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Inflation Nightmare: Senate Votes to Advance $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill

The Senate voted to advance legislation that will give $40 billion in aid to Ukraine – ignoring the fact that Americans are suffering from record inflation brought on by the Biden administration’s massive spending bill last year.

The Senate voted to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed on H.R. 7691, the Ukraine Supplemental Aid Package. The motion passed 81-11. This means that the Senate can begin debate on the Ukraine aid package and then pass it within days.

The legislation would send over $20 billion in military supplies and roughly $20 billion in humanitarian, economic, and other aid to Ukraine.

The vote was largely bipartisan, though a number of America-first Republicans opposed the legislation including Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Rand Paul (R-KY).

Senators Mike Crapo (R-ID), Bill Hagerty (R-TN), Mike Braun (R-IN), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), John Boozman (R-AR), Roger Marshall (R-KS), Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) voted against the bill attempting to prevent the negative impact it will have on the American people.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have both tried to get the bill passed as quickly as possible but have been hung up by Senator Rand Paul who has demanded that the Senate pass an amendment to create a special inspector general to oversee how the Ukraine military aid is spent.

My oath of office is the US constitution not to any foreign nation and no matter how sympathetic the cause, my oath of office is to the national security of the United States of America,” Paul said on the Senate floor last week. “We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the US economy.”

Paul said, “I think we should have an inspector general. We have one out there and overseeing Afghan waste. He’s been very good at it. You don’t have to wait for an appointment. He’s got a team up and running. And I think that’s what we should do.”

Kelley Vlahos, an editor of Responsible Statecraft for the interventionist Quincy Institute, wrote that Paul “single handedly” held up the Ukraine aid bill.

“Lawmakers, who have shuttled billions of dollars through Congress in seeming record time over the last two months, are predictably annoyed,” Vlahos remarked.

Senator Hawley, meanwhile, pointed out the aid package does not aid America’s interests and has no meaningful oversight on the massive spending bill.

Spending $40 billion on Ukraine aid – more than three times what all of Europe has spent combined – is not in America’s interests. It neglects priorities at home (the border), allows Europe to freeload, short changes critical interests abroad and comes w/ no meaningful oversight,” Hawley wrote.

“That’s not isolationism. That’s nationalism. It’s about prioritizing American security and American interests,” he added.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) proposed an amendment that would streamline and target the aid to better meet the needs of the Ukrainian people.

He said in a statement, “The House proposal would spend nearly ten times the annual defense budget of Ukraine while delegating broad discretion to the President and bureaucrats regarding where and how most of the money is spent.  Much of the money will likely go to nations across the world not involved in the conflict.”

He continued, Putin’s aggression is indefensible, and we should look for appropriate ways to support Ukrainians in the noble defense of their homeland. We must also make sure Congress maintains its constitutional role of directing engagement in conflict and ensure that we are not spending unnecessary funds while in a time of historic inflation and ballooning national debt. My amendment will ensure we can help our friends without compromising our constitutional or financial integrity.”

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  1. Franklin says

    With very few exceptions, there’s not a dimes worth of difference between democrats and republicans. It seems that almost everyone has sold out. Trump was righ5…drain the swamp!

  2. Just1Saddletramp says

    It is way past the time to start enforcing the Declaration of Independence

  3. Disgusted American says

    Did it ever occur to look into just WHO is getting KICK-BACKS as a REASON for WANTING to pass this ABOMINIAL POS legislation?????? WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO PROTECT AMERICA FIRST????????

  4. bruce says

    Once more the American tax payers get screwed. Why would we fork over 3 times what Europe is paying. They are the ones at threat here. This is 10 times Ukraine’s defense budget. $20 billion in humanitarian, economic, and other aid to Ukraine.” Whenever they say this, it means someone else is getting their pockets lined with cash. And with the admin being the ones to control it you can guarantee its not us….

  5. jerry says

    Americans are natural born suckers.

  6. COPMOM says

    Is quite pathetic we’re letting this happen. Did we carry our votes? Not at all.

  7. Row Z says

    God, help us!! Please help rid us of these evil human beings!!! The choose to violate their oaths of office at every turn, proving their disdain for their own people.

  8. F J B says


  9. G RED says


  10. kathleen lehane says

    I am sick to death of these lame congressional and senate members giving away what we do not have. They are all f….ing crooks and would not be surprised to find kickbacks for their votes. This is exactly why I am changing my party affiliation from Republican to Independent – not beholden to anyone.

  11. Ron says

    Kids are starving in the USA yet our great politicians want to send our money to another foreign country. Let me ask one serious question How many countries send us aid when we have cat 5 hurricanes or massive tornadoes??? Yet every time there’s a problem somewhere else in the world the USA rushes in spending billions to help others. START HELPING AMERICANS!!!!!! You POS politicians. Both parties suck I’m all for a new patriot party to put America and Americans FIRST.

