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It Begins! Sanctuary Judge Indicted for Aiding & Abetting Illegal Alien Crook

This is great news! The Trump administration has indicted a crackpot sanctuary judge and thrown her behind bars for helping an illegal alien criminal escape justice.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get the “Roger Stone treatment.” Two dozen federal agents didn’t point machine guns at her face in a pre-dawn raid to arrest her.

But Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and a Court Officer were arrested and charged with multiple federal counts for helping with the escape of an illegal alien fugitive in Massachusetts. The Trump Department of Justice locked her up.

We’ve seen other Sanctuary City officials brazenly thwart federal law by refusing to cooperate with ICE. Oakland Mayor Libby Shaaf sent out a warning to the community that ICE was going to be conducting raids; she alerted them, so they could stay home from work and avoid being deported.

But Judge Joseph’s actions in the courtroom are one of the most outrageous stories to emerge in recent months.

Oscar Peguero is an illegal alien from Dominican Republic. He’s been deported twice previously. In April of 2018, he was in Judge Joseph’s Massachusetts courtroom to face charges of drug dealing and identity theft (he was going by the name of Jose Medina-Perez, some person whose identity he had stolen). Peguero is also wanted under a drunk-driving warrant from Pennsylvania.

Under the Immigration & Nationality Act, when any immigrant – legal or illegal – commits any “crimes of moral turpitude,” it is automatic grounds for deportation. This is a sane and reasonable law, of course.

Coming to America and living here should be a privilege. If you can’t behave or conduct yourself in a civilized manner, you must go back home. Get out. Pack. Your. Stuff.

Out of all the immigrants that America deports, guys like Peguero should be at the front of the line. Or, preferably, right behind Obama’s drama-queen “dreamers” who are always holding press conferences to tell us how awful it is that we haven’t amnestied them yet.

Peguero is a drunk driver, a drug dealer and a thief, and he’s breached the borders of our country without permission three times. It should be a no-brainer to turn him over to the custody of ICE and stick him on a slow boat back to Dominican Republic. But in Judge Shelly Richmond Joseph’s courtroom, Oscar Peguero received protected VIP status.

When Peguero’s arrest triggered a red flag on ICE computers, an ICE agent showed up at the courthouse to take him into custody. Let’s just save the taxpayers a bunch of money and kick the bum out, right?

Instead, Judge Joseph had Court Officer Wesley MacGregor escort the ICE agent to the courthouse lobby; she told the ICE agent that they would bring Peguero out to him after the hearing was over.

The Judge then ordered the court clerk to shut off the tape recorder, so they could hatch an escape plan for Peguero without a record of it.

According to people who were in the room, Judge Joseph told Peguero’s defense attorney, “I’m not gonna allow them to come in here,” referring to the ICE agent.

After Officer MacGregor locked the front door to the courtroom, the Judge had him escort the drunk-driving, drug-dealing, identity-stealing illegal alien to the basement, take the cuffs off of Peguero, and use his security card to open a back door.

Joseph and MacGregor turned Peguero loose on the community, after duping an ICE agent into thinking they were cooperating with him.

According the charging document, Judge Joseph and Officer MacGregor are both charged with Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice; Obstruction of Justice – Aiding and Abetting; and Obstruction of a Federal Proceeding – Aiding and Abetting.

In addition, Officer MacGregor faces one count of perjury, because he told a federal grand jury that he had no idea that an ICE agent was in the building that day (after he had escorted the ICE agent from the courtroom to the lobby, told him, “Wait right here,” and locked the door to keep him out).

Judge Joseph has been suspended from the bench without pay. Officer MacGregor is now “former Officer” MacGregor.

It’s fantastic to finally see the Justice Department sticking it to sanctuary officials who think they can ignore America’s immigration laws. It’s almost as if we have a new Attorney General in office, who is willing to uphold the law!

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  1. libra says

    Good for Trump–If a judge flaunts the laws that protect the public–defrock and fire her and bring her in front of a judge for sentencing for her crimes.

    1. Doug Rodrigues says

      There are thousands of more bureaucrats, judges, politicians, liberal police who also need to be prosecuted.

      1. Mario says

        This is just the tip of the liberal Democratic Party iceberg might be the only way to force these Sanctuary cities to stop protecting these illegal immigrants. The democratic leadership of theses cities has been creating the current boarder problem

      2. Joseph Giorgi says

        Amen,Amen Let the Arrest Prosecution convictions & imprisonments begin.

        1. marshmil1789 says

          Amen and ditto, ditto ditto Joseph Giorgi! That black robe is not a vaccine to protect from arrest and prosecution for committing criminal acts. Who does this witch Judge Joseph think she is? I recommend the prosecution throw the entire law library at her AND get her law license permanently revoked. This nation cannot tolerate garbage like her. Wonder how many more like her are loose in our society. A decade or more in a federal or state penitentiary for her.

