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Sean Parnell’s Lawsuit Lights the 2020 Election on FIRE

The Democrats wildly underestimated what Donald Trump’s vote totals would be in the 2020 election. This presented an obvious problem, because they hadn’t fabricated anywhere near the correct number of fake votes to steal the election through blue-state election chicanery. They had to pull so many ballots out of their rear ends that the result was ridiculously stupid and blatantly fraudulent to anyone with a double-digit IQ. Now all we have to do is prove it and guess what: A lawsuit in Pennsylvania has suddenly bulldozed its way onto the scene and wrecked Christmas for Joe Biden and Team Fraud.

Sean Parnell is a US Army veteran who was running for Pennsylvania’s 17th US House District. His opponent was Conor Lamb, who snuck into office during the 2018 midterms when the Democrat Party first started using Dominion Voting Systems machines in their trial run.

According to the fishy vote count, Parnell “lost” the 2020 race to Lamb by about 9,000 votes. Parnell called BS on this and filed a wickedly smart lawsuit against the State of Pennsylvania. Parnell’s case states that changes to Pennsylvania’s absentee voting laws was unconstitutional.

On Friday night of the Thanksgiving holiday, a District Court judge agreed!

Judge Patricia McCullough has not ruled on the case yet. However, she imposed an immediate injunction against the State of Pennsylvania to STOP vote certification.

Pennsylvania’s election results were a hot mess from top to bottom, in case no one notices. We have the Philly mob boss bragging that he personally dropped off 300,000 Biden-only ballots that he had manufactured in a sweatshop overnight, to the tune of $10 a ballot that he charged the DNC. There’s also the fact that Pennsylvania election officials received 1.1 million mail-in ballots over and above the number of ballots that they sent out. Oops.

But Sean Parnell’s lawsuit is much simpler than trying to tackle and prove those elements of the steal. Parnell’s suit charges that the Governor of Pennsylvania and the Secretary of State had no authority at all to switch to mail-in balloting.

Under Pennsylvania law, it requires a state constitutional amendment to expand absentee voting. Did the COVID kooks running Pennsylvania get a constitutional amendment passed while no one was looking? Why, no, in point of fact, they did not!

From Judge McCullough’s emergency injunction against certifying Pennsylvania’s results:

“Petitioners appear to have established a likelihood to succeed on the merits because Petitioners have asserted the Constitution does not provide a mechanism for the legislature to allow for expansion of absentee voting without a constitutional amendment.”

Yep. Governor Tom Wolf (D) and his Secretary of State violated the Pennsylvania state constitution by imposing mail-in voting.

Furthermore, Judge McCullough states in her injunction that Sean Parnell’s lawsuit is “likely to prevail” on constitutional grounds. She’s warning the Republican-controlled state legislature in Pennsylvania to prepare to seat Electors for the presidential race! In very real terms, this means that Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes will be taken away from Biden and transferred to Trump.

In terms of control of the House of Representatives, this is also huge. Parnell sued because the fraudulent mail-in ballots were how this House race was stolen out from under him. As of today, Republicans stand at 211 of the 218 needed to control the House. A number of races are still undecided – but Pennsylvania’s races have all been counted or “decided.”

The House races in Pennsylvania split evenly with 9 Democrats winning and 9 Republicans winning. But if 7 out of 9 of those races FLIP after the mail-in ballots are discarded, Nancy Pelosi will need to pack her stuff in a box and move back into the House Minority Leader’s office where she belongs.

If Parnell’s suit prevails, it will not provide enough Electoral College votes to assure President Trump’s triumphant second term. But it’s a huge step closer. Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada are still up for grabs. Trump’s various legal teams will still have to snag at least two more of those states to reach 270 in the Electoral College.

Judge McCullough will rule on Parnell’s suit sometime in the next week. This is huge! Get ready, because this is the beginning of the result that we all knew was coming. Prepare to bask in liberal tears once again.


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court immediately inserted itself into this case over the weekend and ruled that PA’s mail-in ballots could not be discarded. The reason? The court said that Parnell should have filed his case a year ago if he had a problem with the Pennsylvania Governor illegally changing the rules.

This is a good thing! Parnell’s case can now skip straight to the federal court system, rather than wasting any more precious moments in the District courts.

And for the record, the PA Supreme Court ruling is ridiculous. If changing the election rules arbitrarily was unconstitutional yesterday, it is still unconstitutional today, no? There is no Statute of Limitations on unconstitutionality!

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  1. Patty says

    I hope Parnell wins this case! It will show that cheaters never win, and we CAN get justice for those who have been cheated! We all must stand behind those who are bieng cheated, and give them the win they truly had! If this mess isn’t straightened out now, it will show that good honest people have NO chance in this country! And—- if joebama steals this election, our country is delivered into the hands of the destroyer Obama!

  2. Sharon says

    Agree, we must fight for America, it’s our only hope to escape socialism.

