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Don’t You Dare Condemn the Peaceful Protesters at the Capitol

There’s a very real risk that I’m going to projectile vomit onto my keyboard if I hear one more “conservative” pundit or politician condemn the peaceful Capitol protesters. Don’t you dare call our friends and neighbors who marched on the Capitol “rioters” or “domestic terrorists.” Some of those peaceful protesters traveled thousands of miles to petition their government for a redress of their grievances. And now you want to sit there all safe in your little office, miles away from the action, and condemn them?

Everyone from Tucker Carlson to Instapundit to The Federalist and The Blaze are condemning the “rioters” for their “violent insurrection.” They’re now wailing and claiming that NOW the elites are going to use that peaceful protest as a pretext to take even more of our rights and freedoms away.

Do you know what all of these fair-weather conservatives sound like? That battered wife on all of those Hallmark Channel movies.

She’s got a cigarette burn on her arm, bruises on her neck and a big ol’ black eye. And when you raise an eyebrow over the horrific train of abuses that she’s been subjected to, she declares, “Don’t say anything! Nancy and Chuck and Kamala and Mitt will only lose their temper and make it worse if you say something!”

I’m sorry, but… how many cigarettes do I need to let Kamala Harris extinguish on my arm before I’m allowed to protest?

Trump supporters from all across the country descended on Washington, DC to show Congress that we are serious. We mean it. We don’t trust the 2020 election results and we want an audit. And by showing up with those kinds of numbers, Congress should have taken us seriously.

We’ve had plenty of marches in DC and other places that called themselves a “Million Man March” – but this is the first protest march in American history which actually had more than a million marchers show up. Look at those amazing photos of the Washington Monument from that morning. Some estimates put the total crowd size in DC on Wednesday at somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million.

No other issue has garnered such large support, ever, in American history. People dropped everything on a Wednesday and flew to Washington, DC from as far away as California, Hawaii and Alaska to protest. We the people asked that our votes not be stolen from us. And the elites responded to us by declaring, “Eff you, Trumpers! Your voices don’t matter! We’re certifying Sniffy Joe as the winner, so SHUT UP! And bring your daughter to Joe’s pool-house later, because he thinks her hair looks reeeaaal shiny!”

So, yes. Our friends and neighbors peacefully marched into the Capitol building, which is PUBLIC PROPERTY. They gently walked between the velvety ropes in the Statuary Hall without tipping over any of the ropes OR any of the statues!

So violent and scary!

As they were peacefully protesting and petitioning the government for a redress of their grievances on public property, which is protected under the First Amendment, the government used live ammunition against them. And… we’re supposed to condemn our friends and neighbors as the Bad Guys in this incident? Really?

When the Capitol Police shot an unarmed Air Force veteran in the neck and killed her in the halls of Congress, Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union tweeted that she was probably doing something horrible and deserved it. She was someone’s wife. She was unarmed. There were six cops with machine guns standing directly behind her, who did not deem her a threat in any way, shape or form, when another member of the Capitol Police shot her in the neck and murdered her in cold blood after she had served her country with honor for 14 years. Congress will probably give that cop a medal for his “bravery,” because he protected them from the scary housewife.

She was no doubt upset because the elites just stole two back-to-back elections in American and completely disenfranchised the majority of voters. And she was peacefully protesting that injustice when she was murdered. Three other Trump supporters died in Congress that day, but there’s no video of their deaths and so those murders are being called “medical emergencies.” Uh huh.

I refuse to condemn the peaceful Capitol protesters. They did nothing wrong. They have a right to protest. I refuse to have battered-wife-syndrome over the whole thing as well. It is criminal to steal elections from the American people and the folks who perpetrated and upheld that theft deserve everything that’s coming to them. I wish I could tell you that things would simmer down, and it will get better from here. But evil tyrants never peacefully relinquish power. We’ve got some hard work ahead of us, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the ballot box will be the means of regaining our lost freedoms.

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  1. Fed up 2 says

    Thank you. I said the very same thing. After shamelessly cheating at 2 separate elections and pissing around with the stimulus checks for months Congress got exactly what it deserves.

