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Portions of Trump Border Wall Removed to Make Trafficking and Illegal Immigration Easier

If there was ever proof that Trump’s border wall worked, it was found near Tucson, Arizona. The Gateway Pundit reported on Sunday that large sections of the border wall have been removed, making drug trafficking and illegal immigration easier for those seeking to enter the nation.

If walls don’t work, why have large portions been removed? We all know why. Even though a wall is not perfect, it certainly makes travel more difficult. Remove the wall, remove the problem. With Biden’s new open border policies, might as well make it easier for people (and drugs and weapons and who knows what else) to travel as well.

“Drug traffickers only have to cross about 65 miles of desert to reach the city and the endless network of isolated trails along the way provide the perfect path to complete the journey undetected,” according to the report.

“Smugglers are now free to go back and forth as they please, all they need to do is look both ways and make sure there is no agent in sight – and thanks to the fiasco border agents are dealing with, there usually isn’t one,” the Gateway Pundit added.

First, Biden ended construction of the border wall by executive order on his first day in office. The move ended thousands of jobs and harmed the national security of our country.

Second, the president ended nearly all deportations for 100 days through executive order.

Third, he reinstated the Obama era catch and release policy to allow those illegal immigrants who are caught to remain in the U.S. while waiting for their immigration hearing, which is usually two years down the line.

The result? We’re at more than 1.2 million illegal immigrants and growing this year. We’re currently on track for more than 2 million by the end of 2021. That’s more people than the entire of state of Delaware where Biden previously lived.

The Biden administration claims their moves are more humane and compassionate. However, a look at the border area shows increased drug trafficking and human trafficking. Thousands of unaccompanied children live in large government housing centers. Entire towns have been overrun just by COVID-19 positive illegal immigrants in Texas.

This is not compassionate. This is insane. No one who wants a secure and safe nation leaves their door wide open for anyone to cross. That’s why Texas eventually took matters into its own hands. They’re now arresting people at the border, but the numbers are far too many to keep up. Thousands have already been arrested, but then what? Only so many can be jailed.

If they are sent back, they can just try again and hope to not be spotted by Texas authorities the next time. It’s a losing battle, but at least Texas is trying.

Now the state is even working on its own fencing system. It might not stop everyone, but it will help. It’s at least better than cutting down the wall and inviting people to walk right in like the latest scene in Arizona.

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  1. ilene says

    while I hate to see them in the US, I LOVE that they are invading AZ. I hope they destroy the whole state that illegally voted for Biden.

  2. Den says

    Put him in a nut house prison.

  3. Den says

    Worst then that.

  4. Doris lauter says

    Biden is insane, and doesn’t belong in the white house. Can’t someone with a brain stop him? We will be living like a pile of ants, all on top of each other. It isn’t fair to Americans. The dregs of the world are coming to your neighborhood.

  5. Gerald Ladd says

    Doris, do you know any demonrats, that have a brain?

  6. Richard Hull says

    Biden is certifiably insane. His lack of mental capacity should be enough to have him removed from office

  7. Dennis Sumner says

    Anyone STILL don’t understand what the goal is here!? Well on our way to being just another third world country!!!

  8. Perry says

    Can’t wait to see the Chinese walk in.

  9. Tiredofit says

    I have never seen a more hateful, Dangerous or incompetent President and Congress. They are traitors.

  10. CAK says

    Maybe it’s time for Americans to form a human chain across the border.

  11. steve says

    The citizens and residents of this area need to take control of the situation. They need to go to these open areas with guns and shoot every single person that comes across the border . Enough is enough.

  12. bruce says

    Thats just it, AZ didn’t vote for Biden…The audit shows a whole bunch of illegal voting went on via mail in. I can guess who did that…

  13. Lemont Cranston says

    By whose authority is he doing this? He still works for “We the People” and “We stated, we want a wall!!!
    The Constitution grants him power to protect the boarders, not tear them down. Nor ignore the people he is charged to benefit. This is called treason! The whole of the democratic party has been treasonous and should be imprisoned or held in front of the firing squad. they are guilty of rejecting the Creator-God and the rights of the people for a god government and rights it gives.

