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Huge Setback as Judge Shuts Down Attempts to Examine Georgia Ballots

Well, this is upsetting. After six months of stops and starts, the judge hearing the case against the Fulton County, Georgia absentee ballots issued a surprise ruling on Wednesday. He dismissed the case. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger managed to sabotage the case, which gave Superior Court Judge Brian Amero the excuse he was probably looking for all along. This was the last remaining election fraud case in Georgia and our best chance to finally have the magical suitcase ballots from State Farm Arena examined. Ugh.

State Farm Arena, you probably remember, was the vote counting facility in Atlanta where election supervisors originally told observers that ballot counting needed to be stopped on Election Night because a water main pipe had broken. Run for your lives! That turned out to be a lie. Then at 1:30 in the morning, they told everyone to go home because ballot counting would resume at 8:30 a.m. (Conveniently, this happened in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona at the exact same time.)

When the observers left, webcam video from inside the arena revealed that a handful of election workers and a supervisor had stayed behind. They pulled suitcases (not a legal, approved ballot transportation receptacle) out from under a table where they had been concealed and proceeded to carry out the late-night Biden miracle, in which batches of magic suitcase ballots were rammed through the counting machines four or five times in a row.

VoterGA and their attorney Garland Favorito sued over the Fulton County absentee ballots after multiple election workers came forward and signed affidavits under penalty of perjury. The witnesses all stated that when the absentee ballots were counted, they witnessed ballots that were obviously counterfeit. These were seasoned election workers, one of whom had been on the job for 20 years, who were publicly willing to state that they saw counterfeit ballots in Fulton County.

VoterGA made it right up to the door of the building where the ballots were stored back in June. Judge Amero had authorized the ballots to be unsealed so that VoterGA could examine them. At the last second, election supervisors threw up legal roadblocks to stop the unsealing. This was the first of several delays that Amero authorized.

During the last hearing in the case in September, it looked like Amero was finally going to let VoterGA examine the ballots. But attorneys from Brad Raffensperger’s office showed up at the last minute to inform the court that examining the ballots was unnecessary. Raffensperger had already sent his own team of investigators to examine the ballots. How convenient.

The judge delayed the case once again, to wait and see what Raffensperger’s investigators found. They showed up on Wednesday and informed the judge that they couldn’t find any counterfeit ballots. Why, the election was squeaky clean! Nothing to see here! There was no need for VoterGA to examine the ballots, because the judge and the voters in Georgia could rest easy knowing that Brad Raffensperger was on the case. Safest and most secure election ever!

That was the exit strategy that Judge Brian Amero was waiting for. He suddenly dismissed the VoterGA case due to “lack of standing.”

This makes no sense at all to anyone who has been following this case for the past six months. Judge Amero nearly allowed the plaintiffs into the building to unseal the ballots back in June. They apparently “had standing” then! But now they don’t have standing in October? What changed?

Amero claimed in his ruling that the plaintiffs didn’t have standing because they had not proven any specific harm had been done to them. How about a stolen election? Wasn’t that enough harm? How about $5-a-gallon gasoline, or $7-a-pound bacon? And all the other harm that has resulted due to Americans not having their duly elected president in office? Phony Joe Biden has caused plenty of harm to all of us.

Once again, the American people are being asked to believe the fraudulent results of the 2020 election, because the very same people who carried out the fraud were unable to locate any fraud. Brad Raffensperger is on the case, so rest easy, Georgia voters! Your lying eyes and that video of the magic suitcase ballots does not mean what you think it means. And no, you cannot examine the ballots. That’s crazy talk! Why would you want to do that after Brad Raffensperger already checked them?

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  1. B King says

    Stacey Abrams certainly carries a lot of weight and not just physically! Something stinks in GA!

  2. Robert Black says

    Obviously an Obama Judge. That traitor to the Constitution should be impeached and removed for cause.

  3. Recent Convert says

    Skin Amero alive. I will pay

  4. Recent Convert says

    Amero will make a great rug. Skin him alive. I will pay $$$$$ for his live harvested hide.

  5. Roymatheney says

    Crooked GA judges and SOS!!! All need to be sent home for good!!!

  6. Dorothy Foster says

    Some has to give here… these Obama Judges are allowed to just overturn anything they want…

  7. calvin Ehlert says

    This Amero should be the first one to have the IRS examine his bank accounts to see how much george soros stuffed into it!!

  8. Ronald L. Bricker says

    as it is well known that is the lawyer who does ther wrong in all states of the USA as they not honor the Constitution at all and that is why the Constitutional flag not in courts Rooms but the Military Court Flag but the Truth is that no one is to be or can be put in Court of the Flag of war. Reason is because of the bankruptcy which occurred in 1861 and the bankruptcy of 1933, which place everything under the 14th Amendment. showing no more Common Law.This shows that people must be tried under the flag of peace of The United States of America and no other as is being done here in the United States with the Flag od war. By the Law, any Courtroom flying a Military flag is a Military Courtroom/ tribunal under Maritial-Law. Rule here is no Court Judge’s … that has jurisdiction unless there is a valid internatational Contract in dispute. As to facts A closed Account Cannot Operate a Government Corportation. so lawyer who becomes judges are doing every person rights as to be in a court of peace .

