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Biden Switches Mask Wearing from 100 Day to Through Next YEAR

Just weeks after signing a 100-day mask-wearing executive order, President Biden is already changing course. In remarks to the National Institute of Health, President Biden stated, “You know that wearing this mask through the next year here can save lives, a significant number of lives.”

So even if millions of Americans are being vaccinated and people are wearing masks, or two or three masks if you listen to Dr. Fauci, wearing a mask for the next year or more is President Biden’s new plan. As the nation prepares to “celebrate” the one-year anniversary of the 15 day pause to stop the spread, it seems nothing has changed except the Biden administrations statements.

In the video, President Biden even notes that even though he is 10 feet away, he felt it was important to keep his mask on. Good thing he’s not setting the rules in stores where people already stand six feet apart in line.

What happened to not shutting down the country, but shutting down the virus? And where are those mysterious coronavirus stimulus checks? How much were they again—$2,000, $600, $0? Numbers seem to keep moving, and always seemingly downward and later in the year. So much for keeping his campaign promises.

But according to Biden, it’s not his fault. Why not? Because Trump: “While scientists did their job in discovering vaccines in record time, my predecessor—I’ll be very blunt about it—did not do his job in getting ready for the massive challenge of vaccinating hundreds of millions.”

Biden may think he’s blunt, but he’s also wrong. The left said Trump would never release a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020, but he did. Instead, it’s now in the hands of Biden, who has invested most of his first month as president signing executive orders and blaming Trump for everything under the sun.

In the time Democrats took to photoshopped evidence and doctor videos in their second failed attempt to impeach Donald Trump for the U.S. Capitol riots, they could have reopened schools or improved vaccine distribution.

Instead, Biden has failed to reopen schools, supports Democrat governors who are keeping their state’s businesses locked down, and has opened the border to immigrants flowing in without any COVID-19 testing. He has no one to blame but himself when it comes to what happens from this point forward. 100 days may kick the can down the road and extend time for vaccinations to increase, but it will not solve the larger problems the Biden administration fails to address to reopen the nation safely.

There’s no way most Americans are going to continue wearing a mask a year from now. People are already far past upset. If Biden and fellow Democrats plan to continue pushing masks and lockdowns into 2022, the midterm election is going to start looking much better for Republicans.

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  1. Zepher Zipping says

    Here we go , democrates let the loser’s out of the bag , to try and give up on AMERICA is a shameful threatening force of immaturity , do we know who is behind this . Bidens not a leader he’s a follower and not very good at that , kamala’s corruption and lawlessness for bailing out blm and antifa thugs so they can get back to rioting looting burnings attacking well you seen it in action . Thanks to democrates we are living in hell .

  2. Sandra Zwierlein says

    Typical democraps! They promise everything people want to hear, believe and expect to get elected. Then make excuses, play the blame game and it’s Republicans fault. Fuck this stupid mask mandate. Masks don’t work. I’m one of the ones that is proof they don’t. I did everything they told us to do and got Covid anyway. Covid has to run its natural course.

  3. Patricia and Pamela Oakes Oakes says

    I am not going to wear those masks that would cause me to lose my health and the health of my family! Those masks are dangerous because you breathe in your c02 gases and this causes severe lung infections and will decrease your oxygen levels! This also will tear down your immune system! So no I will not comply! This joker is not my president or even a president!

  4. Rufus says

    Biden is a Political Idiot. First and foremost, He doesn’t own US. Time for a RECALL is NOW

  5. WANDA says


  6. James B Jacobs says

    What would be worse than Harris is when Pelosi gets rid of Harris she will be president. We are doomed, any way we go.

  7. Rem308 says

    This ass wipe is a dementia ridden idiot. They sent out a silver alert yesterday and the secret service was sent out to find the ass hole. He was wondering around the white house lawn lost. When they found him he didn’t know who he was, where he was, where he was going. This pos is running the country ???

  8. Conservative for Life says

    A biblical answer to the question about how many masks to wear: “Then came we to St. Fauci and said, ‘ St. Fauci, how many masks must we wear, till seven masks?’ St. Fauci saith unto us, ‘Verily I say unto thee, not until seven masks, but until seventy times seven masks.'” – and now for another twenty-two months.

  9. BootsOnGround says

    Biden is a feeble and scared old man. This is the kind of President we are stuck with for 4 more years.

  10. Donald Cook says

    President Trump, did a great job, He pushed for the vaccine and keep the Country running Great. considering He Had NO Help from the democrats. Four years of running the Country, plus four years of the Democrats working against Him, with Impeachments and Lies. This Country would have been in Great shape if everyone would have worked with Him. The Election was STOLEN and a Dictator is Now in office. hope you Idiots that vote for Him, are happy. The country is in Worst shape now and Biden has only been in Office, one Long Month. God Help us. Biden’s four years in going to be like 10 years. I Pray that we can change things back, starting in 2022.