  12. A. Wilk says

    This act is more of their scamming the American people into believing we must care about other nations before we take care of ourselves. What a crock! This is psychological scamming and mind twisting manipulation. Besides this, Ukraine has the money to take care of itself. In 2014, Ukraine was taken over by George Soros and his people are running it there – he is their government. It’s a major hub for the deep state’s money laundering and human trafficking. Zelensky is not a good guy and since he’s been in power has accumulated billions of dollars. Gee, I wonder how he’s done that! Hmmmmm! Ukraine is run by the Nazis and he’s part of them. If our Republican Congress isn’t part of the deep, how can they not know about any of this? I guess it’s just the few named in the above article who support us and love America. The Democrats are putting AMerica into a deep financial black hole, creating our current food shortage purposely, getting rid of our gas, of which America has plenty of, and destroying our children with their demented psychology of not knowing who or what they are (no genders, transgenderism, CRT). We have so many homeless people we can’t know the number and our idiot representatives and senators are sending billions of dollars to other nations. Outrageous and unacceptable!

  13. A. Wilk says

    Wny won’t it be published??? Could it be that the name Soros is in it or that it contains too much truth that you don’t people to hear about??? OK, I got it – you’re anti-America and are part of the communist, deep state take-over of the American people and you are anti-truth.

  14. Robert E. Altee says

    I wholeheartedly endorse Senator Paul’s recommendation to have an Inspector General appointed to keep a close eye on how the funds are dispersed, to which group or divisions of the Ukrainian elements the funds are truly administered, and to prohibit any portion of the bill to be “farmed out” to any agency currently active in any political party in the United States. The damned Demoicrats consistently try to insert items in any bill that would directly benefit their Democrat Party. For once, a bill to aid Ukraine should be just that: a bill that would provide only the Ukrainian Government with the funds – no third parties to be involved. Any type of bill favored by Pelosi, Schumer, & Company smells like rotten cheese made by rotten politicians. I am a retired Air Force officer, and I live in Germany. I keep up with both, United States and European politics. The Citizens of the USA really don’t have a serious threat from Putin, whereas the Europeans have both, an economical threat with the termination of oil and gas. The only real threat the United States has is from their own President and his regime. History will, without a doubt, show that the Democrat Party, supposedly led by Joe Biden, has all but completely destroyed the United States in less than 18 months. To evaluate Biden and his cabinet, plus his handlers and staff, reminds me of the story of the ” ship of all fools.” Just look what happens when you have a ship full of fools trying to keep our Nation’s wealth from deteriorating. The idiots spend trillions of dollars as haphazardly as only lunatics would do, and then think they have made life so easy for the citizens. Wait until taxes take the trillions away from the citizens to reimburse the wasteful monetary giveaways created by the Democrat Party. The U.S. dollar is not valued near as favorable now as it was 16 months ago, and it continues to worsen daily. Go Brandon, Go! And take Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and your cabinet with you!

  15. Nick1 says

    Primary out any Politican who voted for this.

  16. Dave says

    Well its PAST time the PEOPLE take CONTROL from WASHINGTON these politicians are SUPPOSED to work for the PEOPLE. NOT sponge off of taxpayers. Its about time for a CIVIL WAR to take over Washington for the PEOPLE BY the PEOPLE as the forefathers meant it to be

  17. PattyAnn says

    Everyone has to understand…we have a puppet in the White House. The puppeteer is Obama holding the strings for the pervert Biden. I read a book about Obama’s grandparents who lived in one of the Western states and hated America and moved to Hawaii which at the time was a territory. They had one daughter who was taught to hate America. She met a guy from Kenya and moved there with him and got pregnant with “you know who” She had her baby in Kenya by the name of Barrack Hussain Obama. The doctor who delivered the baby was asked about it and he said YES I remember the Obama baby because his mother was the only white woman in the village. So you see Obama should have never been President of this great country because he was not a born US citizen. His mother brought him to Hawaii to naturalize him to a US Citizen. BUT he WAS NOT born here!!! He was raised in Indonesia when his mother married a guy from there. As a teenager he applied for an exchange student so he can go to college here….now tell me can an American apply for an exchange student to go to an American college> NO!! he was brought up to HATE America like his mother was. Now he is trying to finish the job in destroying America and using the demented pervert in the White House as a front….Wake up folks… and tell our Republican Congress people to WAKE UP!!! Get the trash out of our White house..God help us all.

  18. tj says

    After this vote I read that is now reported that WHO ,NIHS as well other countries were funding Bio Labs in Ukraine and being known and supported by Ukraine Gov. So tell how deep does this corruption go withing this conflict ,invasion, war . We have sent 100 billion in 6 months for this and heard how much EU had spent?

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