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Tucker Carlson and Hunter Biden’s Surprising Friendship Revealed Through Emails on Hunter’s ‘Laptop from Hell’

Remember the laptop that appeared right before the 2020 election that contained shocking sexual images, drug usage, prostitution and conversations eluding to corruption committed by those in the highest office in the United States?

At the time it was alleged that this laptop belonged to Hunter Biden, which was denied and labeled ‘fake news’. Later (conveniently after the 2020 presidential elections) it was revealed, that yes, the laptop did indeed belong to Hunter Biden.

Turns out, those emails reveal an interesting and surprising friendship between Hunter Biden and Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The emails showed that Hunter and Carlson are so close in fact, that Hunter wrote a letter of recommendation for Carlson’s son, Buckley for his Georgetown University application.

Carlson happily thanked Hunter for the letter he wrote on November 12, 2014, writing,

‘Hunter! I can’t thank you enough for writing that letter to Georgetown on Buckley’s behalf. So nice of you. I know it’ll help. Hope you’re great and we can all get dinner soon,’

‘Hey buddy- I need Buckley’s CV if you have one handy- Thanks,’ Hunter replied.

‘Of course. Getting on a plane now but I’ll ask Susie to send it right away. Thanks again. It’s really nice of you to do this,’ Carlson wrote.

It seemed the friendship ended in 2015, but not before Carlson had intervened in a Daily Mail story exposing Hunter Biden’s use of the adult website, Ashley Madison, which had credit card details with Hunter’s name on it and an address he had been linked to.

Hunter wrote to Carlson to help squash the story, to which Carlson replied:

‘Just lost my s**t on the editor over there. He claims the London office forced him to do it. He’s a pig either way, and I told him so,’ he said.

‘This whole thing is disgusting and awful and it breaks my heart that you all have to go through it. I’m really sorry. Let me know if there’s anything [Carlson’s wife] Susie and I can do to help.’

Hunter wrote back: ‘I’m sorry for even calling you. I know I put you in a difficult position- and upon reflection as you’re [a] friend I should have never done that.

‘I was just so upset that they went to my house and confronted Finnegan. I’ve been in DE [Delaware] the last two months sleeping in my nephew’s bed, and it’s hard to even get up in the morning sometimes.

‘Eric [Schwerin, Hunter’s business partner] provided all the information on background that proves this was not me – not my IP address- not my credit card #, not my birthdate etc…but they still come anyway. I can take the hit- I’ll be fine, but the notion that under any circumstance whether ordered to by an editor or not that someone would confront my 16 year old daughter at my home is just wrong.’

‘Regardless, I should have never put you in this position- you have your own family all of whom I love, and your own business and defending me is not something a friend should ask a friend to do. Tell Susie we love her and miss you both very much.’

The problem is Tucker Carlson failed to disclose his once close relationship with Hunter, during his coverage of the laptop scandal during 2020, which he covered extensively.  This has drawn comparisons to the now disgraced Chris Cuomo who has just been let go from his post at CNN.

A Fox News spokesperson, however, stated that Carlson “was transparent about his relationship with Hunter”.

Hunter and Carlson, along with Carlson’s wife, Susie, were involved in an outward bound group together – The Elements DC – which arranges nature trips for parents and their children.

Carlson also attended barbecues and events with the Presidents son and rubbed elbows with some of the most powerful and influential people in politics. Including Senators, Lobbyists and Ambassadors.

Although Tucker refused to comment on his son’s Georgetown admission letter, in a statement he stood by his comments about the Daily Mail’s reporting, stating that a, ‘Daily Mail reporter showed up at his house when he wasn’t home and informed one of his daughters that her dad was cheating on her mom. I don’t care if it’s Hunter Biden or not, that’s awful,’ he said.

‘I knew the Daily Mail’s Washington editor at the time, so I called and told him I thought he was a pig for doing that. That’s still my opinion.’

