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Doddering Fool Biden’s Only Legislative Victory Slapped Down by Federal Judge

So… how is the Democrat Party doing at running this great country of ours? Is it going swimmingly? Are they getting a lot done? Do a quick mental run-through and see just how many bills they’ve managed to push through both the House and Senate and signed into law by Granda Gropes-a-Lot. They had an ambitious agenda in the beginning, but I’m counting a lot of air-balls on my scoreboard. How’s that amnesty bill coming along? Gun control? Reparations? Infrastructure? Any victories at all to report, guys?

By my count, the only major piece of legislation they managed to rush through was that $1.9 trillion COVID package back in March. And even that one lonely victory just got partially slapped down by a Trump-appointed judge!

Before we get to that court victory, how embarrassing was it to see Joe Biden doddering around in Michigan over the weekend? I swear, anytime Biden’s handlers let him off the leash, it turns into an international embarrassment. Biden’s weekend was so cringe-worthy that you just feel terrible for the country. (While simultaneously thinking, “At least it’s not Kamala!”)

Even Biden’s trips out for ice cream are risky, as far as public perception of the guy. His handlers took him to a pie shop to grab an ice cream cone. It was supposed to be another one of those “unscripted” moments when Grandpa Gropes-a-Lot just acts like a totally normal guy who is capable of taking off-the-cuff questions and answering them coherently. As he was ordering ice cream, you can hear someone off-camera asking him a question about the “Russian hacking” that took place on Friday.

If you missed that story, a cyberattack hit some 200 US-based companies last week. The hackers are asking for a $70 million ransom. Why? Because they know that ransoms are being paid these days and there are no repercussions for these shenanigans from the Biden regime. They have the FBI busy rounding up Trump supporters instead of catching and punishing hackers.

Anyway, Joe Biden was clearly unprepared for that totally unscripted question. He started to look like a deer in the headlights, BUT… he just so happened to have some notecards in his pocket that had his scripted answer to that random, completely-from-out-of-nowhere question. What a coincidence!

Reading from his notecards, Biden assured the person asking the question that he had “just been briefed on the plane” before he landed in Michigan. He’s taking it totally super-serious and blah blah blah, he read from his pre-written notecards. Phew! Imagine what might have happened if Joe Biden didn’t have his prepared notes with him and someone asked him a question!

Other than that, Biden doddered around in a field with Michigan’s lockdown-loopy Governor Gretchen Whitmer and shook hands with a “crowd.” A whopping 25 people turned out for the opportunity to shake hands with Joe Biden and/or to hear him make creepy sexual overtures to their young daughters. Which makes it the largest-attended Joe Biden “rally” dating back to the 2020 election season. (While Biden was drawing a crowd of 25, by the way, 20,000+ showed up at the Trump rally in Florida over the weekend, with an additional 375,000 tuning in for the livestream.)

We also got to hear Joe Biden mutter his new favorite catchphrase a lot over the weekend: “I don’t want to get in trouble.”

He says that a LOT these days. Get in trouble with who?! He’s supposed to be the guy in the White House, so seriously… who is he going to get into trouble with just for answering questions? Starting to think maybe we have a case of elder abuse on our hands here.

Anyway, there was an obscure and vaguely worded provision in the COVID bill mentioned earlier that said that states cannot use the bailout funds to provide tax relief to their citizens. Ohio challenged that provision and kicked the Biden regime’s butts in court. Looks like that state will be providing tax cuts to its residents now, thanks to the COVID bailout. The Trump-appointed judge ruled that Biden was violating the separation of powers under the Constitution by trying to tell Ohio how to run its tax laws. Hopefully some other red states will follow suit!

Even the one lonely legislative victory that Team Biden has managed to pull off isn’t working out how they’d planned. Can they do anything right?

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  1. Dorothy Foster says

    JUST PATHETIC !! Our country has turned into this marshmellow mess … I pray GOD will see us thru
    until the DEMOCRATS implode forever !!

  2. Frances Weingarten says

    It’s well past time to remove Joe Biden permanently from Congress and the entirety of the USA! (The latter might be somewhat more difficult!) It might well be time to find a suitable country for Biden to live in!

  3. DJ says

    What is the “good Dr. doing? Her intelligence isn’t much visible with what
    she is letting this “loose cannon” out in the public. God helps us. Pray without
    ceasing to end this nightmare and we also know with the “Princes Vice President”‘
    and her chance to speak…speaks the hate that is so apparent in the Dem. Party.
    Biden is horribly NOT WHAT WE NEED OR WANT but think of the “Princess
    Vice President” with anymore power than she has. We would really be doomed!

  4. Don says

    True….with the intent being to turn us over tot he NWO garbage.

  5. Wanda Kirkpatrick says


  6. Yeah me says

    I keep hearing these conservative and liberal judge phrases and it shouldn’t matter you are either about the Constitution and the law of the land or against it

  7. Arizona Don says

    It has become quite evident these socialist marxist will not cease their attempt to overthrow this wonderful Constitutional Representative Republic and free enterprise economic system without being forced to. They know the first and second amendments are what is holding them back from destroying this country and installing the obama promised fundamental transformation into a socialist communist, marxist or fascist nation. Consequently they must stop free speech and confiscate the guns if they are to succeed. The question is can they accomplish that without an armed conflict. Not very likely! American citizens are to well educated in the history of that bloody twentieth century.