      3. marshmil1789 says

        And Doug Rodrigues if these swamp scum are licensed for anything have their licenses permanently revoked. The downhill plunge of social responsibility started with LBJ’s “Great Society” then began a nosedive in 2008. Donald Trump is the Captain now at the controls who heeded the voice…”PULL UP!” “PULL UP!” Nice to have an experienced, American Citizen in the national cockpit.

      4. Bruce Lindsay says

        Let have a good old round-up. If we can’t secure our southern border we can secure our country within by the removal of its trash bureaucrats, judges, politicians, liberal police.
        Lets head to Massachusetts and apprehend this clown has bounty hunters

    2. Garry D. Swenson says


    3. Len Barend says

      She should lose her judgeship, be fined, lose her pension and spend some time behind bars so she has a felony record and lose her right to vote until she gets out of jail. Oh yeah, her license to practice law should also be revoked. Judges have to follow the law just like the rest of us. If she didn’t agree with the law, work towards changing it, not taking the law into her own hands. Guess she felt she was above the law and would never be arrested. It’s about time our JD did something like that. It should happen all across the country especially in CA.

      1. Marion Stephens says

        She should LOSE her law license for LIFE !!!!

        1. marshmil1789 says

          Ditto Marion. Thanks.

        2. Michael Patterson says

          Very true!

      2. Paul says

        I have yet to figure out why ICE has not gone after CAs Attorney General.He has constantly bragged about how he’s an illegal immigrant!Scope him out and wait till he goes into his office and remove him in cuffs.Only take him to a jail outside of CA.That way there’s no chance of him being “accidently” released!

    4. Kevin O’Neil says

      Drain the Swamp!!

    5. George W. says

      Good for AG Bill Barr! ICE, keep up the good work!

      1. Bruce Lindsay says


    6. mesaman says

      What about the thug “Peguero”? I assume he is at home in the DR enjoying all the publicity the judge has caused and ignoring her plight as part of the game he plays.

    7. NotStupid says

      She must have been bedding with this ILLEGAL. Prosecute her to the full extent of the law. Then DEPORT her with her ILLEGAL.

  2. John Barnett says

    Finally something being done for the citizens that pay them to do their job. People who think they make the laws being held responsible. Thank you 🙏

  3. william couch says

    !!!! EXCELLENT !! Fullest extent of the law!!

    1. Carm says

      She is just one of the many corrupt liberal democratic judges we keep electing, we need to do a much better job looking into the background of these judges before we vote for them.

      1. Bruce Lindsay says

        To Carm: The entire hiring process of these judges needs to be investigated and possibly overhauled.
        As with a lawn the weeds needs to be removed before they take over.
        I am sure 50% would be removed upon investigations.
        If those accused of mis- handling responsibilities or dereliction of duties in the Whitehorse are removed so such that break the federally established laws.

  4. Joseph Kempski says

    She should lose her law license and do som prison time. Glad they fired the court officer.

  5. Tiredofantiamericans says

    It’s about damn time to seng this strong message and start putting these collaborators and criminals in prison and/or PERMANENT deportation!

    TRUMP MAGA 2020

    1. Bruce Lindsay says

      Agree strongly

  6. Ursula Raymondo says

    I thought I would never see the day when finally justice prevailed. But here we are. Thank you!

    1. victoria says

      Thank you, President Trump. Drain the swamp – when are we gonna see Hillary, Comey, Stzork, Page, et al in jail?

    2. Bruce Lindsay says

      Thank you President Trump for draining the swamp, keep up the tedious work of a servant to your/our country.
      Thank you for literally placing your life on the line of justice for our sake EVERYDAY
      And thank you for appointing to the offices strong Constitutional followers and law abiding strong individuals.

  7. jack stone says

    in addition to this “judge” ALL obama appointed “judges” should be thrown off the bench.

  8. Sharon says

    They all need to be punish. This is great.

  9. Rich says

    Good very good it needs to happen every day. When you take an oath of office, you need to up hold the law even if you disagree with the law. How much longer are American’s going to die because of these fools.

  10. Polly says

    Thank God we’re finally seeing some justice for American citizens who shouldn’t have ever had to deal with criminal elements coming here legally or illegally and then being protected by politicians and judges who care more about the illegals than they do their fellow citizens. I hope this judge goes to jail for a long, long time. Better yet, kick the judge out of the country with the illegal!!

  11. meozzie says

    Hallelujah, amen!!

  12. Julien Burchfield says

    I’m thrilled that finally the Department of Justice has taken action against these leftist faux judges that continuously violate the rules of law that they have sworn to uphold, the laws of this nation that protect the citizens of the United States. They deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. Bruce Lindsay says

      YES! No plea bargaining. You do the crime you do the time PERIOD.
      Today more judges and prosecutors manipulate the law(s) in their courtrooms.

