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Some Election Audit Happening in Arizona – No Big Deal Probably

Nothing to see here! Move along! “The 2020 election was the most secure election in US history.” Donald Trump lost all of his court challenges over the election. Banish him – and anyone who still believes there were any anomalies in the 2020 election, which was “the most secure election in US history.” Fact Check: There were no electoral shenanigans.

And please do not believe or look into any claims that the Arizona state Senate has authorized an audit of 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County.

Five months after the 2020 election took place, the Arizona Senate has awarded a $150 million bid to four separate companies that are about to do the one thing that could have prevented the Great January 6 Capitol Kerfuffle of Buffalo Horns and Bear Spray.

Those state senators must be a bunch of conspiracy kooks to drag the 2020 election out this long! Isn’t it time for unity? Why won’t those Trump cultists just move on?

Out of all of the wonky results and bizarre actions of state election officials across the country, the worst was a neck-and-neck tie between Georgia and Arizona. It’s not as if the Arizona Senate just decided to do this out of the blue in April. They’ve been fighting and suing Maricopa County for four months to get permission to finally look at the ballots.

After one bout of fighting, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors authorized an audit, but the company that they hired to conduct that audit – in February – turned out not to be certified to conduct election audits. The workers on that team were also wildly unprofessional, and according to witnesses, the employees changed the WiFi network name they were using to “F***You.” Real professional, right?

And surprise! The team hired by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors – which didn’t want an audit in the first place – found nothing fishy in their report on the election.

Everything was fine! See? Joe Biden really is the most popular elected official in all of human history!

After another lawsuit, the state Senate was finally awarded the right to award a bid contract to have a real audit of the 2020 election results in that one county. Four separate companies from outside Arizona will carry out the audit: Wake Technology Services, CyFIR, Digital Discovery, and Cyber Ninjas.

Full Disclosure: While I don’t know anyone personally at Cyber Ninjas today, I’ve had them do some tech support work for me in the past and always found them to be extremely professional and good at what they do. And that’s probably why out of all four of the companies selected to carry out the audit, the mainstream media has chosen to viciously smear Cyber Ninjas.

It’s all so childishly transparent at this point that it hardly bears repeating, but the Associated Press has issued a blistering attack against the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, calling him a “QAnon conspiracist” who spreads “false claims” about the 2020 election.

Cyber Ninjas also carried out a limited audit in Wisconsin a couple of months ago. After uncovering significant fraud related to ballots in one county, Wisconsin election officials dismissed the findings and said, “Nuh-uh!” as proof of their election integrity.

This audit is going to be significant. With 2.1 million ballots to get through in Maricopa County, the four teams are splitting up the work. They’ll be rescanning all the ballots, conducting a full hand recount. They’ll also compare voter registration records against ballots that were cast, the vote counts, and the Dominion voting machines that were used in the election. Basically, they’re doing everything that should have been done back in November in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada…

Okay, let’s stop kidding ourselves. There were so many anomalies, irregularities, boondoggles and shenanigans in that election that there should have been a complete and full audit of every state’s results – or a complete do-over election on in-person paper ballots. But COVID!

The morning after the Arizona Senate announced that it was spending a whopping $150 million to have a thorough audit conducted, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors held an emergency meeting. They still don’t want to let anyone look at the ballots and are trying to figure out a new way throw a wrench into the works. We’ll see.

My biggest question is this: What happens if they find significant evidence of fraud?

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  1. Randall says

    So what’s going to happen to America , I mean with you know obama running America ? And his representatives , like omar , taleib, presley , Schumer and pelosi , and better not forget biden they’ve been demonize by the radical un-American politician’s , they have no sense of reality , there agenda is to become rich and famous ! Without any talent . You’ve seen there outcome so far , very bad . The wall , a major disasters now . The pipeline shut down ! While gas and diesel price sore . And don’t forget taxes mine already went up and I make 50,000 a year . America has been attacked , by the radicals of the democratic party .

  2. MB says

    There will be a war on this land like never before
    If one thinks our Revolutionary wars, civil wars, etc on this land was bad
    This time around it will be worst, the world will be involved

  3. David says

    Democrat = liar, cheat, fraud = Democrat

  4. bruce says

    This board of supervisors have thrown up every road block they can think of. Why? Because there is something that convicts them is why. So if we finally get a real audit in Maricopa and it turns out what we think, AZ will move to the other counties. In the meantime every state should start really auditing their machines and paper ballots. GA, MI, WI, PA, VA, NV, all have obvious irregularities and other states as well, even where Trump won. TX, NC, FL, NH, MT, NM, IA, OH and probably more. Its not about who won anymore, its about the scam that took place nationwide and it needs to be fixed asap. Future elections depend on it. States are codifying their election laws now because, while they can’t say it to our lying media, they know junk happened and we have a democratic FEDeral GOV.that wants to make the cheating legal. HR1 is that bill.

