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DeSantis Creates Election Cops & Democrat Just Flat-Out Admits Her Side Cheats

President Donald J. Trump created Space Force, a new branch of the military that is simultaneously necessary and AWESOME. Following in his footsteps, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced the creation of a new law enforcement branch in his state, which will focus solely on election crimes: Election Force!

Doesn’t that just sound like a great idea? Everyone wants safe and secure elections where we can trust the results, right? But not everyone is happy about it. One political party in particular thinks it is a terrible idea to create a new law enforcement branch that is dedicated to securing Florida’s elections.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Election Force is not the actual name of this new Florida police force created by Ron DeSantis. I just think it should be. Because it sounds awesome. And because that would trigger the liberals to no end. If you’ve been reading these pages for a while, you probably realize that any chance to trigger the libs seems to transform me into a 50-year-old juvenile delinquent. Can we get #ElectionForce trending on Twitter? I really think it should be called Election Force.

When DeSantis announced the creation of the Election Force the other day, he stated the reason why Election Force is needed:

“If someone’s ballot harvesting, you report it to these people [Election Force], and this is their sole job. Some of these counties, some of them will do the cases but that’s not their expertise. They got all these other crimes that they have to deal with. So by the time it happens, the election’s already over.”

This is very true. Out of 3,081 sheriffs in the USA, only one (Racine County in Wisconsin) conducted a meaningful election fraud investigation in the last year. The fruits of that investigation could very well lead to Wisconsin overturning its 2020 results. But the other 3,080 sheriffs haven’t done squat because they had other crimes that seemed bigger to worry about.

DeSantis’ announcement about the creation of Election Force prompted one ultra-liberal commentator to tweet, “Not good.”

Huh?! Not good for whom? Allow me to translate that “Not good” declaration into gooder English for everyone:

Bank Robber: “Bank robbery is a myth! It’s a white supremacist conspiracy theory!”

City Mayor: “I am creating a bank robbery task force to focus solely on solving bank robberies and arresting bank robbers.”

Bank Robber: “Oh sh*t! Not good!”

Only members of a political party that is dedicated to cheating in elections would lament the creation of an Election Force. Why else would someone think it’s a bad thing to make elections safer and more secure?

Ron DeSantis also added that the new penalties for anyone caught committing election fraud would be STEEP. I might be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure he glanced in the direction of Broward County when he said that.

A Democrat state representative from Florida was really upset about the creation of Election Force. Rep. Anna V. Eskamani tweeted:

“Why does our Governor keep creating partisan chaos? Why can’t we just focus on problems like housing, hunger, taxes, our environment & public transportation?”

I’m not sure what the chaos is that she’s referring to, but I really hope you zeroed in on the word “PARTISAN” in that sentence. How exactly, you may wonder, is the creation of a special law enforcement branch to deal with a specific type of crime a “partisan” endeavor?


Did you just say the quiet part out loud, Rep. Eskamani? Did you really mean to suggest that your particular political party has the market cornered on election fraud, and therefore the Election Force in Florida is only going to be arresting Democrats when they get caught committing election fraud in future elections? Is that why it’s “partisan?”

Because it sure does sound like that’s what you’re saying!

Ron DeSantis continues to show every other Republican Governor in the US how it’s done. And you libs, who now seem to be admitting that election fraud is very real and very much something you do – you guys are on notice!

If you try to pull your magic suitcases filled with Democrat ballots out from under a table on election night like they did in Fulton County, Georgia, look out! Election Force will rappel down from the ceiling and tase you for your election crimes, before hauling you off to prison.

*Editor’s Note: The new law enforcement agency in Florida is not called “Election Force.” That is wishful thinking on the part of this author. The unit’s actual name is the Office of Election Crimes and Security. But he’s right… Election Force does sound better.

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  1. Drew Page says

    The State of Indiana has extended a similar offer to hire Chicago police who face termination for refusing vaccination.

  2. Wayne Colburn Perelman says

    All the chickens coming home to roost! Looks like it might be increasingly tougher for commicrats, chinese communists and deep staters to skew elections toward their puppet candidates!

    Hey guys, go ahead and publish my e-mail address, YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION!

  3. the angler says

    This is a GREAT IDEA! It needs to be adopted by EVERY STATE but must have a very specific set of guidelines to be EFFECTIVE since there are DEMOCRAT SHERIFFS in that 3,000+ Sheriffs in the United States and they may be part of the ELECTION FRAUD PROBLEM ALREADY!
    All of America is aware of this Presidency being stolen, however; as I mentioned about the DEMOCRATIC SHERIFFS there are DEMOCRATIC JUDGES that are preventing ELECTION abnormalities from being expose in Georgia, Pennsylvania and other states. We still have the best Law Enforcement and Judicial System in the WORLD but there is some reform NOT OVERHAUL in both areas. Law Enforcement needs to be allowed to do their jobs without interference from local elected officials (separation of power). Judges need to be held accountable for UPHOLDING our U.S. CONSTITUTION, LOCAL, STATE and FEDERAL LAWS. When the Law Enforcement Agency (Local, County, State or Federal) oversteps boundaries established by LAWS they also need to be held accountable.

