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The Most Hyuuuuge Election Discrepancy Yet in the State of Georgia

What is your best guess for the never-ending train of weak excuses from the elected Republicans in the State of Georgia when it comes to 2020? Are they just really, really, REALLY super-bad at math? Are they the most incompetent group of bureaucrats on the planet? Or are they truly evil and they’re just rubbing the fraud in our noses at this point because they believe they’ve gotten away with the crime of the century?

I’m not sure which of those is the real answer, or if it is a combination of the three. But what I do know is that when a state discovers a mathematical ballot discrepancy that is 64X greater than Joe Biden’s alleged margin of victory, every Republican in the State of Georgia should be clamoring for an audit and decertification of their results.

This story involves a ballot printing company in Arizona called Runbeck Election Services. Just a few days before the November 2020 election, Fulton County Georgia’s Director of Elections suddenly ordered 1 million fresh absentee ballots from Runbeck. (It was 1,058,210 ballots to be exact.)

The key word in that previous sentence is that these were “absentee” ballots. By the time those ballots were printed and shipped in pallets to Fulton County, Georgia, it was only one or two days prior to the election. There was never going to be enough time to sort and mail those absentee ballots out to voters, with only a day or two left before the election.

Why did they order 1,000,000 absentee ballots that were going to arrive too late to be of use? Seems suspicious. One could infer there was something amiss going on even.

There’s another major oddity about those ballots which I’ll get to in a moment.

First, a fellow by the name of Brian Runbeck manages the printing and shipping of all ballots at Runbeck Election Services in Georgia. He’s listed as the Project Manager and Production Coordinator at the company. When Jovan Pulitzer did an analysis of the ballots in Georgia, which Republicans in that state ignored for some reason, Pulitzer discovered that ballots sent to “red” counties in the state had major differences from ballots sent to “blue” counties. Republican ballots had mysterious bar codes on them that were absent from Democrat ballots, and so on. All of these ballots were printed by Runbeck Election Services. Why were the ballots not uniform? We’ve never had an answer to that question.

Moreover, it doesn’t appear to bother Republicans in either Georgia or Arizona that Mr. Brian Runbeck of Runbeck Election Services is an extremely partisan and frequent donor to the Democrats. Between mid-August of 2020 and October 30, 2020, Brian Runbeck made 63 separate donations to Joe Biden for President, Barack Obama’s ActBlue, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, and other leftwing causes. 63 times!

This is beyond dispute. Here is the Federal Election Commission’s record of Mr. Runbeck’s busy donation schedule last year, even as he was printing ballots for Georgia and Arizona.

There’s nothing sinister about the fact that Brian Runbeck is a partisan donor to the Democrats. But in two states – Arizona and Georgia – which had massive problems with their ballots in 2020, they should strongly consider the fact that many of those embarrassing anomalies were caused by a company with a history of partisanship in favor of the Democrats. We’ll see if Arizona and Georgia take any action on this when it comes time to renew their ballot-printing contracts.

Here’s the real rub: Where are those 1 million absentee ballots that were ordered just moments before the 2020 election in Fulton County, Georgia?

And now that Uncover DC has obtained a copy of the invoice for those ballots, why were the absentee ballots ordered with “no stubs” attached to them? Uh oh.

A “stub” on an absentee ballot is the little piece at the top of the page that the ballot is attached to. The stub has a number on it that matches a number on the absentee ballot. When that ballot is mailed to a voter, it is then anonymized so that no one will know who the voter cast their ballot for – but the stub is the proof that it was a valid ballot. These ballots were ordered by Fulton County with “no stubs,” i.e., no way to account for them.

Not to worry, though! Georgia election officials say they have accounted for 284,901 of those ballots which were unused, and they are now going to destroy them. Great. Where are the other 773,309 ballots that cannot be accounted for because they were ordered with “no stubs?”

If Joe Biden “won” by 12,049 votes, those 773,309 missing Fulton County ballots – which no one has any way to track because of the missing stubs – represent a 64X margin of error. How much longer are Republicans in Georgia going to put up with this?

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  1. Sharon sivori says

    When are the people in Georgia going to stand up and fight for their rights??? Time and time again, they have been shown that their ELECTION WAS FRAUDULENT FROM START TO FINISH! DEMAND A FORENSIC AUDIT NOW!

  2. jake the snake says

    I am telling you that if you stuck your eyes and plug your ears there was no voter fraud just like MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC said. Just like Hilary said.

    Hey folks how long are the morons going to continue to lie about the stolen election? voter fraud has shown up everywhere. There is no doubt that he democrat party committed insurrection. every single registered democrats needs to be put up against a wall and shot.

  3. [email protected] says

    Don’t I remember someone telling how he had the best fraud methods or similar words.
    Of course, Joe Biden is totally truthful!!!!!

  4. tbone188 says

    From what I read the republican governor and Lt Gov. were paid off, they signed a 100 million dollar contract with dominion prior to the election. Just because they called themselves republicans doesn’t mean they were. Or even honest. The reason it hasn’t gone anywhere is there is a major swamp going all the way up to the doj. These are the same people that accused President Trump of everything that has gone wrong all the a way back to the Titanic and many things that didn’t go wrong they spun it so. Our country is in grave danger right now and the ones that COULD do something to stop it are in charge and making it happen. I fear our country will not survive this awful mess that biden has stricken us with. God save America.