  2. Kathleen Aghassi says

    I am fed up as well, two elections back to back WITH NO SIGNATURE REQUIREMENT? So you expect “We the People” to believe that there was No Cheating even though I (living in Arizona) could have probably requested a ballot from Georgia and voted ( thanks to Stacy Abrams) ANYONE COULD HAVE REQUESTED A BALLOT IN GEORGIA???? They want us to believe the lie that if you request an ID from someone your racist …… You need an ID to buy booze, cash a check, buy cigs, etc …but you do not need one to vote for the Leader of the Free World? Too Much Cheating in OUR faces and mocked for inquiring about it, Shut up and move on they say….. That will NEVER HAPPEN ,,,THIS WOULD WILL NEVER HEAL UNLESS THERE IS AN INVESTIGATION, AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE ASSURED THAT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!! A wound that WILL NOT heal… And when you have future President and Vice President lie and make it about Racism , That’s a problem!!! We don’t buy this racism lie anymore, and I wish they would stop lying…..

  3. Lokuprido says

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  4. Mary L Janes says

    I believe the Democrats and the Republicans who give into their BS should all be treated as traitors. I CAN’T IMAGINE WHY anyone would want this type of people running our country

  5. patrick says

    When will we realize that the swamp is way bigger than we thought? It contains all of D.C. now and controls everything now days so the fight has always been a uphill battle. And now with what happened on the 6th with Trump supporters and antifa with some blm thrown in the mix they are running scared. They never expected so many would show up to defend this country as we have. So to show they are in charge the payback must be swift and severe to teach us a lesson. The new question is what will we the people do next?

  6. sherri says

    I believe we all know Antifa sent in bus loads of rioters to the Capital, never have Pres. Trumps supporters caused riots.
    This is another ploy by Pelosi & her group to lie about Republicans. Pelosi has yelled impeachment before Pres. Trump took office. Pelosi must really be hiding many things. Remember when Rioters were burning down businesses, churches, etc. & Pelosi said “people do what they do”. When she got mad at a meeting she & Schumer walked out & she told Pres. Trump, “You have no idea what we can do to you”. She should have been impeached right then. Now tweeter & others have banned many Republicans, this is a communistic order, Isn’t it? They don’t want the truth known. I will always believe Pres. Trump won the Election. God bless Sidney Powell, she got the goods on those voting machine owners & they are suing her to try & shut her up. She does have credible proof.

  7. Len says

    I analyzed the vote in all 67 counties in PA and the evidence of the fraud is obvious. I went back and looked up Census data going back to 2000 and compared results for both presidential candidates in 2000 thru 2020. The fraud is obvious. The PA Legislature issued a report documenting hundreds of thousands more votes than voters. It was ignored.

    Now there are reports documenting fraud in the runoffs in Georgia. It is so massive that politicians and judges including SCOTUS are afraid to touch it. No judge heard a single sworn affidavit of questionable election vote activity on its merits. They are all Politically Correct and scared of what they will find. But it is so blatant it will come out in time.

  8. I.D. Fendmuhrytz says

    We will never be told the truth… ever. The left is in control. If they don’t like the truth, they label it a lie, and their socialist controlled media supports every word they say, in spades. Up has become down, black is white, right is wrong. Gaslighting has become the daily tactic of the left. “That’s not what you saw…”, “That video’s been altered…”, “That’s not what was said…”, “That never happened…”. It’s all gaslighting, people. Tell a lie often enough and it will become the truth. Make people believe they can’t trust their own eyes, ears or knowledge, so they’ll comply with the agenda. Also referred to as “drink the cool-aide”.

    This isn’t going to stop, or even slow down, until the USA is the USSA. Prepare for the reset. Our life in these United States will never be as most of us remember it. And therein lies a big part of the problem. There are far too many living in this country that don’t remember how it used to be; they haven’t been here long enough. Among the youth who really haven’t experienced life, the immigrants, both legal & illegal, and the leftovers from the “make love not war” years who never grew out of that mentality, the left has the support they need to take over our lives. All they lacked was the legal power – which, through their predictably deceitful ways, they now have.

    The left succeeded in controlling the results of a National election using methods likely proven effective in CA and NY for years. Since they’ve apparently pulled it off scot-free, there is no reason to think they will not do it again, and again. Soon the outcome of every election held in this country will be known before the first ballot is ever cast. Every level of government will be turned blue. The only Republicans elected will be those the left can depend on to cave-in to a socialist agenda, a,k,a, RINOs. Our elections will be nothing more than a show put on for the world and the history books.

    Once they gain state government control over 3/4 of the states, the U.S. Constitution will become unrecognizable. The Bill of Rights will become… what rights?, the government will control our rights, every single one of them. By this time they will have packed the SCOTUS with like-minded “justices” who will either support the left’s movement, or simply look away and refuse to hear any case on which they don’t want to take a public stand.

    Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and concerns, derived from the life experience of a legal, registered voting American citizen. Nothing more, nothing less. Take these words as you will.

  9. JoeyP says

    It’s TIME for the RED STATES to hold a CONVENTION of STATES to REIGN in a RUNAWAY Federal Government that does NOT go by the U.S. Constitution. If this doesn’t WORK, then a FULL scale SUCCESSION of MANY, numerous states need to take place. We should then form our OWN UNION, United in Liberty as founded by the God Fearing Founding Fathers, run by THE U.S. Constitution, a GODLY Document set up by GOD himself to make sure that we The People REMAIN a FREE people, NOT run by a Leftist GLOBAL Socialist agenda. One Enlightened And WARY Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  10. Westley Ferris says

    If the left thinks thinks that we rioted they aint seen nothing yet we should do this to every state capital every day of the week for the next four years

  11. Goyaathle says

    I served my country from 1969-1981. Two years in South East Asia fighting communisms in the rice paddies and jungles. This was not a riot or insurrection. It was a peaceful demonstration that got a little out of hand with the help of Antifa. It was not a white supremacist’s rally. Two innocents did loose their lives and I am sorry for that, but if it had been a coup the people would have pulled the traitors out and hung them on the lampposts. As many people that were in attendance the small groups of guards could not have stopped them. I am afraid that in the near future there will be real insurrection and blood shed to take our country back. Socialism can not be in control of this country and turn us into the USSA.

  12. EB says

    Total agree!

  13. jboo7 says

    After half a year of riots, arson and murder on behalf of Mr. Biden (and his handler in the back), the Capitol-entry was a WALK-IN, as even police put barriers aside and, seemingly, let demonstrators in. And why not? True, there were a few bits of scum around who went souvenir hunting – but nobody was truly violent! No arson and no murder – apart from the demonstrating woman shot in the neck. So, who is to be blamed? Let’s be truthful and honest!

  14. Rick Farkas says

    They are trying to silence 75 million people that saw with there own eyes a stolen presidential election. They want us silenced and to go away. Well nancy, chuck, and the rest of the lying left, we are here to stay, get use to that fact !

  15. Janice E. Prescott says

    We are not going away.

  16. Perry says

    I’m so very thankful that we have someone in Washington DC fighting for all Americans. That someone is Donald J Trump. He’s been battling Satan and his Demons for four plus years now. Im quite sure who God is standing with in this fight.. I stand with our President in his fight. These do appear to be the times of Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right. Pray Americans, for God’s Truth to shine.

  17. unclejim says

    Good Morning we’re living in a world 🌎🌎of double standard’s the one for leftist and the conservative we all know that Donald Trump was elected but the left pulled off a steal of an election so we must stand together and put the presser on in every state and every representative in the house and Senate no matter what we do we must stand united because the left must be defeated starting with Schumer and Pelosi they have to go along with aoc they’ll not stand up to pressure from the people united we stand divided we fall

  18. James Richards says

    The Sad Fact is that They are not going to be Voted Out as They have Proven They will Go to Any Lengths to Win, so They Leave Us NO Other Option than to KILL THEM!

  19. Ertrude Monopoly says

    We r screwed “blued” and tattooed (marked as traitors by the socialists/communist/marxist/former Democratic Party ). What will we do when the food can’t be bought unless u can ur COVID card at the grocery store. Of course u don’t need an ID to vote in certain states? Hell is coming sooner than we think?

  20. Lorraine E Blazich says

    The D.C. police brought both antifa and BLM into the capital building area and they are the people who led the charge into the capital. The entire invasion was set up by the democrats to discredit the patriots. It was another SET UP by the democrats to be used by their corporate press to smear the patriots. Everything happening by the people running our government is planned and intended to be used to destroy President Trump and conservatives. The democrats and RINOs are identical and they intend to destroy our Republic and replace it with communism.

  21. Al Lofaso says

    Siting here waiting for direction take back our country.

  22. Eugene Marcum says

    “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    John Adams, 1798.

