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Deep Dive: The Arizona Audit Revealed Much More Than Expected

The long-awaited results of the forensic audit in Maricopa County last week was a massive data dump. There was just too much information to really let it all sink in at once. As people continue reviewing the contents of the final report, they keep uncovering more examples of malfeasance.

We can say this with absolute certainty: The results in Arizona’s 2020 election are completely and permanently unknowable. It will be a mystery forever. Therefore, Joe Biden’s “win” in that state is invalid, and Arizona’s results should be decertified.

The media has become a caricature of itself by this point. They’re trying to gaslight people who are on the fence about the 2020 election, and to calm the amygdala of every liberal who was panicked about these audit results. Here’s a sampling of headlines.

Arizona Mirror: Arizona “audit:” A multitude of unsubstantiated claims and no proof of fraud.

Forbes: “Big Lie” election audits go on after Arizona.

Vox: Arizona finished its “audit.”

AZCentral: Arizona “audit” promoted doubt, not election integrity, analysts say.

Reuters: Truth is truth: Trump dealt blow as Republican-led audit reaffirms Biden win.

That Reuters headline is really a howler. As if the auditors somehow discovered a bigger gap between Biden and Trump after finishing their work. And what’s wrong with Forbes magazine? Wasn’t that magazine founded by a Republican who ran for president years ago? I also love the scare quotes they’re all using around the word “audit.” Stay classy, hot sidewalk garbage media!

These are obvious lies from the media. No sensible adult would believe these people. Just to recap, here are the numbers that received most of the focus over the weekend. Keep in mind that Joe Biden’s “victory” margin was 10,457 votes in Arizona.

The auditors discovered 17,126 people who double voted, or triple voted. They cast their mail-in ballot, and then they showed up in person and voted. That’s more than 1.5 times Biden’s alleged victory margin.

Another 57,734 ballots were discovered to have known critical issues. And those are separate from the 17,126 illegal double votes, bringing the total to 74,860 problematic ballots in Maricopa County’s 2020 election. Those numbers have received a lot of coverage so far.

But let’s go even deeper.

The auditors discovered that 23,344 people cast their ballots from their prior mailing address. Try to figure that one out. This finding caused the Maricopa County election swindlers to claim that the auditors are “staggeringly ignorant” and “intentionally misleading.” The supervisors actually claimed that this is legal under federal law.

Curiously, the supervisors did not cite which specific federal law allows this to happen. They’ve got me curious now, especially since there is no federal law for mail-in voting. Could you guys explain to all of us “staggeringly ignorant” rubes in MAGA hats how that works?

For example, if a voter moved from Phoenix to Wickenburg in Maricopa County and re-registered to vote at their new address, how did their ballot get sent to their prior mailing address? And how did they cast that ballot?

The postal service is not allowed to forward ballots to a new address. In fact, if a ballot comes back to the registrar’s office, that person is supposed to be removed from the voter rolls until they accurately update their registration. That’s under 52 U.S. Code § 20507(d). Notice that there’s an actual federal law that I can cite to make my case on that. What’s your excuse, Maricopa County?

And here’s an even more damning fact from the audit results: The auditors were unable to verify the identities of 86,391 people who voted in Maricopa County. The auditors checked the identities of every person who voted in Maricopa County based on their dates of birth, social security numbers, and other personally identifiable information that is available through public records over the internet.

Gee, I wonder why 86,391 people in a border state like Arizona would not have social security numbers, and yet voted in the 2020 election? I have an idea on that one, though. And there’s a federal law that covers it:

18 U.S. Code § 611(a) – “It shall be unlawful for any alien to vote in any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing a candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner.”

In case you’ve lost track, that’s 184,595 problematic, questionable, and illegal votes that were cast in Maricopa County that the auditors uncovered – compared to a 10,457-vote margin of “victory” for Biden. And we’re not even done going through all the numbers yet. Does that sound like the auditors “reaffirmed” Joe Biden’s win, as Reuters phrased it?

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  1. Rick Meredith says

    Did anyone expect the corrupt-main-stream media to do anything other than cherry pick what they wanted their mindless minions to know?

