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Gradually, Then Suddenly: How We Will Win This Election Fight in the End

The latest news about Wisconsin has got me thinking about that famous Hemingway quote from “The Sun Also Rises.” One character in the book asks another how he went bankrupt. The answer: “Gradually, then suddenly.”

I can’t even remember the last time I wrote anything in depth about Wisconsin and the 2020 election before last week. Wisconsin just hasn’t been on anyone’s radar, especially with everything that’s happened in Arizona and Georgia. But then I wrote about Wisconsin twice in one week. The story has continued to snowball from there, to the point where it now looks like people will be going to jail – and Wisconsin very well might be the first state to decertify!

Last week, a state office finished an “audit” of Wisconsin’s 2020 election. I wrote about how that audit was actually very inadequate, because the state workers only examined small, random samplings of ballots from around the state. At first glance, it looked like they did manage to uncover discrepancies totaling more than three times larger than Joe Biden’s alleged margin of victory (roughly 20,000 votes).

In a follow-up article last week, I dug deeper into that Wisconsin report and noted that there was a statistical probability that 320,000 people double voted in Wisconsin. There were also about 60,000 voters who either lied on their applications or used fake IDs to register to vote. And another 44,000 were allowed to vote without showing a photo ID, which is illegal in Wisconsin. (Plus, 12,000 dead voters still on the rolls!)

In total, there was a 2,150% discrepancy in Wisconsin between Joe Biden’s “victory” and what the result could have actually been. Then the Wisconsin state senate surprised us all by authorizing a full forensic audit of the 2020 election, based on those findings. Be still my beating heart!

But the party was STILL not over!

Late last week, the Racine County Sheriff released the findings of a months-long criminal investigation. The Sheriff says the Wisconsin Election Commission knowingly “shattered” state election laws to carry out a major voter fraud conspiracy. The WEC instructed nursing homes in Racine County (and the Sheriff believes in all 72 counties in Wisconsin) to fill out ballots for incapacitated elderly people. These were old folks who did not have the capacity to think or make an informed choice on a ballot. You know, like Joe Biden.

Instead of sending teams of one Republican and one Democrat to watch and assist elderly people in filling out their ballots, as required by law, the nursing home staff members filled out ballots for these people and cast fraudulent votes in their names. Observers are an important part of this process (voting for others by proxy). The Republican Party complained at the time that they were not being allowed to watch these proxy votes happen in nursing homes. Democrats were mysteriously silent. But the GOP was told that because of COVID, it was unsafe for observers to watch the nursing home proxy votes. It was just too dangerous to follow the law. Uh huh.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff noted that Door Dash delivery drivers were allowed into the nursing homes to drop off lunch for staffers. The workers who refilled the vending machines and all sorts of other people who were not election observers were allowed in. But it was just too unsafe to let election teams in to ensure the integrity of that proxy voting for seniors.

The Sheriff has turned all the findings over to the District Attorney in Racine County to begin prosecuting Wisconsin Election Commission employees and nursing home employees over this conspiracy. We went from not talking about Wisconsin at all a few days ago, to people are about to go to jail, in the blink of an eye. How did I fall in love with Wisconsin? Gradually, then suddenly!

The best part of all is that the GOP in Wisconsin has been taken over by a bunch of Trumpers. They sent a nasty letter to the Wisconsin Assembly Speaker and the Senate President, who are both Republicans. The GOP in that state has warned the Republican legislators that they need to act on this immediately by firing everybody on the Election Commission and getting this audit taken care of ASAP. The tone of the letter is basically threatening to not fund their reelection campaigns – and maybe even primary them – if they continue to fail the voters of Wisconsin by allowing a false election result to stand. Daddy is taking away the keys if you don’t get your grades up!

It’s been a slow, gradual process, but then suddenly out of the blue, a Sheriff in Wisconsin has changed the whole conversation. Who had that on their bingo card? Keep your chins up, everyone. We’re going to win this fight. The whole truth is going to come out – gradually, then suddenly.

