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Sherriff Says “Americans Should Be Angry and Outraged” Over Biden’s Immigration Policies

Maryland’s Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins spoke with Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy recently, warning, “Americans should be angry and outraged,” over Biden’s immigration policies. Why? He argues Biden has “effectively and functionally dismantled ICE, basically telling the agents to stand down.”

Under Biden’s new rules, enforcement virtually disappears, with immigrants no longer deported over felony crimes like DUI, tax evasion, or assault. The Biden administration’s goal is to encourage illegal immigrants to illegally cross our borders, find work without fear of deportation or being separated from their family.

However, the policy changes will result in disaster for the nation’s safety. If those crossing the southern border can do so without consequences, what will keep Mexico’s drug cartel leaders from expanding their territory north of their border? What will slow down human trafficking of women and children across international boundaries? What will stop the spread of COVID-19 from other nations into our own nation?

In a word, nothing. There is no plan to stop criminal activity or test border jumpers for the coronavirus. As Sheriff Jenkins reported, “These types of laws lead to more victims of crime, more violent crime, gangs infiltrating this country.”

Even in areas where Trump’s border wall already exists, there is little hope of slowing illegal activity without enforcement. Without following through on laws, it will be as if they do not exist.

America’s border patrol already handles 3,000-3,500 illegal border crossers per day. Once people realize there will be no consequences for entering the nation illegally, we can expect this number to spike exponentially.

What will be the toll on America with one million-plus illegal immigrants joining our communities EVERY YEAR during Biden’s administration? Most people think in terms of job loss or strains on community services, but there is much more to consider.

Many of these immigrants will include families with children. Kids who are brought here with no choice of their own aren’t to blame, but these children will soon show up in greater numbers in public schools. Many will be unable to speak the language and will slow down the progress of the entire class. Health issues may also be a concern, particularly if immigrant students have had no health checks and are missing standard vaccinations.

And that’s on top of the fact, that they’re parents aren’t likely paying any taxes to help cover the cost of their schooling in these communities.

And where will all these new neighbors live? No one is really sure, but starting at a lower income level will require renting or buying in low-income neighborhoods already under significant strains. Both of which will push up prices that Americans have to deal with.

There is also a connection between immigrant jobs and Biden’s push for a $15 nationwide minimum wage. Expect to see pressure for increased jobs outside the system, paying immigrants less to avoid paying Americans more.

Safety, health, jobs, education, housing—the long-term damage of Biden’s immigration policies are leading toward costs far beyond the so-called racist and unaffordable border wall developed by Trump. For those concerned about the future of America, we must quickly address those entering our states to make sure law and order does not turn into crime and chaos.

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  1. Mouse says

    First biden should be removed from office through a recall election. Then all the illegals in the use should be hunted fown and deported using whatever force is necessary. We must fight back against the usurper and his ILLEGAL regime.

  2. Zepher Zipping says

    If the wall was up Bidens illegal immigration wouldn’t be a problem because they would have to come in legally , biden has broken the law , and should be considered a coyote , it’s a jail sentence and impeachment is an option that’s all to real . Democrates have broken there promise to serve and protect , Kamal and her thugs of un-American politician’s bailed blm and antifa out of jail so they can continue to riot loot burn cities and towns she said they should never stop ! she should be impeached also .

  3. Edie M Faylor says

    Both the president and the vp need to be impeached/removed from office. My personal preference is to hold a new election, only in person and mail in for the troops over seas. Doesn’t anyone have the guts to do this????

  4. JoJo Gator says

    I’m with you Edie Faylor and Mouse Says….this God awful president needs to be ousted and a re-election should take place. Going forward everyone should have to use their fingerprint to vote along with a state issued ID or legal voter’s registration. This country will go straight to hell in the next four years if this pres and vp are not put out.

  5. Mike says

    ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! By creating rules and orders that go against the constitution of the United States Biden and Harris are both guilty of crimes against the Government. They should both be impeached and removed from office and barred from holding any government office in the future as well.

  6. Davy Jones says

    One thing you have to remember is Biden is not smart enough to do this on his own. Obama is now in his third term and he an other idiots are running the country now. They are responsible for every thing Biden does and if Biden was replaced it would be the same thing. The Republicans have also turned against the American people. Most of them are RHINOS run and paid off by none other than George Soros. Even Obama is getting paid handsomely by Soros. I really believe that there is going to be a civil war in the making and the only thing that could stop it is complete gun control even if it involved killing American citizens to achieve it. Gun control will be the first thing done to start dismantling the Constitution. Therefor the civil war had better start real soon. The other alternative is states leaving (seceding from) the Union and there are at least three states considering it right now and they are all Republican states. Folks you had better pay close attention to what is going on and do every thing you can to protect you family and property.

  7. Bruce says

    We are doomed since no one in Congress or otherwise, has the balls to stand up to these socialist criminal morons and do away with them and their socialism, forever. The ignorant youngsters that think they like this crap should go live in Venezuela. If the military does not step up and fix this, we are done. No worries though. Soon President Xi will bury Biden and WillysCamelHo, and issue orders on how to do everything for his new nation Amurika China East.