  2. Deborah A Pratt says

    Did we really expect them to admit their election was seriously compromised? That could lead to de-certification of their election and point the public attention in the direction of ‘other’ questionable results across the nation!! Since there really is NO definite results of this audit–where does the media think they have the right to imply there ‘is’ and suggest that their ‘wishful’ candidate actually ‘won’!! A ‘half truth’ is a FULL LIE!! So, once again the media is abusing their ‘freedom of the press’ to lie to the public!!

  3. Matthew says

    Your trying to say that the media is biased! Well what do you expect? If you look closely at that new 3.5 trillion dollar Bill that they the Federal government wants to pass ; you will see there is a section on there that says “ All Journalists Salaries will be compensated up to 50%”. So in essence that means the Feds own the Journalists cause they are paying them and the Feds are owned by Big Tech And Big Pharma who are paying all those Congressmen who do what they are told. Not one mention of doing the right thing or what is good for the American People. Besides we are talking about Journalist they can’t be the same as Reporters I was lead to believe Reporters report the news Journalist make up stories. Or am I wrong!

  4. Rene Rivera says

    Oi vey!

  5. mike l hutchings says

    WE KNEW THIS….the USA is being divided and conquered like Germany was….the same people that did that are doing this….Germany was the most complete country in Europe and had to be reduced in size and population to subjugate them… and we’re the most complete country in the world….I can only imagine the crimes against humanity we will be charged with to justify the destruction of our unique culture by the small and envious at home and abroad …..

  6. Mickey mouse says

    Looking like that it might be time to take up arms and start the revolution.

  7. Fortunate says

    because , this administration has neglected the USA & the American people just like Mr. Obama did , he only mad himself rich , & today Lori light foot has only done for the Black & brown people because she is a s big a racist as Obama is . I myself am a white person with brown skin but I have never seen such spiteful misconduct allowed by a mayor or person being paid by American’s taxes, If a white elected official had made such a statement like Lori light-foot did ” I will not speak to a white Journalist ” which is totally racist against white populace, it is discrimination against White people fully, they would have made that white elected official resign , why was she not forced to resign . This is the spiteful misconduct of a former federal prosecutor shame of our great state has people like this American are paying !!!

  8. Roland says

    That is the only way to repair a out of control administration.

  9. Crossram says

    I can’t wait till other States finish there Audits especially Pennsylvania were Governor Wolfe’s administration changed the voting Laws in the last days of the election.

  10. Bobby ~!~ says

    BOBBY ~!~

  11. J M says

    Just what did you expect from the government “controlled” main stream PROPAGANDA (FAKE) news networks.
    They are as crooked as the destructive administration now in office.

  12. Duane says

    Whenever the main stream media reporting they are lying. The weather channel gets it truthfully.

  13. Moshemlarry says

    Mickey Mouse,
    Where do we start, exactly?

  14. Camille Gilliam says

    From what I read early on there are a bunch of people that belong in prison. Who paid these people to do what they did?

  15. Kathe says

    I do not believe anyone expected just how corrupt, just how much fraud, just what a Mess the Arizona Audit of Maricopa County would reveal. One big horrendous Mess, and it explains why the Maricopa County Supervisors and Dominion put up such a fight because of huge neglect in checking the upkeep of the Voting machines, the fact there Was Internet Access to the Voter Machine and Someone had used the Internet to Access Votes. There were missing Ballots/Votes, Votes Cast but not counted, just on and on as to what the Arizona Auditors had found and reported to the Senate. There was Fraud, there was Corruption and Joe Biden can not claim he won Arizona because of the fraud found. The Arizona 2020 Elect0rate College must be Decertified due to the Amount of Ballot/Voter Fraud.

  16. Camille Gilliam says

    It sounds like they have a bunch that need to spend some time in jail for NOT doing their job and then lying about it.

  17. Isabel Casimiro says

    IT may turn out to be the only solution to a government gone bad.

  18. Marine Vet who cares says

    Now that it has come to light.. what are the people in charge going to do… Everyone knew this….they knew it would come out in the audit… And it did.. so the question is how are they going to make it right. Joe Biden and his Ho Harris cheated… We know they did… and they have no morols…like we won ha ha you can’t do anything about it…proof they have it. the question is can it change anything..

  19. Lowell Gallagher says

    I knew the democrats would paid off the audit
    We tax payers paid to cheat Trump out the the election we paid off judges people counting the votes and I bet the boxes for the mail votes had million of votes already In them before they left the warehouse

  20. amswierd says

    The final slap in the face to Americans ,is they found more votes for Bidumb .If the election was so accurate where did these votes come from?