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  1. Colc says

    Not defending Tucker, but he did admit that he was friends with Hunter and his wife, when the laptop thing came out, but I would still be careful about trusting anyone in the news industry.

  2. Wyatt Earp says

    Oh, please! What was the date on the letter? You dumb leftist are so full of it! Lies after lies! But you refused to BELIEVE PEOPLE CAN CHANGE! Why not talk about those EVIL IN YOUR OWN PARTY? You will pay just like everyone else! These are the ones who WANT YOU DEAD! These are the ones that treat you as their SLAVE! There nothing these people will do to DESTROYED YOUR LIFE TO GET WHAT THEY WANT! So make up your stupid mind! You want to enjoy YOUR LIFE AS A FREE PERSON IN A FREE COUNTRY. OR DO YOU WANT OTHER TO CONTROL YOU AS THEIR SLAVE? No you don’t want them to treat you like you are dumb, stupid, Retarded, but if you let them they will. Everything is about MONEY AND POWER TO THESE DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS! THAT WHY THEY LIES TO YOU! THAT WHY THEY WANT A SEAT IN THE CONGRESS, BECAUSE IT A LIFETIME OF INCOME! Your jobs is NOT A LIFETIME OF A INCOME! None of these democrats politicians or republican politicians deserve anything they want! This was NOT WHAT THE FOUNDING FATHER HAD IN MIND! But you fools kept believing these CORRUPT PEOPLE ! So if you want to live in FEAR, STARVING, HOMELESS, PENNYLESS, THEN YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVE BY VOTING FOR THESE CORRUPT POLITICIANS EVERY YEARS!

  3. charles A wilkins says

    Crash and Grab lefts new holiday’s battle cry, the left can’t govern from biden to democrat governors to democrat mayors to democrat DA’s. It’s the American right, to protect your family, your home and your property, remember the left’s battle cry, de fund the police. States follow the lead of Florida,take back your state from the crazy socialism ideas that don’t work. State’s, take back control of your state, from Federal abuse, un American mandates from the mental loss dictatorship just are not working. Florida takes the lead again, against biden corruption, Biden is trying to kill our Country, lack of border security,control, energy shortages, Great idea Ron DeSantic, has hope other States follow their lead, Florida Governor DeSantis to recreate ‘State Guard’ Outside of Federal Control Think, it’s a great idea, the democrats have lost their mind on border issues, if Florida thinks it’s a great idea, get it done, as long as corrupt person like biden in office,our Country is not safe, safe from non llegal drugs, non citzenhips terrorist, invader plagues, biden and son have sold our Country down the drain to Russia and China for their ill gotten pot of gold. Let’s take a look at other energy decisions made the biden crimes, Kill the Keystone XL Pipeline, threatened to plug the Canada-to-Michigan Enbridge Line 5 pipeline –Halted oil leases in a sliver of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge –Stopped oil and gas leases on federal lands –Proposed a methane tax that could cost this industry up to $10 billion annually, encouraged Left-wing activists to pressure financiers to de fund oil companies, approve the Russian pipe lines. Does this sound like one who has American interest at heart or someone who has sold our energy assets off for personal gain, look at the recent decision he made. These decisions are not American made nor in our best interest. States take back control of your State hood. Hands off China the greatest pollution maker on the planet, policy by ball less biden and ball less kerry.

  4. graceythecat says

    When a communist democrat pedophile racist cult party member is swirling down the toilet, they always grab at anybody to drag them down too.!

  5. Billy Coleman says

    Friends aren’t always in BED with each other. China is Hunters bed partner for sure no matter what else comes out and Hunter and JOE ought to go DOWN for selling out the USA.

  6. Doug Towler says

    I totally agree with what Charles A. Wilkens has said abovbe,and if the Conservative thinking citizens of the USA, do not start getting every aspect of their lives back to NORMAL, (in a Constituional manner), the Left, will end up making Mao’s, Cultural Revolution, look like a Sunday School Picnic, by comparison,, Better ACT NOW, while there is STILL TIME To do So.