  13. Ruth says

    And now we should do the same to our Congress people that do not uphold the law. We have laws to enter this country and they are not upholding those laws by allowing illegals to come in through Mexico. Build the Wall!

    1. Bruce Lindsay says

      They are also lawmakers/decision makers/ judges over our laws if they intentionally subvert the positions held ,out they go! Such as blatant defiance for securing our nation’s borders as requested by it’s citizenship as well as our President they should be held in contempt to the highest level possible, even removal as promoting obstructionist agenda over our country’s safety.

  14. Larry Sparks says

    It is long over due, these judges must be pulled off the bench and sent straight to jail for violating immigration law.
    Lets start in California and work to the east and north, there are a few judges in Oregon that must be disbarred and sent to prison.

  15. Bob lohr says

    Thank God we finally have a Justice Dept applying the Law

  16. eve hunter says

    fire her and levy a heavy fine….

  17. Brian says

    Thank goodness the corruption in Massachusetts is being addressed. Democrat politicians there think that they are the supreme rulers and refuse to listen to their constituents if it doesn’t fit their twisted ideals. Liz Warren won’t return your call other than thanking you for calling her office. She just goes on her merry way pushing through her destructive policies.

  18. ken jones says

    Like it or not, she will get off. She may get disbarred so removed from power but she will not serve jail time.
    We do not choose to see the facts. Judges are in most cases above the law.

  19. Marie says

    Thank you Mr Trump! These liberal judges, politicians, PRIESTS, and police need to realize that our laws must be obeyed, especially when it comes to illegal criminals. THEY COME HERE, AND WNAT TO LIVE THE WAY THEY DID BACK HOME!

    1. Bruce Lindsay says

      Sanctuary cities harbor the worst, place citizens in harms way.
      Those opposed to such are forced through tax burden to support criminals and D.O.L seekers without regard to their rights as citizens there. Governors, mayors, police-chiefs and policyholders to include all those that oppose the law of this country are to be removed from public service

    2. Tiredofantiamericans says

      Priests? Not all are bad Lady! My Pastor agrees that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have no place here. Use Liberal minded morons. We’ll know who you’re talking about for sure. Or use Satans Minions because that’s what they are.

  20. Thomas Fitchett says

    Get these anti American corrupt judges behind bars and get are heroes like Flynn released! Drain the swamp of all Republican and Democrat corruption! Yes I said Republicans too! The Democratic Press should be ashamed of what they do to socialize our country! They are a disgrace!

    1. Bruce Lindsay says

      If the following be so Mr. President release Mr. Flynn today!
      Pieces of the puzzle suddenly begin to fit together. FBI agents interviewed Mike Flynn in early 2017, and thought he was entirely forthcoming.
      Peter Strzok alters the agents’ 302 forms to make it appear that Flynn had lied to President Trump. Joshua Pitcock set up the meeting in which the disgraced Andrew McCabe presented the altered 302s to Mike Pence.
      The unsuspecting Vice President takes the 302s to the president and informs Trump that General Flynn lied. President Trump fires Flynn and voila! The Russian collusion conspiracy is off and running.

  21. Marty says

    Woo-hoo!! Almost as good as the morning we learned that the Donald was our new president!! WOO-HOO again!

  22. Marion Stephens says

    She should LOSE her law license for LIFE !!!!

  23. The Source says

    This is a crime not only against the state but against those who are legally in line waiting for a hearing. Don’t just throw the book at her, throw her own books at her. She’ll need some reading material if she faces jail time; (which I seriously doubt will happen.)

  24. joe says

    that crazy judge must have her brain cells mixed up because it is not her job to make new laws but to enforce the laws that are already on the books and if she wants to pass her own laws let her run for a seat in the house although the house representatives in Washington now probably can’t even tie their own shoe laces let alone pass a law . It’s time we send a signal to these power hungry judges and let them know they don’t make the rules they need to follow them just like the rest of us .

    1. Bruce Lindsay says

      It’s time [yes indeed] we send a signal to these power hungry judges and let them know they don’t make the rules they need to follow them just like the rest of us .

  25. Catherine says

    AMEN!! Let the USA get on track and uphold our Laws! Let those who obstruct be prosecuted and if they are judges stripped of their license to practice! I pray the tide for America turns and justice and Truth prevail. Yay for President Trump!!!

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  45. tbone Carbone says

    Yea!!! What a great beginning. This is wonderful that a sitting lying judge is put in jail. I hope she rots there for oh I don’t know 20 years. OK who is next, how about the AG of Chicago, the mayor of Oakland? So many criminals so little time!The mayor of Baltimore?

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