  21. DANIEL says


  22. Amber Puckett says

    184,595 problematic votes. Now here’s wat is so SAD. Where any of these problematic votes to have President TRUMP’s name on them the journalist and the so called reporters from all the FAKE NEWS stations would be screaming about how corrupt and deceitful Trump is, but because his name isn’t there these SNOWFAKE reporters are giving the biggest corrupt gov a pass. I did NOT VOTE for this corrupt and deceitful gov and I will NEVER call this LIEING po💩 mr president because he’s NOT

  23. Eric says

    Wonder who the judicial process including the SCOTUS with the exception of Justices Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas, were cowardly kowtowing to re extensive and thorough investigations re the 2020 Election and 2021 Runoff Election fraud irregularities and other monkey business going on at some poll precincts around the country?!?!

  24. Eric says

    Same here, Amber, in fact I refer to them as Brainless Byedone and Hyena Harris!!

  25. Michael says

    This is how the demos have voters no Idea for their cases just voters, that’s why the demos are fighting the Id law?

  26. D-Day says

    Notice how the fraudulently installed deep State regime, along with the media, has already planted the seed that we are domestic terrorists, and racist, if we stand up for America? Now that the Arizona audit is complete, they will really demean any of us who stand up for our country against fraudulent election results. These deep Staters, are trying to make sure that legal voters can no longer decide who wins our elections. Even though it has become very apparent that Donald Trump won in November, our corrupt Supreme Court will not even attempt to look at this situation. Remember the case where 18 states attorneys trying to get the Supreme Court to look into the 2020 election results? What did the Supreme Court do? The answer is, they would not even listen to the case! That should tell you everything we need to know about our government now. The people that love America, freedom, and opportunity, no longer have a voice!!! In other words, put on your mask, take all the shots they want to shove in your arm, and shut the fuk up! How much more are we going to take before things get very ugly!?

  27. Peter Guild says

    Call a spade a spade. I don’t mean any racial slur by this. Peter Guild, Dorch

  28. Cheryl says

    They now show FRAUD in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin! With these 3 states alone, we know there is more FRAUD! The Election should be DECERTIFIED and President Trump should go to the WH and demand that they all should be put in the DC jail for LIFE! As far as Milley, Austin, Blinken and others in the Pentagon who left Our American people BEHIND, they should be put in the BRIG FOR LIFE! PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY! PRAY FOR ALL OUR POLICE OFFICERS AND MILITARY as they work everyday to protect our Country! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  29. Gary says

    This should answer for the Media’s CCP Grooming:
    From 2009 to 2017, CUSEF also hosted a range of dinners and meetings with executives and editors from 35 outlets, including Time magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, The Associated Press, and Reuters. The group’s FARA filings described the dinners, hosted by CUSEF founder Tung, as “invaluable for their effectiveness in engaging support from the leaders of the news industry.”
    One of those groups highlighted in the report is the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF). The group also sponsors many high-level dialogues between CCP officials and U.S. military and political figures
    CUSEF is a Hong Kong-based non-profit headed by billionaire and Chinese regime official Tung Chee-hwa that bills itself as an independent group working to provide U. S.– China dialogues and exchanges. But in reality, it “functions as a de facto front organization for the PRC [People’s Republic of China] government.

  30. Lyudmila says

    Who will be jailed for organizing mass fraud in the 2020 elections?

  31. Jackie Tutor says

    We have such corrupt people in the house and the senate but if we do not have an uprising as a country against what has just happened to the American voters it will be too late. Pray for our country and pray that God will strike these liars and thieves down and take them down once and for all.

  32. Mason says

    2 Simple questions: Were the 184,595 votes disqualified before or after the Biden 10,457 margin of his victory? Were the 184,595 votes all for Biden?
    What result is this audit revealing: Can the audit be used to disqualify AZ results and demand a recount? If not by any federal law, can the other states being audited have their results disqualified by any federal law? Is there any federal provision for a second vote to be required, upon a reasonable doubt due to audit results of the first vote, that could be used the overturn the first vote? If not, can Congress create such a vote retroactively, or the Supreme Court demand it by legitimacy?
    There HAS TO BE some outcome or it’s all whistling britches.


    Just think how long has this been going on what other election was rigged and how come every one of the commies doesn’t want to have voter verification like state picture id’s

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