  4. Wyatt Earp says

    I have only one question for you police officers that leaving a blue state and a union that doesn’t give a fight for you. Don’t bring your liberal or union idea to another red state! Everything will be fine as long as you don’t try putting in your dumb idea! We are slave to the union or to those who need government to hold their hands as they take a poop!

  5. Wyatt Earp says

    Southern people get along just fine. Til some dumb fool from DC or another blue state coming down and try to destroy our way of life! They should stay were they love to be slave to their government! Southern believe in GOD, BIBLE, AND GUNS! If you don’t then don’t move south!

  6. PurePurple says

    Election Force sounds perfect!!! Go for it!


    Please call it Election Force and show the other states how it is done… All states should adopt an Election Force. I love De Santos.

  8. Margarita Matlis says

    I have just heard dan crenshaw, who I admired before, say that there was no fraud in the 2020 elections. Please send him your thoughts!

  9. Vic says

    Not always, Wyatt Earp. Some really bad ones are in southern states, like GA’s Stacy Abrams and her GA Federal judge sister, also in GA. Is Missouri considered southern or northern? They’ve got Squad zealot Cori Bush and the Soro’s funded AG who went after the McClosky family. Lee in Tx is a nasty Liberal. We just need to vote these Liberals out of office, and pass something to keep Soros, Hollywood Libs, and the like from donating millions to Governor and AG Liberal candidates all over in states beside their own.

    And we need to prosecute the lawmakers for fraud and illegalities. Ilhan Omar committed voter fraud by ballot harvesting via a team she was paying to do so. One of them, car stacked with ballots, to top of seats, front and back. He described the whole operation to a Project Veritas contributor, verified in a court as legit film. She paid them $20 for each ballot delivered to her. Mainly they grabbed them from senior living apts and homes.

    She also committed immigration fraud by a quuck divorce of one husband and marrying her full BROTHER (DNA verified by FBI) to bring him over to US from London. Didn’t stay married long. She later organized groups in MN to protest the arrest, trial and sentencing of 2 large ISIS groups in MN, the 2 leaders sentenced to 45 yrs each, their ISIS group members to 35 yrs each. One group was led by a man in her District named OMAR. Guess… Soon after she decided to run for House, to have more ability to “get things done”. Known for fighting to get police abolished in MN, who arrest those near and dear to her, she is also fighting to get MN PRISONS CLOSED, ALL PRISONERS RELEASED. That includes over 20 convicted ISIS TERRORISTS / trainers and their two ISIS LEADERS well known to her. VOTE HER OUT. I WISH WE COULD DEPORT HER. She came here as a child/teen from a refuge camp in Africa. She hates America and Americans, and our allies like Israel, and tries to spread that throughout Congress and in MN. A real piece of work to be a US Representative.

  10. John Redman says

    With “Brandon White House”, he sure started a wonderful meme that the rest of the governors (and the rest of us) should ride till the old fart self destructs (I mean more than he already does). Yeah, Brandon administration, Brandon pentagon, Brandon FBI, etc. . Sure tickles me, ya know?

  11. Tony L Bell says

    The MSM was the biggest perpetrators of fraud, thru lies and deceptions, published to bias the public sentiment against the sitting president, DJT. Crenshaw is mistaken.

  12. robert gagliardi says

    Thankyou .I have been saying for years now that an election should Not be deemed on how much money a party can muster up. It should be on who’s ideas are in the best interest of the Citizens of the USA!!!!! Also Term Limits are Soooo necessary.

  13. tj says


  14. Drew Page says

    “ELECTION FORCE” regardless of the name it goes by is a great idea. The Democrats will call it “racist” as they do for anyone or anything they don’t like. Who cares what the Democrats think?

    Every “Red State” should follow DeSantis’s example. “Blue states will resist it, of course. But perhaps “Red Counties” and “Red Cities and Towns” in “Blue States” could follow DeSantis’s example.

  15. Tom Tucker says

    We all know democrats are frauds, we all know Nixon beat JFK, but the dead votes beat him, we all know Trump won in 2020. We also know all demon rats are crooks and should be in prison, with the top crooks, Pelosi and Schumer in the deepest part of Gitmo.

  16. CharlieSeattle says

    Treasonous Demo☭rats must …NEVER be allowed to run for, or hold elected office…EVER AGAIN!

  17. Perry says

    It’s obvious, only cheaters would be against an Election Force or anything that would keep an election honest and transparent.

  18. Eric says

    I have just heard dan crenshaw, who I admired before, say that there was no fraud in the 2020 elections. Please send him your thoughts!

    Sounds like Cringeshaw doesn’t have any sight at all with that convoluted nonsense!!

