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Breaking Hyuuuge: Major 2020 Vote Discrepancy Uncovered in Nevada

Well, here’s a nice surprise out of the state of Nevada that we were not expecting this week. The numbers from the 2020 election don’t match up. I’ll explain what that means below, but in the meantime, it’s gotten awfully quiet hasn’t it? It certainly looks like the Biden regime, Pelosi and Schumer are a bit panicked about the 2022 midterms. I would not put it past them to impose new lockdowns at some point and then extend the lockdowns through November 2022. That would give cover to pull off another mass mail-in ballot boondoggle. Anyway, let’s get to Nevada.

If you think back to November and December of last year, Nevada was one of the swing states that was being highlighted every day. Heavy-hitter attorneys like former Trump National Security Advisor Ric Grenell and Col. Kurt Schlichter of town hall traveled to Nevada to help uncover the massive amounts of fraud that took place there. That effort unfortunately failed, because the courts refused to look at the evidence. But of course that doesn’t mean that fraud did not take place in Nevada.

Today we have another piece of the puzzle. A group called the Voter Reference Foundation (VRF) has done a simple comparison of all the counties in Nevada. They compared the number of people who voted in each county with the number of votes tallied in each county, using the state of Nevada’s election information that they dug up from state websites.

In plain English: They found more votes than voters in 15 of Nevada’s 17 counties.

Now, before I get your hopes up, it wasn’t enough votes to overturn the election. Biden supposedly “won” Nevada by 33,596 votes, and the VRF group found roughly 9,000 votes that somehow materialized out of thin air. So, this discrepancy accounts for about 1/3 of Biden’s margin of fake victory.

It is significant, though, because that’s a heck of a lot of fake votes! And remember, the Voter Reference Foundation only looked at one tiny aspect of the election. This was not a full forensic audit like the one in Arizona and the upcoming one in Pennsylvania. The Nevada discovery is a “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” type of discovery. This should provide an impetus to keep digging.

VRF did not look at paper stock, compare voter rolls to cemetery records, or analyze any voting equipment. They just looked at publicly available numbers from the state of Nevada. This is important, because looking up this type of data and analyzing it county-by-county is a complicated and lengthy process. Most of us as private citizens don’t have the ability to do this, because election data in so many states is shrouded in secrecy – and that is by design! A certain political party doesn’t want “we the people” to be able to look behind the curtain.

Clark County, Nevada where Las Vegas is located and Washoe County where Reno is located were the two locations with the biggest vote discrepancies. Clark County had 5,896 extra magic votes, and Washoe County had 2,191. And what a coincidence! Those are the only two “blue” Democrat-controlled counties in the state of Nevada!

The remaining 13 counties all had fewer than 300-vote discrepancies. And here’s another weird anomaly: White Pine County and Storey County had the opposite problem. Instead of magic extra votes, they had legal ballots that disappeared, and which were not included in the official vote totals (608 ballots vanished in White Pine and 43 vanished in Storey). Where did those ballots go? What are the odds that those were Trump votes that ended up in a trash can?

The Voter Reference Foundation has set up a website at so the public can now compare the numbers and see the Nevada data that they have uncovered.

VRF said in a news release that it has also analyzed the same people-who-voted vs. official-vote-total in many other states. They say that in every single state that they have looked at, “the totals do not match.” Hopefully the VRF will be posting that data very soon, because this is public information that is being deliberately hidden from the public.

So again, this new data does not prove definitively that Donald Trump won Nevada. But it does provide probable cause to suspect that something went very wrong in the last election. The only way we will get to the truth is if more states rise up and conduct full and thorough forensic audits!

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  1. David L Edmond says

    So what you have found out that the election was rigged against Donald Trump. So now you can spend the rest of the taxpayers money for nothing. Stop the scam NV. Cause have you already forgotten about what the sick lowlife Nancy Pelosi said that even when you FIND OUT THAT THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED IT’S NOT GONNA CHANGE ANYTHING and they are in charge there is nothing that you can do to stop them PROVE me wrong. Put the phoney illegal thief of a president in jail. Not gonna happen.

  2. Blanca Holland says

    Having faith that the LORD ALMIGHTY and HIS SON JESUS YESHUA intervene for America and our families declaring: what needs to be shown by their light of truth about the votes were stolen and manipulated by many people. So our votes be not crippled by just a few.

  3. Billy Coleman says

    SUPREME COURT needs to get OFF their A$$ and fix this CRIMINAL Election before we have another and then another and so on!!!