  9. NancyJ says

    Sad day for Georgia when this judge was appointed.

  10. G.W.. says

    This shows they have a lot to hide.
    The governor and the judge are a part of the corruption.😡

  11. Billy Bob Clinton says

    Joey Bidumbass and Raffensberger are homosexuals and Kammy Harrisuckscocks is a prostitute. They all eat shit too.

  12. Chuck Schumer says

    AOC for Whore of the Year. Yayyyyyy!!!

  13. Don Lemon says

    It shows that they are mentally retarded.

  14. Gerry says

    This has to go to the not-so supreme court(not sure it will do any good but they can’t give up now). There is tons of hard evidence to warrant a new court case with a non-liberal,non-activist,not paid for authentic judge instead of a bough and paid for dirtbag like amero. I wonder if he was bought or was he and his family members threatened. His bank account(all of them) need to be scrutinized and see how much the sh**bird raffensperger paid him or find out who intimidated the phony judge. The whole country (actually the whole world) has seen the video which alone makes it necessary for an INDEPENDENT organization to look at the phony ballots. These scum cannot be allowed to keep the worthless,useless,anti-American,corrupt,inept,incompetent pedophile biden administration /deep state in office. We all know or should know it is in reality obama’s 3rd term that is steering the ship and it needs to be halted and crooked judges like this amero need to be dealt with harshly.

  15. Linda Fisher says

    Again the crooked judges warp the Constitution and do NOT obey the law. They make up their own rules. They have got to go.

  16. Wyatt Earp says

    Personal every judge that FAIL TO FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION LAWS SHOULD BE EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD! Laws never change to mean what they thing it mean! Doesn’t matter who appointed you to the bench! It still the laws of the land! NOT YOUR PLACE TO CHANGE IT!

  17. The NC Taxman says

    Appeal to the Supreme Court!!! Let’s see this evidence and force the results to be public. Trump clearly won by a landslide and Biden only got a few votes, so why are we messing with this, just audit all votes from 2020, prove they were legally cast and have the Supreme Court decide who won! Simple

  18. Clyde says

    You would have to be blind, ignorant, Retarded, GEORGE SOROS is buying corrupt elected officials like AG’s – governors secretary of state’s judges, BLM, ANTIFA Etc. We need to in OVERWHELMING FORCE Get these Evil corrupt people out!!! VOTE make a list check them out. Do it like you life depends on it ! BECAUSE IT DOES! Vote or give up. I Personally will be there IN PERSON. VERY IMPORTANT ( IN PERSON) I don’t care if their running for dog catcher. That may possibly not be enough, but need to fight this EVIL and if your not fighting it you need to be thinking how to fight it! PASS IT ON GET IT TO ALL AMERICANS!

  19. john says

    that fat slimy swamp creacher stacy abrams,and her bed fellows should feed a whole bunch wild animals in the swamp! and these socalled judges dont fix the coruption the elections have, the people have seen the way bullshit elections are run! that comunist judge should be hung at sundown ,for following the democrap playbook !!!

  20. Kathleen says

    We ALL know the election was STOLEN! This corrupt judge is covering up the truth that President Trump won the election! Yes, swamp creatures and no doubt put in by Obummer!

  21. Sharon sivori says

    Not only Abrams, her sister is a terrible judge no less, they both need to be removed and jailed for the nonsense and illegal acts they both have done!!! SOS Raffensberger needs to be removed from office for all his lying, and getting kickbacks from China and his brother in China!!!!

  22. Sharon sivori says

    We need a different judge, a judge that is not BIGOTED and prejudiced against Trump! I am tired of these judges that do not recuse themselves when they know they should! DISBAR THEM!!!!

  23. Vic says

    It can’t stop here. Go to the SCOTUS, yes. If we could get a nationwide GOOD, LEGAL AUDIT, great. Both GA elections in 2020 AND the 2021 Run off vote for two Senate spots in January.. ..all corrupt. It has to be corrected (and prosecute/convict/ throw away keys those responsible), or we can’t trust the Dems to pull more shenanigans in 22, 24…

    Arizona hired 1000 nonpartisan observers of the GOOD audit just completed. They were hired to just observe, not be auditors, and afterwards were very upset their observation only status did not allow their observations of ballots were not able to be presented in audit results, so they spoke up in news formats. They saw box after box of ballots, thousands and thousands, that were obviously phony ballots. Each of those boxes had neat stacks, all with the same vote pattern within each stack: 7 votes for Biden, then 1 for Trump, 7 – Biden, 1 -Trump. Over and over, EXACT pattern in all stacks in a box, BOX AFTER BOX… IMPOSSIBLE. AZ used heavy watermark security paper for the LEGAL ballots and watermark only visible under special light. Thousands of ballots were thin, tissue-like material, and the vote marks in circles came perfectly to circle edges but no pen depression lines seen AND quite a few ballots were not marked IN THE CIRCLES; there were perfectly round marks INCHES TO THE SIDE OF THE BALLOT CIRCLES that were not, on THESE ballots, filled in…just printed inches from the blank circles. They saw a LOT MORE.

