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New Zealand Accuses CDC of Falsifying Evidence on Vaccine Baby Miscarriages

Dr. Anthony Fauci has now lied to the American people so many times – and flip-flopped on so many issues – that no rational person would take him seriously on anything. But he’s not the only liar involved in public health in the United States. Remember just one year ago, when Dr. Birx told everyone not to travel for Thanksgiving? And then she jumped on a flight to go attend a large family gathering for Thanksgiving? Good times.

But this problem is much worse than just the French Laundry-dining sort of hypocrisy that we’ve seen from so many people in charge. New Zealand scientists are accusing the CDC of flat-out lying about the fact that the COVID vaccines can cause pregnant women to have miscarriages.

And this isn’t the first time the CDC has been caught lying about the dangers of the shots. The CDC’s Immunization Safety Office released study results on September 3rd of this year stating that the mRNA COVID “vaccines” do not cause serious health effects. That’s weird…

Especially with all the news about the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) at the CDC, which has been showing all year long that the COVID shots have caused more serious health effects and way more deaths than all other vaccines combined in the last 30 to 40 years. But the Immunization Safety Office published a report saying the vaccines are totally safe just two months ago. They looked for increased incidence of all kinds of things, including myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, heart attacks, Bell’s palsy, appendicitis, seizures, hang nails, and what-nots.

No worries! The vaccines are totally safe and effective. That was the word from the CDC’s Immunization Safety Office as recently as September 3rd. Here’s the press release on those findings.

Except we all know this is a lie. Just last week, we reported on a Canadian MPP calling for a culpable homicide investigation into health officials in Canada, due to so many young men suddenly being hospitalized and/or dying from myocarditis after their second vaccine dose. Two fully vaxxed professional soccer players keeled over from heart attacks in Europe within the last week.

One of them, a 28-year-old player from Iceland, died on the soccer field but was fortunately resuscitated from chest compressions. And on Sunday, a fully vaccinated NFL referee here in the US pulled his car over on the freeway, put the emergency brake on, and died of a heart attack.

Heart problems among healthy, fully vaccinated people are through the roof and are making headlines every single day. The saddest stories are about young teenagers being hospitalized with myocarditis. Here is the story of a mom who was excited to get her healthy 14-year-old son vaccinated to protect him against a disease that posed no risk at all to him. She’ll be paying expensive medical bills for years to come now, in hopes of keeping him alive.

But the Vaccine Safety Division says this is not something that is happening. And now they’ve published an even bigger whopper of a lie, according to scientists in New Zealand.

The CDC Vaccine Safety Division published a report earlier this year showing that it’s totally safe for pregnant women to get the vaccines. The report stated that women who were vaccinated during the first 20 weeks of gestation – the first half of a pregnancy – showed zero increased chance of spontaneous abortion. That sounds really promising, right? “Will this medicine kill my unborn baby?” sounds like a very important question to answer for the public. So important that maybe they should have studied that before trying to force everyone to get the shot, right?

A lot of women, including ESPN reporter Allison Williams, have been fired from their jobs for refusing the vaccines because no one could answer that question. But the CDC now says it’s fine! The vaccines don’t cause miscarriages. Pipe down, Trumpers!

Scientists at the University of Auckland in New Zealand decided to do some science and see if that could replicate that study. And they noticed something strange.

The Vaccine Safety Division at the CDC said women in the first 20 weeks of gestation were at no increased risk of miscarriage after being vaccinated. But in the data sets within that study, all of the women were vaccinated during the second half of pregnancy – during weeks 21 to 40.

This is so evil that it’s kind of hard to wrap your head around. The Vaccine Safety Division – which is supposed to study the safety of vaccines for the public – lied about their data inputs and therefore willfully lied to the public about the outcome of the study. They said the vaccines are safe for pregnant women during the first 20 weeks of gestation, while not actually studying any pregnant women in the first 20 weeks of gestation.

The University of Auckland scientists replicated the study using women who were actually in their first 20 weeks of pregnancy. They found that these women were 7 to 8 times more likely to have a miscarriage. Here’s the proof.

If they’re willing to lie to pregnant women about how dangerous these shots are for their babies – is there anything about which these people would not lie to us?

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  1. David Edmond says

    Charged the CDC with 1st degree murder and then close the sick place down. Some body show me just 3 disease that the CDC has ever controlled. Just another example of the corrupt government running wild with our tax dollars.

