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Biden Makes ‘No Apologies’ for Actions in Afghanistan That Led to the Deaths of 13 Military Personnel

President Joe Biden gave a rare solo press conference on Wednesday to mark his first year in office, boldly making no apologies and offering no regrets for his disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan, despite his policies resulting in 13 dead American military personnel and the Taliban immediately taking the country back over.

Biden stunned every American when he blurted that he “makes no apologies for anything he did” during the Afghanistan withdrawal. He failed to point out some colossal errors that he should apologize over during his departure.

First and foremost, 13 American military members died when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the chaotic scene in front of the main airport where people were fleeing Afghanistan in August. These people would not have died if the departure had been better organized and Americans didn’t have to rush to leave the country.

Second, more than 150 other people were blown up in the same incident. These were Afghan men, women and babies who were begging American personnel to save them from the harsh Taliban rulers who took over when Biden abandoned the country.

Third, Biden authorized a drone attack in response to the deaths of American military personnel that instead killed a family unrelated to the incident. So far, no one has been held responsible for the failed mission.

Fourth, Biden’s departure included leaving billions of dollars of Americans military gear behind for the Taliban. According to some estimates, the sheer volume of gear instantly made Afghanistan among one of the world’s top ranking militaries.

Fifth, the Biden administration abandoned more than 1,000 Americans in Afghanistan to the Taliban. His mission to leave no one behind missed a bunch of people seeking safety.

Sixth, Biden allowed tens of thousands of Afghans to be flown into the U.S. to live on military bases across our nation. Women and children are one thing. But Biden brought over unmarried, fighting age Afghan men without any vetting. American women and girls have already begun seeing the result of Biden granting these men refugee status.

More concerns could be added to the list, but it’s clear Biden has plenty of reasons to apologize over how he led the military’s departure from Afghanistan. Most Americans supported the exit, but not the way he did it.

Instead, there is now new concerns that the Taliban will reemerge as a new terror threat to Americans. With the nation’s open border problem, it could be only a matter of time before the Taliban cross the Rio Grande to cause trouble in our own nation.

But if you listen to Biden’s speech, you would think the U.S. had finished off the last of the terrorist threats and established peace in Afghanistan. That’s simply not reality. Instead, women and children, along with any voice that opposes the Taliban’s extremism, faces harsh punishment or death.

It’s easy to “claim” victory from far away and with no one to call out your failures. But don’t expect Biden to make a visit to Afghanistan anytime soon to visit the “peaceful” nation and its new leaders. Instead, he’ll continue to hide, claim victory and blame anything that goes wrong on Trump or Republicans. We don’t need a lie about what happened in Afghanistan. The 13 lives lost are all we need to show that Biden’s departure was a failure, and one likely to haunt him for the rest of his life.

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  1. dan isch says

    in order for a person to be haunted by a bad decision,they must first have a conscience and Biden clearly has none,he dismisses the 13 Americans that died in his disastrous withdraw from Afghanistan as he would dismiss misplacing his glasses !! NO CONSCIENCE,NO MORALS !!

  2. david david says

    You silly stupid people remember when Biden got a phone call from China back in 2019 to come over and get the 2 viles of the virus. Sence they are not required to go through customs and be inspected easy to get into the country. Then Biden gave the viles to the other lowlifes in office
    And released it 24 hours later boom and now the whole country is getting infected.

    Thank you very much Biden.

  3. Billy Bob Clinton says

    We all know that Joey Bidumbass is a stupid old bastard with shit for brains. And that Kammy bitch is just a liberal whore plain and simple.

  4. Sharon Taylor says

    Biden won’t ever apologize. His cognitive impairment is a clear danger to the US. WHY hasn’t the 25th Amendment be put into play?

  5. graceythecat says

    This demented fool is claiming victory at destroying our America and we sit idle!

  6. Jack-RI says

    I don’t really care if the Afghanistan debacle haunts Joe Biden for the rest of his life. I care about the families of the people that he killed with his reckless, senseless attempt to be remembered for ending this war. Mark my words, history will not treat him well for this!

  7. A MARINE says


  8. kurt gandenberger says

    dithering, demented,demoncrat dimwit.

  9. charles A wilkins says

    Biden has become a dictator because he is too stupid and incompetent to be a president. His corrupt history of ill gotten gain makes it impossible for him to make any decisions that are in the best interest of the United biden’s America last poicy also includes killing the un born, where oh where are my tax dollars going?? Joe Biden Sends $37 Million to Global “Children’s Fund” That Promotes Abortion Seemingly uncontroversial new spending by the Biden administration to help child refugees actually may be used to push abortions on vulnerable children world-wide, according to a new investigation by C-Fam. Last year, the Biden administration announced plans to give $37 million to Education Cannot Wait, a global UN Children’s Fund project that helps displaced and refugee children in emergency and disaster areas across the world.The $37 million in taxpayer funds adds to the nearly $60 million that the Biden administration already gave to the program, according to a press release from the fund. Though the funding appears to support a vital, non-controversial need, C-Fam pointed out that the Education Cannot Wait program also promotes “sexual and reproductive health rights,” including the killing of unborn babies in abortions. This is another reason bidens wants to increase your taxes,it’s his America lasy policy again.

  10. James says

    It is painfully clear that Joe Biden is not for Americans at all. So we the people must stay strong to keep America free. Recently Biden called for more censorship like one America News Network be cancelled from DirecTV and AT&T being responsible. We the People call for boycotts against DirecTV and AT&T

  11. 11B10 says

    FCKbiden his horeharris his sterilepissantadmin and his impotentshitfor brains voterFCKthem all!

