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Impeach Joe Biden for the Deplorable Treatment of the Trump Detainees

Al Qaeda fighters detained in Guantanamo Bay during the George W. Bush administration were never treated as badly as the 50 (at least) American citizens being held in a fetid Washington, DC jail. Most of the detainees have been jailed for months without bail and without access to attorneys. I guess we are supposed to believe that Trump supporters’ ideology is much worse than that of Islamic terrorists who fly airplanes into buildings. But since the left was hell-bent on impeaching George W. Bush for the “mistreatment” of Al Qaeda terrorists, I say fair is fair. Joe Biden must be impeached for torturing political prisoners whose main crime is not believing in Biden’s legitimacy.

The 50 Trump supporters remain in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, seven days a week. The psychological torture is taking a toll on all of them, according to stories that are leaking out through attorneys. They’re not allowed to receive visitors, but some have managed to write letters to family.

I wrote previously about the psychological toll that the torture and abuse is having on the detainees, including Richard Barnett. He’s the burly older gentleman who was photographed with one boot up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. Barnett turned himself in to authorities back in January on good faith, only to end up being charged with carrying a “deadly weapon” to “attack” the government. (The weapon was his walking stick, which he never actually used to hit anyone.)

Barnett was released finally after begging a judge to let him out. His attorney says that the first thing Barnett asked for was a pair of nail clippers. All 50 detainees are forced to share one set of nail clippers, which are never cleaned or sanitized. Barnett hadn’t trimmed his nails in four months.

Remember when Congress was supposed to impeach George W. Bush because Guantanamo detainees were being denied prayer mats and Korans? It was a breach of the First Amendment rights of foreign enemy fighters.

Apparently that standard doesn’t apply to Christian Trump supporters. Nearly all of the 50 detainees are Christians, but they’re not allowed to have Bibles in their solitary confinement cells. Nor are they let out of their cages for an hour on Sundays to attend church services. As one of the nasty DC jail guards yells at the detainees on a regular basis, “I hate all white people and your honky religion.”

Defense attorneys for the Trump supporters say it’s impossible to provide basic legal services to them. They are only allowed to meet their clients in an open room with other people and guards around – no privacy at all. This violates attorney-client privilege and is a violation of the most basic constitutional protections under the Bill of Rights. They won’t get fair trials, even when their trial dates eventually arrive.

Jacob Lang sent a letter to his father and describes the horrifying conditions that he and the other detainees are being held under. They don’t have toilet paper. During the one hour per day when they’re released from their cells, they are not allowed to use the showers.

No toilet paper. No showers. No wonder Richard Barnett did not want to use the nail clipper. And many of them have been incarcerated going on five months now on trespassing charges.

There’s nothing in the solitary confinement cells. They don’t have chairs, they don’t have blankets, they don’t have toothbrushes. They’re being denied all human contact. Oh, and Jacob Lang says the tap water in his cell comes out brown and “has chunks” in it.

Lang wrote to his mother, “They are literally torturing me exactly like they do to political prisoners in China. I’m a united states [sic] citizen and Constitutional patriot and they are . . . torturing me. I’m not even convicted of a crime!! This is how they treat ‘innocent until proven guilty people in America???”

These people are being tortured. Even if there had been an actual attempted insurrection (which there wasn’t), nothing justifies this sort of treatment toward American citizens. The reason why we have protections against this type of treatment in the Bill of Rights is because the British crown was committing those sorts of abuses against the early colonists.

The difference between then and now is that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson decided not to put up with this sort of crap.

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  1. Recent Convert says

    Impeach ? NO ! Skin Biden and his whores alive !

  2. Frank Gibson says

    Impeach that sorry piece of shit now and remove harris with him so they dont ruin America further.

  3. graceythecat says

    Remove all these communist, marxist, socialist, progressive, stalinists, leninists, pedophile protector democrats from office! Period.

  4. Phyllis says

    Do it now.

  5. Keith Roberts says

    This P.O.S. Biden-Harris team is the worst disaster ever to be in charge. They are anti-America. What makes these illegals think that they have a right to mooch off of tax paying Americans? Send them BACK.!!!!

  6. Josh says

    Absolutety, niether one was EVER put in by the American PEOPLE, they were put in by leftists, fascists whom truly oppose Anerica and the rights of its people, and it Constitution. Never has any man broke more Constitution laws then Biden, along with his rat, friend Obama.