  4. David L Edmond says

    Get real cause I’m sure you’re not talking about the baby killers that are in office right now. Because if you’re God that you are talking about is in charge there is a lot of explanations for all of the sin that your GOD is responsible for !!!!

  5. MRk says

    Democraps are POS period

  6. Lynn says

    GOD gave us FREE WILL…We are doing this ourselves….and then we go to sleep….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bruce says

    If you can’t thoroughly investigate the election, you can’t determine if there was wrong doing. Its a valid court case. If you find discrepancies in what is publicly available, can you imagine what you find is all the data. It was reported that NV had a lot of dead voters and out of state voters and the judge ignored the estimates. Its not evidence..Well let them look at it all. Its too bad they have a weak liberal legislature in NV.

  8. bruce says

    the Supreme Court won’t do anything unless a case is brought before them and they choose to take it. Some people with standing in NV must make the case.

  9. Tony Bell says

    Everyone has a choice with eternal consequences. God has provided a clear distinction of that choice, and freewill to choose. Choose wisely.

  10. Terry-----I HOPE BIDEN DIES TODAY Bell says


  11. glenn edward davis says

    It isn’t about changing the results. It is about preventing (as much as possible) another election steal.

  12. Marlene says

    Every time some group or person raises the question of investigating the obvious voting fraud the Biden DOJ threatens to arrest and prosecute them. People are within their legal rights to question their own state government and the federal government needs to butt out. The federal government is illegally interfering in state’s rights.

  13. Gerry says

    Billy — the not-so-supreme court is part of the criminal illegitimate administration — they will again IGNORE every bit of evidence.

  14. Patriot says

    I agree. We must never let this kind of fraud happen again.

  15. Gerry says

    Every state needs to be forced to do a legitimate forensic audit because the 2020 elections is the most criminal act in our history and it must be overturned and the rightful winner reinstated as our President. piglosi,schumer,the pedophile biden,the former escort tramo harris,obama,soros & etc. all need to have their pompous “you can’t do anything about it” shoved up their collective asses with a pitch fork and then indict,prosecute and then a 1 way trip to Gitmo to face execution for treason against the United States of America.

  16. Gerald Costa says

    Glen Edward Davis — I think it is about “changing the results” !!!!!! The pedophile chinese owned biden administration is a MAJOR THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY and we need to get them out of office and get Trump reinstated and back in the WH NOW. If that is not enough — they are moving diseased illegals all over this country to infect more Americans to create another “lockdown”, panic and fear. The longer these criminals are in office the bigger the threat becomes. They are determined to turn this country into a communist country and DONALD TRUMP is the only person(with our help) at present with enough influence to shut them down. We need to do it NOW .

  17. Janice Prescott says

    I hope every state will now look into the voting fraud that went on in so many others. Good for Nevada for looking into their counts. So much fraud by the Dems. We should know for sure to vote Republican in 2022-2024!!!!!!!!!

  18. Don says

    With the governor they have this is no surprise.

  19. Rene Rivera says

    I’m shocked. No. Saddened by what has been going on in this country. My confidence in the sanctity/cecrecy/honesty of our elections is totally blown.I can think of no ren=medy , but hope one will arisebefore our country is totally eroded away. i’m a natural born US citizen and served as a military officer.I also lived in Venezuela for ten yearsand was present to experience the onset of Socialism and subsequentdestruction of what was once a beautiful and thriving nation. I fled Venezuela.If the same happens here, where shall i go?!

  20. Cheryl says

    Where there is 1 state with FRAUD, there are others. We know this is true. ALL AMERICANS NEED TO STAND UP FOR THE FLAG AND OUR CONSTITUTION! We are a STRONG COUNTRY ,working together. PRAY THAT GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF US. DON`T GIVE IN TO EVIL. We have JESUS ON OUR SIDE! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  21. Ric Parks says

    I live in NV and once you’ve been here a while you can smell the stench of political corruption in the Air everywhere. Sisolak is a useless jerk and has no clue how to govern a State at all. Our two Senators are totally in the bag leftist Dems that don’t have a single brain cell between them. They will push for every budget busting multi trillion dollar idea that any Marxist Congressperson can pull out of their posterior and smile while they stab the taxpayers in the back. And our State GOP has been weak in fighting back about anything. NV is nice for a vacation but infuriating to live in if you’re a Constitutional conservative patriot.

