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Corrupt Biden Regime Has Imprisoned Hundreds of Trump Supporters

Jessica Watkins is a US military veteran who served one tour in Afghanistan. After she peacefully entered the US Capitol on January 6, she was charged with Conspiracy, Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, Destruction of Government Property, and Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building. She turned herself in. She has no criminal history – not even a speeding ticket. And like hundreds of other peaceful protesters from that day, she is still rotting in a prison cell because she’s been denied bail.

Jessica Watkins and hundreds of other Trump supporters are behind bars and are being denied the right to bail, as if they are terrorists. The Trump supporters who entered the US Capitol on January 6 are being smeared by the media, the Democrat Party and many elected Republicans. Every single person in the media and in Congress who has called the January 6 protests an “armed insurrection” is a liar.

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words, “armed insurrection?” Guns, right? They must have had guns, otherwise it wouldn’t have been much of an attempted overthrow of the government.

Roughly 1,000 Trump supporters walked into the Capitol building on January 6. The vast majority of them didn’t participate in any window-breaking or scuffles with police. They saw a crowd walking into a building that was already open. They respectfully walked into the building, treated all of the police officers with respect, didn’t break anything and didn’t hurt anyone. And for that, they got tear gassed and many of them now have federal warrants out for their arrests. No civilian was arrested or photographed with a gun inside the US Capitol building.

Here are the two gun arrests that law enforcement made in DC on January 6:

Lonnie Coffman showed up at his vehicle at 6:30 p.m., long after the protests had died down. Police were waiting there because they saw a gun locked in the front seat of his car. Coffman had two small pistols on his possession. He’s been charged with violating Washington, DC’s draconian anti-Second Amendment laws. Police arrested him, seized his pistols and the gun that was locked inside his truck.

Then, just in case he didn’t get the message, the FBI raided his home in Alabama. Lonnie Coffman is a 70-year-old retired veteran with no criminal history. There is no evidence to suggest that Coffman ever entered the Capitol building. He’s been denied bail and is still in prison.

In the other gun case, a man named Christopher Alberts was arrested near the Capitol on the evening of January 6. He was allegedly in possession of a concealed 9mm pistol. Again: He was near the Capitol in the evening – after the protests were done – and the federal government’s charging documents against him make no allegation that Alberts ever entered the Capitol building. Imprisoned without bail.

That’s it. That’s the entirety of the gun arrests made by Capitol police on January 6. No Trump supporter ever fired a gun inside the Capitol building and no Trump supporter was even photographed in possession of a firearm inside the building.

In all, 14 of the “insurrectionists” that have been arrested and imprisoned by the Biden regime have been charged with possessing “deadly weapons.” Those deadly weapons include:

An elderly man’s stun gun walking cane which was never used for anything other than a walking cane during the protest; a bicycle helmet; a small collapsible baton like the ones favored by Antifa; two baseball bats; a fire extinguisher that was sprayed at three police officers; a can of pepper spray; a crowbar; a police shield that one person picked up off the ground; and an unidentified object (yes, really) that a retired Pennsylvania firefighter threw at some police.

The New York Times, by the way, has issued a complete and total retraction of its report that Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was beaten to death by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher. There were no wounds on Sicknick’s body that the medical examiner found. He most likely died of a stroke. Three other Trump supporters died of medical emergencies during the protest. Ashli Babbitt was murdered by a Capitol police officer whose identity has still not been released to the public.

That’s the dangerous “armed insurrection” that occurred on January 6. Members of our drama queen congress are now having therapy sessions about how they “escaped death” at the hands of Trump supporters – including brave congressional stalwarts like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who wasn’t even in the building at the time. While 14 people were charged with “weapons possession” for their actions during that peaceful protest, more than 200 are now being held in prison without bail.

I don’t want to hear another damned word about the Uighurs in China before my fellow countrymen in America are freed from this injustice.