  2. Patricia K says

    Hitler started this way of Democrats. he only had a rating of 30% when he made chancellor, watch NAZI rise on history channel. How much is “THE BIG GUY ” GETTING IN KICK BACKS FROM PHARMA.

  3. Patricia K says

    STOP the MANDATES. Unlawful PRESIDENT , elections stolen. WHERE IS OUR SUPREME COURT.

  4. graceythecat says

    CDC works for the communist democrat pedophile cult party which works for the communist Chinese government!

  5. kurt gandenberger says

    big brother is here and he is a homicidal maniac intent on killing your baby.

  6. Mike says

    Biden want to use any measure to kill AMERICA, its apparent when wants to give separated parent of children coming country 450,000. That man is insane. He want to conservatives to live this country, as they are a treat to his agenda. He’s no better than Adolf Hitler, etc.

  7. Ally says

    The vaccine caused my large joints to now give me problems I had never had in my 71 years of life. It’s like it aged me a good 20 years. But Bill Gated want the population decreased and he’s most likely funding these fake studies.

  8. karl says

    why don’t they give Biden a shot off Arsenic

  9. Roland says

    The perfect billboard for covid vaccination would be Dirty Harry and his 44 mag pointed at your head , captioned Do You Feel Lucky. Well Do You !

  10. Steve mitz says

    Big Pharma’s mass killing sickness industry, is the definition of “professional serial killers”! [And the leading cause of death] [Fact]! Google, “The Johns Hopkins low-ball iatrogenic study claiming big pharma’s medicine [only] kills 260,000 each year! [Fact] better yet see, Dr. Gary Null’s well cited & documented book, “Death by Medicine.” Claiming Big Pharma’s medicine kills 750,000 annually!!! All facts that Godless, dumb-down, Lib. educated/ critical thinking free, P.C. suckers/ *cogs & fools can’t process! All to demonstrate, “Death is the wages of sin;” as opposed to, “The gift of God is everlasting Life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”! For *Cog description see educator John Gatto’s book, Dumbing Us Down, the Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling! It’s never too late to wise & wake up!

  11. Karen Rose says

    Get rid of the CDC, FDA, the NIH, the FBI and the CIA … for starters. No more vaccination mandates for anyone, for anything, including schoolchildren … repeal the law giving Pharma immunity from litigation for injury, enact term limits for all members of Congress; drain the swamp. Our federal government is bloated and corrupted beyond belief. Drain the swamp.

  12. jerry lockhart says

    my message is for the 13 republicans who sold out the republican party by voting with the democrats on the infrastructure Bill, you’s have fail the American people, have failed your state, and all 13 should be remove.

  13. CharlieSeattle says

    New Zealand is at fault for missing this!!! This was known 11 months ago!

    Former Top Pfizer Scientist Michael Yeadon Claims COVID Vaccines May Cause Infertility In Women
    Posted by EU Times on Dec 8th, 2020

    eutimes. net/2020/12/former-top-pfizer-scientist-michael-yeadon-claims-covid-vaccines-may-cause-infertility-in-women/

    Within a Stay Of Action petition filed with the European Medicines Agency requesting that the Phase III Trials in Germany be suspended until serious procedural flaws are corrected, Former Prizer Chief Science Officer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, claims that the COVID vaccine has the potential to cause infertility in women, specifically that the Pfizer COVID vaccine as well as other COVID vaccines currently in Phase III trials are:

    …expected to induce the formation of humoral antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. Syncytin-1 (see Gallaher, B., “Response to nCoV2019 Against Backdrop of Endogenous Retroviruses” –

    virological. org/t/response-to-ncov2019-against-backdrop-of-endogenous-retroviruses/396

    …which is derived from human endogenous retroviruses (HERV) and is responsible for the development of a placenta in mammals and humans and is therefore an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy, is also found in homologous form in the spike proteins of SARS viruses.

    Vaccines have long been used as vehicles to deliver sterilizing agents to women, and not just in the Third World.

    And we have been told repeatedly that pregnant women should be among the first to get their COVID vaccines — right on cue.

    As one of its primary stated goals, we know that the Bill Gates Foundation — one of the prime movers behind this fake pandemic — is actively involved in world depopulation.

    It’s almost inconceivable that having sterility as one of the “unintended” consequences of these COVID vaccines wasn’t discussed in their board meetings.