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  1. kenneth a safran says

    i say they the whole country should be audit for fradulance vote, biden did nt at all , trump won he was attack screws over big time ,now this country is in such bad shape ,cause of it. the whole demorcrats party is corrupted big time.the socialist party control the demorcrats party, the guy behind it with his money screwing us over, geo. soros the guy , why are we allowing him in our country, is beyond my thought . other countries don t want him, we should sent him there for them to take care of his noneses.obama too another working with soros they belong to the illuminated group screwing the world banks too.they should be delt with too .they hated trump cause he told them to shove it , he would nt join them at all . that why trump got attack.

  2. Deborah Pratt says

    You’re SO ‘right’!!! ‘Gradually, then ‘suddenly’ the ‘in-depth’ auditing is beginning to sweep the country, state by state!! About time too!! The Dem party is in a panic being chased by the ‘ghost’ of Fear!! Mom always said, ‘The truth will ‘out’!’ Once again, she was right!! Just heard that the state of Virginia now has a Rep governor!! God love them!! We need to start rebuilding this country from the ‘ground up’ after the destruction caused by the ‘puppet’ Biden and his ‘string pullers’! From now on, citizens need to keep a close eye on their elected officials and never take for granted that they are doing the ‘right thing’ by them! Lesson learned!

  3. linda harrison says

    Who ever thought Biden was the best bag of nuts to be president is an a hole. So they had to commit fraud to get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well look at the mess we are in now. We should have done something before it was to late but now IT’S TO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know what it’s going to take to fix this shit???????? We need to get Trump back in there if he runs and I hope then heads will roll and all of the outspoken communist/ marxist who are so proud to be that go to prison for the same shit they tried to impeach Trump for!!!!!!!!!!!! This regime in OUR WHITE HOUSE is a circus and biden is the head monkey and his handlers are the side show. Time to wake up and take our government back. Pay attention this round to the fraud we were asleep the last election.

  4. Tammy Dorsey Berthaut says

    First we need to get rid of mail in voting unless the voter is disabled, Otherwise get off your ass and go vote. We have early voting for weeks before election day there is no reason anyone can’t get to the polls. Secondly we need to dump the machines and go back to paper ballots. The machines are too easy to mess with and we need solid proof.
    Third we need to make sure BOTH parties are there to watch and make sure the elections are fair and RIGHT.
    The democrats are lying cheating party. Why else would they be against voter ID? If ID is so racist why not fight to get right of it everywhere…Get rid of drivers licenses, don’t let banks, pharmacies, stores, schools or anyone else ask for a ID if its so racist….yeah that sounds crazy but how can it be racist to show ID to vote but not to cash a check or buy a bottle of liquor. The argument is ridiculous!!!!

  5. Tony Bell says

    One thing I see that needs to change in every state is the timing of the vote counting. The elections needs to be decided and confirmed on election day. None of this counting ballots after the fact. That means anyone voting absentee needs to so so before the election day deadline and all of those votes need to tallied by the beginning of election day.

  6. Cozycalico says

    When did we stop having to show ID? I always was asked to show ID when voting in person. I started voting by mail at my request when I reached my 80’s .

  7. Harry J Schaubel says

    As a P O’d Wisconsinite, who watched this Fraudulent activity, which ONLY Democrats called Fair, I’m saying
    “It’s About F’n Time”!!!
    The problem we face is all those LeftWit Liberal Democrats who will be doing all the Vote Counting, AGAIN, while Republicans are forced (due (LOL) to Covid), to sit 6′ Away from all those LeftWit Liberal Democrats who are counting the ballots. What ever happened to the 1 from each Party rule? Used to be Democrats & Republicans BOTH looked at the ballots, and for mail in ballots, BOTH examined the Mailing Envelope, and compared to registration to Verify the Name & Signature, b4 the Ballot was counted. WHY is it that we only have Democrats doing the actual counting, while Republican Observer’s are forced to sit far away while Democrats cover windows, have Fake Water Main breaks, or just get too tired to finish so all Observers have to leave While the LeftWit Liberal Democrats are ‘just tidying up b4 they leave’, too.
    For the 1st time in US History, an Election Vote Tally was halted in 5 States, almost simultaneously. In each State, PRESIDENT Trump had a substantial lead. When voting (allegedly) restarted counting the next morning, Biden, between 3 & 5am in ALL 5 States, gets a Vertical spike of as much as 800k ballots (in PA), putting him in the lead in all 5 states. Actually watched on CNN when the vote numbers were tallied, and we saw PRESIDENT Trump’s count DROP almost 20k while Biden’s count increased by the same amount!
    But John Roberts has been compromised, so he refused to even examine the evidence!