  22. james hunt says


  23. Scott says

    We all know what took place in the 2020 election.But instill the Republicans grow some this will happen over and over.Now the dems are in office .The right should have never let this happen.Jan 6th was the date the Right should have brought their weapons and took back their Whitehouse. it’s hard to belive the Dems are getting away with this.They are all about power and will do eneything to get it. Remember folks it’s not about you it’s about the next generation. They are going to have a rough time .when they learn about the 2020 election.People be the brave patriot you are and stand up to this croupt Washington swamp.They are criminals and they are evil……Fight to be FREE with every thing you got.

  24. cozycalico says

    Yes, Biden/Kamala belong in jail not the White House. Accomplish that and our country will prosper once again.

  25. Clifton Moe says

    This is what happens when our country is run by a criminal Enterprise. From the highest level down to the local level. This isn’t our Country anymore there our enemies. It’s a criminal Enterprise.

  26. Randall says

    it is going to take the people standing up. God will not take care of it if the people do not stand up for themselves, my opinion. also this is biochemical warfare and the enemy within the DEMS and Rhinos who want to enforce the population cut down JAB. it is war a silent one . my opinion. now they threaten no restaurant’s or shopping if not gotten the JAB, already started in NEW YORK. so they plan on starving us?

    because we refuse their unproven poison the JAB. i have something i would love to JAB up the Biden, Pelosi , Obama, Bushes, Clintons, shumers, Romney and more Orpheus’s, then they could call their proctologist and see who’s hurts the worst. also known baby stealers i allege the DOJ in GA is not worth a S?

  27. NotPoliticallyCorrect says

    By the time 2024 election rolls around it will become evident the wrong person sat in the oval office from 2020-2024. President Donald Trump had his office STOLEN from him. These nincompoops will FINALLY have T o admit they were wrong. As clear as the nose on your face

  28. kurt gandenberger says

    demoncrat nazis are baby killers who sell body parts until they run low on inventory. that’s when they need to traffic the “undocumented minors” at the border. wake up and smell the coffee.

  29. Ken of Mo says

    By the sound of this Nevada had almost 100% voter turn out to get 9000 extra votes.

  30. rabbit says

    Maybe that is why Nancy come out and said she isn’t worried about the midterms, ALREADY FIXED

  31. Martin says

    Keep snorting the white stuff and you can remain in delusional fraud heaven. How do you continue to buy the ” Big Lie ” , which is only found by amateurs with NO background in either cyber or election fraud expertise. They are creating the illusion of this delusion, Just like The Pillow Guy, who has been ridiculed by every person that looks , at his “evidence”. What an incorrect use of the word.

  32. Zepher Zipping says

    If our supreme Court doesn’t care who will ? They failed Americans with turning there back on America , if fraudulent voting isn’t important democrates will continue to corrupt our country . Maybe it’s time to divide America 50 50 democrates from Republicans . It’s our only way to protect our freedoms .

  33. Kazoomi says

    If you think the 2020 election was on the up and up, think again. Positive proof of China hacking into the Dominion Voting Machines and changing Millions of Trump votes to Biden has been uncovered. Go to and see for yourself or go to and see further proof of the hack.

  34. Paul Otto says

    None of this matters, until the people revolt against these crooked Communists. If I wasn’t so old, I’d be first in line.

  35. Warren C. Shifflet says

    It’s long overdue to declare the last election, a cluster fuck, and the assholes BIDEN,HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER , SCHIFF SHIT, POOPIE PANTS NADLER, MAXINE FULL OF UGLY PISS WATERS, and all the rest of this so called administration along with BLM,AND ANTIFA TERROISTS, traitors against the USA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . Sentence to be carried out post haste!!!!!!!! TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Warren says


  37. THOMAS says

    Biden himself bragged about the FRAUD before the Election … here are his exact words …

    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

  38. john fudacz says

    the whole election was a fraud ,only the blind cant see all the shit the democraps pulled before and durring the election , all these so called democrap states should be investagated !

  39. Yeah me says

    Can you say “tyranny”? Sure sure

  40. Billy W says

    OK they proved fraud what happens now ?

  41. Lyudmila says

    Maybe we should start with a poll of voters – the dead who voted in their cemeteries on November 3, 2020?


    THE RECALL ELECTION FOR NEWSOM IS USING “MAIL IN BALLOYS”! Do the voters in California have the right to a fair, unmanipulated vote, or are we supposed to accept that all the voters who signed the recall petiton had a “change of heart”? These radical socialists are playing with fire! They had better NOT PLAY WITH THE VOTE IN CALIFORNIA just to protect Pelosi’s nephew, or whatever relation he is to her.

  43. Don says

    No surprise at all. We’ve known all along.

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