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Whoops! Biden Commissars Decide to Maybe Finish Wall for No Reason

Okay, who had “Panicked Biden Regime Rushes to Finish Trump Border Wall” on their 2021 bingo card? Anyone? Big prize money if you did! If anyone didn’t think that the crisis that Joe Biden created on our southern border was an actual crisis, do you think this will change their minds? In a surprising turnaround, Joe Biden’s new Homeland Security Secretary has quietly announced the DHS might… ahem… just finish some of those little old sections of the wall right over there that still have some gaps in them after Biden’s very first executive order cut off funding for it.

ICE has been calling DC for months to try get some sense of what they’re supposed to do with the gigantic hordes that Joe Biden is letting across the southern border. Obviously, no one in DC or at the White House has been picking up the phone for those calls.

“Okay, dear leader. You came up with this brilliant plan to end ‘Remain in Mexico,’ stop construction on the border wall, and allow absolutely every illiterate and jobless Third World fruit picker in. But what are we supposed to do with them? Hello? HELLO? They hung up again.”

Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – who is not Asian enough to suit Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono – accidentally picked up the phone the other day. In a moment of panic as ICE was screaming at him for instructions, directions, leadership or resources, Mayorkas blurted out that maybe they’ll finish some of those “gaps in the wall.”

Oh. Really?

That would be the same border wall that everyone on the left screeched as a “racist” wall for about five years straight, wouldn’t it? Donald Trump built 450 new miles of border wall between 2017 and 2020, despite the rigid opposition of the entire Congress, the US Chamber of Commerce and every Mexican drug cartel. Biden cut off funding for the wall on the first day that he doddered into the White House, leaving those “gaps” that Mayorkas is referring to.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is even investigating Joe Biden right now, because it may have been illegal for Biden to just shut off funding for the wall, killing 5,000 union jobs in the process. How was that illegal? Well, here’s how it works.

Congress did approve the funding that was going toward construction of the wall (finally). Congress directed that funding – not the Executive branch. So, when Sleepy Joe scratched a shaky ‘X’ on the signature line of that executive order while asking, “What am I signing here again?” he was redirecting those funds. That would be like taking money for coronavirus vaccine distribution and diverting it to the Hunter Biden Parmesan Cheese Fund. Not even fake “presidents” are allowed to do that.

Oh, and for every day that the work sites on the wall are shut down, it’s costing the American taxpayers $6 million a day. Because everything in the US government needs to operate like a no-show job on an episode of “The Sopranos” (or at a Ukraine natural gas company) when the Big Guy is running the show.

Wait a second, libs… wasn’t this the same border wall that was getting transgender women of color MURDERED? And wasn’t this border wall the idea of Big Orange, a.k.a. Literally Hitler?

So, why exactly are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris breaking a campaign promise by restarting the effort to build the wall? The media has assured us that the Biden Kiddie Concentration Camps are just fine and there’s totally not a crisis on the border. It’s perfectly normal to jam 4,000 kids into a facility built to hold 250 and force them to poop on the floor of their cages – I mean, uh, child holding centers – and only let them shower once a week, right? No crisis! And no, you can’t take pictures of these horrifying conditions.

If only there had been someone who could have warned us that it’s a terrible idea to leave our southern border open! Oh, well. I guess we’re just going to have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that a white supremacist is in the Oval Office right now. Sorry, America.

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  1. Alice Hancock says

    That is the best he has down , finish the wall,
    get your Vic. President out of office she has not done a thing yet,
    Thank you Alice

  2. Wanda Clapper says

    The only reason Biden is doing this is because he knows good and well Trump was right eith the wall and if he wouldn’t have stopped it in the first place it never would have happened.

  3. Veronica says

    Yes,finish the wall.I can’t stand seeing the babies and small children crying at the border because their rotten parents have left them to cross into our country.Or the poor children that have drown in the river.What kind of people are these?I’ve known people from alot of different countries and they wouldn’t leave their children to die because some politician makes big promises he can’t follow through on.Where’s the kids Obama put in a building on Cape Cod during his Presidency?Or no one remembers.

  4. LARRY says


  5. Gerald S Ladd says

    The idiot still doesn’t want the wall finished, but it seems the law, and the rules are against the blooming idiot. idiot.

  6. sheila says

    It should never have been stopped to begin with !!!

