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Tucker Carlson’s Ratings Jump to Next Level with Epic Hunter Biden Info Drops

The Hunter Biden laptop story is not just a “bombshell” in terms of the upcoming election. It is a political earthquake. And the information is getting out despite the best efforts of Big Tech to censor it. Why? Because Tucker Carlson’s honesty, integrity and dogged pursuit of the Biden laptop story has suddenly shot him into the stratosphere. Think of any two people you know. At least one of them has been glued to their TV for the past week for Tucker’s show.

Before we get to the newest Biden laptop revelations, here’s what’s going on with Tucker Carlson Tonight. You may not have even noticed it, because it happened during the last 3-4 minutes of Carlson’s Wednesday night show. Right before going to commercial break, a lower-third graphic stated:


I figured that had to be a typo. They must have intended to convey that Tucker Carlson’s show is the highest-rated cable NEWS show. Which wasn’t exactly news, since we’ve known that since last June.

Ratings are typically divided into two categories, “Cable” and “Cable News.” While the news is interesting to some of us, the vast majority of TV viewers are turning on the TV to watch mindless sitcoms, reality TV shows and other stuff to “veg out.” Even popular cable news shows are typically blown out of the water by reruns of children’s cartoons.

So, I checked, and sure enough: During the week when the Hunter Biden laptop story broke, Tucker Carlson Tonight was the highest rated SHOW on all of television. He drew more viewers than Real Housewives of the OC, Sistas, pro wrestling and other popular non-news shows.

The only two things on TV last Wednesday night that had more overall viewers were the American League and National League baseball championship games. And that’s only because the games were four hours long and on two different channels. For the one hour that Tucker was on the air, he more than doubled the audiences of those two championship MLB games.

This has never happened in cable ratings history before. Unless there’s a presidential election or a national emergency, “the news” never draws more viewers than a show like Real Housewives. Ever.

So… congrats to Tucker Carlson again!

His impact on the national dialogue is so significant that Twitter had to shut itself down entirely on Thursday. Carlson tweeted that he had NEW exclusive Hunter Biden laptop information that he was going to break on air that night. Because it couldn’t keep up with all of the retweets to stamp them out, Twitter threw in the towel and shut itself down for two hours, during the run-up to Carlson’s show. “Technical difficulties.” Uh huh.

What’s new with Hunter?

Rudy Giuliani wasn’t kidding recently when he referred to the Bidens as the “Biden crime family.” Joe Biden’s family financials are basically structured the same way as the Mafia.

In organized crime, you have street-level dope pushers, pimps, bookies and others who are required to kick money upstairs every week to the Mafia’s lieutenants. Price of doing business. The lieutenants are required to kick money upstairs to the Capos and the Capos kick money upstairs to the big boss at the head of the “Family.” Everybody kicks money upstairs.

In one of Hunter Biden’s emails, we’ve learned that all of Hunter’s business deals with the Chinese, the Kazakhs and the Ukrainians are required to set aside 10 percent for “The Big Guy.”

Gee, I wonder who “The Big Guy” could be in the Biden family!

Hunter Biden scolds his niece in a text message recovered from his laptop: “I love you all, but I don’t receive any respect.  And that’s fine, I guess.  Works for you apparently.  I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years.”

Yeah… Hunter Biden is a busy little bee. He’s workin’ his tail off for the family! I guess now we all know how Joe Biden could afford to live such an extravagant lifestyle as a public servant all these years.

In another message to his niece – one of the most damning ones we’ve seen so far – Hunter tells her, “It’s really hard. But don’t worry unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

According to Giuliani, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop with the information that’s out so far. Meanwhile, I’ve got to wrap this up. I’m making popcorn. Almost time for Tucker Carlson’s show, and like most Americans, I wouldn’t dare miss a minute of it!

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  1. Rob Manzoni says

    I agree that Tucker is a great host and almost always presents a compelling argument, but I’ve also been pretty shocked at some of his ‘rants’…
    In particular, his rant _against_ Nicky Haley. I don’t understand where he was coming from; and his points made no sense to me.

    1. Jack Peck says

      I am a news-a-holic, have been for years. Liked Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, and Charlie Gibons. Diane Sawyer was good, too. When David Muir came along, I believed he had the makings of a great anchor, and still do. However, he works for a very biased ABC and doesn’t have much choice, but to go along with his bosses biased reporting. Tucker Carlson is now a ‘Must Watched’ show in our house. Thanks to our DVR we can watch both programs but, if I had to pick-and-choose, it would be Tucker.

    2. Carole says

      Congratulations Tucker. Never miss your show. Thanks for being unafraid to report the truth.

  2. andrew says

    You have to watch its the only news program that tell you the true story!!

    1. Sharon says

      I AGREE! When O’Reilly was yanked off the air for BIASED reasons, I worried that there wouldn’t be a show to mirror the balance he had. His “No Spin” mantra was great, but then Tucker came along and showed it could be done. He, like O’Reilly before him, goes after BOTH sides when necessary unlike Hannity who, to his credit, never tried to pretend balance. I still like Hannity and other FOX political shows, but for NEWS, I watch Tucker Carlson!

  3. sb says

    Tucker is the most honest.

  4. sb says

    Does anyone notice how they want you to vote early? They want your to vote before all the truth comes out.

    1. Eva says

      Voting early is not helping the Dems; Trump has early leads in a half dozen states that are usually blue. Even Dem voters know the party is crooked and doesn’t care about the people now. The Demosocialists have blown it big time!