  14. Wyatt Earp says

    If you know what TYRANNY GOVERNMENT IS then you know this Administration is it! We need to STAND UP AND REMOVE ALL! THEN EXECUTED THEM BY FIRING SQUAD! They can try to talk their way out with their LYING! But it to stay in power and control over you!

  15. Richard Kaiser Sr says

    Its hard to believe someone his age with grandchildren would want to F__K up the whole country for his grandchildren. What a legacy to leave them. Imagine going down in history of being the worst president the USA has ever had. If he had any common since left in that very empty brain of his he would do the right thing and step down as president. He’s flat out disgusting and the biggest embarrassment this country has ever had. If he doesn’t have enough brain left for that decision you would think his Loving wife would be looking out for him and convince him its time to step down. Oh yes and she’s a doctor, should be a no brainer for her to help her husband out.

  16. DDSieler says

    This so called leader couldn’t lead a parade of clowns. He’s a puppet in the eyes of the world and he needs to be sent packing back to his beloved Delaware. I’m being nice..I really know what he needs and it ain’t pretty. He’s broken his oath of office and the Constitution and needs to be Impeached! What I’d give to take him behind a woodshed!

  17. Chad Stuart says

    That idiot in the WH has lost his mind!! How long are we going to sit back and let this deranged idiot destroy our country?? We The People must demand that he be removed from office immediately!!

  18. Richard Kaiser Sr says

    Well lets hope before that happens the people of this country will exercise the 2nd amendment rights and defend the constitution.

  19. MHK says

    America’s worst enemy is squatting in Our White House.

    We will not be America til he’s removed.

    Not a day goes by that the corruptocrat does another destructive action.

    Welfare, safety, diseases, hospital help, police, OUR MILITARY. THE ASSHAT HAS TO BE REMOVED TO SAVE AMERICA.

  20. EB says

    Biden needs to be impeached along with Harris and imprisoned!!!

  21. Philip Bargioni says

    The Democratic Party is now a terrorist organization which is trying to destroy the USA, and they don’t care if they kill a few people on the way to hell.

  22. D-Day says

    For those of you that do not believe that evil exists, just take a look at what’s going on in America today. How can this be happening? Who agrees with any of the mandates and executive orders that are being forced upon us today? This fraudulent, unconstitutionally installed regime of Barack Hussein Obama, Kamala Harris, and puppet Joe Biden, is the work of pure evil! If our elected Congress men and women aren’t going to stop any of this, and our military isn’t going to stand up for the country, where do we go from here?

  23. Jack Livingston says

    Mr. Biden,

  24. Dan says

    Insist gov ducky BUILD THE WALL! If biden won’t defend our borders its up to state governor’s. BUILD THE WALL DUCEY! Don’t be that rino you have become.

  25. CAROL says

    We have to replace all of them. IMPEACH,IMPEACH, AND IMPEACH SOME MORE DEM’S! NOT WORTH A DIME .

  26. Vance says

    The really sad part is you can’t even ask him why he has done this to our immigration policies. He just walks away. He has no response. The entire administration needs to be removed.

  27. martin smith lll says

    A county without borders, is not a country! We are standing by and just watching these radicals destroy out country! We should be going to war with these people, (demorats-rinos and anyone who is against America!!!

  28. Linda Rea says

    Isn’t anyone except the Democrats looking at what this is doing for future generations of Americans?(White/Black/brown/yellow, etc) What are we leaving for our children/grandchildren/great grandchildren/etc? I am all for legal immigration but not what is happening now!