  19. Wyatt Earp says

    You people should know these democrats politicians will change the laws to benefit themselves. Yeah, we needed a ELECTION FORCE that would be sure nobody steal the election from the people!

  20. Lou Garou says

    Be careful how you use the term “Old Fart” — it was reported by the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla Parker Bowles) that the “Old Fart” ripped a steamer at the Climate Conference that stunk up the joint!! lmao

  21. Lou Garou says

    Tj — I hope you vote again — if you go to a number of precincts around the country, you may be able to vote again — and again –and again .. in the same election! lmao

  22. Lou Garou says

    My friend from Chicago told me that his mother voted a straight Republican ticket in every election cycle — since she has passed away, she has voted a straight democrat ticket in every election cycle!! lol

  23. Colin Kovacs says

    Omar should be deported, after her very lengthy federal prison term. It beggars belief that she is STILL spreading her anti-Israel and anti-American poison, while she is STILL in government. I heard it said, after 9/11, that America would never forget. What a complete joke that statement was.

  24. Colin Kovacs says

    The above was a reply to Vic. Now to get back on topic…..Every state should have an Election Force. You are 100% correct. Only those with something to hide would speak against the formation of an Election Force. Of course, the last fraudlection has proven beyond doubt, that would be the entire Democrat party.

  25. kurt gandenberger says

    interesting. i was attempting to reply to a comment when it suddenly disappeared. censorship…alive and well.

  26. Peter says

    It is amazing and disturbing to see how many US citizens voted (presumably) to destroy the greatest country that ever existed and replace it with Communism (the Democrat Party). Communism has been shown to always fail, but it has also been shown that it takes about 100 years to get rid of it.
    You say that Democrats are not Communists. Compare the planks of the Democrat platform with the Communist Manifesto. They are essentially the same.
    It is difficult to believe that there are enough stupid people in this country who prefer Communism over the Constitutional Republic. Apparently there are though.
    It is difficult to just blame ignorance because it has been said that self-inflicted ignorance is stupidity. That certainly does define a Democrat
    Certainly voter fraud was involved, but it is disturbing that there were as many citizens as there were who actually voted Democrat.
    Unfortunately, the Democrats know that they can get away with anything without any adverse consequences to themselves. They know this because they always have and have perfected the art of cheating. As a brief example, what is going to happen to Hunter Biden and Paul Pelosi, jr. or even Joe Biden or his brother. Nothing! Exactly! (Though this will eventually make no personal difference to Joe Biden and his dementia).
    Fraud is so common on the part of the Democrats that it is expected and accepted and apparently is acceptable to the populace.
    I think that they were surprised at this last election that there was actually an objection to the fraud. Not that it will make any difference to the results.

  27. Tom Tucker says

    Without fraud, dems couldn’t win a dog catcher election. DeSantis for president.

  28. rabbit says

    We know they cheat they flaunt it in the press, best votes money can buy: JoeyB


    Every election audit, performed properly, has revealed fraud SIGNIFICANT TO TAKE THE ELECTION! Not extraordinarily over the top, JUST ENOUGH TO WIN! That’s is the power of their “election software”, and YES, IT HAS THE CAPABILITY TO DO JUST THAT! Why would anybody approve the adoption of such easily manipulated software, that can easily manipulate election results? Why would the courts, and the DEMS fight every election audit? If that many people distrust our election system to be fair, ISN’T THAT A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS? Democracies are based on FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS! If people don’t trust our elections, we are no longer Democratic and we need to restore that trust! Full, FORENSIC, AUDITS NEED TO BE PERFORMED IN ALL “PURPLE” STATES, AND THOSE FOUND TO BE GUILTY OF ELECTION CRIMES MUST FACE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES! AND NEW ELECTIONS MUST BE HELD! In 2016 the DEMS were screaming about fraud in the election, helped by Russia, remember? They could find no evidence, BUT THERE WERE NO HIGH LEVEL REPUBLICANS SUING EVERYBODY TO STOP PELOSI’S WITCH HUNT. They said, if their was coercion, and there is evidence, let the investigation take place. OF COURSE, THEY NEVER FOUND ANY EVIDENCE! In the election fraud allegations, BARR said “there is no evidence”! OF COURSE NOT! IF YOU DON’T INVESTIGATE YOU WILL NEVER FIND EVIDENCE! LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE IF THERE SHOULD BE AN INVESTIGATION! EITHER HEAL THE DISTRUST MANY OF US HAVE NOW, OR DETERMINE THERE WAS FRAUD AND SEND THOSE GUILTY OF DOING IT TO PRISON!

  30. Shelba says

    Election Fraud is the only we have Biden (the crook) as president, it is a proven fact that long deceased people are still voting in some states, illegals are getting away with voting, when caught they should be deported with out question, Omar and her brother should be stripped of their citizenship and shipped back to their country of birth which they brag that the country has more to offer than the US

  31. Sue says

    Liars and cheaters do not belong in our government under any circumstances.

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