  7. Fred LeMaster says

    Say Mr. Charles A. Wilkins. Sir. You said a whole lot of Pertinent. Honest And Truthful Words About Those Democrats! I even have a new Title for those Lefties too, and That Title is “The Communistic Socialistic Progressive Liberal Democratic Donkey Party” And Their LYING, WOKE, Indoctrinated Snowflake FAKE Conservative Repub. Puppets = RINO’s, who run and promise all of what the True Conservative Republican Party Members Do, But As Soon As They Win Their Election, The Act Like Their Big Brother’s/Sister’s/IT’s And Throw Every Single Promise That They Did Make Right Out Of That Window Of Theirs = LIES, And Then They Cannot Even Make Their Mind Up IF They Want To Follow Either Those Anti-US Constitutional Liberals Or Those Anti-US Constitutional Progressives Neither = Traitors To The True Conservative Republican Party Members And The Union Of 50 States, That Make Up The United States Of America, but they rather Follow all of those Lefties And IGNORE = CIRCUMNAVIGATE = CIRCUMVENT The Whole US Constitution, Just To Become ILLEGALLY AND INFAMOUSLY FILTHY RICH AND POWER HUNGRY WARMONGERS!!!!

  8. Sheila K Vernick says

    Why don’t you raise your sophistication level and learn how to spell? There is no accurate phrase containing “eluding to…, ” as in your first line.

  9. CharlieSeattle says

    Tucker was wearing wire and was setting him up!

  10. CharlieSeattle says

    Elude? …usually escape from or avoid danger.

  11. Original Anna says

    I’m sure Tucker has had a few powerful “friends” through the years due his working in media but there was no criminal activity done by the two together. It sounds like parents knowing each other through their children and where to go to school. I personally have written many, many recommendation letters for kids to get into college, and, I did it for the kids not for the parents, a few parents I couldn’t stand. Any ways, my friends of today are not the friends I’ve had through the years as I weeded out the bad and the good. None of course were people in the news but I had one who died in jail after raping a few college girls with a knife, a few family and friend members I had to wait patiently for them to finally leave their drug years thanks to who they hung around with behind and are now holding down jobs and raising their own families as honest people. People and families like the Bidens are nothing but crooks and until their activities became so huge there activities came out in the open, you think they are nice people until you find out they ain’t so nice. Trump and Hillary had daughters who are still friends but we know for a fact Trump and Hillary moved in and out of each other lives through people they knew and the media world they lived in and one is a crook and one is an honest businessman but their girls are friends.

  12. Donald Ludwig says

    There is an old saying, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. I would not be surprised if Tucker was using his “friendship” to get information from Hunter! It does seem like Hunter did give Tucker some interesting information

  13. Richard dawson says

    Tucker was actually quite friendly with Joe Biden as well as well for many years, it is the regression of policy , common sense and ideology that is the driving force to build a wedge between those of family, never mind friendship . It is as if we are beng assulted by the BORG where resistance is futile is being forced fed into our minds, which is closer than the idiotic dream of start trek universality not factoring in actual hunan content with reality and life choices. No one lives a perfect life and friendships formed in better times may falter as additional circumstances and time demands. I like Tucker, but even he admits, he is the closest thing to actual white privilege as there could be given the rarified air & circumstances of his life. I think he tries to be as impartial and forthcoming as any true right leaning conservative can be. Not saying he does not find ways to slant statistics & truth by omission or deletion of additional facts yet my faith in him is a far superior purveyor of smart opinions and better knowledge than the BS pushed out by the left.

  14. Bob says

    Why would this even be a story. Tucker has admitted he was friends with Hunter and his wife. However it was probably a while ago. Why won’t they report about the pictures of Hunter and the underaged girls on the lap top. Why not report about receiving money from Foreign Communist country’s. These funds were shared with the “Big Guy”. The whole Biden family is corrupt and the hypocrite Democrats wont be prosecuted. Why are the American people allowing this to absolutely ruin our country?

  15. wasina says

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