  3. Steve Startz says

    Democrats corruption and treason have been blatantly obvious for 12 years now!
    To watch morons like the democrats continue to play checkers against a Savant of Trumps caliber at dimensional chess is increasingly humerus!!
    As the Demscum continue their treason it will soon move from humerus to out right delightful Laughter as we watch them hang for treason as the largest crime in America’s history committed during democrats attempted coup unfolds exposing democrats for what they are! The sweat that drips from the devils balls!!!

  4. James Hays says

    The only way we will ever have a free and honest presidential election is to print the ballot for this office on that years income tax form. If you don’t file a new income tax form, you don’t vote for a president. It is too easy to “fix” the present method of elections. And, I fear, we will not have an “honest” election until certain changes are made in the qualifications of voters, as this years presidential election fully shows.

  5. alicia regina cervera says

    Youre right. Its the only way to save us from communism and enslavement. President Trump won in a landslide and the CHEATERS in the donkey barn can NOT stand it ! Please Lord, SAVE OUR COUNTRY!!!

  6. Kevin says

    The Democrats keep saying not enough fraud to overturn election? When is enough? One deliberate fraud is too much but enough people under penalty of perjury hundreds around the country. If this is the case recount every vote supervised by both sides no matter how long or money it takes signature verification matching. Disqualify any votes that are not verified by signature and other means.

  7. Hal Lemoyne says

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2022 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  8. J. Boost says

    That sounds brilliant!
    And I see it as legally sound, too.

  9. JoeyP says

    May Governor WOLF and ALL his ILK be sent to FEDERAL PRISON for a LONG time for SEDITION and TREASON . . . if not PERMANENTLY! GITMO and LEAVENWORTH (a military PRISON guarded by M16 wielding GUARDS) will do FINE. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  10. Lucky Lee says

    Hopefully all will come out in the wash the dems need a taste of Gods power over the world to many people will suffer mentally physically a d financially under dems rule of do as I say not as I do or that rule of law only applies to you’ll not to the rich and corrupt of our society carma nearly always wins over the sinners of this world in my time on this earth God Bless America and let’s get back to America as it was intended to be .

  11. Frank W Brown says

    Can you say INSURRECTION ACT???
    Can you say MARTIAL LAW???
    Can you say GITMO for CHEATERS???

  12. Ferrell Sullivant says

    Any voter fraud has to be put in front of the US supreme court and processed. Vote fraud is fed. law-breaking and as such would carry a much higher jail time. Also, it would get all of them. No matter who they are. No wiggling out of it no pardons or sidestepping. Everyone that had anything to do with this needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of our law.

  13. Robert Cooper says

    You must support President Trump or you may as well consider yourself a resident of Cuba. The Democrats have cheated ,lied and stolen everything from our great President Trump to win.
    And our great President caught them red handed.
    Biden never thought he would ever get caught!!!!

  14. Marsha Smith says

    If we, the people, do not excise/remove the source, we will have this to deal with in 2 years and every voting year thereafter. REMOVE THE SOURCE:: George Soros, put a lien on ALL his money AND, shut down ALL of his 172 corporations. PUT THIS EVIL MAN OUT OF BUSINESS AND IN GITMO or, better still IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD !!

  15. Old wolf says

    I’d like to thank governor wolf for stealing my vote and giving it to the delusional democrats . Guess who’s not getting my vote again . Your a disgrace to the state of Pa for your part in the corruption of the delusional democrats . Now I wonder why I should vote again when you can steal my vote so easy . But I still wonder why you sold your soul to the devil for the little bit of money they payed you to lost any faith you might of had . See how you fair on judgment day when you stand there with no integrity in front of God . That’s if you even care . You truely are a delusional democrat to the core . Hope it was worth it . May God have mercy on you , I won’t

  16. Norine Levy-Hughes says

    “GOD repays people according to their deeds. HE treats people according to their ways. For GOD carefully watches the way people live; HE sees Everything they do. NO darkness is thick enough to hide the wicked from HIS eyes… HE brings the mighty to Ruin without asking anyone, and HE SETS up others in their places. HE watches what they do, and in the night HE overturns them, Destroying them. HE openly Strikes them down for their Wickedness.” (Job 34) I send these WORDS of GOD to Manifest CONTINUOUSLY throughout the DNC-Democrats Joe, Hunter Biden family members money 💰 laundering, kickbacks, Dominion Smartmatic Owners-stealing cheating-payoffs-voting ballots corruption, Soros, Clinton’s, ALL connected-involved with all of these wicked actions, conspiracies operating Against GOD’S PLANS-Agenda for The White House Pres Trump-America. I send GOD’S WORD Amos 1st chapter; GOD will send down 🔥 fire on the walls of Satan and Destroy ALL fortresses that’s operating in all of these involved with these vile deeds, I loose the BLAST of GOD’S BREATH TO cut off completely, Consume, Uproot ALL monies, Wealth, Now , Suddenly! No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. I DECREE in JESUS NAME and AUTHORITY Forever!!

  17. John Gringham says

    You lost, get over it!!
    It’s time to come together as a country and go after the real rich oligarchs running this country!
    Semper Fi

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