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Kaboom: Wisconsin Senate Orders Full 2020 Election Audit

A state office in Wisconsin called the Legislative Audit Bureau wrapped up its 2020 election “audit” and issued a 168-page report to the legislature with recommendations. 81-million vote-getter Joe Biden (LOL) “won” Wisconsin by a margin of 20,682 votes in the November 2020 election.

The results of the audit were somewhat limited, due to the nature of the audit, the nature of the auditors, and the refusal of three Democrat-controlled counties in Wisconsin that completely refused to cooperate with the audit. But at the end of the day, there were still some shocking findings. These findings were shocking enough that the Wisconsin state senate took a surprise vote this week… to order a full statewide audit!

To be honest, this “audit” by the Legislative Audit Bureau was not a real audit-audit. It was nowhere near as thorough as the audit that is still ongoing in Maricopa County, Arizona right now. This was an audit similar to the results you get when you ask your 13-year-old to rake the leaves on the lawn. Some leaves certainly got raked, but… the end result wasn’t quite what you had envisioned. This preliminary Wisconsin audit was more like a “review,” to put it politely.

The auditor were all bureaucrats working a state office. They probably viewed the task like drudgery, or… raking the lawn, or something. They only reviewed small samples of ballots. Three counties refused to cooperate at all, as mentioned above. And these guys have none of the technical expertise of the auditors who are still reviewing Maricopa County. But they did find some interesting tidbits.

For example, they discovered that 59,465 newly registered voters had information that didn’t match up with the information on file with the state’s Department of Transportation. Whether these were illegal aliens, people who falsely registered and got to vote anyway, or something else, we don’t know. The audit wasn’t that thorough. It does however represent a margin of questionable statewide voters that is 3 times greater than Joe Biden’s margin of victory.

In addition, the Wisconsin auditors discovered that 44,272 people were allowed to vote without showing their ID. Wisconsin has been a voter ID state since Gov. Scott Walker signed it into law back in 2011. If you don’t show ID, you’re not allowed to vote there. 60,000 here, 40,000 there and suddenly we have discrepancies that are 500% larger than Joe Biden’s Wisconsin margin of victory in 2020.

In a sampling of mail-in ballots, the auditors discovered that 7% of “voters” only partially filled out their addresses. That statistically works out to tens of thousands of additional questionable ballots.

Furthermore, Wisconsin’s election systems have no way to flag double voters. In a sampling of just 24 mail-in ballots in one precinct, they discovered 4 individuals who had double voted. That is statistically a 16% double-voting failure among mail-in ballots! Or, with more than 2 million absentee ballots cast in Wisconsin in 2020, that translates to as many as 320,000 double votes (statistically).

Despite checking only limited samples of ballots across the state (and none in 3 Democrat counties), the auditors found 11 dead people who cast ballots in the 2020 election. They discovered a total of 12,565 dead voters on Wisconsin’s voter rolls after the election, when the Secretary of State was finally forced to remove them all. How many of those deceased people actually cast ballots? There’s no way to know for sure without a full, detailed, forensic audit.

Another finding: Wisconsin state law surrounding elections does not state whether drop boxes are legal to use or not. It’s an open question that the legislature there has never decided on, one way or another. Yet the Wisconsin Election Commission issued “guidance” for Democrat-run municipalities to use them anyway – which they did. What the WEC did actually equates to a state agency writing a law out of thin air, which the WEC isn’t allowed to do.

That’s just too many problems for any state legislature to ignore with a straight face, so the Wisconsin senate has now done the right thing. They’ve authorized a full audit, and hopefully they’ll bring in someone with some true expertise to do this right. Oh, and in case you’ve lost track, all of those and “anomalies” in Wisconsin represent about a 2,150% discrepancy between the official result and the actual potential outcome. No wonder the Wisconsin senate authorized a full audit. It’s starting to feel like maybe someone cheated in 2020!

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  1. Leo says

    The audit will only count if it forces the state to permanently eliminate way the demoncrats cheated.