  29. Patty says


  30. Wayne says

    What is wrong with this, is it Arizona that has made this decision or the Biden Administration !!! Obvious the Biden administration , The Moron in the White House continues to make it easier for illegal aliens to break the Laws that this country has . Aiding these illegals to break the law, Laws that this president has taken an oath to uphold !!! Totally disregarding the law !!!

  31. Walter says

    The entire government is CORRUPT and the DEMOCRATS are in full control.
    So they only ones left are the CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS and there are not enough of them to get the job done.
    As Biden once said people only have small arms and I have big arms with our MILITARY behind me!!!!!!!

  32. Gerry says

    CAK — a human chain with many many weapons — that is the only way to stop this intentional invasion of scum the democrap want to call voters.

  33. Gerry says

    Walter — don’t be so sure the military will be behind you with the likes of puppets milley and austin calling the shots.

  34. Gerry says

    Question is — why is Arizona complying with the insane pedophile’s lunacy ??? Fight it in court, which should take a year or 2 and that will be enough time for the pedophile to be gone.

  35. Bruce says

    With China Joe’s handlers running the country, better learn to speak either Mandarin or Cantonese.

  36. Roger E Whitlock says

    All the american people need to stand up and demand this deranged idiot Biden, should be
    removed from office and put in jail.

  37. Chuckles47 says


    IF the story is based on that picture…

    THAT was examples of possible wall types to be chosen from to build the wall.

    there were no ‘sections removed’

  38. Bidencheats says

    Joe Biden and Klann are bringing in super-spreaders of Covid 19 got to keep the ball rolling so they have control over everyone.

  39. Edward says

    I’m going to ask what can the American people do to stop this we need to get together together we stand.does that mean anything any more I’m willing to fight to save our country

  40. Edward says

    Will anyone stand with me

  41. Frank says

    The Dems have no common sense and poor critical thinking skills. They are trying to pass these 2 bills because they want to take over your voting rights and give you a bunch of stuff we can’t afford but will enslave you to the Democrat party.

  42. Frank Paul Atwood says

    Anyone who believes Arizonians voted for Biden is those who are one with these Communist Socialist Democrats who lie cheat and have bought people, in power, souls with filthy money they take from their Communist friends all over the world. You who take the vaccine, you took it through fear and not knowing God, period. And why did you take it? It’s because your masters tell you to. Thusly you’ve become useful idiots for those who hate America and what it use to stand for, TRUTH, and FREEDOM. The left hates truth and many politicians on the right as well are traitors to the oaths they gave to defend America, which they don’t anymore. It’s all about money, power, and hypocrisy.

  43. jesse williams says

    we all bitch and whine just to set on the sidelines and watch.

  44. Crazy ole man says

    Shoot anyone comming across

  45. Cheryl says

    I am an American Patriot. I will Stand Up For America. I did not put these Idiots in office that HATE America. The whole Biden Administration needs to be put in the DC jail for LIFE! I pray for those who are American Supporters that are still held in the jail and beaten. Pelosi, Sanders, Schumer, Obama, The Clintons also need to be jailed for their Crimes against The American people and our Country. GOD BLESS THE USA!

  46. Joaquin says

    Everything that Biden does makes me believe that he act more like our enemy instead of our president. I truly believe that the corrupt Democrats are on a mission to destroy America as we know and like it. This whole ordeal has the American people stressed out to the max. I sure hope that we can destroy these Traitors by putting all of them in prison for at least 30 years that way we can hope that they will die in prison.

  47. EUGEN says


  48. Old Man says

    Maybe we should channel all that energy and shott the ones who are allowing all this to happen Steve ?