  7. mary says

    So who all knows about this? Today while reading this is the first time I have heard about it. Do the senators and houserats know about this? Why can’t they start impeachment proceedings now? They did it to President Trump not once but twice for nothing and what I am reading here definitely sounds like you can start and maybe get his ass a long with the rest of the brood of vipers out of our House.

  8. Rebecca Tichenor says

    @5th admenment!!! Impeach him now!!!!

  9. Ellen F Gunkel says

    This is so sad that this is happening in our United States. These people should have every right to have an attorney.

  10. KEVIN C SEITZ says

    Yes get them both out

  11. scott gadsby says

    Hang this treasonous traitor and his whole administration NOW!

  12. exordis says

    Anyone who thinks this is going to be corrected by impeaching Xiden and the Ho is naive at best. I guarantee that Nancy, Chuckie, and the RINO leadership are aware of what’s being done to these poor people, because I have seen several stories on this since March 2021.

    Impeachment isn’t going to happen and the courts are in on it too. IMO it’s going to take a civil war to stop this. The US government has become an evil institution.

  13. Kathy Yerger says

    Yes impeach

  14. unclejim says

    Good Morning well it’s to bad we can’t throw all the scum bags out of office this spending the tax payers money 💰💰like I drink water would said Bourbon big i stopped drinking biden administration is going cause the U United States in big trouble around the world 🌎Stand Up For Our Rights God Bless America

  15. L says

    What about impeach this azz with threatening Ukraine by takeing away 100000000 dollars if they don’ fire their lawyer looking into Hunter ,yes the dumbazz son of our dumbazz president, illegal dealings.Shouldn’t that be grounds since that’s what they tried to plan on Mr Trump?

  16. Sheila Byrum says

    Yes, impeach and let those poor people out of that he’ll!

  17. Betty says

    It’s about time someone is doing something to save our country!! People are not going back to work because I know of people on unemployment that their unemployment rate is 168.00 a week and with the “extra” the Biden administration has given them, 300.00 per week” that is 468.00 a week! Seniors in America on Social Security make an average of 1000.00 a MONTH and we have worked our entire lives to get that!!

  18. JL says

    Biden deserves impeachment. Harris is MIA (border security guru). Impeach her too and you end up with President Pelosi. Yeah! I’m feeling really good about our federal elected “leaders” about now.

  19. Lynn says

    I use to wonder if there really as a SATAN….all I have to do is look at biden…!! Did you see his new Yacht…???? It is almost as big as the Titanic…!!!!!!!!!!! Most of us people are barely making ends meet and I see this..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Shauna says

    Agreed, get them both out asap

  21. Fed Up With the Sell-Out says

    To Impeach Comrade Chairman Biden would be nothing but another dog and pony show just like the Get Trump Circus. The Republicans haven’t enough votes to get an Impeachment as long as the RINO Wing rules the party. Even if by some miracle Impeachment went through, no way would they get a conviction in the Senate.

    Yes, Biden has committed a lo-o-o-ong list of CRIMES but so has the entire Democrat/Communist Party.

  22. bruce says

    Contact your congress people today and demand these people be given Due Process. Even violent murders get released while awaiting trial. These are not foreign combatants, they are Americans. How is it even possible they can be held without bail. They need to be released and charge them trespassing which is all the government has. The Capitol is a public building, they were invited in, so even that charge is suspect. This should not be happening. Kamala was bailing out people committing real acts of violence and destruction.

  23. Jeff says

    Democrats get away with this because republican representatives are silent. The only thing they have not done is warm up the gas chamber. Maybe we should get the UN involved because this is the definition of torture at the UN.

  24. PROVE ME WRONG says

    My 72 years of life have shown me the DEMO–C–RATS have COMPLETELY LOST their SENSIBILITY to human life !!! To many 3rd world countries ideas have influenced their decision’s on how to run OUR USA !!! We don’t need these people coming into our GOVT. & Telling us were doing it WRONG !!! WE MUST GET EVERYONE OF THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OUR GOVT. ! NOW !!! We here in USA have always given ,& given ,& given to these COUNTRIES ,& without question !!! Now we’re supposed to be RAN by them ??? NOT !!!

