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Stop the Steal: Is Your Member of Congress Fighting for Trump Right Now?

It’s always nice when a clarifying moment comes along and we get to see exactly who is on our side in Congress, and who is a total fraud. This is one of those moments. Right now there are 20 House Republicans who are fighting for Donald Trump. They’re sticking their necks out and staking their reputations on the line. These 20 Congressmen (and Congresswomen) agree with the 97% of Trump voters who believe there is fraud afoot in the 2020 election.

Is your Member of Congress on this list?

Reps. Mo Brooks (AL), Jody Hice (GA), Randy Weber (TX), Ted Yoho (FL), Michael Cloud (TX), Paul Gosar (AZ), Andy Harris (MD), Andy Biggs (AZ), Scott Perry (PA), Alex Mooney (WV), Ted Budd (NC), Benjamin Cline (VA), Louie Gohmert (TX), Jason Smith (MO), Ralph Norman (SC), Tom McClintock (CA), Barry Loudermilk (GA), David Rouzer (NC), Russ Fulcher (ID), Fred Keller (PA), Bob Gibbs (OH), Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Lauren Boebert (CO), Barry Moore (AL), and Andrew Clyde (GA).

The last four names on that list are Representatives-elect, having just won on November 3. That’s the entire list of Republican congressmen and -women who sent a letter to the Department of Justice this past weekend. They’re demanding a full investigation of suitcase-gate in Fulton County, Georgia.

You’ve probably seen the viral video from State Farm Arena on election night by now. A bunch of suitcases loaded with ballots were hidden under a table all night long as the real votes were being counted. At 10:30 p.m., when it became apparent that Joe Biden had lost badly in urban Atlanta and therefore had no hope of winning statewide in Georgia, most of the elections staff and all of the ballot observers were sent home. They were told counting was done for the night and would resume the next morning.

Once everyone left, the magic suitcases that had been hidden under a table – separate from all of the legal ballots all day long – were pulled out. Five election workers who stayed behind then began frantically scanning those mystery ballots for almost two hours straight, with no supervision and no witnesses.

The ringleader of the group, “Ruby” as she has been identified by internet sleuths, is seen in one frame of video scanning and re-scanning the same batch of ballots multiple times. This is fraud. It was a criminal act to steal an election. Ballots in suitcases that were hidden all day – until it was clear that Donald Trump had an insurmountable lead in Georgia? Yeah, that’s fraud. No reasonable person could conclude otherwise.

The 20 Republicans on the list above were the only ones who were willing to stick their necks out by demanding that the Department of Justice immediately investigate and prosecute these crooks. Bill Barr stated that he hasn’t seen fraud that was “significant enough to overturn an election.” That was before this video came out.

The suitcases contained between 15,000 and 18,000 ballots. Many were counted as many as three times. That’s 45,000 to 54,000 votes – in a state where Biden today holds a 12,000-vote margin of fake victory.

Where are the rest of the Republicans? Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has been phenomenal since the election. He’s on the news circuit every single day, on different venues, speaking out and fighting for Trump. I love the question he keeps posing to the fake news media: “Who are these Americans that provided a massive surge of Joe Biden votes in a handful of areas? I’d sure like to hear from these people who were more excited about Joe Biden in 2020 than they were about Barack Obama in 2008.” Wouldn’t we all?

So, Matt Gaetz has been a champ who is willing to call a fraudulent election a fraudulent election. Hey, Matt: Marco Rubio is up for reelection in your state in a couple of years. Just sayin’.

And so that makes 21 Republicans in the House of Representatives with the guts to fight to overturn this election. Where are the rest of them? Name one Republican Senator who has fought half as hard as Matt Gaetz since election day. I can’t think of one. And that should concern all of us.

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  1. Rebecca Tobey says

    Whoo hoo Andy Biggs – Arizona!!!!!
    Thank you!

  2. Nate says

    For all who are protecting Our Constitution? I support 100%! For those who are turning their backs? You should find another job that requires a yellow spine!