  8. Crossram says

    Every State should have a Audit so we Americans can have a fair election.

  9. Harry J Schaubel says

    Voter ID is Anathema to a LeftWit Liberal Democrat.
    We have an illegal Immigration Problem for a reason.
    ILLEGAL ALIENS know that once they get into America and
    surrender to the CBP, they will be taken care of for life by US Taxpayers.
    Their only requirement is to keep marking the D’s on ballots.
    To combat that, California and some other Blue States have been issuing them Drivers Licenses!
    With that, they can go register to vote without being a Citizen.
    Plus, Democrats like Stacey Abrams WANT ILLEGALS voting. Even said it in one of her Failed Campaign Speeches. Now she claims “Voter Suppression” cost her the Election, meaning all those Illegal Aliens who were prevented from voting.
    No. Democrats will spend Millions of OUR Tax Dollars to fight against Voter ID.

    Interesting how Democrats Claimed for the 4 years PRESIDENT Trump was in office, of Illegitimate Election, contested the Electoral Vote, and basically said he Cheated by having a foreign nation (Russia) help him win.
    We now know it was Bought & Paid for, and PUSHED by the Clinton Campaign, and again, the US Taxpayers were forced to pay for 4 years of false accusations, outright lies, and Fake Impeachments.
    But now that Biden got more votes than ANY President in US History, we’re supposed to believe it.
    The SAME Biden who showed up with the “High-Priced Call Girl” Harris for a rally in AZ and NO ONE SHOWED! But he won AZ in a landslide?

    No. Democrats will continue to use our Tax Dollars to fight against Voter ID!

  10. Richard says

    ANYONE violating state election laws should be held accountable!

    Regardless of the pandemic, laws are there to ensure the integrity of our elections nationwide!

  11. CharlieSeattle says

    Soo? WTH are the mass arrests of all Democrat Election officials?

  12. the patriot says

    Well well well. It is now clear that Mr. Trump won wisconsin and georgia and arizona and most likely nevada and michigan and pennsylvania. So we have two imposters in the white house. Lets go brandon and lets go harris and by the way lets go pelosi and schumer and schiff and omar and cortez and pressley and tilab and the rest of the reprobates.

  13. paul ellis says

    vote on paper, no reason for all this cheating, get honest

  14. Brian says

    This bad excuse the demonic use regarding IDs doesn’t wash. You need Identification to drive, claim benefits, travel out of the country, retrieve registered mail, and more. Black people drive cars, and most don’t quibble about a driving licence, so this garbage the fascists are using about IDs so they can continue their criminal activities at the polling stations has to stop. There needs to been repercussions over and above the normal for all who flaunt election laws. All sentences should be quadrupled, and fines large enough to force the sale of your property. Let these minions of the worst government in the history of the US know, they will be crucified for tampering with elections.

  15. francine martin says

    this one should be the easy one…republicans on topside of government should compel or terminate those 3 dem controlled election areas to get on board with this forensic audit….or just de=certify once forensic studies of only the areas already shown to [statistically] reveal an over 500% increase in fraud and cheating

  16. charles schimpf says

    all that fraud by the Democrat party to end up with jerks like Biden and Harris. Well they got their favorite loser Obama behind the scenes calling the shots.