  12. Chad Stuart says

    This is the very reason Joe Biden should be impeached. Just like one of the parents of one of the soldiers killed that day said the conversation with Biden was as fake as it gets. The mother said it was obvious he could have cared less about her son being killed. She further stated he never once apologized for her son dying. I just hope everyone gets out and votes in the midterms, so republicans can take the House and the Senate back so we can get rid of the ones destroying our country!!

  13. Donald says

    Only in a Communist Socialist Nazi country would Biden not Kready be behind bars for the atrocities he has brought to this country and by extention to the world. He is a laughingstock to the family of nation and a plague on the USA. He and the Democrat Socialist Communist Nazi Globalist Party are poison to the USA.

  14. Don says

    Biden the “BUTCHER” of Americans Makes ‘No Apologies’ For Actions In Afghanistan That Led To The Deaths Of 13 Military Personnel
    Nor does he care that he caused these deaths and the deaths of thousands of Americans with the new covid 19 shots that are killing everyone including our children.
    Biden the BUTCHER is a member of the Chinese Communist Party and he believes that America should be called Little China

  15. Donald says

    He blames Trump and the Republicans on most of todays problems. Seems president Obunhole did the same thing anytime things came up that would point the finger toward him. Lets hope we get a republican majority in congress this November and Trump or another republican in “24”.

  16. Roy Miller says

    Time to bring out the gallows !

  17. kumite45 says

    Biden should be more respectful of dead American. Many of them voted for him and got him elected to office.

  18. rick says

    Bite-me is nothing more than one of the walking dead! Too bad he wasn’t on-site when the bomb went off in Afghanistan. We MUST get rid of this moron before he kills us all.

  19. Geoffrey H S House says

    this idiot wants us to listen to him on how to raise our children–and his two are known drug addicts

  20. Wyatt Earp says

    We the people should refuse to pay taxes to the IRS. So our tax money doesn’t go to UNAMERICA stuff! You people that think BIDEN is better than Trump are high on the weeds! Everything BIDEN done in his 50 years in DC is —-NOTHING! NOTHING EVEN ACCOMPLISHED! Just like the last DEMOCRAT– NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED! Everything these two have done has VIOLATION THE CONSTITUTION LAWS! Thank GOD for the four years of TRUMP! ONLY PRESIDENT SINCE REAGAN THAT PUT AMERICANS FIRST!

  21. Dan Andersin says

    This O’Biden Abomination is a CCP Faction. The DNC no longer works on behalf of the American people.
    The president of the US is supposed to protect his country, this man has done NOTHING in the way of protecting this nation.

    Look at HIS southern border and I need write nothing else.
    The chaos and DAMNATION that will be coming our way all too soon will be the fault of this absolutely horrific administration and it’s lack of caring for the people who voted this asshole and his minions into office.
    And of course, I don’t believe for a moment that this tyrant really carried 81 million votes into the White House. That’s preposterous and we all know it.
    If this little Hitler really cared about Americans, he’d be all over helping us with monoclonal medicine, you know, the inexpensive alternatives that’re actually SAVING LIVES during this man made plandemic, and NOT FORCING a shot on his constituents that’s proven itself over and over and over again that it’s NOT a vaccine at all. This man wanted for years to be our leader. Now he is and look what he’s let this country turn into in a short year
    God help us all

  22. Blackberry says

    What a fake traitor president!!

  23. Bobster says

    biden sucks Donkey Dick !!!

  24. Rita Downey says



    Xi Jinping Biden did it for the Party! He’s full-fledged traitor!

  26. Kathe says

    Biden thinks the American People will stand behind him if Russia begins a war with the U.S. No sir, the American People won’t support Biden, only the Military but Biden will go down the drain as he has Betrayed Americans. Biden can’t have it both ways as he has let Americans know just how much he and his Administration hate US.

  27. janice says

    if uer tired of biden & uer in a state that puts out these ballot boxs before they collect them give it a maritini cocktail, make sure its burning before u throw it in the box though,,, biden is a liar , a cheater & if he passes any more bill for money ,,,, just keep this in mind all that money isn’t going to help u or any other American this all goes to the taliban & all the illegals that has crossed our boarders illegally ,,, if he says its going to a cause that u think will help something u believe or uer self it;s not biden has lied from the beginning & once a liar always a liar ,,, he hates Americans whether uer white black brown yellow or blue ,, hes one of the biggest racist there is & has a heart of stone ,,, thats why he doesn’t care who lives or dies , even u ,,so don’t think uer going to get anything out of this whole ordeal uer wrong but there is one thing u get to do is pay it back u uer kids & uer kids kids

  28. Dawn Doran says

    What are the Real American people’s problems?…I’m a true American and Republican…

    Why don’t we just go in front of Biden , Obama and Harris and describe what kind of real Mental Problems they have, and why to destroy America…Obama was born in Keynan and his Irish mother married his father, whom Obama is named after…
    Obama is becoming a very rich man himself, by listening to Soros, who wants the power over America and destroy it…Time to IMPEACH OBAMA, BIDEN AND HARRIS…Also, PELOSI AND SCHUMER..

  29. Colleen says

    Dawn Doran is 100% correct, everything she states is the truth. This traitor and his fake regime need to be run
    put in Gitmo for life. He destroys everything he gets involved with, what a useless waste of oxygen, and food he is.

  30. Bruce Wickstrom says

    If this statement as inane and nonsensical as it is, had happened during the Trump administration, people would be calling for his impeachment. Go for it as American military lives do not matter to this so-called leader. Rvn 68-69

  31. vinnie says

    When has a Democrat ever apologized for anything except those threatened with “Jail time” and seeking a way out of punishment? NEVER
    Pretender Biden is so full of himself and his “Phony Stories” of his False Bravado, his Ego wouldn’t allow for an apology! That would prove that He actually did something WRONG and it would destroy his “Stellar Image” (Failing daily)

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