  8. TheIcecube says

    Well gee, did not see that coming.

  9. Lola says

    And the democrats and RINOs are impeaching Trump for something he did not do?!?

    If Biden’s executive orders aren’t an impeachable offense, I don’t know what is. I’m sick and tired of the democrats doing whatever they they choose and getting away with it. They have been doing it so long, they expect a pass and they get it. It’s so obvious they stole the election AND NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT. Whoever dreamed this would happen? A civil war would be better than living under this regime. IMPEACH BIDEN. HOLD ALL WHO HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS STOLEN ELECTION ACCOUNTABLE FOR TREASON.

  10. Cliff says

    I agree..The ONLY way to get a “free and fair election” ever again is to do it over, and ELIMINATE the ” fraud by mail”, and the electronic “voting machines” that were proven to be “programmed” to “flip” (or add the votes for biden) via the internet connections, (which was tried to be covered up), manipulated data, installed viruses, and the installation of algorithms that changed the vote if they “sensed ” biden was losing, (and he WAS big time)
    This was all in a SWORN affidavit from our embassy in Italy, that CAUGHT the IT Tech that was given the codes and access to OUR military-grade cyber warfare encryption technology, and to transmit the “changed” to U.S “voting machines”via satellite to a server in Frankfurt Germany HE WAS CAUGHT as I said , and stated he will testify and name names if he and his family are “protected” from U.S “deep state operatives” that devised this nefarious plan to steal the election.

  11. broadcastdude says

    This more proof that democrats can’t run a lemonade stand.

  12. Tired of demoncrats says

    Republicans, find you intestinal fortitude or your set, and take a stand against this president. We endured 4 years of lies and fake collusion investigations. Make them pay for 4 years with their lies and stealing, corruption and inciting of the left against honest citizens on the right.

  13. Larry! says

    The entire govt. needs to be impeached and recalled. We do need to start over with term limits

  14. JOE MENZA says

    First of all Biden wasn’t legally elected … he’s not even worthy of being ‘considered’ a president and he’s as ‘morally bankrupt’ to this country as any liberal reprobate would be! For ANY TRUE AMERICAN to accept this proven life-time failure and his ‘off-the-wall’ executive orders’is an insult to God by not using the free gift of ‘common sense’ He gave us because common sense is never used other than to make a situation better and this is a time to start using it! This illegal cowardly moron and his ‘communist’ party is tearing the country down and we are simply allowing him to do it with a Chinese made pen! This country BELONGS TO THE CITIZENS, NOT TO A POLITICAL PARTY! It’s time to show what Americans are made of and stand up for ourselves. Playing by ‘the rule of law’ is a tragic human mistake and shows a high sign of cowardliness! The revolutionists faced the same situations and they DID THE RIGHT THING …. not by accepting ‘the rule of law’ but by ‘accepting to remove’ those that thought they should!

  15. Connie says

    Is what Biden doing against the law??why can’t they arest Him and get Them out of office?? All of this that is going on, I’m afraid all the time, it’s hard reading about everything thing He keeps doing, somebody needs to help us!

  16. Brenda says

    How is it that Biden can pass all those laws and they stopped every which way, Biden is bad for Americans!

  17. Tanya says

    It’s a sad time in AMERICA . So many are crying out for help and justice. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHERE IS IT?

  18. John says

    Come on Man, give him a break. Our Dear Leader is a wonderful Human pile of fungus. Just bus all of his new voters to DC and put them on the Capitol side of the new border wall. They will be safe there and President Triple 6 can visit with them every day. Pelosi can share her special ice cream with them and AOC can have a reason to fear for her life if things don’t work out. And the swamp will be in good hands.

  19. Ann says

    We all know Biden and the left is trying to destroy America.. what I don’t understand ,where is the military are they afraid of the left and the deep state…. We need help .. they want us at home and business,churches,and schools, closed and open borders for drugs,and disease and Covid in.. WHERE IS THE MILITARY? Pls save our country.

  20. Sir Arthur says

    We knew that any Democrat elected president would give us the immigration policies that we are seeing from Biden. To the Democrats, it’s all about future votes for them by illegals on the public dole, to ensure the Dems stay in power. They do not care about the good of the country – only their own power. And, of course, enriching themselves. Want to become wealthy as a Democrat? Get elected to Washington! Only answer would be for the border states to somehow enact state policy and laws that will protect their sovereignty from illegals on their soil, and permit them to act accordingly – through border protection, deportation, arrest and force, if necessary. To hell with Biden and the Washington Dems! Border state officials have the responsibility to protect their citizens. Let them do it, with the help of those citizens if necessary.

  21. mountainman says

    I think that a way to pay some of the expense would be to tax (at 50%) all the money being sent from the USA to mexico. Then maybe they would think twice about coming here and it would be harder, for those receiving the money, to be able to get here.

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