  5. Brad Schriber says

    Have you ever seen a southerner move quickly at anything? They will get around to it in the next century. They are fixen to look into the problem.

  6. Ralph Maddocks says

    i cant believe they didnt block the exposure of this part of the election fraud

  7. Gerry says

    GEEZ — let me see — I think many of us said this was going to happen even before the election. The pedophile-in-chief was on national television telling the nation it was going to happen and NOBODY did anything to stop it. I will say it again for the 20,000th time — the 2020 farce was an organized government run total conspiracy (democraps & repubs alike) to keep President Trump from winning reelection. All these so-called leaders of our nation were losing money(lots of it) because Trump was putting America first, he was doing things that made us independent and these hack career criminals were losing their kickback,bribe and payback schemes from foreign dictators-opec countries-and global corporations all with ties to china,mexico and japan. They had to get rid of Trump in order to get their ring of corruption back in business because he was putting a terrible kink in it. What I saw was about 90% of Trump’s supposed own party turn their back on him and they still want donations—BS !!!! Our own government, all the alphabet agencies,deep state,congress and with the buying of roberts and the intimidation of the rest of the supreme court justices — their voter fraud and corruption COULDN’T FAIL. That is exactly what the pedophile was telling America ahead of the election. Every state needs to be forced to have a legitimate forensic audit done, the 2020 farce overturned and then ALL THOSE INVOLVED and there are many, need to be indicted and prosecuted. Crime of the century my a** — it is the biggest crime in the history of the new world !!!!!!!! and it needs to be rectified before this country can move forward. We cannot allow this fraud election to stand.

  8. John Devney says


  9. Loraine Tucker says

    I agree that the 2020 election was stolen and anyone with any brain at all knows it. I blame the faux conservatives like Romney, Cheney, Kinzinger and the dimwitted “republican” who hugged the policeman who shot Ashley Babbitt and most Republicans who have no backbone. If this had happened to the democrats, they would never let it go without having the election overturned. I am from Georgia and sick yto death of our state govt. The governor, Ltd. governor and all so called Republicans. They should be held accountable….I won’t hold my breath.

  10. Nasir Kaczka says

    Jake The Snake asked, rhetorically:
    > Hey folks how long are the morons going to continue to lie about the stolen election?

    I’m afraid they’re not morons. They are sufficiently confident that they can get away with these brazen lies that they didn’t bother properly covering their tracks. Confidence in a George Soros- owned attorney general and/or judiciary? (Pure paranoid speculation; I actually don’t know the party affiliation of any of the people in these positions in Georgia, nor how their campaigns were financed.) Or confidence that the majority of the voting public are actually morons?

    Not all bogeymen are mythical.

  11. P. Scott says

    When is it appropriate to call “to arms!” in order to save our country? Pray tell. So so many people died for the freedoms that are now being stolen from us internally! Are we just to stand by and whine about it?

  12. David L Edmond says

    Just remember that the Democrats and Republicans both are playing the American people as the fools. I asked for a reelection but was blocked by the morons who run the forum. Now that the Democrats have placed the Biden crime family in office and with the blessing of the corrupt Republicans America is done for. PROVE me wrong arrest the lowlife Biden.

  13. Sherry Chase says

    Sounds like! George Soros and Killary and Adam shit have a hand in this! George is known for this in other countries. Corruption is Deep within 😡 These people use their billions to fix things the way they think it should be. Law’s Need to be Up Held. This will happen again in 2024 if No one’s held accountable.

  14. Tim Taylor says

    Locked & Loaded LETS ROLL!!

  15. Carlos says

    None of this is a shock. Trump exposed the establishment and NWO, it fought back.

  16. JIMO says


  17. JIMO says


  18. JIMO says


  19. Robert Ewing says

    Of course the election was stolen. The evil Left lies and cheats. That what it does. Does anyone not know this as fact?
    My concern is that the Righteous Right has lost its nerve along with its balls. Yes, there are a few of us who speak loudly in a call to action; but absolutely nothing happens.
    Friends. If you do not take up arms to save our country from the evil that currently controls it, then you are going to lose your freedom and the freedoms of your children and grand children. If you won’t stand against the evil Left, then they already own your soul. What’s it going to take to wake you up????
    Yes, things are looking positive for the 2022 election.
    But that is a year away. Can you understand how much damage will be done by Biden and Progressives in the span of a full year???
    Friends and fellow patriots, we must act now; or blame nobody but outselves for the death of our country.

  20. Bonnie says

    The 2020 election was definitely stolen from President Trump, So much fraud went on, its sickening. What about all the witnesses that came forward and told in court, what they had seen happen? Thousands and thousands of absentee ballots coming in at 3am on November 4th. How is that ? This happened in every swing state out there, at approximately 3am in every swing state, bags and bags with thousands and thousands of absentee ballots in them, just happened to show up, all at the same time in all swing states, Georgia, Arizona, etc etc etc. Witnesses saying that there are supposed to be a Democrat and Republicans at every table, to watch as ballots are being counted, Republicans were not allowed at the tables. They only allowed Republicans to be like 50 feet away from the tables. None of them were able to see the ballots from that far away, this was purposely done of course. Things like this were done all over the Country in all different states. So much fraud in the 2020 election. Joe Biden even announced that he had the best lawyers for fraud already to go. What does that say to you?