  25. Ally says

    Absolutely do it now

  26. Rex Kittle says

    The best thing for Americans to do it rid the United States of ALL Democrats in the White House, House and Senate, forever ! You see, Democrats are NOT Americans, they decided that in 1786. Go ahead and impeach Biden, I would rather end his life and all the other Democrats. They are illegals in our country.

  27. Ronald Blacklock says

    Biden, like Obama, were not qualified to be President. Obama never met the requirements to be in office and our no backbone GOP leadership did not put a legal end to this BS. Biden, did not win the election and he knows it, and the democratic crooks stole the election. Both should be tried for high treason and should receive the justice for being traitors.

  28. DeadDog says

    Why is this being allowed to go on? Those detained have not even done anything to deserve being detained in the first place. Why is congress, at least the Republican side, not up in arms about this and actually doing something about it? The treatment is equal to or greater than some things that have been called hate crimes. We all could be next!

  29. mikeinco says

    While I would love to see Biden impeached, two things come to mind. First, until the GOP controls Congress an impeachment will never happen. Second, IF Biden were impeached, we would then have Kamel toe to deal with. I greatly fear a second revolution but also think it’s gonna happen. A violent revolution will be devastating to our nation, better to have Congress split us up into red and blue nations, divide the country, give the Demoncrats both coasts and the middle of the country is America.

  30. Farmer says

    The Capitol Police report to Pelosi and Schumer. They should be charged with violating the US Constitution and jailed. Biden should be impeached for allowing it to happen.

  31. Faye says

    He most definitely needs to be impeached. He is ruining our beautiful America! We do not need communism, socialism or terrible people that are now in control of our government. Give me Trump back any day!!!! I say we take back our country and soon!!!!! God is in control and hopefully he will send his Army to get rid of these horrible people in charge!!!!!

    Concerned citizen from Wisconsin

  32. Greta says

    Start that now and take piglosi too. Biden is a corrupt politician and has been for 50 yrs. The gop need to grow a pair.

  33. Dj says

    First things first! Remove Pelosie, since she is third in line. Then remove Harris for her craziness to turn our great nation into a socialist country! She lives in a mansion, as a socialist will she invite the illegal immigrants into her home? Just a thought? Anyhow Pelosie and Harris must go , then impeach Biden. Have you noticed that few refer to him as President?

  34. Gerald S Ladd says

    MTG submitted articles of impeachment for the drooling moron. Trouble is, the DemonRATS control the house, so nothing will happen now.

  35. Jim Robbins says

    Many of you, I like their thinking!! IMPEACH that Weasel or shoot him, which ever is quicker!!! Biden, out NOW!!

  36. miles e drake says

    This should convince every citizen that the First American Republic is dead and that we are now living in a communist dictatorship under the control of China. We have had governments before that needed to be defeated and politicians who needed to be removed from office. The current illegitimate puppet regime, however, is the first one that needs to be driven from power like those of the Duvaliers, Romania’s Ceausescu and Pol Pot. As soon as the ongoing audits confirm that the 2020 election was indeed stolen, Americans should take to the streets and stay there until The Dotard and The Round-heeled Mongrel resign and flee. Down with the dictatorship! Biden and his handlers delenda est!

  37. Bruce Barberio says

    Get him out now! I want to know that my children and grandchildren will grow up in an America that I enjoyed. I came of age in the mid 60’s and the the turmoil then was no where near as frightening as it is now.

  38. Bonnie says

    The reason why they haven’t started any impeachments against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the house is controlled by the Democrats as well as the Senate so you have they have control of everything. Now it seems like I was trouble at the election and not Joe buy them but they stole it from this and everybody covered it up from the Supreme Court down.

  39. Dennis F says


  40. Medic RN says

    You know there are 300,000 biden-Chinese combat troops in Vancouver Canada right? Impeachment is not the solution.
    The elephant in the room is STOLEN ELECTION FRAUDULENT GOVERNMENT. These sonsofbitches are socialist-communist criminals. MUST be arrested & removed immediately.

  41. Theresa Marshall says

    real Americans enough with all the talk actions are needed or are all of you a bunch of wussy’s

  42. Rex says

    Why has this kinda stuff been allowed to continue this long?? YES IMPEACH THEM ALL FOR TREASON TODAY!!

  43. Robert says

    Biden should be impeached. !!!!!!Kamala Harris should also be removed.!!!! This country is becoming worse than any other communist country in history. This is United States of America and should be respected and treated as one united country. Republicans need to stand up to the situation and take action.!!!!!!!