  23. Susan says

    It’s so great to see the truth here! Yes, the election was stolen, the violence was a SET UP, and we’ve deeply sunk into government corruption! We must do something to stop this NOW, or we will forever loose our freedoms! We must have all of the evidence of voter fraud published, so we won’t have to hear “there’s no evidence”. Then we must have the election redone in person only with identities of registered voters verified, and no illegals! All elections must be watched closely and we’ll see that the likes of pelosi and aoc no longer win. I can’t believe anyone would vote for them! Pelosi has been threatening and harassing our President for the last 4 years. She should be removed immediately before she can do any more damage with this impeachment nonsense! She is a CCP operative that will destroy our country! We must investigate and prosecute all of the crimes committed by the left beginning with Clinton, then collusion with a Chinese spy and serving on the intelligence committee, then Biden influence peddling, actual quid pro quo (as shown on video), and many other offenses as shown on Hunter’s laptop. We must band together and get all of these criminals out of our government! Please don’t give up! We cannot let our country fall into Chinese Communist Party rule lead by pelosi. Stand by President Trump who was truly the greatest President we’ve ever had!

  24. Phyllis Frank says

    Well said!!!

  25. Charles Nix says

    Thank you a lot. Your sentiments mirror mine exactly. While I am not a proponent of violence I have been warning that it is coming. Over 75 million voters have had their votes reduced to meaning nothing and nobody anywhere will lift a finger, not state courts, not federal courts, not the Supreme Court, not state legislators, or federal legislators and not the Justice Department. They are not wrong, but even if you think they are wrong they still deserve answers.
    This election was stolen by a criminal syndicate that calls theselves the Democratic Party and by biased news media who refused to hold Biden accountable or to allow the public to find out who he really is. The only surprise to me is that the violence was as limited as it was, but I have a message for Nancy. If you try to impeach this President again with no basis whatsoever then you aint seen nothing yet!!

  26. Blue says

    To Hell with Treasonus Sorryass democrats and Backstabbing republicans!

  27. Pam says

    I totally agree with this news article. MAGA Supporters are the good, hard working people of this country who pay in taxes the salary of the US Congress. If the Congress is not going to hear our voices, then it is time to vote them out of office!
    They have labeled the protesters on last Wednesday as terrorist. They had no bombs like the leftist terrorist group -Armed Resistance Unit detonated in the lobby of the US Capital in November 7, 1983. Yet, on the day he left office, Bill Clinton commuted the sentence of Linda Evans, one of the bombers.
    Talk about impeaching a President? Really?

  28. Don says

    President George Washington said it so truly: Occupants of public offices love power and are prone to abuse it.
    A pack of jackasses led by a lion is superior to a pack of lions led by a jackass. That includes Biden/Harris and the communist called democrats are the JACKASS

  29. Rick says

    I just read this morning, that the PGA now has voted to strip a PGA tournament from the Trump organization’s golf course! What the hell is this? Punish everyone who voted for Trump, and his prior employees? It’s time we start punishing back. Boycott these organizations who’s leaders are ALL democrat. Good bye PGA! I will NEVER got to or WATCH another PGA tournament in my lifetime. KMA!

  30. paw paw says

    This country was founded on Biblical principles and we need to return to them. That’s the only answer.

  31. Tim hatch says

    When did our country turn communist, i must have been sleeping! Democrats need to change thier ways, goose step and one armed salute is what theyve been doing…

  32. rick says

    Welcome to the new form of government- a Criminalocracy!

  33. Marv says

    Any organization or individuals who does not speak out against the fraud and corruption in the last election are just as guilty as the people who committed the offense.

    And then there is the Crooked Media and BIG TECH who aided and abetted the DNC in perpetuating this election fraud…..Shame on them for trying to destroy the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!

    This fraudulent election is an Act of Treason against the 75 million Voters in the country who supported President Trump……

    We are not going away and this only strengthens our resolve to root out the evil and corruption which has infected our country.

    God Bless President Donald J. Trump……and God Bless America!!…..AMEN!…..

  34. Greta says

    We had one civil war, that was demorat caused do they need another one? There are many more conservatives waiting to take back the real america than you think. Time to get a new party. The gop is really mini demorats.

  35. Margarette says

    Demoncrats int know the truth!! They watch fake news or most I k ow don’t watch or hear news, but vote Demoncrat.
    Satan in America knows what he’s doing. Christians are turning from God to go with what feels good to them. The answer to this is Jesus and His will. All Christians shout pray without ceasing Gods will be done and turn from our wicked ways. In Jesus Name Amen
    It has to be Christians praying because God does not hear the prayer from one who is not born again.