    I believe Trump won by a landslide, and the Dem corruption tampering with citizen’s votes should not be allowed to stand, in AZ, GA, ANYWHERE. THROW the TREASONOUS crooks out of the WH and appointed positions and CHARGE ‘EM. If not stopped and severely reprimanded, they’ll continue to escalate their crookedness, treason. THEM OUT, TRUMP IN, plus extra time in office to make up for time stolen. All actions…ALL….done by this illegit Admin is thrown out, as produced/presented by TREASONOUS FRAUD.

    I’m tired of being an unwilling doormat. Time to get America back on track and Markists, Communists, Socialists actions OUT. Vote them out if not arrested for fraud/treason. I hope majority are arrested for the election frauds and 1/6 fraud, January GA run off fraud.

    WE CAN DO THIS. WE HAVE TO. Contact your state government for election audits, press for revote, whatever. And we can charge Biden, COMMANDER- IN- CHIEF of Armed Services, for treason for giving weapons, ammo, machines, 4 pallets of cash to people who can use it against us. That’s TRESASON PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. VP Harris said she supported everything he did in Afghanistan, so pull her into it, too. Enough is enough. Take back America thru legal methods OUR CONSTITUTION provides.

  24. Robert Richey says

    There’s just one thing these commie-democrats understand and it wouldn’t leave a pretty scene.

  25. Donald Cook says

    Another Soros Pay off. These Judges need to be Removed, NOW.

  26. James Davies says

    Follow the money. Seems like this judge MAY be on the take

  27. PATTY says


  28. Phyllis says

    It’s bad enough that we are forced to deal with corrupt liberal Socialists, in Congress, but now we are dealing with corrupt State attorney generals and judges, who are Happy to help destroy America . Are there no honest judges or politicians left in the US. The best scenario would be to remove them all from their positions and try them for treason. All this cowardly judge had to do was watch GAs’ run off election to see the fraud coming out of GA. I watched for only 5 minutes and I saw the votes deleted for the GOP candidate, as I’m sure many others did too. The American people deserve a whole lot better than what this Administration is pulling out of their butts.

  29. Patricia Phillips says

    Appeal it to the next level. Justice in this country is a joke if you are a Republican/Conservative. Keep on trying. We have to eject the Democrat crooks. Never quit or give up.

  30. Lyudmila says

    The whole world was shocked by the live broadcast of the Georgia election suitcases fraud, so why did Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Supreme Court Justice Brian Amero sabotage the case? Apparently both are complicit in this scam?

  31. rog says

    this is how the liing sob can call it the trump deninal. if you do not look at it you will not have to admit you are the li3eer not trump.

  32. Original Anna says

    Wasn’t Resperberger fired or removed from his election position. He’s a rino republican who needs to be removed or even sued for representing himself as a republican and than working with the fraud democrats so biden would win. Why aren’t interference in the election charges being brought against him, from the republican party itself or are all republicans in Georgia in on this fake election. And was the bank account of the judge checked or any promises or gifts checked. Sounds like he’s democrat sooooo loyal to obama and biden. If respoerberger was fired or removed why is the judge still giving him authority concerning the election. The person replacing him should have the authority on this lawsuit now.

  33. tess says


  34. Patriot says

    Its time for Soros an Zuckerberg to be permanently removed from the planet
    Shot dead in the head for the whole world to see send a message that cant be faked

  35. B W says

    Here is another one of those dozens of TOPICS (actually debacles) created by ILLEGITIMATE ADMINISTRATION that my opinions would fill a dozen or so pages on this website. To keep it short a few questions:
    Why block an AUDIT, it is just to confirm the elections? (OH, can we block an IRS AUDIT?)
    What are they afraid of?
    The current Administration with control of the House and Senate do not have to fear being kicked out of office, so why NO AUDIT?
    Why is our Judicial System so Partisan today?
    Finally are the Democrat afraid that the truth will destroy their VOTING MILL to steal elections?

  36. Virginia B says

    how much did they pay the judge!!!!!!!!!!!!! and who has this judge in their pocket!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Mr. Phil says

    Massive treason, if the corruption continues I fear violence will be the solution. The banksters families will suffer.

  38. mountaine says

    I just want someone to put our country back together !!!!! ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Be it humane or inhumane !!!! Just get it done !!! I feel we don’t have much time left !!!

  39. michael d zitterman says

    The judge’s decision was anti-democratic.

    Democracy requires ubiquitous information

    It is best to adjudicate to find TRUTH to bring
    us together.

    Eliminate any ambiguity.

    michael zitterman
    mikiesmoky at aol com

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