  14. Larry! says

    Hurry and get your satins sperm shots, safe and effective for sheeple!!!!! FuCk joebiden

  15. Herb says

    I don’t know if it’s still up but that FDA had a notice on their website that any young man planning to have children should have the sperm frozen before taking the vaccine .

  16. Cindy S says

    Why in the Hell would New Zealand put any credibility in what the CDC states? I don’t trust a thing that they say or publish. The CDC is just another arm of the corrupt government in the former United States. If you believe anything that the US government says, you are a fool and we cannot help you.

  17. Richard says

    These SOB need to hang for murder all of them saying this crap is ok it’s killing people hang them from electric poles along the streets If these people aren’t held accountable the American people need to cleanse the whole thing and start over get rid of all of them

  18. kurt gandenberger says

    it’s a brave new world out there. thanks, brandon.

  19. J. R. Justice says

    # LET’S GO BRANDON !!!

  20. Mike says

    Trudeau in Canada is now on the take as well, he is getting kick backs from the Vxn.. He and Biden are one and the same and we in Canada are hidden from the truth.. When it comes to Climate Change & the Vxn and Jabbing EVERYONE Trudeau & Biden are in bed together. Odds are they both attended Pedo Island.. I know Trudeau had his name on a flight log showing he flew to said Island but I have not heard what if anything has been said or done about it since.. He should be charged with crimes against humanity and taken out of Government as he is doing things to take us down the road to Comunnism and signing things that he has no right to be signing in the middle of the night against LAW that says otherwise. This guy is a criminal as its been shown he has given Government contracts to his family.. His BEST friend is a known PEDIFILE.. I could go on and on and on.. Slowly people are waking up and getting what little information we can squeezed through on sites such as this where if we are lucky some of these Sheeple will eventually read or hear something to help them out of the brain washing they are getting on tv.. Thanks for reading this and if you do research on anything I have said here you will start on a path of getting your head out your A%&!! I pray you do..

  21. phxgeo says

    There is nothing surprising about the actions of the “safety office”. When we look at the backers of this death/disabling jab we see people who have been promoting depopulation for some years. These include “dr. fauci and Bill Gates. What better way to stop population growth than causing fetal deaths. It is the same crowd that support the immoral actions of government paid for ABORTIONS. These just come with less of an audit trail …………….. so they thought!!! Nothing but another incident of the USA under this China Joe Xi Biden administration of DESTROYING the reputation of the USA that millions sacrificed so much and worked so hard to build the reputation. They all are TRAITORS!

  22. Lyudmila says

    The dimensions of the vaccine lies are staggering! Thus, it becomes clear why no one wants to be held responsible for the complications and deaths associated with these injections.


    Since BIDEN has DECREED that everyone should take the jab, WHY DO ALL THE VACCINES ONLY HAVE “EMERGENCY” APPROVAL!? If he wants everyone to take it, I would think he should get that level of approval first! The US CDC stated, right after BIDEN assigned his new head of the CDC I WANT TO MAKE CLEAR THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUMP!, that the death rate reported “WAS OVER REPORTED” but she never CLEANED UP THE DATA! Not much of a scientist. There were many reports of Drs in California complaining about being pressured to OVER REPORT virus deaths on death certificates, while Drs in New York complained about being pressured to UNDER REPORT virus deaths! The press, of course NEVER FOLLOWED UP, BUT THESE POSTS WERE CENSURED BY UTUBE AND GOOGLE! THEN KING BIDEN USES THE CDC, IN AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL WAY, TO OVER REACH THE AUTHORITY GIVEN THEM BY CONGRESS IN AN ATTEMPT TO EXTEND THE EVICTION MORATORIUM! I have long stopped beleiving FAUCI, the CDC, the FDA, or any other FEDERAL AGENCY! BRANDON has weaponized EVER FEDERAL AGENCY TO ENFORCE HIS AGENDA! This is the closest America has ever come to becoming a TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT! But what we really need to kno is WHY ARE THESE VACCINATIONS SO IMPORTANT HE WANTS TO REMOVE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO MAKE OUR OWN DECISION?

  24. CharlieSeattle says

    Dating sites are now asking for COVID vaccine proof.

    Ladies, turn that against them. Ask healthy sane men to advertise. Like this!

    White male, blue eyes, blond, 133 IQ, No Covid, No Vaccine!
    Want a healthy baby? Leave a message.

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