  3. Jean says

    Very sad we need to continue fighting because is not fair trump win I’m not voting anymore because is very scary to see that just continue to fight you can see is on videos so comes on

  4. Carlos Sanchez says

    I know Rubio personally and he’s become a spineless Swamp dwelling sound bite machine. I would gladly support Matt Gaetz against Rubio.

  5. Walter J. Ferine says

    I did not see my Republican Representative , Duncan, on that list. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I’ll let him reply before I jump up.,grab pen and paper then write one scathing reply.


    There are two on the list who are in there fighting from Arizona, Thank you Andy Biggs and thank you Paul Gosar
    The ones not on the list from across the country maybe you need to find a new job because if Biden gets in the white house he will throw you all under the bus and hire people from china to replace you. You need to get on the train you cowards.

  7. Jeanne says

    So my senators SCOTT and RUBIO where are your names on the list of Republicans backing President Trump?

  8. Timothy Giles says

    Every Republican from every state should be on this list !!!!!!!
    And, if not why not?
    MASSIVE FRAUD in this ELECTION !!!!!

  9. CLB says

    I would like to know why the 2 senators from Oklahoma are not on the list. We are really disappointed that you did not Support our President, you have been Senator’s for years. Now your showing both of your true colors. All I’m saying that if you want America to be free from the radical left Socialism, you as Republicans need to stand up and back our President. Infact we will remember this. Maybe it’s time for new blood and set term limits for Congress. It’s time for all Republicans in Congress to stand with our President.

  10. Connie Mays says

    I am appalled and ashamed that his kind of fraud could take place in the government of my beloved country. What has happened to the United States? Are we lost in the wilderness? This sounds like actions in a third-world communist country

  11. Dusty says

    Oh no! I have noticed for most of Trumps time in office many Republicans who we never heard from on like FOX or backing this President through the Russia SCAM and then the Impeach SCAM. WHY? Who were they protecting their lobbyist and money like from CHINA? Want more to come out on who was not out here. Now those idiots see the 75 million who backed this President. Now to find out if the votes for Biden were real or set up? WHY not let us try to get to the truth. Thousands came out in person to see this President and no one for Biden but he supposedly won? Hmm!

  12. DC says

    No matter what anyone says, or what excuses they come up with… the real reason the REPUBLICANS will always play second fiddle to the DEMOCRATS, is simple, and is illustrated right here… THEY NEVER STICK TOGETHER. Too many of them run and hide in the closet and selfishly hope they keep their own jobs… with no concern for their fellow Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators – OR -the POTUS that for many, helped get them their jobs. They figure if they stay out of sight, keep their mouths shut, no one will notice them and they’ll be safe. These individuals that put their agenda and well being ahead of the Republican Party’s is a disgrace and an embarrassment for the entire Party… and the reason why the Democrats will always stay a step ahead… not because they’re better, but because the Republicans don’t care enough about each other and about us, to truly be able to make a difference. If they ALL came out day one, stuck with the POTUS and DEMANDED that the entire 2020 Election, an election that we saw case after case of fraudulent activities, with video evidence illustrating these for all to see. Hundreds of American Citizens coming forward-with sworn affidavits under penalty of law, showing more backbone and nerve and ignoring any ridicule, and danger to themselves, more guts than many of our own elected officials. Selfless acts of courage by hundreds of our average, everyday citizens. Yet, because of the MANY WEAK, SELFISH, SELF CENTERED REPUBLICAN ELECTED SENATE AND CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS, the DEMOCRATS and all their supporting cast, including the corrupted, biased, unethical, irresponsible, media – have buried or simply just IGNORED all the COMPELLING EVIDENCE, IGORED or BURIED ALL THE SWORN AFFIDAVITS from hundreds of American Citizens and the REPUBLICANS DID NOTHING!

  13. Carol Shields says

    CK again. There are now 106 Republican Representatives on board.
    Thank you Texas for having the courage to try to stop this cheat. The officers in these states that implemented these
    changes should be tried for treason.
    BTW…. if you have a Republican senator they are working their tails off down in GA and behind the scenes fund raising to try to match all the Hollywood and Soros and Bloomberg and Silicon Valley money pouring into these far left candidates.