  44. JM says

    We need to charge this Fraud P(os)resident with treason and terrorism against AMERICA and its CITIZENS. Not just impeached but face a firing squad for his deceit and oppression of the CONSTITUTION. This should also apply to all in his administration, all TRAITORS.

  45. cozycalico says

    Impeaching Biden gives us Kamala and impeaching her gives us Piglosy so there is no gain by impeachment that I can see. We need a do over election without the fraud that Biden told us he had set up before election. That is the only way Biden got in and why he just sat in his basement doing nothing. Imagine winning and election without even getting out of your basement and never even speaking to people. Absolutely crazy!

  46. Robert Richey says

    The longer we let them go the harder it will be to whip their asses when the war between Real Americans and the left begins.

  47. Vern Fisher says

    Impeach Biden and the other ass wipe idiots.

  48. Cheryl says

    Impeach him and VP now. They do not stand for the USA! GOD BLESS AMERICA! I am praying for all of us and the next generations.

  49. mark88 says

    Impeach Joe Biden & Kamala Harris for gross negligence and total mismanagement of government.
    That will result in higher inflation costs to all americans.

  50. Jim says

    Sleepy’s the idiot in charge, and could end this immediately, but the real issue, and POS causing the most harm are the officers running the dump. These officers, judges, and Mayor need to be relieved of their right to breath the same air as those who follow, and believe in their oath of office. The officers accused of beating inmates, should be treated with the same respect. This is America, and until the people decide to hold these lunatics accountable, in the most severe way, this will continue.

  51. Robert E. Altee says

    There is considerable evidence on “secret files” in the FBI Headquarters, but no Republican will ever see it. Biden’s captors will ensure that eventually the evidence will be lost. Of course, the DOJ won’t do anything to have the Biden Family’s investigations revealed – Democrat Party enforcement. Until 2024 our Nation will see more and more of the left’s extreme radical influence. The leftists, better known as the Democrats, know they have only three and one-half years to totally destroy the USA, so they are going to get more extreme introducing their goals. Biden is simply a politician who never did anything for the Nation in his almost 50 years in the House, Senate, as VPOTUS, and now POTUS, and loves being a dictator. The Democrats know this so they dictate to Biden what and how he should utter, He no longer has the mentality to render sensible actions. Here we have a man who has never served in the armed forces, but thinks he knows more about war than those who have spent decades fighting wars throughout the world. He had two sons who served in the Armed Forces, and one served well while the other became a drug addict and was thrown out of the Navy. Biden’s entire family, wife, son, daughter, and brother have majored in one adventure of life – corruption. I don’t think there has ever been a POTUS with lower morals and character. How can anyone expect Biden to ever become truly useful and a patriotic man. It is a shame he was elected by fraudulent election actions by the Democrats.

  52. Camille Gilliam says

    They have plenty to impeach him on, they have found more info on him on Hunter’s computer. He was involved in more foreign dealings. He is not mentally capable of what it takes to run this country, because we have been sabotaged by the Demonrats for years.

  53. Jo says

    Impeach the bum NOW! He’s destroying our country

  54. Louise Shelley says

    Don’t just talk about it; DO it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is long overdue.

  55. Lash LaRue says

    Impeach that election thieving pile of shit
    He’s a Commie
    Get rid of him now before he destroys our country

  56. Reta Hartness says

    Impeach Biden and restore America to its former way of doing things. Restore justice. Get those people released from prison!!!

  57. Joyce Armstrong says

    Please do it before he destroys the entire country to the point of no return.

  58. Clarence E Williams says

    This is what happens when you have a communist administration in control of the White House, Congress and the Senate. This government is corrupt from the top down and the only way its going to change is with a full blown revolution because they don’t care what the people in this country thinks or wants.

  59. James M Misik says

    I totally agree with Scott Gatsby’s post on this. They should all be impeached and hung in the publics view for treason and destroying our country! They are all evil and need to be removed and punished! They have already caused so much damage and I hope we can repair it. I plead to All Republicans to not just sit on your hands until 2022. Things need to be done to stop this insanity now!

  60. Earl Stump jr says

    You find one good thing that Biden and the Democrats have done and I will find one hundred that are horribly wrong
    You ask if he and Harris should be impeached. Hell yeah why should they not be?

  61. Craig Murphy says

    First, in my bill of particulars, would be treason for orchestrating an invasion on the southern border.

