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Just In: Pfizer Lied About Cardiovascular Deaths in Vaccine Trials

“I hate my life so much right now.” Those are the heart wrenching words that professional mountain bike racer Kyle Warner stated on an Instagram video this week. The 29-year-old professional athlete received a triple-whammy after taking the second Pfizer shot for COVID. He developed sudden pericarditis, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and reactive arthritis. His health and professional career have been permanently destroyed.

Six people in his vaccine injury support group have killed themselves in the last month. Warner is trying to use his status as a vaccine victim to call for liability against Big Pharma, due to the very real harm that their vaccines are causing. And he may eventually win that fight, now that we know that Pfizer lied about the number of deaths that were caused during its clinical trials.

The Pfizer shot was initially cleared for emergency use authorization when its existence was announced back in December of 2020. At that time, Pfizer told us that even though the shot was safe and effective, they were now going to start conducting safety trials on it. You know, just to reassure everyone as to the safety and effectiveness. They vaccinated 22,000 people with their miracle medicine and gave another 22,000 people in the control group a placebo saline shot.

Fast-forward to July of this year, when they posted the first six months’ worth of data. On July 28, Pfizer claimed that 15 people in the vaccinated group had died, compared to 14 in the placebo group. Only three people in both groups died of COVID. Most of the people in the vaccinated group died of cardiovascular or heart-related illnesses.

But it turns out that Pfizer didn’t accurately share its information with the public in that announcement. They told the world that 15 vaccinated people died during this trial, but in their numbers that they shared with the FDA, the real number was 21 fatalities. The FDA let this little factoid slip out this week when they issued a 30-page report on their decision to approve the vaccines in late August. Whoops.

That’s 21 cardiovascular-related deaths out of 22,000 people. Does that sound rare? Not compared to most medicines and vaccines that are on the market. That’s nearly a 1 in 1,000 chance that you will die from a heart attack or related cardiovascular event if you get the shot. If you’re under the age of 60, you have about a 1 in 1,000 chance of dying from COVID itself.

What rational person would take this vaccine if they knew the odds were just as good that they could keel over from a heart attack as die from COVID?

We know a couple of things from this release of new, corrected numbers of deaths from the Pfizer shots. First, Pfizer knew that this shot was causing an extraordinary number of heart-related deaths as early as March of 2021. Second, they didn’t want the public to know this because they covered up the true number for eight months. We only know about this discrepancy because it was uncovered in the FDA paperwork in November.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) by now, and the failures of that system. All hospitals are supposed to report vaccine injuries to that system with the CDC, but it’s cumbersome, it takes too long, and far too many doctors and nurses don’t bother with it. But it turns out that there’s another system tracking vaccine injuries and deaths: The CMS Medicare Tracking System.

Because it’s a Medicare system, reporting requirements are different and it turns out that this database is getting filled in (hospitals lose federal funding if they don’t keep up with Medicare rules). Data from the Medicare Tracking System shows that 19,400 Medicare patients under the age of 80 have died within 14 days of getting the second Pfizer shot. An additional 28,065 Medicare patients over the age of 80 have died within 14 days of the shot. That’s 48,465 additional deaths from the shots, which are separate from the tens of thousands of (underreported) deaths listed in the VAERS system.

Which means that well in excess of 100,000 people have been killed by the shots in America. That “immune from liability” clause that the vaccine companies have enjoyed so far doesn’t seem like it’s going to hold up much longer when the public finds out about these truths.

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  1. Sharon sivori says

    There is a statute that lets you sue Pfizer! It allows full liability to the drug company if they knowingly and willingly lied on their data, which we all know is true! So GO GET THEM AND BLEED THE PIGS DRY!!!!

  2. jake the snake says

    The CDC, NIH, and FDA knew they were lying too. That is why the immunity from prosecution is till in place.

    anyone getting the covid shot is a fool.

  3. CharlieSeattle says

    RICO laws apply! Arrest everyone involved for fraud and murder!