  14. JoeyP says

    Thank you for your TIMELESS stand for truth, Liberty and JUSTICE for ALL One Enlightened And Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  15. Hal Lemoyne says

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  16. Michael Groves says

    Any Republican that doesn’t standup, and defend the President? When the nation goes to Communism should be fighting for their lives. Something tells me they will be too. Same for the Media. Acosta, your days are numbered. Knew knew camp’s right off with a hammer.

  17. mwood says

    Identify the communists and remove them from office

  18. Larry says

    Im done voting. Done donating, and done with our no balls republican party that turned away from President Trump. Time for a new party. GOD help us if we lose the senate.

  19. JasCam says

    Our nation is a ‘sacred treasure’ among all others throughout the world. Thank you for compiling this list of stalwart, patriotic Republican members of Congress, committed to ensuring President Trump’s 2nd term, and am agreement with most of the sentiments expressed by my fellow citizens. I would like to believe that Republican Representatives such as Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunez, Elise Stefanik, and Darrell Issa should be on the list. Republican Senators, such as Cruz, Blackburn, Hawley, Paul, Portman, and Johnson, must spark a public wildfire for 2020 Presidential Election integrity! We pray that the Supreme Court (Thomas, Gorsuch, Alito, Barrett, Kavanaugh – and God willing, Roberts) renders a ‘just and prudent’ verdict in determining what path this country will follow over the next 4 years. During the Holy Season we celebrate, May God’s Divine Mercy cover our Beloved Land, as we witness President Trump begin his 2nd term! Godspeed.

  20. Patty says

    Bravo Biggs and Gosar! People were cheated in Arizona because of Katie Hobbs! Arizona is a RED state, she had the audacity to call President Trump and his supporters “ nazis”, her vitriol should NOT be tolerated! Yet she expects us to vote for her, NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Keep up the good work Mr. Biggs and Mr. Gosar, we are behind you!

  21. geo wilson says

    The Marxist Left are making their move this election cycle to overthrow the US and replace it with authoritarian rule. The days of RINOs and conservatives sitting on the sidelines and waiting out the opposition are over. The Lynchmob Left have already declared their intentions to destroy Trump, his family and his business operations. And they are out to destroy anybody who disagrees with them. “Jail him and break him” they cry. They are leaving no room for any opposition or a two party system anymore. Their agenda is Marxist and their BLM mobs are “Slay the infidel” zealous, looting and burning at will. That is why they are out to destroy Trump and those who follow him.
    The only way to get anything done now is out in the streets. It’s time for right-leaning activists to start making a name for themselves, out in the streets. Start marching right down to city hall and the court house, making lots of noise. Enough noise so that elected officials cannot ignore them and the fake news media cannot ignore them any more.
    Things won’t get done until people get off their backsides and start getting busy. RINOs are not the answer. Conservatives are not the answer. They are all hat and no cattle! We need this new generation of Repubs to step up and be counted. Get it Right! Make it Right! Honest elections. Defending our borders and funding our cops! Put integrity back into govt action and law and order back in our streets.
    Make it Right! And that means no more sideline sitting senators or congressfolk. Only those who are ready and willing to take action now! Just like Trump! Make it happen!

  22. Pete says

    Way to go McClintock!

  23. Eugene says

    Thank God the Reps in North Carolina are on the list of Trump Supporters. I am proud of them as I am living in North Carolina.

  24. Fed up 2 says

    Thank you to our NC Senators.
    All our Republican politicians need to stand up and fight for our President. He’s had enough knives in his back already. Protect him. Fight for him. Show those that voted for you that we made the right choice in putting you in office. Love us and our country as fervently as our President does. Make us proud! Again thank you to our NC reps.

  25. Walt Kleine says

    Where is Dan Crenshaw, Marco Rubio, John Cornyn, & Ted Cruz?