  62. Mikeyg819 says

    Oh my God, I can’t believe what I just read. How is this going on? This is illegal. Detainees aren’t supposed to be treated this way. How is it possible that nobody has done anything about this. Biden needs to be removed ASAP. I could list about fifty reasons why but this one alone is enough of a reason. The insanity of the demonrats has gone way over the breaking point. All these maniacs in the White House have got to be exposed and removed for the insane people they are. How do they sleep at night? They should be having nightmares all night long. With the millions upon millions of people in this country, how is it possible that we cannot remove these animals who are responsible for the domestic terrorists that they’ve released on our country in addition to all the horrible things they have pushed on the American People? None of any of this makes any sense.

  63. Jim says


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

    I urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.


    HARRIS is guilty of violating 18US Code 2381 Treason, 18 US Code 2382 Misprision of Treason, 18US Code 2383 Rebellion or Insurrection, 18 US Code 2384 Seditious Conspiracy and 18 US CODE 2385 Advocating Overthrow of Government!

    Democrats want to legalize anarchy and ban law and order.

    Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  64. Darlene Fife says

    Unfortunately demons do exist.
    Those who now low to satan are given riches beyond their imagination .

    Being a person of God or recently a Trump supporter and or Christian you’re treated like Stalin or Hitler treated his people.

    I am saying and have been saying ,ALCATRAZ is just sitting there not being used for anything.

    Load ALL of these treasonous, swamp rats ,those unAmerican that sell out our country and dump them all there.

    No money,no power, no blackmailing , no financial gain at all.
    Place them there with the dismal future they are working on for us.

    Can you imagine them trying to find food ,a place to sleep ,to pay bills for government spending with NO BENEFITS ????
    ALCATRAZ is receiving there next batch hopefully soon . Welcome to our version of life under your “leadership “

  65. cozycalico says

    You do realize that impeaching Biden gives us Kamala and I do not see that as an improvement, Then if we impeach Kamala we get Piglosy and again no improvement and maybe even worse. We are stuck for the time being. We need a do over election and we need it now!

  66. Billy says

    IMPEACH him and his party as treasonous children letting the left control him.

  67. Beverly says

    Yes impeach Biden they should not be treated like that he is a disgrace to this country

  68. LINDA says


  69. Billy G Reno says

    Impeach Biden he has broken just about every law we have now is the time to get that crime boss back. IMPEACH HIM.

  70. Richard says

    This is America not China . These anti American jerks in Washington are bypassing the constitution at every turn. They should all be put in front of a firing squad.

  71. Lynn says

    YOU have to get out and VOTE REPUBLICAN …!!!!!!!!!! We don’t have enough REPUBLICANS in the House or Senate to Impeach the A–wipe…!!! Call your Congressman and Governor…I just did..!!! Quit being a scardy cat…!!! The Telephone No.are on here………………Call…give the your friends and Neighbors…

  72. Terrie Wyatt says

    Yet BLM and Antifa continue their reign of terror and call whites the racist. They should not have black guards in these holding cells either.

  73. Jenifer says


  74. Jenifer PARKER says


  75. Shirley Turner says

    This is something that I think needs to be put before the American people. I would not have known about this if I didn’t get these emails. Why is this not brought before Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity to investigate and put before the millions of people that watch these shows. This breaks my heart. I can’t imagine if it was one of my family. I will keep these folks in my prayers. The country needs to lift them all up in prayer. Please do not let this fall through the cracks. It’s as bad as communist China!!

  76. Herb says

    The trouble is that impeaching biteme won’t help. I looked up the succession list, which is 16 people deep into the administration and EVERY one of the 16 are communist democrats that helped get biteme in office.

    Even if we were to get biteme and camal toe out we would have someone that is of the same mindset as them in office.

    The only thing that would save us is a completely new administration and those that are there now put in jail, or hung.

  77. Karen says

    I love my country, but I hate what the current administration is doing to it! The only thing I can think of doing
    is PRAY!!! I’m sure God is on my side and the side of President Trump!

  78. janice says

    yeah he has no rating (joe ) hes an old man who needs a swift kick in the ass , he dummer than a box of rocks ,
    hes nothing but a puppet waiting for his strings to be pulled before he reacts , i can’t stand him , he needs to be impeached for what hes doing to our country & for all of the illegal immigrints hes letting them wast away inside them tents they are so crowded & im even wondering if there getting food all the time , i am waiting to see if there is even one republican that will start the impeachment on joe or not cause what hes doing is far worse than what Trump was trying to do !!!!