  7. Guest says

    His hate for Trump and the people of the United states has got to STOP. FINISH THE WALL. All your promises have failed. I knew they would. YOUR a failure. Wishing everyone would realize all your lies of your political career are finally showing the demos that your not a great leader. Move on Biden/Harris. Youve done enough damage. Bring back the real winner.

  8. Dewey J Bowser says

    Anyone who gets hurt or killed from Joe Biden allowing killers to come across the Border Joe Biden needs to be held responsible for their death. Yes, that means an electric chair or life in prison.

  9. Robert says


  10. BevG says

    Finish the Wall, start Impeachment now while we still have our Country, re-instate all of Trump’s policies, and get all of the left wing fanatics out of here. Oh, get the pipeline people back to work, and others who have lost jobs, and burn these ridiculous MASKS.

  11. Gene Hudson says

    Maybe the senile old fool had a rare lucid moment, but I doubt it.

  12. Bruce & Brenda Shumway says

    Give it up Biden the damage is done fix the southern border & the jobs. Don,t make another mistake by trying to take our guns . would not end well. Put your foot down for a change, after all your President

  13. Vic says

    It only took 75 days of stopping a PRE-PAID wall completion, including monitoring, tunnel sensors , etc. 75 days of having to pay the contract penalty of $6 Million a DAY for stopping the wall construction ($6 MILLION X 75 days = $450 MILLION).

    Brilliant, Biden and handlers.

    If they restart wall building/completion, they probably won’t tell Biden so it can happen. Just keep his TV off. He says he goes to bed early.

  14. george says

    You can believe it when you see the wall sections in place, otherwise another Biden promise that won’t be kept.

  15. Camille Gilliam says

    The wall should have been finished before all of this even happened. We don’t like what is going on, the drugs and rapes, and the human trafficking. and now we are going to have to deal with another virus surge. The Demonrats are selfish idiots.

  16. Saundra Rees says

    Love this article. Best snark I’ve read yet for showing us how dangerous this administration is.

  17. lynn from mn says

    Sleepy Demented Joe is a DOG & Abortionist, Womanizer & a Hell Bound (Catholic?) Liar..He’s So Dumb that he doesn’t even Realize It’s Donald’s Wall, He thinks it the 4 walls in his Basement. He must be full of Whatever Hunter is putting up his nose…

  18. agiletz says

    Please DO NOT insult dogs, most are incredibly way more smart than the person presently sleeping in the White House.

  19. Eric Carter says

    You know there are many way to solve lot of problems in this country. But it take a dumb liberal, a WOKE FOOL, and a president who has no clue what he doing! Not even the democrats house speaker can speak the truth! 1974 during Nixon and Ford them in office. THE CONGRESS WAS CONTROL BY DEMOCRAT they pass a bills to KEEP THE FUND GOING ON THINGS THEY ALREADY PASS! So here we are seeing they APPROVE THE FUND FOR THE WALLS UNDER TRUMP. NOW THEY had backtrack on the bills for their mental illness BIDEN. AND THOSE LYING LIBERALS WHO WORKING FOR HIM!

  20. June Garris says

    Everyone holding office in Washington needs to be arrested for treason and fraud. Biden(Obama) has caused more destruction than ever before. All illegals need to be deported back to Mexico and take their diseases with them. Why would a parent turn over a child to unknowns. We dont need that kind of people here. We are not responsible for taking care of the world. The government has put our country in such danger. Covid ridden illegals running free in our country. What a disgrace, but they want us to distant and wear mask and take shots. Fauci is a paid assassin. He is making big bucks off of this along with Soros abd Gates. Biden is a friggin idiot and Camaltoe is just riding it out for fame and money. Pelosi is a drunk and Schumer is a full fledge criminal.
    This needs to end now and the Supreme Court needs to do the job WE PAY THEM TO DO. THEY HAVE BERN BOUGHT OUT TOO.

  21. Kerry Bulls says

    Sleepy Joe is asleep at the wheel AGAIN . What a surprise. Kamala is off wandering around AGAIN. And Obama hasn’t called to tell them what to do.

  22. harold says

    Believe it when you see the wall sections in place equal to the adjacent ones. Biden’s will probably be 5 feet high and easy to climb.

  23. Kathleen K says

    Send them ALL to Biden’s neighborhood or better yet Wash DC which is good for nothing anyway.

  24. Bobby says

    You Made My Day !!! June.