  11. Susa says

    Time for a class action lawsuit! Time to stop the infringement of our freedoms.

  12. Lee Harant says

    The states with republican governors need to stand against the tyrant and let him know that he is not king nor god and that if decides to take out vengence (ie Florida) then there will be hell to pay. If we do not stand against this absolutely illegal, lying, corruption ridden POS then we are no better than the POS’s that voted , sorry cheated, him in.

  13. Purple Olive says

    Since Joe has no policies worth having for America, masking makes a good way for his nothing administration TO CONTROL AMERICANS….just like his policy on keeping the schools closed in order to please the teachers’ unions! He doesn’t give a darn about America’s children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kurt W Hanssen says

    Firs, A mask can not protect anyone from a Virus, It is right on the Warning-label. Mask can only protect you from Germs and Bacteria, You need protection fro a Virus, Buy yourself a spacesuit. You can compare a Virus coming thru the mask like a bee flying through a chain link fence. But Beijing Commie Biden ain’t got enough brains to understand.

  15. derf says

    i hope all who voted for him and his ho are happy with them self you can kiss your children’s future away this country is not safe anymore they are going to let everyone into this country and take away everything you worked hard for and they are turning their backs on the vet’s who fought for this country i no longer have a president

  16. George McBenge says

    Personally,babbling Biden can kiss my American butt! We have listened to him,the Ho,his stooge fauci,and his brainless minions long enough. I will do what is right and logical to protect myself and others around me,but damn this isolation! Even my pets are suffering from the test tube tyrants! Enough already. See ya’ll out and about!

  17. charles wilkins says

    Democrats” This whole Presidential thing, it is very obvious now, that Biden is in, way over his mental capabilities, moving forward with his total leftist agenda, serving our Country up on a platter, for his Chinese obligations made, once all this fully becomes apparent to all Americans change will finally occur. He has made election promises, non of which he can keep, and his executive mandates will only satisfy for a little while longer. Family baggage will become his downfall, this man can not say promises made, promises kept to the American people, maybe to China The Country is more divided then ever before and it’s getting worse, keep taking American jobs away will come back to be your downfold and your fake trials won’t help.

  18. O. Wilson says

    Answer to everything-more mask & more lockdowns. Does any one remember the start of this when DOCTORS stated no mask does anything for this virus or any virus?? Politics

  19. Bubbelove says

    Rem308 – where did you get this information? I would love to read about this demented president. Have not
    heard nor read this story.

  20. Cynthia Brown says

    I’ll be one of those NOT wearing a mask! With a 99.96% survival rating why the hell would anyone continue to wear a mask? I thought we were a nation of heroes, not cowards. If you disagree and you’re that afraid of COVID then you stay home, because I’m not going to! Furthermore, the last time I checked, I was still an American, a FREE American, and will not bend to the political rhetoric of a deranged President and his minions.

  21. Bubbelove says

    Kurt Hanson – Ha, ha. You are so right! Went to have my haircut last week. They gave me a mask because mine would not stay on. I had more hair inside my mask than anyone could imagine. That is how well the masks work.

  22. Wyatt Earp says

    For once will Harris bail out someone who shoot another RIOTER? Or say someone who is so mad they shoot twenty rioter breaking in their home? Will she call it self defense or MURDER? Hope she doesn’t forget it could happen at her house! Bodyguard don’t mean anything to someone who good with a rifle! ANTIFA fight as a pack of wolf! They will attack any body from behind! These POLITICAN need to understand they WORK FOR THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA NOT FOR OTHER COUNTRY LEADER! But we are seeing Biden signing put Not reading what he sign! Going to bring a civil war right up to the steps of the white house!

  23. Wyatt Earp says

    What does a mask do? Can anyone explain that? First you wear one in public. There are other people wearing a mask! If you can’t explain how will you get germ from them? Best shut up! Try this one you take mask off at home or in your car! Do you know germ is in the air? And once you take off mask the germ you breathe into the mask get mix up with the germ in the air! You then go back out and put back on the mask! You still got germ on the mask and the germ that was in the air! You are inhaled it into your system! So you are actually making yourself sick! The brain need the oxygen in the air to work properly! Mask stop the oxygen from getting to the brain! Think about it! I’m not a scientist! But don’t believe dr. Fauci!

  24. glock19fan says

    You are right, Sandra! A lot of us are unable to use masks (I have COPD e.g.) and there is also evidence that some persons get COVID ***because*** of the masks. Anyway, it’s not about health at all; it’s about whether or not you are obeying Big Bro’s diktats without question. In other words it’s about whether or not We The People will accept slavery and accept Big Bro as “Boss” instead of Our Employee.