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  1. Mouse says

    This is caused be the DEMONRATS and their attempts to turn the USA into a communist country. We must fight them tooth and nail if necessary to stop them. Vote them all out or use recall elections now to remove them all. They will be the death of the American way of life.

  2. Zepher Zipping says

    The Derham report better convict as many as possible , it’s not just to get even , but get justice ! From Hillary to obama and beyond needs to be accountable for their lying efforts to destroy the President of the United States of America . To me it’s treasonous . And not just a game .

  3. David Barber says

    This is what Mao, Stalin and PolPot did.Biteme must be proud.

  4. TheDragon says

    The Durham report was another sham invented to keep us quiet and hoping that truth was gonna come out !!!
    Mr Durham is going to “resign “, soon , probably under pressure to let the crooks sweep the garbage under the rug as usual…

    This is what they’ve beeydoing for decades and nothing will ever change !!!!!

  5. christine Haney says


  6. TheDragon says

    Mr Bideu would be always proud of what Mao, Stalin,
    PolPot, Chavez, Castro did … he’s following in their footsteps, after all he’s one of them !!!!

  7. Dennis Frier says

    The democraps are more dangerous than any terrorist , hate group , or country on earth !

  8. Kathy says

    There have to be Republican lawyers out there to help those in prisoned to get out and clear their records!
    Where are you? Now is the time to HELP!

  9. Phyllis says

    It was a disastrous day for America, when the Socialist/Communists took control. They have done nothing but destroy all the gains made over the last four years, and are disregarding our Constitution at every opportunity. They are subverting our first amendment right to free speech, even going so far as to demand every conservative news media be barred from broadcasting. They have gone on and on about the Capitol protesters as if they are the most violent criminals, when in fact they were only there to support the Presidents’ call to withhold the certification, of the election, until the ballots could be checked for violations along with the voting machines. At no time did the President incite them to riot. There have however, been reports of Antifa/ BLM, inserting themselves into the group of Trump supporters, calling for breaking into the capitol. A member of Antifa was interviewed, following the riot admitting he was there to stir things up. There was a 2nd man making a video, because he was so ashamed for having taken part in the event that he wanted people to know, that he and others were approached and offered money to incite the riot and they did. These people did come with guns. These same Socialist/Communists perpetrated, a lie along with their phony media puppets, that the Trump fans beat a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher. His brother stated that, Officer Sicknick went back to the precinct following the riot. They texted back and forth, and he told his brother he was fine. The only thing that happened to him was he got a dose of pepper spray from a fellow officer. He finished his shift and went home, then reported to work on the 7th Based on this lie they impeached the President again. Now they have locked up a fairly large group of Trump supporters, accusing them of using weapons, and refusing them bail, just because they can.

    These are the same Socialist/Communists, who spent months praising Antifa/BLM for rioting, looting, burning businesses, setting fire to police stations, hoping to burn the police alive, assaulting, maiming and murdering Trump supporters and police officers. Occasionally a few were arrested, but VP Harris set up a fund to bail them out as soon as they were arrested. I read earlier today that Portland most likely will not. prosecute them. That is appalling and criminal. Washington is over run with the most vile, corrupt evil Congress, President and VP, in our history. Politicans who would most likely not be in office at all if America’s judges would look at the evidence, instead of dismissing it out of hand. God help us!
    If you want to read what happened to officer Sicknick, go to the American Liberty Report, under, Wait A Minute: What Happened to Officer Sicknick? It’s enlightening.

  10. Wyatt Earp says

    File a wrongful arrested lawsuit against the POLICE AND BIDEN! THIS COUNTRY IS STILL UNDER THE CONSTITUTION LAWS!