  17. Drew Page says

    The democrats saw their golden opportunity to cheat in the 2020 elections when the pandemic hit the U.S. Under the guise of “protecting the public” they demanded mail-in voting and flooded the population with mail-in ballots that people didn’t request, they set up drop boxes to collect votes, instead of using mail boxes. It gave Democrat operatives the opportunity to keep millions of those mail-in ballots for themselves and their co-conspirators to fill out using the names of those who were dead, living in other states and who never registered. Recent audits in Wisconsin showed there were 8,550 “voters” who were 124 years old, OR OLDER, who voted in the last election. Guess who those 124 year-olds voted for, Democrats. Those audits also revealed that 23,000 all had the same phone number and that 534,000 “registered” voters had no registration dates on the Democrat registration rolls.

    In Detroit, the Democrats claimed their audits revealed three women who engaged in vote fraud and are bei9ng prosecuted. It had to be more like 300 who were involved in the vote fraud, but they decided to throw these three under the bus; more than likely, they will get nothing more than a slap on the hand.

    In Fulton County, GA, we saw the videos of 4 individuals remaining after all others were told to go home and that “ballot counting for the evening was done at 11:30 pm and to come back in the morning”. When all others were gone, security cameras showed those 4 individuals pulling cases of ballots out from under tables and dumping them on the counting desks, where these ballots were counted throughout the night and early morning hours.

    Democrats operatives planned, organized and participated in massive vote fraud. Attempts by Trump’s lawyers and over 1,000 sworn affidavits by credible eyewitnesses to point out vote fraud in Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia were dismissed by State courts, the Department of Justice and the FBI. In every case where independent forensic audits were called for by Republicans, Democrat Election officials refused to surrender ballot counting machines, refused to provide the envelopes in which “mail-in” ballots were “received” and basically refused to cooperate at all.

  18. Helga says

    We are still grappling with that 2020 fraudulent election and the hardworking patriotic Americans are so much worse off today. What is even worse, they are not finished with spending us into oblivion! If I would have had a crystal ball when immigrating in 1966 I would not have believed it! God Bless America, we must come out in droves and vote them out beginning in 2022!

  19. Robert Richey says

    There’s a reason the Dems ended up with two stooges like Biden and harris. The Dems picked out two people who they knew would sell their souls to get into the offices they are now occupying. Biden with his mental deficiencies is the perfect Patsy, and harris was told to shut up and go away after the first dem debate and we will get you the vice presidency.

  20. Tom Foley says

    Nothing new about this I heard the same thing when Obama ran the first time. A woman in a nursing home a lifelong Republican suddenly voting for a Democrat. This was at the time was buying votes for z bottle of wine!

  21. Thomas Kimmerley says

    TCK I don’t think people realizes that there may not be an election in 2022, why do you think the left is pushing so hard to get all there programs in so fast? We will be answer to the left if they get what they want before 2022 and then their know stopping them or China dictating to us wait up Americans and Christians it’s time to open your eyes an get a little smarter.

  22. SheriffJon says

    By the way, that would be Sheriff, Not Sherriff.

  23. David Davies says

    There’s nothing new in this. My grandfather told me of the way Dem.s cheated in Brooklyn a hundred years ago. Well over a year before the event, certain men would let their hair and beards grow. On election day, the men would go in and vote . . . Democrat; obviously. Go out and get their hair and beard trimmed back and come and vote again. Go out, get the chin part of the beard cut off and vote again. Then cut the muttonchops off and vote again. Ultimately; the man would get a full shave and his hair cut closer to his head. The way Grandfather explained it; a man could vote at least 6 times: always for the Democrat and always getting paid for each and every time he voted. My personal view? I question if the Democrat’s have EVER! won a primary honestly. They don’t know how.

  24. Yeah me says

    We need a redo of the election to get the real elected people in and prosecute false winners to take away their pay and votes cast and charge them for the costs involved for what it has cost American taxpayers clear back to the Bush years of pushing globalism! or $30 trillion! x the maximum by law!

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