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Four Years Later, FBI Admits Russian Potty Dossier Was Utterly False

G. Gordon Liddy died last month. 48 years after Liddy helped to orchestrate the Watergate break-in that ended Richard Nixon’s presidency, there are still unanswered questions about the burglary. That’s why none of us should get our hopes up too high when it comes to learning the full truth about the seditious “Russian collusion” coup attempt against President Donald Trump. When the Deep State wants to sweep something under the rug, it can remain swept for an awfully long time. But we are still getting some information on a slow-drip basis.

I had no idea this was still going on last October, but apparently the Senate Judiciary Committee, led then by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), was still interrogating FBI colluders in closed-door hearings. It took six months and a late-in-the-day executive order from President Trump, but another one of those testimonials has finally been declassified six months later.

Grassley’s committee questioned the “top analyst” who was in charge of vetting the contents of the salacious and salaciously fake Russian potty dossier that Hillary Clinton paid a foreign spy to compile. The interviewee was a guy named Brian Auten, whose title is FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst. (“Is” and not “was.” Auten is still employed at the FBI, because the completely worthless Director Christopher Wray hasn’t fired the guy.)

The mainstream media and FBI’s logic behind the Russian potty dossier has always been the exact opposite of how the law is supposed to work. We were told for years that even though some parts of the dossier were “unverified,” it must be true because some of the smaller details in it were true. That’s legally upside-down.

If a trial witness’s testimony is found to be false on a little detail, juries are allowed to consider ALL of that witness’s testimony false. But whatever.

Some of the little details in the Russian potty dossier were found to be “true.” Former FBI Director and current cornfield afficionado James Comey told us so, under oath, multiple times. Brian Auten told the Senate Judiciary Committee a different story, however.

Auten led a team of six other analysts who are some of the country’s top FBI experts on Russia. The entire team had deep knowledge of all of the key Russian and Ukrainian players who were named in the Russian potty dossier. What Auten finally admitted behind closed doors probably won’t come as a surprise to any Donald Trump supporter:

The FBI was never able to verify ANY piece of information in the dirty dossier as “true.” Not one. Not a single “fact” claimed in that dossier could be verified. The only things that Auten’s team could confirm was that the dossier…

Sorry – I just had to laugh out loud when I read this.

According to the FBI’s top analyst, the Russian potty dossier accurately portrayed the names of real people who exist. For example, the dossier claimed that Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen traveled to Prague in 2016 and met with some shady Kremlin folks to set up the collusion deal to steal the 2016 election for Trump.

The FBI was able to determine that “Michael Cohen” was in fact a real American and was really Donald Trump’s lawyer once upon a time. They also verified that the Kremlin spooks named in the dossier are real people and are really spooks at the Kremlin. Oh – and Prague is a real city in Eastern Europe! But… Michael Cohen never went to Prague, never met or spoke with Russians, and never colluded with anyone.

There were no “minor” facts in the Russian potty dossier that were ever verified or confirmed as truthful. Every claim in it was junk and a lie, made up to benefit Crooked Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Everybody on James Comey’s Crossfire Hurricane team knew that the dossier was a total fabrication. But they still took the dossier and used it as the primary piece of “evidence” to obtain a year’s worth of warrants from the secret FISA court in order to spy on Carter Page and many, many additional members of the Trump campaign and family.

It will probably take a Watergate-like amount of time before we finally learn the full truth of the Russian collusion coup attempt. The Durham Report’s coming any day now! But at least we finally know one thing with full certainty: Absolutely nothing in the dossier was true.

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  1. bruce says

    We knew it wasn’t true. The worst part is none of the colluders have been taken to court and prosecuted for it. Its actually treason.

  2. Zepher Zipping says

    Democrates are the true terrorist , just at what they’ve become , the squids have backed terrorist in Palestine ” Hamas ” àlso giving hundreds of millions of dollars and they bought missiles with it to fire on Israel , and now going to give billions to Iran ? More dangerous than any Arab country . Democrates have turned there backs on God and his only begotten son Jesus Christ and our country . There demons have corrupted there minds .

  3. Fed Up With the Sell-Out says

    Gee, what a surprise. Our government LIED to us. Again. I’m shocked and appalled. (EYE ROLL)

    But, so what? The COMMUNISTS own this country now. Does anyone think they’ll go after the undercover heroes who ginned up the Trump Collusion gag?

    Dream on, dream on. Tramp had FOUR YEARS to clean house, investigate election fraud and get after the indoctrination of our kids in school. He did NONE of those things. So how is it that he’s our savior?

  4. Chris Brewer says

    Trump had 4 yrs of hell to steer through from Demoncrats lies and deception. Democrats need to be sacrificed. They need to be tortured at the Capital in public. Every child in America should see what happens first hand to traitors of their own country. Maybe this would stop some of the LIEING and deceit. Can’t beleive we even have to breath the same air as a Democrat. It sure is stale. MSM needs to burn completely down, and outa sight.