  11. Randy says

    I’m a Trump supporter and a Conservative. I don’t like what Biden and the democrats are doing to our country, but people who entered the Capital Building were wrong. It’s against the law and makes conservatives look just as bad as the ANTIFA and BLM groups that burned cities all last summer. We need to organize in legal ways to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. We need to start with state legislatures that allowed illegal voting in 2020. They need to make it a felony for poll workers to not require ID. Mail in voting needs to stop. States need to be held responsible to post election results on election night. The only possible exception I would consider would be for our military that are serving overseas and even then they should make arrangements to get the ballots to them and back before the election.

  12. Patrio says

    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

  13. B. Rex Conley says

    The protesters need to be treated the same as black life matters, Sounds prejudice to me. Denton Congress appraise Black life matter people. The Protesters just copied off of the black life natters, it worked for them. maybe they should of painted there faces BLACK. SOUNDS VERY PREJUDICE TO ME! Would Congress need barb wire fencing If they were doing there Job the way American PEOPLE WANTED?? If they say socialism I believe the fence is not going to help them. Congress is holding people in jail thinking it will stop THE CIVIL WAR! I Believe it just doing the OPPOSITE. to me looks like the White House is no longer the land of the free Looks like communism startup to me! I HITLER.

  14. Blue says

    These low-life democrats are led by soros, pelosi, schumer, aoc, swalwell, blumenthal, nadler, hirono, omar, clyburn, kerry, s jackson lee, the one thinks weight of soldiers would sink island, etc, I mean can anybody name an Honest democrat?

  15. Bob A. Looie says

    Political prisoners in America! Who would have thought that possible? Didn’t that happen in Obama’s reign. Oh wait…

  16. charles wilkins says

    Let’s not forget But according to Politico, it’s not just Hunter’s taxes that have caught federal investigators’ eyes. The outlet reported In addition to Delaware, the securities fraud unit in the Southern District of New York also scrutinized Hunter Biden’s finances, according to the person with direct knowledge of the investigation. The person said that, as of early last year, investigators in Delaware and Washington were also probing potential money laundering and Hunter Biden’s foreign ties. Biden said “No one in our family and extended family is going to be involved in any government undertaking or foreign policy. And nobody has an office in this place,” the president said, according to Fox. Once again issues with FBI political corruption tolerated by the Biden’s just like they tolerated by the Clinton’s. Have a question according to Hunter Biden and his now famous computer he generated enough money to fund the Biden family for 30 years and split half with the big guy! Where did all the money come from….. and why are his former partners in jail?. The real question is where has all this money gone and has it been reported by all involved? Why has this non-reporting income savant not been examined by the IRS & Inter pool and the FBI AND DOJ? is here really the smartest man the big guy knows I mean Joe Biden, sorry. If the FBI has had this computed for year the greatest investigatory agency on the planet what’s happened to the money trail? Where are results and where is the money? Why does Hunter own stock with China worth over 200 million and how much is being held for the big guy?…/biden-s-adviser-on…

  17. SIGRID says


  18. Bebo says

    Well hiden china biden and his bud’s at the New C C P White House have their way. Many free citizens entered the Capitol Bldg on 06 Jan and they have EVERY RIGHT to do so. They paid for it and they OWN it. Yesterday the FBI second in command stated before congress that NO weapons were found inside the Capitol Bldg from those entering that day. The ONLY person shot was the young Air Force Vet from Southern CA. Dead she is now. She must have looked very very scary for the police to shoot and kill her? NOW the free citizens are NOT free? Now they are denied their RIGHT to have bail posted? Well hiden china biden is SHOWING who he is and how he will deal with we free USA citizens. Yes socialism and communism is HERE in the USA and lodged inside the White House by hiden china biden and his Con Men and Thieves. The BIG STEAL worked and worked very well indeed.

  19. Ann says

    When I think of insurrection, I think of the riots, mobbing, looting arson and destruction in Portland for most of 2019. The left did not have a problem with all of that for over half the year in 2019, but now merely walking in the Capital is insurrection. Why was far worse behavior OK all last year and now it is not? Because it now has a political agenda to blame a political opponent, President Trump. You can not just ignore and give silent approval for most of the previous year and then suddenly start arresting persons for merely being in the Capital. Since silent approval was given for most of last year to inserection, there needs to be a change of policy communicated whereby everyone is given notice that it is no longer OK to engage in insurrection as priorly Ok’ed by silent approval by the left ( and in some instance outright encouragement and condoning).