  49. john lukasik says

    EDWARD , there are many MANY who will stand with you ! Problem is every word texted is watched , reported , and followed through by agencies ! So , how do we get together ? Like biden says …. You will need jets and tanks and more to get the job done ! l o l

  50. Old Man says

    OK , so it is COMMON KNOWLEDGE that bidden has over a 40 + year of records of being a LIAR , a theif , and “possibly” even a murderer ? He has broken his vows to protect AMERICA & AMERICANS !!! That enough should get that DIRT BAG arrested , tried , and hung for treason , so why isn’t our military taking charge ??? After all , this affects THEIR FAMILIES TOO !!! There is quickly becoming a massive stir to a boiling point in our country !!! I remember biden challenging anyone to try and take him down ( even President Trump ) I had my two shots (( of whiskey )) that is so I am considering my self NATURALLY VACCINATED (l o l ) and yet , there is talk about not allowing the unvaccinated to have a RIGHT to go to a grocery store for food supplies ? Why isn’t there talk about protecting the unvaccinated from the VACCINATED ??? if all this shit keeps moving forward , not only will we not have a country anymore , BUT WE WILL ALL LOSE OUR LIVES AND BE TERMINATED !!! COME ON MAN !!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Sandra Smith says

    @Ilene: It wasn’t Arizonans who voted for Biden; it was those tallying the votes who allowed unlawful “votes” to be counted; punishing the voters for their evil act is wrong!

  52. Eric says


  53. Rickey Lampard says

    Get this communist out of government.
    This is a down right traitorous traitor moving as a person of this kind of influence !!!
    Someone up there need to act !!!!! Now !

  54. Eric says

    Hopefully tomorrow the GOP Reps in the House hit hard and heavy against “Sec of Defense” Lloyd Austin and “Gen” Mark Milley in that hearing about their Afghanistan “evacuation” disaster!!

  55. narb says

    Just kill the BASTARD

  56. gshantz says

    Why doesn’t your report show the wall removal? The one pic shown is from before the wall was ever built. Makes me question your report.

  57. mike says

    what a shame america a name that has so much meaning god help us all

  58. Amelia Medeiros says

    I agree with all that has been said. This man does not belong in the WH. He is ruining our country especially with the open borders. What kind of a brain does that to our country. This is soooo scary especially for a very old senior, I just want to cry when I see what is happening to our beloved country.

  59. Eric says

    Makes me want to cry, too, everyday. Its like we’re living in an apocalyptic time.

  60. Doris Lauter says

    EXPEDITE THE IMPEACHMENT.! he just tore down millions of dollars of wall he left paid for slats out to rust. He is the enemy of the people.

  61. Chad Stuart says

    There are state and federal charges when you assist in criminal activity. What Joe Biden is doing is criminal and he should be held accountable. It is pathetic, disgusting and disgraceful when a sitting President blatantly assist in criminal activity and he thinks just because he’s the President he can do whatever he wants. At the end of the day he still works for the American people. Furthermore when the DOJ sits back and allows Biden to do what he is doing they become part of the corruption.

    Then we go into Afghanistan and instead of using the military to guard Kabul while the Americans and Afghan allies are gotten out. He jerks the military out causing pure chaos ending up costing the lives of 13 military servicemen and a servicewoman, plus thousands of more lives of innocent civilians. Then Biden gives a Terrorist organization a list of Americans and Afghan allies they are looking for so they can fly them to the US. When he aided the Terrorists with list Biden committed a treasonous offense. Biden should face a court martial for aiding the enemy with this. These are just a few things Biden has done where he should be impeached and removed from office immediately.

    Then we go into the mind set of Joe Biden. There is no way with cognitive issues Biden that he is making the decisions that are being made. Plus things that are happening Obama has said he would do if he was allowed to serve a 3rd term. Biden is already the laughing stock in the international community and they do not trust him.

