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Whistleblower: 35,000 Fictitious Votes Inserted into Pima County, Arizona

The Arizona Attorney General has now been sitting around doing nothing in particular for almost three months. That’s almost how long it’s been since the final results of the Maricopa County audit were publicly released. What’s with this AG? Did he go to the John Durham School of Speedy Investigations?

Fortunately, Arizona state lawmakers are not sitting around and waiting. They’re holding a hearing on Monday regarding the “fishtail” in Pima County, where 40% of Republican mail-in ballots suddenly went to Joe Biden after THE BIG PAUSE on election night.

I’ve linked to the full story above, but I’ll try to briefly summarize the “fishtail” scandal in Pima County, Arizona last year.

Pima County is a blue county in Arizona. Crooked Hillary won Pima County by 13 points in 2016. There was no way Trump was going to win in Pima County, but if he lost by a narrower margin to Biden than he did to Crooked Hillary, Trump was a shoo-in to win the state of Arizona. And he was only trailing Biden by 8 points on election night. He had cut Crooked Hillary’s margin of victory in half against Biden.

But then THE BIG PAUSE happened. The five swing states that we’ve been talking about for the past year all stopped counting the votes at the exact same time on election night – as if it were coordinated or pre-planned.

Trump was doing spectacular in Pima County, despite the fact that he was never going to win there. He doubled his support in that county, compared to 2016. But after the counting resumed… Trump started losing bigly in Pima County.

40% of Republican mail-in ballots were suddenly going to Joe Biden. That sounds totally normal, right? Joe Biden ended up winning Pima County by 19 points. Two precincts in Pima County had higher than 100% voter turnout, in excess of Joe Biden’s 10,000-vote margin of victory.

That’s the “fishtail” scandal. The graph of the votes look like a fishtail right where THE BIG PAUSE happened and 40% of Republican mail-in ballots suddenly went to Biden.

Anyway, let’s turn back the clock to November 7, 2020, when Arizona and several other states were still counting the votes. That’s the date when a whistleblower sent a letter to the Department of Justice and to every state Representative and Senator in Arizona. The whistleblower alleged that he or she was in the room with a group of local Pima County Democrat Party members when a plan was announced: They were going to insert 35,000 fictitious votes into the system in order to ensure that Trump lost Arizona.

Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem spoke at a Trump rally in Arizona just two weeks and talked about this in a speech to the crowd. The whistleblower said the 35,000 votes had been entered into the Pima County system, and the whistleblower was concerned that they would never be found. Finchem told the crowd at that Trump rally:

“We believe we found them.”

Finchem announced this week that he and several other members of the Arizona legislature – Senators and Representatives – have spent the past 12 months conducting an investigation into the whistleblower’s allegations. Finchem says the investigation has been “quiet, but fruitful.” The hearing on Monday will feature evidence and sworn testimony from eyewitnesses to Pima County fraud and expert witnesses who have, presumably, discovered the 35,000 fictitious ballots that were inserted into the system.

Proving that fraud took place in Pima County should be incredibly easy, if only they bother to look into it. Conducting a simple canvass of Republican voters should do the trick. See if two out of every five Republicans actually voted for Joe Biden in that county. If 40% of Republicans in Pima County, Arizona are willing to admit, “Oh, yeah, I changed my mind at the last minute because I just thought Joe Biden was so much better than Donald Trump,” I will book a flight to France, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and eat one of my MAGA hats in a live, televised event. (Not really. I’m unvaccinated. They’d never let me on a plane.)

When you continue to see all the fraud being uncovered in the swing states – and even in some non-swing states – it becomes mind-blowing. How much do you suppose Donald Trump actually won the 2020 election by? It couldn’t have been a small margin, based on how much fraud the Democrats had to perpetrate to steal it from him. Meanwhile, I can’t wait for this hearing on Monday. It’s a public hearing and it will be streamed online.

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  1. Rene Rivera says

    I’ll try to remember to watch it.

  2. Cheryl says


  3. Debby Barlow Cogar says

    That’s great news, now all they have is to declare that Biden didn’t win AZ. Won’t happen though. Voter Fraud has been proven so much and yet nothing is being done, even the courts, especially the Democrat one’s won’t even hear argument. So sad that our country has become so corrupt. This illegal Admin. is turning us into a 3rd world country and a Socialist one, just like China and others. We have to stop it now before it’s really too late.

  4. bruce says

    I pray for the truth to be revealed.

  5. Richard says

    There won’t be a country left by the time they do anything

  6. Rick says

    I voted in Pima county and saw this: There was a Rubbermaid container on a table where people were dumping handfuls of mail in ballots. If you can drive all the way to the voting place, why do you need a mail in ballot? Secondly, every time I’ve voted previously, my ballot went into a locked machine. Not this time. We were told to put them in an unlocked grey metal box on the table, next to the tub for the mail in ballots. A sleepy old guy about 80 years old was sitting next to it, presumably guarding it? I turned around looking for someone to complain about this but figured they wouldn’t dare do something with my voted… Would they? Now I wish I’d made a scene….