  20. boone1 says

    Buy lots of ammo and get ready for civil war that the democrats will start and soon.

  21. Larry says

    This is one stupid lunatic. This sorry SOB should be in a nuthouse not the White House.

  22. Chuck says

    Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, and Schiff belong behind bars.

  23. answierd says

    The cowards and criminals in the country along with the lying media and our radical teaching institutions are trying to write history so future generations will think they were the modern day freedom fighters.The question is how do you stop them without a civil war.The countries honest leaders need to figure this out pronto.It definitely needs to begin now before another stolen so called Demacratic? election.

  24. American Patriot says

    It’s not just the COMMIE-CRATS it’s the swamp an its spread through all of the federal govt!!! Both sides are involved.This goes back to Daddy Bush An the CIA.

    Please everyone take the time to listen to this interview, I have family who served with this man.

    Watch “Kamala Harris” on YouTube

    It explains everything from the War Crimes President Trump was talking about an how this CIA an Swamp made virus came about an how some of the election was rigged outside of the US .

    Our Govt officials nor Supreme Courts will act upon the court case this true Patriot Uncovered.

  25. Lillie says

    It is sad what this president is doing after coming out and saying he wants unity. Most of the ones who were arrested were just in th wrong place at the wrong time. Those that started the mess from antifa and BLM should have been arrested. I know, I know, the FBI said none of them were from those groups but I learned along time ago that the FBI can lie and cover up just as good as the next guy, go make their higher ups look good!! Folks, truth doesn’t matter anymore, integrity has no place or self respect with those in office! Killing of innocent babies, corruption, making money with underhanded deals, that is what is important to the ones in office, while the American People suffer, while they live on the streets with their children, hungry, no jobs, but damn better have a mask! Let the illegals in with covid and give them money, clothes, a place to live , health care and a job, while the American homeless look on!! …sad day that those in government just sit back and pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves that they gave “some Americans” 1400.00, and made money off lobbyists getting their agendas passed through!

  26. David says

    This is terrible but what can we do the bozo Biden Communist Democrat Party is in Control it’s a terrible Shame our Government is going down the tubes the SCUM that is in our Government needs run Out of United States.

  27. Dennis says

    Where is our fearless leader McConnell? Why isn’t he coming to the aide of innocent American Republican citizens who are being held without bail in an obvious plot by the Biteme biden camp to punish all conservatives? He can rally the republicans and get these people released but he won’t, Why not?

  28. Truth says

    We the people want the nut out of the people’s house (now )and drag the other nuts from the white along with the crooked republicans not next month next week (now)……..

  29. Kickaha13 says

    This proves the left’s double standards. They refer to the January 6 protest and trespassing as an insurrection, yet months of BLM/Antifa rioting, burning businesses, looting and assaulting police and civilians were ‘peaceful’ protests. These thugs were being released without needing to post bail and those who trespassed in the Capitol Building are being held without being allowed to post bail.

  30. Richard Pierce says

    Democrats are wanting a civil war. This Biden Administration action sure moves us closer.

  31. Original Anna says

    Just where are the lawyers and family for these people? There are lawyer organizations whose members donate time for people charged with criminal crimes so why are these people rotting in jail with no defense. And I would start bringing charges against the DOJ or whoever they are being held by. You have to have a reason to hold someone without any record of any prior record and why didn’t the judges release these people on their own recognizance because they have to be in front of a judge quickly not held for months without your first appearance before a judge. The worse charge should be trespassing and where does the interfering with congressional activity come from since they aren’t doing the people’s work just their own work. Where are our law associations on this crap.

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