  4. Kenneth Frazier says

    I would like to know the number of COVID cases and deaths in other nations compared to the U.S. Are these stats available ?

  5. V M says

    ANd it’s gonna get worse. Just another reason I will NEVER get the vax – so much lying and coverup. Biden should be ashamed of himself and STOPPED for mandating this horrid thing,

  6. Roland says

    Any person that has the ability to reason can figure out that there is a lot of misinformation and lying going on if they find it necessary to pass laws to protect the people involved in the production and distribution of these poisons that are being forced on people.

  7. Joe says

    They lie and thousands die, pathetic,evil,sick people.

  8. Southern Cross says

    How can Fauci still be spewing worthless lies and division regarding COVID on National TV broadcasts?… That idiot has known the facts all along regarding the devastating effect that these jabs are delivering to the American public. The most devastating terminality of these jabs, is yet to come… Deaths will continue to increase as a result of these toxic cocktails, yet folks keep lining up… It’s all about money… Wake up America!!

  9. Gerry says

    And they still push the vax and now want to infect infants –WTF !!!!!!! You have to believe that NONE of our so-called leadership has gotten the death jabs. I believe the fda and all those agencies have been bought and will approve anything if the price is right.

  10. Barbara E. Bacon says

    Both the disease and the shot are designed to cull the herd. I don’t understand why people are surprised. We must stand up to corruption and end mandates, take back our rights and our country from an elite minority. This is not a drill!

  11. Robert Morrow says

    This only proves once more how corrupt the Media, Politicians & many so called civil government workers. You can now see just why they are using EXTORTION, COERCION AND INTIMIDATION to make everyone take these poison shots, just so the Pharmaceutical can reap huge profit which is then used for Payola to grease the palms of these corrupted people like in the FDA.

  12. CP says

    Your children and grandchildren are being forced to take this poison. Their children are not. Count on it!

  13. Veronica Elling says

    The dem does not care. .they are pushing maybe to a point. But mostly no still get covid ,pass covid. So.where is the outrage over these shots .

  14. Frances Janzen says

    Bolivia stood up against their government and won!!!! Why can’t we fools? Their government was enacting a law to snoop into every one’s bank account to “find terrorists”, but these people saw it as an ulterior motive for a sinister means for something.

    As said above WAKE UP AMERICA. These evil ones could not care about deaths and disabling of strong healthy people. They are using all of us as guinea pigs for their worthless and deadly vaccines.

  15. Lyudmila says

    I am sure that the time of the second Nuremberg Trials will surely come, when each criminal will personally answer for each death from this poison, which was injected into people who resisted this until the very end of their lives.

  16. Chris Eiden says

    Those children will never have children or will be deformed.

  17. fay rolfe says

    Is it not very sick for a government to mandate shots that are number one useless, not preventing infection or preventing transmission to others and in turn lying to the public about safety. It has all along been lies and deceit by these leftist commies. Lies about effectiveness, lies about side effects, lies about deaths , lies about permanent disabilities and above all huge lies about numbers. They have conned the public for over two years, controlled the obedient sheep while killing us off. Remember the millions of dollars collected by the Biden Crime Family and numerous other Democrats from Communist China ( origin of the covid in the first place). Also remember their agenda even in their own country is population control????? Were our corrupt Democrats paid to carry out that agenda in our country? And if you can’t kill Americans with covid do the double whammy and kill them with vaccinations of death. Can you imagine killing yourself because of the ravages of covid vaccination? Shame on these promoters of death and disability by demanding we have the killing vaccine. I know victims right here in rural NY suffering the ravages of covid vaccine. These government commies and drug companies should face prosecution and consequences of the great execution of Americans by first covid release and secondly vaccination killing and maiming of thousands of Americans who unwittingly were forced to comply. Glad I wasn’t one of them.