  2. Norb says

    If the Audit demonstrates that Trump was in fact the winner, and the fact that Trump never conceded the election, as well as if other states audited results demonstrate Trump to be the winner; would this in fact fully validate that there was election fraud on a wide scale would it not also remove the Biden Harris Administration from the Presidency and immediately restore Trump to that Office until a new election was established? I hope the hell so! And every Bill signed into Law and Executive order of the Biden era would have to be vacated, declared null and void the very day Trump is restored to the Presidency

  3. Mickey mouse says

    So what big deal we all know that the Democrats have rigged all of the corrupt elections in favor of the corrupt president who now is in office. So what nobody’s going to be arrested for violating voter laws and even if they find out that the election was rigged. Nobody’s gonna go to jail. So let’s just stop all of the bullshit unless we’re talking about taking up arms and start the revolution it’s all bullshit. PROVE me wrong arrest the lowlife Biden.

  4. D-Day says

    The election was a year ago, and these state governments are just now looking into the well-known fraud that took place last November? What in the f*** is wrong with our judicial system! This crap should have been done November 4th of last year! Our country has suffered under this fraudulent Administration for one full year now! The people in the white house do not belong there! They did not win the election, and they are purposely destroying our great country! How in the hell does this happen in America today?

  5. Carlos says

    Even if several states confirm the fraud, so what? Which courts are gonna enforce the overturn of the stolen election, decertify Plugs and remove him from office? I don’t see that happening.

  6. Pat Dyer says

    Yes – And the voter fraud continues. These criminals all deserve jail time ! President Donald J. Trump the rightful President of the United States should be sitting in the White House at this very moment. Socialist Biden and his posse of Cancel Culture, Wokeists, DemoRats, and Rinos need to be punished for the crimes they have committed in this farce of an Administration. Our world has been turned topsy turvey because of foolish decisions and seriously reckless actions. Biden-Harris Administration has ruined the United States of America … that is their goal … along with complete control over the entire population. Resist America Resist !!!

  7. Kay says

    But at the end of the day, nothings changes. Biden, and/or his corrupt administration, will continue to ruin our country and no one will do a thing

  8. BUTCH says

    There needs to be a penalty for breaking the voting laws. The problem is it might be your neighbor, if so they should be punished as well. It`s time this country stands up and punishes LAW BREAKERS.

  9. Vic says

    If enough fraud votes are found to decert results, then the actual vote numbers can be used to throw the whole treasonous Admin out and put Pres Trump back in rightful position. Charge and prosecute Biden and entire admin with treason. Plus some extra treason charges for Biden and Harris. Convict and punisg, and I strongly feel death penalty should be on table for some. If someone wants to tell all on the rest, then perhaps lower sentence.

    And EVERYTHING Biden/Harris have done… everything including Exec Orders, Bills. Mandates, punishments, EVERYTHING. is GONE. PFFFT…
    The poison tree produces only poison. Destroy it.
    And President Trump gets the stolen year back. He’ll need it for all the disasters Biden leaves behind.
    Get these audits done ASAP. Every day Biden/Harris are in office brings disasters. And calamities close in. We need to SAVE AMERICA, NOW.

  10. J. R. Justice says

    Just more endless TALK, TALK, TALK !!!! What does it matter ?? We ALL know that the Election was RIGGED !!! WHEN ARE OUR SO CALLED LEADERS GOING TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !!! This AUDIT B. S. is really getting OLD, they audit, they find more proof of fraud, they do nothing about it, WHAT’S THE USE, our leaders are INCOMPETENT !!!! DO SOMETHING ALREADY !!!!

  11. Wyatt Earp says

    Time for state to stop democrats from changing laws in the state to benefit them. It not the people fault that an area doesn’t fall into their hands! So why violation the laws? If people would stop and think they will see it all about POWER AND CONTROL OVER THEM!

  12. Gerry says

    Thank you D-Day — someone else who gets it. I have been saying that for almost a year. As soon as it was verified that there was NO water main break, there were boxes of illegal ballots under a table, observers were sent home and the counting continued,truck loads of ballots brought in at 3am on the morning of Nov 4th — EVERY state should have ordered a forensic audit at that time — NOT a year later.