  36. Jo says

    I say the protesters were not Trump supports more a Anti-Trump rampage from the Democraps one would have to be brain dead not too come to that conclusion!!! Ipso facto!!!

  37. Desert Fox says

    WE ALL KNOW THAT THE DEMONCRATS USED OBAMA’S MILITIA, Antifa and BLM, TO DISCREDIT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS. The crook and ckskr that will go into the white house as their leaders, will never be accepted as legitimately elected president and vice president.

  38. Mike says

    The rioters were lib and dem supporters. The peaceful protesters were conservative and repub supporters.

  39. Jo says

    I said the same one would have to be brain dead not to know the rioters were not Trump supporters !!! It’s a damn shame what’s happening to this great country!!!!



  41. Duane says

    Clearly all the politicians and judges are afraid of antifa. You know, the people that the Democrats chose to be their personal police force. Yes indeed antifa will come to judge’s and politicians homes and scare them with Physical harm, if they don’t follow the Democrats will. They are all cowards! Now they believe in their fantasy world, that if people stormed the capital, that means that there was no voter fraud. Just take one minute to think about that.
    Un f**king believable

  42. joe says

    This hole situation would not have happen if the people working the poles would have conducted the election according to the rules which control,s this country. Unfortunately the Democrat’s had there agenda to win at any expense and therefore the poll workers being loyal Democrat’s had no choice but to cheat. We as American have the right to express our frustration on how things are done and would not have went to Washington if they did think the election was rigged.It”s unfortunate that this situation occurred an when the dust settles weal find that the Democrats set this hole thing up.

  43. Alice says

    Amen to you. This is the worst situation I could imagine for this country. How many times have we heard things like “Don’t blame all Muslims for the actions of a few”. Don’t blame all black people for the actions of a few rioters (as we watched hundreds if not thousands of blacks burning and looting their own communities and intimidating anyone daring to ask why. But now all Patriotic Americans are domestic terrorists because they dared to petition government for redress of their grievances.

  44. Janet Reynolds says

    And now we even have one of the rioters confessing that he was paid to come and riot !! This was a complete “set-up” to destroy President Trump. Non of this would have happened if we had not had ‘RIGGED ELECTIONS”. I was one of those who personally experienced the “Rigged Elections ” in Arizona. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!

  45. martybette says

    Invaded the Capital Building? The Capital Police opened the Capital doors for the protesters to enter. They guided them down the hall when they did enter – all of which is documented on video. But that is beside the point. The point is that the freedom’s of 75 million Americans who voted for Mr. Trump are now being eliminated in full view of the world. The people’s power over their government has been eliminated systematically and the final straw has been elimination of fair elections to determine their leaders as provided for in the Constitution. The laws of America are now being determined by socialist politicians, elite tech companies, political judges and the Chinese Communist Party. The only avenue left for Mr. Trump’s supporters is acting in mass protests against the tyranny that is trying to destroy them.

  46. Cliff says
  47. gerald champagne says

    Remember the American Revolution was because of TAXATION WITH NO REPRESENTATION from power elites. Not happening here, to many patriots shall rise and stand up to be counted.As for the people that want socialism and communism, go to the countries that have these governments then come back and tell me how you feel,if you can come back. Remember the people pushing this were never in the military, much less combat,so do not let them lead you into something you know nothing about.I thought the american people were educated, but am finding that the younger people have actually been DUMBED DOWN, no real history,civics,proper schooling.No discipline and no accountability for their actions.SEMPER FI Ready to take my country back,by any means neccesary.GOD BLESS AMERICA

  48. KenM says

    I must take issue with one sentence I. D. Fendmuhrytz wrote. He wrote: “Soon the outcome of every election held in this country will be known before the first ballot is ever cast.” Actually, the word “soon” is wrong. The Biden team and his Democrats knew the outcome of this election long before any ballots were cast. That’s why they were able to hide Biden in the basement and essentially cease campaigning during the run-up to the election. All they had to do was arrange for a sufficient number of fake votes to be counted as soon as they knew how many were needed to offset the legitimate votes. “Soon” was early last summer.

    By the way, I’m glad to read this article. Even some people I respect have been condemning the protestors who entered the capitol. The thing is, that property belongs to the citizens as much as it belongs to the elected elite. While crowd control may be a consideration, we have a right to enter the premises because we own them. Also, it is patently unjust to suggest that the vast majority of the protestors are responsible for the actions of a few, especially when there is a high probability that the few who broke things were planted by the other side.