  18. fay rolfe says

    I cannot imagine any intelligent parent allowing their young children to receive the shot of death, destruction, and disability. Parents listen up, you have no idea if your child will die, be disabled for life from the first shot of poison and furthermore y ou have no inkling what the long term devastating effects will be in 2-10 years from now. Horrific possibilities. Read several months ago Pfizer long term effects include Parkinsons Disease, Lou Gehrigs Disease(ALS), alzheimers, Guillian Barr Syndrome. Who in gods name would ever take anything remotely possible to cause these devastating neurological diseases. Remember Thalidimide? Five years later the devastating, pathetic results became apparent. And now killer Fauci and commie Biden want to jab helpless babies???? Please parents wake up before it is too late for your children.

  19. Southern Cross says

    How can people volunteer to line up for this devastating jab? It’s amazing how quick uninformed Americans line up “to be first,” for a toxic cocktail that will inevitably end in harmful affects, if not death, to each of them… Fauci continues to perpetuate the “great lie.” It’s all about division, money and prestige… Wake up America, and refuse the jab… Or, you will forever pay the price!!

  20. Wyatt Earp says

    If there was a military group with BALLS! Overthrown the general that forcing them to get the vaccine. Put him on tv getting the shot. Especially the REAL VACCINE SHOT! Then stand with the people and help us take control of DC! FORCING EVERY DEMOCRAT AND RINO REPUBLICANS TO GET THE VACCINE AGAIN! I personally don’t believe they got the REAL VACCINE SHOT WE ARE FORCE TO GET! BRING THE LIAR DR.FAUCI AND STICK HIM WITH IT AS WELL! Even every MSM reporter and all those lefties people get the shot!

  21. Tom says

    My daughter who works in medicine told me to get the shots, but not Pfizer. I guess this is why. I got Moderna and have had no side effects at all in over 7 months.

  22. M. Francis Pickard says

    At the same time Bill Gates was bragging about assisting in the development of the poison jabs…he also stated that the population of earth needed to be 500 million. I am naturally immune with the help of monoclonal antibodies. I fear that billions of people will die from this poison which was designed to enter cells and destroy the genes that control our entire bodies. Fauci, Gates, those liars in control of creating and distributing this poison, any gov’t representative that pushed, mandated and threatened innocent humans worried about a man-made virus. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone other than the Chinese, who attacked the world with germ warfare. They could just nuke the planet but radiation would destroy most of the planet. I believe God has a special place for those who wish us harm. Oh, and FJB

  23. Yeah me says

    Would it surprise you to know that all vaccines are not equal and the Congress in Washington DC crowd actually got a saline shot and there are two other types of shots and depending on who you are gets the bad shot

  24. Camille Gilliam says

    I knew from the beginning that this was going to be terrible. I could tell by the way Dr. Fauci would act during the meeting at the WH. He would stand behind President Trump and shake his head NO about using HCQ , when that was the only thing we had heard that even helped.
    I also knew that Bill Gates was involved, and had read about testing of vaccines that he had done in India on kids [a polio vaccine} it left them with terrible Autism or paralyzed. He then took on to Africa and tried it on women that left them sterile. Why should he be the one that decides who can have children and who can’t?

  25. sharon sivori says

    I just found out that not only do big pharma own patents on killer shot but this GOVERNMENT owns the other half of the patent!!! So guess why the damn big push to get the killer shots and booster shots?? MONEY!!!! I also just read from UK, that 82% of covid deaths are post covid injection!! Also, science fact, shot is not vaccine by their new definition, a Vaccine produces immunity according to them, this shot DOES NOT PRODUCE IMMUNITY, YOU CAN STILL CARRY IT AND SPREAD IT. It is more a therapeutic , it may??? lessen the severity of the virus????

  26. rabbit says

    While your suing them include big time investor Bill Gates into the suit. You didn’t expect them to be truthful did you?

  27. SOLDADO says

    The death vax itself is the mark of the beast. It was developed using fetal body parts from aborted babies. This is the mark of the beast under any definition. The estimated life expectancy after the death vax is 3-5 years. Once injected there’s no turning back. Taking the jab is selling ones soul to Satan.

  28. mm says

    Does president Trump know about these poisonous vaccines???

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