  25. Mike says

    It’s on video where Biden didn’t know what state, or what building he was in. He lied about his previous wife and daughter being killed by a drunk driver. The Police report stated Biden’s wife was on the wrong side of the road ! He lied about claiming he graduated in the upper half of his class, when actually he graduated in the lower half ! He also lied about getting a full scholarship in school. The list goes on, and on.

  26. RICHARD says

    I totally agree. this person is not my president. he and his lying cronies stole the election

  27. Bret says

    Not so fast there Joe Blow! US Constitution Prohibition of Slavery states no man shall be chained or bound while performing the duties of his work!!!!!! The mask is a binding retarded idiot!!!!! Your low life DemoTARDS have been shitting all over the constitution with this fraudulent Coronavirus mandate, Covid -19 Mandate or whatever retarded name you make up next for the #CoronaSCAM2020! You have the media overhyping and lying about a virus that is not killing very many people at all compared to the Seasonal Flu! The numbers keep skyrocketing while the graveyards have very few fresh excavations for graves, 6 hospitals have filed for Bankruptcy due to the fact they have no customers, the sales at Americas largest Coffin Manufacturer are way down as well Batesville Casket Company shows a very disturbing downward spiral of sales rather than a massive spike, every dead body goes into a coffin in the USA whether it is buried or cremated! So how can all of this true information be true Mr. Crack Smokin Joe?????????????? Drop the BS Mandates and Secure our border Or pay the ultimate Price Massive Dragon1, C-3-10, 2nd Platoon Dragons 10 Sept. 1991 to 23 Dec.1991! Declared Super Human by both CIA and Special Forces! Absolutely unstoppable! Check with the CIA and get my files, you will get a kick out of my Brigade Gym Video, The reason Mark Henry was fired as the Civilian Official ARMY Weightlifter, once you see my strength and read my abilities imagine me declaring you Smokin Joe my enemy!!!!!! Drop the BS Mandates and quit trying to steal the rights I personally died for 8 times in my service to this country away from me!!!!!!!!

  28. db says

    I’m all for longer mask wearing, but at least for Pelosi and Maxine Waters. 😉

  29. Louis Pratt says

    Biden is converting our democracy into a dictatorship. I just hope that our legislature has what it takes to stop Biden in his tracks.

  30. Jeanine Wright says

    I refuse to wear a mask except in a store. A mask makes me very sick…can’t breathe…so Biden can kiss my ass if he thinks I’m wearing a mask throughout this year. I refuse to endanger my health, especially for a flu that was created to control people to do what the socialist criminals in Government want us to do. Lincoln freed the slaves….they need to read the Constitution.

  31. Richard Hennessy says

    Biden is nothing but a control-mad, senile, old fool, who is more interested in promoting the liberal agenda than the good of the Country.

  32. Walter says

    Fuck that pedophile illegal president joe. I will not wear a mask to take care of thing when I’m not at home. Just like the 2A. You are going to start a civil war and I will not be left unprotected

  33. Tyson B says

    One billion percent FACT that the election was STOLEN!! Biden lost by a landslide. This whole last month has been nothing but lies and bullshit. Getting ready to sign off on a package with shit in it like “$5000,0000,0000,000.00 TO THE RESEARCH OF HYBRID DWARF GUPPY FISH IN THE FLORIDA KEYS. I am sick to my stomach on a daily with this garbage. I have never had to worry about politics, now I have no choice. It is going to come to a head pretty soon and it is not going to be good AT ALL! That soul-less, spineless, brainless idiot is going to twist and turn our once prominent country into an uncomfortable, stressful place to live filled with a ton of pissed off mofos.

  34. Goofy1 says

    Sleepy Joe won’t survive the year neither will Harris. Trump is coming back!

  35. Candy Clanton says

    This is not true. An article today from Johns Hopkins University says that the Covid is down 77% and they think we will be free of it in April of this year. Also masks cause a person to breathe in less than oxygen than is needed to maintain their bodies and since we breathe out carbon monoxide, we are now just swallowing that because we can’t breathe out! Biden is just trying to kill more people! Florida is free of all masks!

  36. Philip NO MORE Nicholas Mister Cole NICE GUY! says

    Well…. my email will not be published..why not? And…. simply… Evil begets Evil…. and …. now that we are a 3rd rate country, with political pimps and whores in the D.C. Whore House…. be prepared for ongoing stupidly, incompetence, power grabs, arrogant/ignorant ….dang… how to refer to the scum in D.C. and the nincompoops failing as state governors, dopey city/town mayors, with a plethora of imbeciles aka bureaucratz all in a giant circle jerk….off on their own dark illusions!
    As a side note…. Check out the Nincompoop’s ( The one with anal retention) voting record during the Vietnam aka ‘Nam ….tragedy….who are the asses that voted for this derelict, perverted sub-human?
    No More Mr. Nice Guy!

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