  49. Donald says

    When will republicans quit playing nice and do something that will make a difference? We heard waters, aoc, omar, talib, pressly, pelosi threaten our President Trump, his supporters and staff with bodily harm and even death. Our representatives did nothing, said nothing !! News media sure as heaven did not say much, if anything, about these major threats. Many Trumpers (not a bad name) sent money, a lot of money, to support loeffler’s election and she spit in our faces and trashed Mr. Trump with the lies the dems spouted about the mostly peaceful protests in the capitol being deadly. Most of the people injured or hurt seem to have been protestors. While people injured in the dem sanctioned blm/antifa riots around the country, seemed to be bystanders and conservative journalists. MOST of the protestors were outside. They were not burning businesses, beating people up, shooting, stabbing outside. Has come out antifa was involved inside with some Trumpers. Most outside did not know what was going on inside. The videos I saw, showed no reason for shots to be fired during the riots inside. All the actual protestors(Trump supporters) asked was an audit of obviously fraudulently cast and counted ballots. If there is nothing to hide, nothing will be found. All we ask is TOTAL verification.

  50. DAV says

    It’s all a war of Truth versus bullshit and so far it seems the Lie-beral DEMONocrats are winning.

  51. Richard ALTIERI says

    It’s very clear now who are the disgraceful, dishonorable treasonous traitors in our goverment . Whether it be a Democratic politician or a Republican. The clock is ticking, Treason is a hanging or firing squad offence, so keep that in mind, I hope you make the right decision.

  52. Timothy says

    don’t forget, the FREE SEX Kamala promised, starts on JAN. 22

  53. SANDRA LEONG says

    I was thinking the same. The courts are too afraid and don’t want to go there. Everyone sees how evil the Democrats are. They get away with far too much for too long and never take responsibility for their faults…NEVER…
    Nancy should be very afraid as they were coming for her.
    This is what happens when you incite hate, violence, shootings, looting, burning buildings.
    This mayhem was long overdue and was going to happen sooner or later…Hate to say it but it all started with the Democrats ugliness and hatred. They deserve it….

  54. James Sloan says

    People, Why are we not focusing on the problem of our dysfunctional government? The DOJ and SCOTUS failed to do their jobs! Their failure to examine and follow up credible evidence of fraud and unconstitutional actions in several states will forever taint the credibility of an election that threatens our “Constitutional Republic”. At least half of the voters will never trust these results. Let us pray this does not lead to even more violence.

  55. Alice says

    On 9/11 after 3000 Americans dies, we had to listen day in and day out about how we shouldn’t judge all Muslims by the actions of a few. During the “mostly peaceful” burning and looting of our cities this year, we heard the same refrain-don’t judge all Blacks by the actions of a few. Then we have a peaceful protest at the Capitol, until embedded BLM and Antifa thugs planned to incite violence, and now the rhetoric changes. We must blame, persecute, disenfranchise, send to re-education camps, doxx, fire, and jail ALL Trump supporters for the actions of a few? By the time people wake up to the hypocrisy and the danger of the left, there will be no America left to fight for.

  56. Tiger pop says

    This blog is great for the information that it delivers! it has helped me find so much relevant information. i am sharing another link for customize packaging that might come in handy for you all!

  57. Michelle Carter says

    I was all for and voted for Trump. The one thing I do not understand that he did is give the okay for deadly 5G satellites to be put into the atmosphere. Also, for thousands of 5G towers to be installed everywhere here in the US. This technology was originally a weapon and can easily be cranked up to seriously harm and maybe even kill anyone in range of their deadly EMF mm waves if they chose to turn up the volume. The telecommunications companies say there have been no studies but if the military has already labeled this technology as a weapon, apparently the studies have already been done. So why hide what this technology can do from the public? My guess is so that it can be used as a weapon after it is installed everywhere and no one can escape it. Who are the ones at the top who will control the volume of EMF mm waves we will be receiving? I read there are no laws governing how many GHz they can crank the towers to emit. The conspiracy theory regarding population control just became real people. And Trump gave the go ahead for all this to happen. Biden is not doing anything to stop the implementation of 5G either. Honestly, I think they are all up to no good. The best thing we all can do for humanity at this given moment is fight the 5G weapon. Sign petitions, call your government officials, rally, etc. 5G violates our basic human rights and craps on our constitution. Thanks a lot to you both… Trump and Biden. Who’s really in control here?

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