  26. unclejim says

    Good Morning i stand with these co congressmen 100% but as much as we do we’ve waited to long we have to stand up and resist anything that these dems are doing i live in New Jersey with the biggest asshole governor that has his eyes 👀👀on a white house run the reason why nobody’s been put in jail and until that happens we’re going to have the same problem you see 👀what happened in California’s congressman infiltrated but chinese agent look at senator Feinstein chinese driver for years nothing happens to them dems Sharpton gets away with not paying taxes and he has to do is say racist Biden’s son news media hides everything and after election is stolen how wakes up the media start reporting what more are we the people of America going to take our President Donald J Trump opened up our eyes 👀👀that’s why he must be in the White House. Just Post

  27. Noe Rodriguez says

    I was about to name the same people from Texas, where are they? With Cornyn I do have a problem, he is kinda shaky, but I did not expect that from the others. Now if SCOTUS rejected Texas case, why dont all states that believe in the fraud send their own case? SCOTUS needs to take this case because it’s a matter of time and the livelihoods of millions of American citizens.

  28. Tubby2By4 says

    Where is that worthless rep. Grothman from WI. I don’t see his name on this list. And he just won reelection. SAD!!

  29. Countryboy says

    “Rino” Repubs, time to go. Thanks for your loyalty You worthless POS ! I see none are from my State, Washington. I and my family and friends will remember that, “Cathy McMorris Rogers! Thanks for nothing you lying bitch!

  30. Katydid says

    I have written my Senator, Mitt Romney, but I doubt if he will do anything that would help Donald Trump, whether it be right or wrong, he cannot bring himself to do anything for Trump. I am hoping that he will repent and do what’s right, that his state voted him in to do.

  31. michael mcgilvery says

    where is Mr. Simpson from my state of Idaho? He has been in office since 1999 and what the hell has he done?. I will help defeat him in the next election.

  32. DAV says

    IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY ! Republicans who do not help President Trump have vested financial interests and they don’t want to draw attention to themselves by ‘rocking the boat’ !

  33. James says

    We all need to fight like this is the end. Because once the fabric of our democracy is gone it will not be returning. Justice is meaningless if not equal for all. Maybe Texas should be the first to secede from the Union. It seems the only way to get their attention will be extremes. May God’s will be done.

  34. James says

    Maybe Texas should be the first to secede from the Union. It seems only extremes will get their attention!

  35. Nurex35 says

    It’s time for two things Republicans and Conservatives to do. First, change the name of the Republican Party. Call it the MAG Party or the American Freedom Party; the fact is, the “Republican” Party died during the 2015 debates and 3016 election when Trump beat 16 Establishment Republicans. It’s Trump’s party now, not the Republicans especially since 52 decided not to seek re-election in 2018 and, a majority of them were MIA during the 2020 campaign. The fact is, they just want to revert back to the days of appeasement and good ol’ DC politics. Basically, business as usual.
    Second, time for Conservatives, TEA party types, supporters of the Constitution and other Patriots to refer to themselves as Constitutionalists, not conservatives. I’d rather have a fight not against liberals and progressives vs traditional values and conservatism which is a losing strategy but, one that supports the Constitution as written, which is what the Founders intended. “Are you got the Constitution or against it?” That’s the argument. IOW, do you support individual rights and freedom or do you want government telling us what to do. That’s a winning strategy and gets rid of the RINO element of the party.

  36. BEN says

    Only with NUMBERS can we overcome this fraudulent ELECTION.

  37. Patty says

    Mr.Biggs, Mr.Gosar, thank you! Now, how can you get a Republican call going to recall Katie Hobbs? She shot ALL of Arizona voters in the back! She is “ supposed” to be non-partisan as our Secretary of State, but—— she blatantly called our President Trump and all his supporters” nazis”! If anyone is a Nazi it is her! She needs to go ASAP!

  38. Donna Woodall says


  39. toots says

    No I am from Alaska and we have the betrayer Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan and Don Young. None of them are worth a hoot.

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