  5. Chris says

    The Russian Dossier
    Democrat ploy to steal an election. Democrats are true born cave people. Just like troglodytes. Never did leave the Crustacian Era. Pushing left wing lies and left wing hypocrisy all across America. So sad they are about to run outa places to hide. Hillary needs a firing squad in public. Obama needs executed on the steps.Pelosi needs lethal injection. Quick shut her vile poisonous mouth. Biden and Harris. Well there is no conviction these to are good enough for. Tar and feather them, drag them around times square. Let the people spit and throw sticks and stone them. I have nothing good to say to any Democrat. They are all alike. Garbage on sidewalks.

  6. Elizabeth says

    …and then on the left’s supposed hatred for white men, I’d like to remind you that Biden is a white man also. Maybe he should be impeached like they tried to do to Trump but failed. Besides, he doesn’t have the brains anymore to even lead a dog pack let alone a country. He makes a great puppet for Democrats to parrot their words. Joe, think about your own whiteness and debauchery.

  7. Marvin says

    Elizabeth, I agree a 110% with you and glad to read all the responses on here and we need more of your voices. Our country in in ruins and the younger generations have no idea they are throwing away their Freedom. My grandchildren will love a terrible live while their parents had a free childhood. Why isn’t any body holding China accountable along with all these corrupt politicians. Thank you for your voice!

  8. Robert Richey says

    You are totally correct about Rip Van Biden, he’s totally out to lunch, and his caretaker Jill is so enthralled at being first lady that she doesn’t care how big of a fool the lib-commies are making of soulless Joe. Now to try and burn a few more billions of dollars and try and get the ones not watching their backsides they are preaching a commission to investigate Jan. 6th. I’m near 80 years old and I’m still waiting to read the conclusion of The Warren Report. All you young 20 somethings remember how the left commies treated Trump and did everything known to man to keep him out of office while you’re out scraping for your next meal when you’re 80.

  9. Vicki says

    The demons responsible should have to repay the expenses for the entire fiasco out of their own pockets, seeing as how it was a hoax and they KNEW it was a hoax. And, they should be prosecuted for treason. They literally attacked a sitting president!

  10. Keith Clark says

    And as usual nothing will happen to any Democrat.
    We have no Justice under Democrat Communists.

  11. daniel says

    FBI..still stands for Florida Born Idiots

  12. mzaz says

    Any person with an iota of a brain cell knew this dossier was fabricated while we all know KILLARY literally destroyed subpoenaed emails and took bleach-bit and hammers to about 13 blackberries and ipads. This destruction of subpoenaed devices and email has been buried along with 55 people in the know.

  13. mzaz says

    People will be lucky to make it to 60 let alone 80. I’m pushing 73 and worried about my 2 daughters, 5 grandkids and 4 great grandkids.


  14. Frank Kana says

    I come from former Czechoslovakia now Czech Republic and presently live in Canada. Prague in NOT in Eastern Europe, Czechoslovakia was occupied by Russia which is in Eastern Europe. Learn and verify before you speak or write.

  15. Lee says

    Should make a great expose book!!

    Como on Durham…help him with your chapter.

  16. Michael Morgan says

    It is a real tragedy when the police are the criminals and the victims punished. Just like in Cuba, China, The Soviet Union, North Korea, and all of the other third World Dictatorships.
    Unfortunately the Bureaucracy have become politicized and the police and the justice departments are now in control of everything. Time to clean house. I would grant immunity to all government employees who provide evidence of wrong doing by their superiors and the clean out All political employees.

  17. Stevie says

    As to Biden not being fit to run a dog pack, you’re right. Just look at the trouble his own beautiful German shepherd, Major, keeps getting into. When his dog gets into trouble, Biden kicks him out of DC to be “re-educated” . I wonder where Biden is planning to send those of US who disobey his rules?! Oh, yeah, his regime has been calling on all Republicans to be sent to “re-education camps.”

  18. maxibaby says

    Yes, of course, we already knew what was included in this article…….every single bit of it BUT, I am still amazed that the FBI, the “top cops” in America are nothing more than criminals who were complicit in a attempted coup of a American President! That blows my mind because it means the American people known as Republicans, Independents or any party other than the Democrat have NO ONE in the intel community we can trust to defend the Constitution! The intel community is a Dem “clique” period, end of story! AND, I knew the day Christopher Wray was put in charge……it was a lethal blow to upholding the law and the Constitution! I said then and I say again, the intel community is a gigantic rat nest that needs to be exterminated and begin again since we obviously need intel!

  19. Billy W says

    I feel it is time to arrest a whole group of people for this crime . Top to bottom .

  20. Jo says

    Anyone with a brain knew this was false in other words a big damn lie!!!!All the Hillderbeast Clinton doings!!!!!She ought to be arrested my God when does this cheating with the Dumborats or the far left STOP??????

  21. Terry Bell says

    Impeachment does nothing. Biden should be hung by his neck or shot dead ! It works better.

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