    Everyone who knows American History knows twice in our past a war started, on United States soil, when a force with intentions of confiscating Americans guns in order to make Americans helpless against that power took place. The revolutionary war with England and another revolutionary war with Mexico when the Mexicans came after Texans guns. Both aggressors lost! The reason those wars were fought is, at that time, all Americans knew if the guns were gone so was any chance of being treated fairly, or with any kind of respect, in any way by either of those powers. That same fact remains today! In neither case was the war itself over arms but about liberty however it was the cause of the war(s) to begin and a just cause it was. Under Biden it appears we may very well go down that same dead end road. But once again it is not directly about guns it is about liberty (constitutional freedoms). Once the guns are gone so is liberty! The recent covid 19 experience should enlighten us in that case. There is little doubt the same would be the case here. Biden should know the guns in the US will never all be confiscated by this government. Especially from a citizenship unwilling to comply with an unconstitutional make shift law! It is impossible for there are just too many. That number increases daily! Furthermore, confiscating guns from law abiding citizens will not and can not solve the violence problem it will very likely make it worse, much worse. Biden speaks of common sense gun restrictive laws. There is no such thing. Now that “is” common sense!

  8. Carolyn Tyler says

    For the life of me, i can’t see why they don’t impeach Biden and princess karmala, They wouldn’t let Donald Trump get away with that,, That is all did THEY DID to him for 4 years!! IMPEACH IMPEACH, I do knot know how he took it….

  9. PJ Daniels says

    We the People allowed the communist Democrats to steal the 2020 presidential election along with at least 6 states congressional seats and here we sit complaining and doing nothing. While the citizenry complains the communist democrats’ open Americas southern border wide and invite third world country terrorist, criminals, drug cartels, MS13, and all illegal aliens that can walk and talk to enter freely. Do Not forget the demented fool Biden is also head of the Biden crime family, he is also a traitor who ok’d the sale of an American company that produces the critical technology for the F-35 jet to China for which he was paid, through the auspices of his mentally defective bag man son, $500 million dollars. Biden openly extorted, and admitted it on TV, the Ukraine for a billion dollars to protect his loser and openly pedophilic son from fraud prosecution. Biden is a rather pedophilic fool himself sniffing and touching little girls as well as being handsy around young women. So please America when the hell are we the people going to stand up and take back our country??????

  10. Chub says

    Love the style of this writer and the accurate account about Grandpa Gropes-a-lot. What a perfect description! Seriously though, yes this is so sad!!!!!

  11. Arizona Don says

    It is good to pray for peace and prosperity however, just like in the revolutionary war of 1776 prayer alone is not enough. God will not protect this wonderful nation on his own. We, as the caretakers of freedoms, must make an effort to keep this nations liberties (God given rights) intact ourselves. Anyone who knows the true history of that bloody revolutionary war knows God assisted the effort to attain freedom on many occasions. It is very likely God is the reason we lasted to defeat the English. However, we still had to act to defeat them! We may very well have to act in the same manner to defeat the current domestic enemy these socialist marxist who hide in plain sight and are disguised as democrats. Throughout history it has been the democrat party that has caused most of the havoc here in these United States. They fought to keep slavery. They alone enacted Jim Crow which the supreme court even upheld. They fought against the civil rights act for decades. These are just a few of their transgressions there are many more.

    Make no mistake about it we as a free nation must soon realize what these so called democrats propose is evil. Their transformation into a socialist marxist nation will take many lives right here in the United States of America just as it did in Europe and Asia during the bloodiest century of all time the twentieth century. We must learn that history if we are to avoid such a holocaust right here in this wonderful country. The Europeans and Asians made a terrible mistake when they allowed the government to disarm them for they became unable to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. We must learn from their mistake and never allow such a thing to happen here in the United States of America. With Gods “help” we will do just that.

  12. James Houston says

    Everyone who voted for Joe Biden needs to apologize two American citizens everywhere. Joe Biden and his political hacks will all be branded as traitors and hopefully incarcerated for the remainder of their lives. Please people if you’re going to vote for any government official do your homework first. Don’t just blindly vote just because you hate someone. Because people hate Trump for one reason or another even though he has accomplished what no other president ever has. History will show that Trump was on paper the best president America has ever had. Numbers and facts speak for themselves. And time will show that Biden is a traitor to his country along with many Democrats and some Republicans committed treason to their country. Don’t feel bad people if you voted for this fool he is a liar he has fooled you all.

  13. Scott Tousey says

    I was at Sarasota rally more like 60.000

  14. Anne Wright says

    Praying is great, but even the Bible tells us that God helps those who help themselves. Action is needed, before we go completely under. I believe we must stop relying on any of our elected officials to fix this, and start grassroots efforts to take back our educational system, our justice system, and probably every other federal organization. We should know how our tax dollars are being spent, and we should have every word of every bill available to the general public prior to said bill being voted into law. When our representatives are publicly shamed for not voting for any legislation, we ought to be able to look at that document and decide for ourselves whether there was a good reason for their vote. Both sides (and the lobbyists) tend to slip their agenda items into extremely urgent-sounding legislation. “Cares Act”, “Heroes Bill”, “For the People Act”, they all sound great, don’t they? What is included in them that made some vote against these bills? We have to start somewhere, and we are all complaining about the path our country is going down, but most of us (myself included) sit here and throw out a few pithy comments aimed at the side we do not support, and we don’t contact our representatives, or really question what they are doing to represent their constituents once they get to Washington, D. C. Might be high time we started asking the hard questions. Maybe even in person, at their offices.

  15. Billy W says

    IT seems to me that Joe Biden wants us to be like Chins. One party one ruler no desent allowed.

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