    Lastly Biden is pushing for a $4 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. There is talk that Congress doesn’t even know what’s in the bill, there is one section on page 169 of 2,500 pages that says if a business does not mandate/ force all employees to get vaccinated that the business owner could be fined up to $700,000. This is total bullshit and just like the day he was sworn when he signed an executive order that killed thousands of jobs on the Keystone Pipeline, this section would bankrupt small businesses and force them to close. Just like before he is violating the US Constitution by forcing Americans to get vaccinated. As we speak he is giving Soldiers dishonorable discharges for not getting vaccinated. One soldier interviewed he is a veteran from Afghan war, he has a heart condition and his doctor stated he recommended not to take the shot and he is facing a dishonorable discharge. Biden is doing all of this while he is letting thousands of Haitians and Hispanics into the US and they are not being tested nor vaccinated, and doctors have found 20% of the immigrants Biden is letting in has the coronavirus and Biden is placing these people all over the country causing more spread of the virus.

    When will “We The People” stand up and say enough is enough and demand that Biden be removed from Office?

  62. Bad Bill says

    The legal voters voted for Trump; the election was stolen by Biden.

  63. Jerry Sowards says

    WTH is wrong with this supposed American , and the rest of his cohorts ? Should park every illegal next door to anybody who voted for this , that is if anyone will admit to it .

  64. Doris Gruver says

    If we the people broke just one law that this air head in the out house has done we would be in jail for the rest of our lives and yet the courts sit on their asses and allow this poor excuse for a human to put this country down the crapper but why should they care because they have the money to get the hell out and watch it all go down as my husband use to say money talks and bull shit walks

  65. SMITH says


  66. Harry Balls says

    Enough of this turd and his liberal horse shit!!

  67. Cheryl says

    Since Biden or Kamala will not go to the border, send ALL ILLEGALS that are here to the WH and DELAWARE TO BIDENS HOUSE. We will see what DUMB AND DUMBER do then! PRAY FOR A MIRACLE! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  68. Gerry says

    WTF is wrong with Arizona that they have gone along with this insane illegitimate corrupt jerkoff and his insane mandates ?????? Again I say — this is a total government/country conspiracy which consists of federal,state and local politicians along with all 3 branches of our federal govt and all the alphabet agencies to bring this country down. Why else would a state go along with biden’s insanity if they weren’t in on conspiracy ???

  69. jay says

    joe you are needed in the basement hunter is putting it to jill from the rear so hurry home you dumb ass stupid moron

  70. lorri buschmann says

    can someone tell me whos responsible to get the inpeachment started? is it the senate? or obama? or dems? I would really like to know why it isnt going forward they done it fast for trump. I want names of people who started that one, an wheree are they. we need him inpeached right now.

  71. theangler says

    In my opinion the Governors of the BORDER STATES should ARREST ANYONE REMOVING ANY PORTION OF THE BORDER WALL……there are a plethora of Federal and State Laws the Governors could arrest these folks who are destroying our security at the SOUTHERN BORDER. This destruction of the SOUTHERN WALL by President Biden might even be UNCONSTITUTIONAL because it is allowing an INVASION OF OUR COUNTRY by Illegal Immigrants, Terrorist and Drug Smugglers. IN FACT PRESIDENT BIDEN should be arrested for AIDING and ABETTING this illegal activity.
    This is my opinion and I am sure the President is protected by some law since nothing is being done! But why have not all 50 states NOT FILED A LAWSUIT AGAINST THIS ACTION???? Is the Democratic Party setting the U.S. up for another 9/11?

  72. Marilyn Mitchell says

    Biden is a bigger idiot than I first thought! He needs to be impeached NOW!

  73. cy says

    Biden needs to be removed from office by whatever means is necessary.

  74. Eric says

    The damn Obummers, Clintons, and Bush’s are those who are redistributing the damn Afghans (non-allies) and other illegals around the country!!!!

  75. Eric says

    Forgot to add ~~ just NOT within THEIR OWN community neighborhoods of course!!!!

  76. Sam says

    Biden, you’re one addle-brained, dumb DICK. Absolutely the stupidest person I’ve ever seen.

  77. Sam says

    Yes, Biden is tearing down our AMERICAN WALL but just spent under a half million dollar fence around his estate…damned hypocrite…YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS, BIDEN.

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