  25. roer says

    Joe is not responsible for his edicts, blame OBAMA and president XXI instead. Why disturb our presidents sleep time.

  26. JIM says

    They want to keep us from leaving.

  27. Camille Gilliam says

    HAHA! President Trump was right again.

  28. Margie says

    He is always right!

  29. paul murphy says

    Unions are communists dreams and members should question their bosses, eventually all unions will be subjected to commie Joes wrath , keep building the wall . Just like China ,who has the Great Wall to protect from invaders ,the US needs a wall to protect US from China who is helping to fund these people who are overwhelming our nation in order to bring our nation to its knees for a total collapse , Build the wall now , China is funding the drugs that are destroying and decaying our nation ,fentanyl is one of the greatest threats our nation has ever dealt with and it is ALL coming from CHINA

  30. Orion says

    This fake president was never very bright to begin with and now is too senile to know what is going on much less care. The pinheaded advisors are simply shoving edicts under the dear leader and seeing what happens. Think Pelosi – “We have to pass the bill so we can all read what’s in it” Modern version of the three stooges Biden, Harris and Pelosi.

  31. Vic says

    The crisis on the border is horrific beyond imaginations. And Harris, Biden, et al won’t go there, see it, talk to Border officers, ICE, Sheriffs and border area residents, including ranchers. They apparently don’t want to know outcomes to their decisions, and it continues to multiply, including known terrorists from Yemen and who knows where else. Little girls and boys (3, 5, 7 yrs?) are being GANG RAPED, prolonged to point some lost voice screaming. Do the rapists have AIDS besides doing physical and emotional trauma?

    It’s escalated even beyond impeachment. The state AGs OR THE NATION need to charge with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Remove them and prosecute to the fullest. Does Treason also fit? MAXIMUM PENALTIES FOR ALL OF IT.

    Need to transport illegals, incl children, back to their countries. In the case of the ones who flew here from 55 countries, like Africa, Middle East, China, drop them at an airport and make sure they fly out. On their dollar. Many of those are wearing designer duds. Let them pay their return. And the groups ranchers gave seen, like the groups of 15 – 20 men, all in camo, wearing ski masks and carrying guns? They need to be found and likely end up jailed as terrorists. Nine were found in AZ, hidden beneath a tarp over a truckbed. In camo. Terrorists.


  32. CHEYENNE says

    Hey Joe. REMEMBER it is almost all paid for. So don’t go Issuing a new bill for more politicians PENSION fund. Don’t forget your memory pills.

  33. Cliff says

    Kind of like shutting the barn door after the animals escaped don’t you think? Must be dementia- joe figures (if he is even capable of a coherent thought) he has all the illegal criminals, “replacement “workers” and democommunist voters (that will take OUR jobs and vote ONLY for THEM), and (of course) plenty of children, he and his democommunist “cronies” will have at their “disposal”, to molest abuse, or MURDER for their “parts” so “lets button it up”)

  34. Larry! says

    This fiasco will take decades to pay for, it should come out of the politicians pay until paid back!!!

  35. Chief KaKaPoo says

    All that the demoncRATS know is taxes and obstruction. The only crisis for them at the border is not enough voter registration tables set up yet. If these are the End Times, than ByeDone is the Anti-Christ and KaMaLa is the whore of Babalon. The Four Horse(wo)men of the Appocolipse are Sanders, Schumer, Warren and Pelosi. The Second Coming will be in November of 2022 when the Republican Army of God will decend upon the land to restore peace, progress and civility and banish the liberals back to where they came from and belong.

  36. Vic Anderson says

    CO$METIC Bill$hit to distract from DEM 5th Column hordes 0f ILLEGAL Aliens !

  37. Imre says

    Makes me wonder how ANYBODY with a functioning brain would vote democrap. Lincoln freed the slaves and Lincoln was republican. Sooooo, why are most blacks democrat???? you’d think they would join the party that freed them. Democraps put all of their evil things like witch hunting and open borders in a picture window so the world can see just how vile and IDIOTIC they are. They only won the White House by using every dirty trick they could dig up, including Hil-LIAR-Y paying computer hackers to hack Dominion’s voting machines. I read about it 2 weeks before the election. To put the cherry on top of the cake, she paid the hackers a few bucks more to have Biden win by the same 306 electoral votes that Trump won. Fraud at it’s finest.

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