  7. Fred LeMaster says

    I agree with Mr. Bruce 100%, and will also Pray for The Pertinent, Honest and Sincere Truth will come out, so every single Human Being, Around This Blue Marble Called Earth Will Witness This Fraud That Has Been Happening In The United States Of America And Other Countries Around The Earth TOO! It Does NOT Pay To Sin And Illegally CHEAT, Because Jesus Christ’s Father, The 1 And ONLY God Almighty, Who Has At Least 17 Names 1) I Am, 2) Elohim, 3) Yahweh, 4) El Elyon, 5) El Roi, 6) El Shaddai, 7) Yahweh Yireh, 8) Yahweh Nissi, 9) Adonai, 10) Yahweh Elohe Yisrael, 11) Yahweh Shalom, 12) Qedosh Yisrael, 13) Yahweh Sabaoth, 14) El Olam, 15) Yahweh Tsidkenu, 16) Yahweh Shammah, 17) Attiq Yomin Will Witness Also, And He Will Judge (The ONLY REAL JUDGE) All Who Had SINNED!!!

  8. Jerry says

    Remember Athens, Tennessee.

  9. Richard Perry says

    TRUMP was RIGHT once more

  10. ralph charles says

    OK! Now lets decertify the election results and find out who in the Democratic Party sanctioned this,and put them in prison.

  11. Nasir Kaczka says

    I didn’t see a link where we could watch the live-streamed hearing. Not that I could afford to take the time out of my workday to watch it. YouTube will not want to carry it. How about Gab, Rumble, and BitChute?

  12. Janice Prescott says

    Now that they have been found, and certified we need to DECERTIFY them here and take the count away from the thief. Trump won and we all know it, so lets make it right and show people that try to steal an election they won’t win.

  13. Ray R says

    What I expect on Monday is for the sun to rise. Other than that I seriously doubt anything will happen over this!

  14. Gerry says

    To answer the last question — PRESIDENT TRUMP won by a LANDSLIDE !!!!!

  15. Larry! says

    Simple fix do not allow any democrats to run election place or counting!!!!

  16. Concerned says

    I fail to understand why anyone is surprised about the fraud found in Arizona with Biden. The same thing happened when Obama ran. Remember the place where 140% of the registered voters voted and no one caught on then or where counties where there was not one vote for Romney.

  17. SOLDADO says

    The faith in the system will return when the Scumbag Demonrats who committed the voter fraud crimes get arrested & prosecuted. Including Hobbs. Wendy Rogers a true patriot should be commended for her fight. Until the criminals are held responsible, the end results are dismal.

  18. April & Jim Price says

    Americans should march on DC and demand justice and the removal of JOE BIDEN from office !!!!!! And demand all those involved with the voter fraud be given maximum sentence’s!

  19. Gloria J. Bullock says

    fully agree with soldado

  20. Eric says

    Sad that the judicial process including the SCOTUS didn’t have a SPINE and FORTITUDE to investigate fully the 2020 Election results A LOT MORE CLOSELY instead of finally auditing and uncovering fraudulence a year later!!!!

  21. Dr Ricahard M says

    Yeah right so what do they plan to do with it nothing heh and that bag of wind pillow man was taking this all to scotus before thanksgiving just another trump liar

  22. Yeah me says

    Woulda shoulda coulda instead if is has or will

  23. moon says

    why are the sobs who did this still walking around. why is he not shot or hanged for all this bull shit

  24. Giovanna C, says

    There is no way in Holland that BIDEN even received 20% of the votes in this country if more, we need to implement a voter test if you fail you can’t vote! there goes the rest of the Demon-Crat supporters…;0)

  25. kurt gandenberger says

    wisconsin has honed in on the nursing home fraudulent votes; another state finds the vast number of deceased voting. yet another witnessed suitcases full of fraudulent ballots. all the methods were used in each swing state. you just have to look for more fraud because it is ubiquitous. demoncrat nazi pigs.

  26. Lyudmila says

    The voice of truth from Arizona is heard more and more quietly. Soon it will be completely silent.

  27. vinnie says

    Whoever rites your hedders over on the right neads a spelchek or sumthin1 (Chek the Abrams one) Sarcasm intended

  28. Wyatt Earp says

    Hope it true! Would like to see an example set by a judge if these 35k were fill out by the same person or persons! My example is ten years in prison! Or executed by firing squad if they work for the democrats party.

  29. Mama says

    Vengeance is mine I will repay sayeth the Lord!!

  30. Liam O'Reilly says

    The RINOs in the GOP need to be replaced by real conservatives.

  31. Ally says

    Good it’s being uncovered now even if we have Creepy Joe right now.

  32. Bad Bill says

    And check the Mail-In Ballot envelopes; that is how Newsom was able to stay in office. The envelops had a section where one could shine a light from a cell phone or pen light and tell how each voter voted. th true ballot would be trashed and replaced with the fake.

  33. James Holland says

    It appears that the only way to get the needed jurisprudence is to decertify the Democrat Party, state by state. The State Elections Committees have that option.

  34. Sherry Chase says

    Corruption is Deep within.! Why have Law’s against corruption and Treason if they are Not gonna be Up Held? This has Killary and obo administration and Nancy Pelosi and George Soros all over it.

  35. James says

    Where is the live stream? I figured I would have heard more about it somewhere.

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