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2020 Democrats Promise Every Child a Pony and a Chicken in Every Pot

It’s clear that the only real policy the crowded field of 2020 Democrats has is, “Impeach Trump.”

We know this because they are allowing woke SJWs on Twitter to just make up the rest of their policies on the fly.

Reparations for slavery? Oh, why, yes, of course I’m for that. Plus, reparations for Native Americans!

By the time the actual voting starts, every Democrat will probably be offering the American voters a Universal Basic Income (for not working), voting rights for felons behind bars, “free” college tuition and student loan debt forgiveness.

Oh, wait! They’re already offering those things!

Bernie Sanders is currently leading the pack among all declared Dem candidates, primarily because he is offering the largest number of free giveaways to low-IQ Democrat voters.

Bernie’s latest idea?

Give full voting rights to felons behind bars, including rapists and murderers on Death Row. When pressed on his plan, Bernie stated that yes, his plan would even apply to Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is currently awaiting a date with “Old Sparky” in a federal penitentiary.

8-year-old Martin Richard was at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in April of 2013, when Dzhokhar and his brother Tamerlan detonated two pressure-cooker bombs.

Martin will never get the chance to exercise his right to vote, because the Obama administration allowed Dzhokhar and Tamerlan into the country as poor oppressed “refugees.”

Dzhokhar denied young Richard Martin the right to ever vote in an election, along with Richard’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. But Bernie is perfectly fine with allowing Dzhokhar to vote. Kamala Harris agrees with Bernie, stating, “We should have that conversation.”

How about no?

If your city has a proposal to levy taxes to expand police presence in certain neighborhoods, how do you suppose a convicted serial rapist will vote on that issue? Are pedophiles more likely or less likely to vote in favor of arming elementary school teachers? Can we have a conversation about that, Kamala and Bernie?

Most Americans used to understand that voting was a sacred right, because voting is a decision on what kind of nation, state or local community we will leave behind for our children and grandchildren.

Voting is about helping to steer the destiny of future generations. It’s like that adage about men who plant trees, under which they will never get to enjoy the shade.

But for Democrats, voting is all about power. Just put them in charge, so they can be in control of what happens to all your money. Hence, Bernie and Kamala’s plan to let murderers and rapists vote.

This is a shallow ploy to swell the voter rolls of the soft-on-crime Democrat Party. Hopefully the voters still see through this.

Meanwhile, Senator Pocahontas Warren of Massachusetts has released her big student loan forgiveness plan. And by “big,” we mean “rivaling Obamacare in its scope and stupidity.”

Warren wants to spend $640 billion on student loan bailouts. Like every financial plan from dyed-in-the-wool socialists, Warren’s plan is “progressive.”

Some will have their student loans forgiven, while others will have to pay back their loans. Ironically, Warren’s plan will incentivize college students to make less money over the course of their careers.

The less money you make, the more your student loan debt will be forgiven. Make too much money, and you have to pay your student loan back in full.

Warren’s plan also calls for eliminating all college tuition and fees at two- and four-year institutions. Of course, college doesn’t magically become “free” under this plan.

You have to pay for other people’s kids to go to college for “free,” by paying higher taxes yourself. Strangely, the information from this part of Warren’s plan is kind of murky, but she says “the rich” will be paying for it. That clears that up!

In their race to out-do each other, several additional Democrats will soon offer even more outlandish student loan forgiveness plans of their own. They don’t want to be outbid by Pocahontas.

The only difference between the varying plans will be the final price tag and who will get stuck paying most of the bill.

Most of the Democrats running for president understand that they’re lying to the American people by promising these things.

But that’s easier for them to admit than telling the voters they don’t have a plan, and they’re only running because they hate Donald Trump.

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  1. Tyler says

    I have read so many articles concerning the blogger lovers except this piece of writing is actually
    a nice paragraph, keep it up.