  21. Roland says

    This is more evidence that the last election was a treasonous coupe and that every Democrat that is in office and all that can be connected to the election should be tried and EXECUTED for treason!

  22. Vic says

    Decertify these states 2020 elections (and the GA January run-off for 2 Senate seats) and subtract fraud votes from Biden and put them in Trump column. Do this is all questionable states and start subtracting electoral votes from Biden until the numbers are accurate. Trump won the majority, remove fraudster Biden/Harris out and arrest all those involved in this treason.

  23. Fred says


  24. kurt gandenberger says

    one of the heroes of demoncrat nazi pigs is “uncle joe” stalin, the mass murderer. he said “it is not important who votes. what matters is who counts the votes. the demoncrat party has engaged in voter fraud since the 1870’s. they have now refined fraud to an art-form.

  25. Patriot says

    WE THE PEOPLE need to take back America, the Constitution and our beliefs or we will loose our freedoms and be under Socialism.

  26. Gerry says

    Well JIMO– let me put it this way — when our government(both parties,all 3 branches) is totally corrupt and have polluted ALL our alphabet agencies(doj,fbi,cia,dhs,nia–etc) who is going to hold the corrupt criminal politicians(dimwits & rinos) responsible ????? My guess is nobody. These criminals are backed by several billionaires who throw all sorts of money at them and think they should rule the world with their 1 global government.

  27. Ervin Johnson says

    We do not have a problem, we have a condition, the first settlers who came to what later became the United States, came so they could worship the one true GOD, the GOD of the Christian Bible. HE Blessed their effort and continued that blessing, allowing the United States of America to become the greatest nation the world had ever known. Now the
    people of that Nation have kicked GOD out of government, out of the military, out of the education system, out of many homes and even some churches. To make matters worse they are murdering several thousand babies every day in the United States. Add to all of that the support and near worship of the transgenders, If you do not know, look up what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. God cannot and will not allow the evil to continue, He is, and will continue to punish unless the people return to a God pleasing Nation
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked wats; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. IICH. 7-13. THINK ABOUT IT!

  28. Tom Tucker says

    I say just burn Georgia to the ground and be done with it.

  29. sandra says

    what happened to simple “honesty”

  30. Ford says

    It’s been a year & no one has been held accountable, if the republicans weren’t such spineless rhinos the shit going on today would not even happen. The right wing & the left wing belong to the same bird.

  31. Pyara Chauhan says

    Our Republican elected representatives in Georgia and elsewhere in the United States have a responsibility to ensure fair and free elections. There is no place for any fraudulent and illegal election forms as alleged in 2020. It is a part of their responsibility to ensure Federal and State Election Commissions are held to the highest standards of integrity. It certainly appears that a lot of irregularities have been discovered in the 2020 election. We must ensure that culprits responsible are held to account and electoral reforms are undertaken to ensure unquestionably reliable results.

  32. Rich says

    We are in a pickle for shure and we got here over many years, with government grown big and unaccountable. We the citizens are also at fault for allowing this to happen. We want the so called free things government provides, such as free child care, public welfare, social security, free education and none of this is free. It is all paied for by us in loss of freedom and loss of opportunity to provide for ourselves and our families. The Democrates have recieved from us a free pass, for ever since F.D.R. was president, they have been bribing us the electorate with programs provided by government, things which we should be providing for ourselves if we as a Nation can afford them. We will experience hard times, which will engender social unrest with perhaps a total breakdown of the social order which we have been enjoying up untill now. The biggest thing that F.D.R taught the Democratic party is to use any event to further their cause, case in point the great depression. This nation had experienced other depressions during it’s history and always emerged from them, but his administration loaded with communists/socialists, his vice president Wallace was a card carrying communist put in place the conditions allowing for the events we are now experiencing. One big thing was going off the gold standard in 1933, which was by the way unconstitutional, for in Article one section ten it states no state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts. Than in 1965 under the Johnson administration all the silver was withdrawn and a few short years later than presidint Nixon slammed shut the gold window totally decoupeling the United States dollar from anything of value. So now we find ourselves in a country with high inflation and a Democratic government determined to enslave us all. So what can we do? First of all not to lose hope, second look at our personal lives, are we rightous, third of all be active and that means our school boards to prevent damageing material form being taught to our children and be poltically active. This means of course voting, but also contacting our representives and letting them know our positions and if they do not represent us properly vote them out, with perhaps us ourselves throwing our hat into the ring if necessary. We need to get rid of professional polititions and elect our neighbors, people like us and not leave them there for too long. These are some of my thoughts and hope that my fellow citizens feel the same way as I do.

  33. Tj says

    This and all future elections will be subject to fraud until voter registrations is cleaned up. Màilout ballots are related to that

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