    2. timmy2shoes says

      Most of the liberals I know have already voted anyway and there hatred for President Trump is so great they are willing to sacrifice our country just to prove ” ORANGE MAN BAD”.

  5. timmy2shoes says

    we need to hold there feet to the fire

  6. Irene says

    I have not watched him a lot probably because I’m busy with something else! But I like all of them especially Hannity and judge Jeanie Piero! Sometimes I watch the whole night with Fox News…..I have learned so much …..never knew anything about politics before! I guess I got a good education on FOX! Now I get it! Wow!,,,OMG
    Save America! TRUMP. 2020

    1. Joe Kosior says

      I wish more people would do what you’ve done. Life has a way of occupying our time and not affording us the opportunity to really pay attention. Too many people hear a soundbite from some liberal media outlet and will not only defend it but swear by it even though they have no idea whether it’s true or not. The same thing happened to my sister who I would never talk to about politics because she only knew what she heard on the main stream media outlets. Now after watching networks like FOX she has done a complete turn around and cannot believe what she used to think. Welcome to the right side.

  7. Tom says

    I wonder why I have to click on this site three or four times before it will load? I get warning ” “Unsecure” ” Danger” ” Your Computer isn’t safe” ” Back to Safety” What a load of bollox.
    Good on you Tucker, but afraid when I talk Biden and Laptops to people, I get eye rolls and covered earholes.

  8. Doug Litchfield says

    Tucker has blossomed into a top rated newscast tackling stories you will not get on any of the other alphabet channels. FOX has added some lib types that are easily spotted and not very talented. Hannity, Ingram, Judge Shappiro, and Lou Dobbs are a good solid core of reporters that no other news cast can match. They have some very good weekend segments that hilarious and brings a lighter side to a boring democrat party.

  9. Markian Pelenytschka says

    Congrats Tucker, Well deserved

    1. David says

      “A box of rocks knows better then to vote for Biden/Harris that will ban oil and gas, which means we will go back to horse and buggy days, and sail boats to cross the oceans! Planes will now be some museum objects reminding us when travel was so much faster back then! Life styles will certainly drag to almost a crawl or halt because of the genius promotions of stupidity! Wars will then be fought with sling shots, rocks and swords! Wow! Life ought to be very exciting with Biden and Camel in charge! With no cars, obesity will no longer exist, and the population should be healthier then and hardly any heart disease! We could go back to pony express for mail delivery again! There would be a lot less stress and anxiety with a slower life style with no gas powered vehicles! Yep!? Life sounds like it will be overly exciting with slow Joe and Camel in charge! NOT!!!!!”

  10. IrishEyes2C says

    Conservative host podcaster, Ben Ferguson, is holding a 5-part series on the Biden crime family this week and most of it has nothing to do with the laptop. He says it going to be explosive, they have photographs, documents. Because YouTube and Facebook just refuse to let him post it. So, he wants people to go to his podcast, he’s asking every conservative to go directly to his website. He has piqued my curiosity. Here’s a link to his website.

  11. Garnet Shong says

    We NEVER miss Tucker Carlson! Every person…republican…democrat..independent should be informed by
    Tucker Carlson…..most fact checked coverage…Soooo informative.

  12. Craig Murphy says

    Query: Are Pop and The Big Guy one in the same? P.S. big fan of Tucker.

  13. suka says

    Thank you for providing this interesting and interesting information. You can experience many interesting games here: fireboy and watergirl

  14. Lona says

    Tucker you are the best, I love watching you every night!

  15. linda says

    Love you Tucker

    Congratulations keep up the great job

    Watch you every nite

  16. ITrustNoPutts says

    I am so glad that Tucker Carlson has been able to break thru the false noise of TWEETER, FACEBOOK and the Lame Stream Media so the truth could be known by We the People. FACEBOOK, TWEETER and the Lame Stream Media have become cartoons in the public’s eyes. With their lies and misrepresentations they have destroyed any trust and respect We the People ever had for them. Their attempts to force feed us with your brand of bias politics using lies and half truths has ruined their already shabby reputations. Look at the Polls. The Congress polls suck, but these guys would give anything to just be that low. The Lame Stream Media has gone to far for to long hammering the President over Issues that have been proven false while never admitting their errors thinking they are so powerful that no one would know the difference. Well, we do know the difference and we thank Tucker Carlson for telling the truth which is what the Lame Stream Media should have been doing for the past four years instead of the hateful crap they have been preaching.

  17. Patal says

    Thanks Tucker. We never miss his show, when T Mobil and the other advertisers were boycotting his show we boycotted and continue to boycott their products and services.

  18. Patal says

    Also, we have never had a Twitter account and dropped Facebook 7 years ago. The reason is because of their bias against conservatives.

  19. C J Hughes says

    Well done Tucker, you are making a difference, so stay the course.

  20. Judy Biery says

    I love and respect Tucker Carlson for making a great difference by giving us the truth…..always!! The same goes for Hannity. Too bad Fox has brought in some “liberals” to water the truth.

  21. D-Day says

    Tucker’s show is the best. It is the most honest and informative on television by far.

  22. Jake says

    I never miss a show & often watch it twice so I catch it all! thank you Tucker for being so honest, they might want to change it to Tucker the truth Carlson
    Thanks dude!

  23. Sherri says

    I feel everyone should watch Tucker for at least 2 weeks (while also comparing the show to their regular TV channels); it would give them a MUCH better idea of what is really going on in our country. President Trump has really worked hard for ALL of the American people

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