  13. Teddy Shumaker says

    Just goes to prove what every one already knows, Biden/Harris were never truly elected and should be removed from office. America First should be the first thing on any presidents mind no matter who the president is. President Trump proved that over and over again.

  14. Debra says

    Everyone knows what happened. It needs to get fixed right away!

  15. kurt gandenberger says

    the demoncrats have a long history of vote fraud dating back to the 1870’s in the south where they disenfranchised blacks and rigged the vote totals. as stalin said, “it does not matter who votes. what matters is who counts the votes.”

  16. nan says


  17. Rick R says

    Whomever wrote this article should be fired! Despite the encouraging content, the grammer and other mechanics of the writing are terrible and clearly no proof reading was done.

    Y’all need to do much better because as it stands you come off sounding like idiots.

  18. Edward Overpeck says

    Speaking about grammar, Y’all is not what I call appropriate, I would say You all, but down to the facts for our country, we the American people can not stand by and do nothing, yes it seem like there is no hope, so then we start praying to the Lord God Almighty, who created everything, putting our petition unto Him, then search our lives and see if we are right with the Lord, then God will hear us and answer. God is still on the throne, He see all and knows all. We know and God knows the evil that has taken over in our great America, yes this election was a fraud and it is up to the Supreme court to go after these law breaker who are trying to destroy our nation and if the Supreme court does not do their duty, then it is time for our Military to come in and put the law breakers in prison for treason and restore the rightful leaders we the people had elected into office. We the People must be heard. I am in my nineties, but I am not giving up, the wrong must be dealt with and the right be put in place to save our country. I served 12 years in the military and 2 years civil service working on nuclear submarines. When we do not see results then we call upon the Lord Jesus, who paid the price for our wrongs and believe, the we will see results. Please pray and get your lives in order, so we can get somewhere in what we are praying for.

  19. Vern says

    Rick you are the biggest Idiot as we all know who really won in 2020 so wake up and smell the crap Biden and the liberturds have caused all of this SHIT.

  20. CharlieSeattle says

    This is not just a local crime by a few bad actors.

    Insurrection, Sedition and Treason crimes that enabled the Quid Pro Joe Xiden 2020 Coup must be prosecuted …NOW under RICO laws nationwide.

    Arrest …ALL Democrat election officials and their DNC/Soros/MSM/Big Tech bag men.

    Thousands are involved including the DOD/DOJ/FBI/SCOTUS!

  21. Hal Lemoyne says

    🥰💥👍CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2036 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍❤️🥰

  22. Nancy Conway says

    Great comments much appreciated. Not sure of just how a restoration of the presidency for the actual winner, President Trump, will be enacted–so many fell at the fence when they had the chance to make a difference: SCOTUS, which refused to even LOOK at the presentation of voting fraud evidence, and our sorry VP Pence come immediately to mind, including most of the mainstream media, to mention just a few. I often wonder how those who voted for the worst occupant of the Oval Office sleep at night when every day seems bring some new horror from a mentally challenged man who never did anything outstanding in any previous office during his long undistinguished career.
    Thank you, Mr. Overpeck, for saying my thoughts; dear sir, you and I aren’t the only ones praying for Divine Intervention from the Lord to save our country and our freedoms. Many are joining us!

  23. Edward Overpeck says

    Thank you Nancy and thank God we have some who are on the same wave length. Look up, the Lord is coming soon. My wife died twice on the operating table, she saw Angels praying and the Lord said to my wife, “Maria, it is not your time yet, I am sending you back, go tell your family, your friends and all you meet, that I am coming soon”. We cannot be divided, in times like this, let us bombard heaven with or prayers and give thanks to the Lord for the answers. I love this country, I was willing to put my life on the line for it, thanks again and may God richly bless you and your family.