  2. vinnie says

    Whatever happened to two cars in every garage and a chicken in every pot ? Not enough any longer now everyone wants Fairy Dust , Magic ,and Unicorns ! Can they deliver all they promised so far ? Nah, Promise them everything when all that will be left when they’re done is Crumbs !

  3. TexRancher says

    How about replacing every democrat’s mirror with a pet rattle snake?

  4. Jon says

    Reparations have enslaved the African Americans since the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Slave Party started giving them. President Hoover said if he gave you entitlements and reparations the African Americans, who were all republicans, switched parties to the same Democrat party on promises of reparations and entitlements, that enslaved them. President Hoover’s statement came true. African Americans became so dependent and enslaved with entitlements and reparations they did not grow and develop like other nationalities. The only reason the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party did this was to get them to switch Parties for power and wealth. They don’t care about minorities, America or Freedom. They will promise anything and use anyone to gain full control and power. Sadly they are doing the same thing to illegals ( breaking our immigration laws )coming into our country How disgusting and pathetic the Democrat party and their voters are. They hate God, Country and Freedom.
    They even encourage and promote Hate, Racism and gun violence by the entertainment industry and social media to disarm Americans. The 2nd amendment is the only amendment that gives us freedom. Study real History and see what we overcame and where this evil party wants to take us.

    1. Marty says

      Well said, Jon Not very politically correct, though! Political correctness will be the death of us yet! Have a great day!

  5. Byron Claghorn says

    Excellent Article on the Democrat Party candidates trying to Bribe & Buy Votes just to stay in power, but even more serious and concerning should be the DNC’s radical left-turn to Socialism and undermining of our Constitution which protects our individual rights and liberty!

    It is good news that the Democrat Party under Pelosi & Schumer is splintering and not as able to work and vote in “Lockstep” now that the party has swung, in the 21st Century, so very far left that they have basically ‘Adopted & Stolen’ as well as exceeded the Communist Party USA’s Complete Platform!

    Look up “Communist Party USA” for yourself on Wikipedia, you will see the close similarity to the pronouncements and proposals by Current Democrat candidates and Dem Congressmen/women is true on Socialism, Nationalism of our major industries, utilities and communications, Environmental policies and similar liberal claims of pacifism, etc., including even $15 minimum wage and exaggerated Global Warming propaganda!

    The Communist Party USA was formed in 1911 and is still in existence today — Although it’s membership has dwindled to only about 20,000 now and they no longer present a candidate for President as done in the past. Why should they, the current Democrat Party has already assembled about 20 candidates for President in 2020 where most of them are loony enough to follow the extraordinarily-ignorant freshman Congress Woman AOC and their ridiculous (on so very many levels): “The Green New Deal” & Socialism proposed by Dems & AOC.

    So if you would rather not be addressing your fellow citizens of the USA as “Comrade”, be sure to vote for Trump in 2020! Trump has now established a pragmatic and efficient track record of winning accomplishments for our country proving that he is a competent leader, businessman, and negotiator on the World Stage and our now Robust Economy.

    Trump has faithfully addressed all of his many campaign promises and he plans to keep faith with his recent claim: “America will NEVER become a Socialist Country!” because Socialism does NOT and has NEVER Worked for long!

    Also Trump has skillfully negotiated and avoided bad deals and irrational programs and treaties like the Paris Accord Agreements, TPA, Late-Term & Post-Birth Abortions, etc. and he will continue to protect us from irrational and unfounded expense and folly by the many loony liberals and Democrats!

  6. The Source says

    If they give out money for reparations, it should all come from those who have historically had slaves. That would mean the money would all come from the families of those who were were Demoncrats. Very very few Republicans had slaves.

  7. Gwyllm says

    Though it was Henry IV of France who first said he ‘wished every peasant should have a chicken in his pot every Sunday’, and Woodrow Wilson didn’t actually say it, it WAS used in a Republican political ad in 1928…’a chicken in every pot, and a car in every back yard’. It sounds a tad ‘wealth spready’ to me!

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  9. Gary says

    Yes Horse S__T! and Chicken Noodle soup.

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