’s time to stop visiting Washington, DC. Even if your visit is nice when you get home the FBI might show up at your door with guns loaded to find out why you dared to visit our own capitol. And you might find yourself in solitary confinement in a jail in Washington, DC for having the nerve to actually visit the Capital. It is illegal you know to visit our capital. It’s time to remember Washington, DC may be all about politics but it is owned by the citizens not the politicians and it is also a tourist city. By not visiting and keeping yourself and your family and your job safe, you will kill their tourism money which is more jobs and money than some 2,000 politicians and the FBI people give the city. Remember, these Trump followers in jail have lost their jobs, no business keeps their jobs open for months, it’s time democrat followers started losing their jobs for their hate of America and their disloyalty to our citizens, they are the ones to deserve to lose their jobs. They vote the democrats in who allow the FBI to do their bidding and not the citizens. We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers. Don’t visit Washington, D.C. Their citizens don’t deserve having us and our money there.

  38. Emil Klosowski says

    All rats, farts, creepy Capitol Hill demoniaks are involved. Their job is to divide us, make us look stupid, drag money from us, so those corrupted demoniaks get rich at our expense. Doing nothing, just creating rethorics, raising money to win their agenda… No more they watch over, carel Godly principles… Cold war is going on, lobbyist, the most corupted generates hundred if millions of dollars at our expense… They lie to us all the way…
    Personally I never trusted those crooked politicians, only there is slight chance that there is truly Holy God, not a devil in charge over us that will repay for wrong doing… Otherwise it is better for us stay away from those CORRUPTED baboons… TRIBUNE OF THE PEOPLE shall be established to determine and resolve all conflicts, punishing criminals, liars and thieves… Yet we reserve that right to God, who will loose his credit leaving corruption going on…

  39. John Von Borstel says

    FBI: first announcement – Antifa not involved in Capitol demonstration, second announcement – we are requesting public assistance in identifying participants in Capitol demonstration. Question if they need assistance in identifying demonstrators, implying that they have not identified all the participants how can they say Antifa was not involved.

  40. brooday says

    is 20 mg prednisone a high dose

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