  24. BluelineVet411 says

    A year later… We all know the election was rife with fraud, deceit, criminal acts and treason. What we are looking for are results in the form of justice. That means packing this illegitimate administration up and booting them out of DC. That means jail for every single person involved in this which includes governors down to poll workers, the media, social media…

  25. Jeffrey says

    Arizonians are still waiting to see the end tally of VOTES for each candidate! Where are the FINAL NUMBERS?

  26. CVhuckles47 says

    Change the Laws to include EXTREMELY HARSH PENALTIES for Vote Fraud.

    ONE count of vote fraud is ONE YEAR IN PRISON and LOSS OF VOTING RIGHTS for ONE presidential election cycle.


    The tendency to play pretend with the PEOPLES VOTES will tend to diminish rather rapidly…

  27. David Edmond says

    Hey people the audit is all a big smoke screen nobody’s gonna be arrested for violating voter laws and now it’s just too late to do ANYTHING about it. PROVE me wrong arrest the lowlife Biden.

  28. Cheryl says

    Well, Obama wanted a 3rd term, I guess he got it through Biden`s winning. It is a FLOP! All states that show any FRAUD should be DECERTIFIED! A BIG THANK YOU SIR, Edward for your Military Service. I come from generations of Military Service. I have 2 sons, 1 joined the Navy and spent time in Afghanistan, my 2nd son was in the Army and he made a tour to Iraq. My daughter-in-law served in the National Guards . I agree with Edward, ALL Americans need to Stand STRONG together and PRAY! The GOOD LORD is showing us everyday, the EVIL of those who have done Our Country WRONG. This is GOD`S COUNTRY! Americans are to STAND UP AND FIGHT for it! The GOOD LORD WILL BLESS US! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  29. Randall says

    Not only should Biden and Harris be removed but charged with treason along with all involved, including every DEMONrat that were involved in the counting.
    Then impeach all the others who committed reason and insurrection against President Trump when He was in office, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Schumer and all the rest. They all need to pay for their crimes against this country.

  30. Randall says

    Dear Edward Overspeck,
    I agree 100% God is always in control, nothing happens that doesn’t cross his desk first.
    He is not going to allow His enemies and the enemies of the church get away with anything!!
    And because our government is so immoral and corrupt He will have to move supernatural as He did so often in the past.
    Time for our Lord to step in and take care of business in a way only He can do!!!
    My daily prayer!!

  31. bruce says

    Let the truth be exposed and the chips fall where they may. Whether the Biden regime is removed or not, hard to do when the dems hold both house of congress, The Truth will set people free of thinking there was anything fair and secure about this farce of an election. A ground swell of We the People can force this to be fixed by our active protest against anyone still harboring the lie of a fair and secure election. The facts don’t care about your narrative.

  32. Larry! says

    vote cheaters need to be stripped of all of their property and money and removed from the USA !!!……….FJB and anyone who ever voted for his sorry ass

  33. Cozycalico says

    Oh wouldn’t that be fun to watch if Biden/Harris were escorted out of White House and Trump/Pence back in??? It would be a day of pure joy!

  34. Tammy says

    Maybe we should start a petition collecting signatures to get an election recount for 2020. I know that would be time consuming but it couldn’t take any longer that they are taking. If we stay silent they do nothing. We need to make it impossible not to be heard. Kinda like “Let’s Go Brandon” . It has to go viral…

    While we are at it we need to also demand the release of the Jan 6er’s. They are going thru hell and did nothing.

  35. Frances Janzen says

    GOP is mostly gutless in holding anyone accountable. I recall hearing Sen. Kennedy of Louisiana say, ” Lets just move on.” In response to corruptions of democraps. Yet the GOP are constantly being taken to court over something they didn’t do, and, which the democraps do all the time. The GOP just sits back and takes it, and, “moves on”. The don’t often take a stand to counter these lawsuits.

    Yes, and biden should be tried for treason along with bill and killery, kerry and the whole bag of these rotten democomminazis. Demos are the Nazis of this country. They are following exactly hitler’s strategies and stalin’s,
    and lenin’s . (These rots don’t deserve capital letters.)

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