  79. John Wood says

    Joe and Ho should not bed in the WH but they and their entire Administration should be in the D.C. jail.

  80. Audrey Brienza says

    They all need to go. Impeach, remove. Put in jail at Alcatraz- that’s a great idea. Those poor Patriots that are in solitary confinement must be released. They have done nothing to deserve that kind of treatment. They need to know that we want them out. Biden and his entire administration are tearing our Country apart. They are breaking our heart. There has been so much sacrifice and blood shed over the past 245 t years to keep her free and great. To keep this sort of corrupt government and Communism out. We as a people have gone through so much. People wanted to come here to get out of communism and true oppression. They want freedom that only America can offer- they just have to want to work to achieve their dreams of a better life, to not only better themselves but to want to support and cherish that same freedom for all. But they must come here legally. That is only fair. We must not lose our great nation. We have to get rid of all these toxic organizations like BLM and Antifa. Get the core leaders and hold them responsible for all the damage that has been done to our people and cities and businesses. All that was not called for. All who had part in those kind of activities must be held accountable for their actions. This Critical Race Theory is toxic and dangerous and must be banned. The woman that started this must be held accountable for this divisive action. That is brainwashing, We must put a stop to all this. We the people must stand strong together to rid ourselves of these threats to us as a great Nation. We are the United States of America. We will not be intimidated ,we will not be deterred, we must fight for ourselves and our children. We have fought and defeated some of the most dangerous enemies in the world, and became the greatest Nation in the world. So now we have to clean house to get rid of traitors within. Contact our true leaders to let them know we need them to lead us to Victory. Let us stand up now for our future. Get a petition started as well as call for impeachment for all the rats. God Bless America, Land of the free and home of the Brave.

  81. Jay Poe says

    Those were Obsmas cages…not Trump’s!!!

  82. James S Cribelar says

    Obama Bin Laden and His trained Monkey, Joe , must go ! How can a man, born white and American, have so much hatred for his people and his country ? By careful indoctrination and brain washing by his Master Manipulator , The Muslim Hater of The White Devils and Their Land ! They are openly and obviously out to destroy both America and The White Devil ! There are a whole chorus of them chanting, “Down With America !” Rice, Harris, Gupta, AOC, O’Bammie, O’Biden, and many , many , more . This Must End, and end soon, before we lose our Homeland and are destroyed from within. We White Conservatives are under attack. The Enemy has launched the assault ! Make No Mistake, WE ARE AT WAR ! What have we got to lose ? EVERYTHING !!!

  83. Джордани Йованович, says

    Remove the imposter, his whores & the Un-American, appointed scabs.

  84. louise says

    joe biden piglosi,harris shumer and there adminasration should all be in prision. these americans that are in jailshould be out now.throw these demorcts in this prison and let them go threw what these americans are suffering from.thats the biden adminastrtion belongs.and were is president bush?he hears and see whats biden and his adminstration is doing and bush doesnt say a dam word.why?because bush is kissing obama and bidens behind so sorry i voted for bush he is just to blame for what is happening in america.

  85. Perdz says

    But how can they be impeached when they are in power – they control the country. Who will impeach these CORRUPT DemonRats? They won’t do that to themselves.
    The big problem is how to solve fraudulent election when 2022 comes, coz if the good Republicans (minus the RINO’s) will take over the House and Senate, then they will run the country straight. That’s how we can get back our America! Otherwise, CIVIL war is the only alternative! And that will be very costly.

  86. BARBARA says


  87. Gary arrington says

    Impeach both of them over the invasion at the border that they are allowing

  88. PATTY says


  89. Sharon says

    If we don’t impeach him. It’s our own fault.

    Do it now

  90. Billy W says

    Impeach him and imprison the whole group of traitors.

  91. Cheryl says

    I agree! IMPEACH BIDEN, KAMALA , PELOSI and all the people who do not support the USA! Stand strong for our MILITARY and OUR POLICE. THEY protect us and our Country. Remember the bad guys do not Win in THE END!

  92. Jo says

    Just throw the fake ,lying fraudulent bum out!!!!

  93. John says

    Get Joe Obama out of the White House NOW!

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