  5. Papa Lee says

    If this audit gets no meaningful results and the useful idiots continue to allow millions of illegals into our country, NO conservative candidate will ever win an election again. The socialists might as well declare themselves kings and queens for life. And, they can officially change our name to SOCIALIST STATE OF AMERICA. (And YES, the State in the name is singular / they will not allow states to function independent, in order to maintain complete control.

  6. Gary Smith says

    The fight for truth is not over. The left points to court cases being thrown out while ignoring the catch 22 like basis for such rejections. Most cases fell to laches, standing (too early , too late, its not your fight). Case that did proceed were won (about 15 of 22 cases by Trump or supporters won). Some of these weren’t about fraud but about the illegal or unconstitutional changing of election procedure (exactly what HR 1 is designed to do). States are still investigating despite being resisted at every turn. The evidence is there, like an iceberg just below the surface of the sea.

  7. James Hays says

    Make the presidential election correspond with income tax time and put the ballots on the tax forms. Those who pay taxes get to decide on our president. Those who file no tax form have no say about the election.

  8. Evilerich says

    There is no possible way that this will happen. The left will just burn the warehouse to the ground, with everything inside it. I mean, none of them are ever held accountable for the stuff that you or I would be imprisoned for. They absolutely know they won’t face any repercussions. None do. But they cannot, at all costs, allow this, because just think what will happen if American people see just how much fraud went on right in front of our faces. And republicans were involved. Absolutely.

  9. Boaz says

    As in all the recounts etc in all the affected states , why if they are innocent would they refuse and fight to the death a recount inspection? They are probably guilty and know it. If it was all so perfect , it is they who should be asking for a recount inspection to prove how wrong the Republicans are, BUT THEY DONT . I wonder why???

    Same in Wisconsin!!

  10. JoeyP says

    Just BECAUSE something LOOKS FRAUDULENT . . . ISN’T?!? UHHH – REALLY? Like, 300,000 more VOTES than VOTERS? Or how about 68+% “error” rate (ANOTHER word for BLATANT criminal FRAUD), etc. Do these people think that we are STUPID? No, I did NOT fall off a TURNIP TRUCK! This MUST be INVESTIGATED to it’s FULLEST, and even HOLD ELECTIONS to REMOVE this FELON president and let POTUS Trump take his RIGHTFUL place. This election was unconstitutionally CERTIFIED. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  11. Bill Jordan says


  12. Melvin Overholt Overholt says

    WWhen in Dhen has elections to confirm voting counts been handed to a machine that can be easily corrupted by some electric devise or false internet manipulation or even direct human alogrithim intervention? When in doubt, “Count the Votes” by hand!

  13. Jaakko Talvitie says

    All-Mail-In Voting – what is missed in the political conversation

    1- Anyone with some common sense, would understand that there is a BIG difference between
    • requesting absentee ballot and voting by mail and
    • blanket mailing of ballots to everyone on the voter register rolls – where are they going and who might be filling them out

    One is to a verified voter with current address, and other to MILLIONS of people (even dead ones) who are not eligible to vote (at least in that district), since the rolls have not been maintained as required by the law – San Diego 117% registration – US average is 76%.

    Moving or Name Change (marriage, divorce) – how many of us EVEN thought about the voter registration – None of us – we just registered in a new place or with a new name, thus the County Clerks had no information to delete the old registration.

    2- NOBODY talks about this – According to the US practice – in-person Ballot is SECRECT, i.e. only the voter knows how he/she voted.

    Current political climate has resulted in
    • Broken relationships between family and friends
    • Loss of jobs for not agreeing with the Social Media Mob
    • Corporations caving into the extortion by the Mob

    Does anyone think that under these circumstances there would be FREE and FAIR elections if there was not the secret balloting?

    3- Let’s look at the logistics of in the case of All Mail-In Voting
    • If it takes 30 sec to open and look-up & verify the signature (depending on the access to voter registration records)
    • There are 2,385,906 registered voters in Harris County (Houston, TX) and if 90% of them mail-in their ballots, it would require 17,894-man hours or 447 people for one week just to verify the signatures
    • Now some Federal Judges are stating that
    o Signatures do not need to be verified – a wide open door for fraud
    o Ballots received after three days past the election date can still be counted

    Ballot harvesting is legal in California – In Orange County – once seen as a Republican stronghold in the state– in 2018 midterms, every House seat went to a Democrat after an unprecedented “250,000” vote-by-mail drop-offs (after election date) were counted, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    Based on this, does one even think that the signatures would be verified?
    Furthermore, who has verified and how that the registered voters are actually citizens?

    In 1992, my wife registered 200+ people at a Walmart in Houston – they all checked the box of being a citizen of the USA – she called Harris County (Houston, TX) Tax Assessor’s office as to who is checking the validity of the registrations – “Nobody, we have no resources to do that” was the answer.

    Ineligible Voters are less likely to turn out in person than mailing the ballot in.

  14. Jim Smith says

    Periodically I go back and review old stories. I am absolutely amazed. 3 years ago these comments were posted. It’s 2023 and some of the predictions are now relevant.
    Oh and as for the Jan 6th committee goes.

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