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Wow: 40 Percent of Republicans Voted for Joe Biden in Pima County, Arizona?

“Kinda boring out here!” That was the hilarious conclusion of a reporter in Pima County, Arizona last year when F. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris arrived in Phoenix for a campaign event. It was October 2020, and the campaigns were in the home stretch. Yet as the Biden-Harris motorcade traveled to their scheduled stop in Tucson, not a single supporter showed up to see them. At a time when 10,000 people would line up in any city in America just for the chance to wave at Donald J. Trump – never mind the 60,000-70,000 who would show up for his rallies – not a single soul could drag themselves off the couch to greet F. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

A few days ago we learned about the “Pima County fish tail.” That was an election anomaly in which the voting pattern in Pima County suddenly switched to a massive Biden landslide after election workers kept county mail-in ballots that were pouring in late. The votes suddenly became heavily weighted for Joe Biden, turned the tide, and carried him to “victory.”

Multiple precincts in Pima County were found to have greater than 100% turnout. In talking about the fish tail, I conceded that Trump should have lost the very liberal Pima County by about 8 points – which would have still given him a statewide victory in Arizona. Crooked Hillary won Pima County by 13 points in 2016, which was still not a large enough gap to overtake Trump. If Trump has lost Pima County by 8 points in 2020, Arizona would have been a blowout for him (assuming there was no fraud in Maricopa County, which there was).

Instead, the mail-in ballots kept pouring into Pima County elections precincts for days and days, and Joe Biden reversed his sluggish turnout there to win by an absurd and impossible 20 points.

You’re probably at least vaguely familiar with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai by this point. He’s the India-American scientist and served as the audit pattern analyst for the Maricopa County audit. Dr. Ayyadurai was the one who discovered the Pima County fish tail and has been doing further analysis of the numbers and patterns there. He has made another discovery of what certainly looks like brazen fraud in Pima County.

After Election Day, when the mail-in ballots kept pouring in, the voting pattern in Pima County switched. All of a sudden, 40% of Republican mail-in ballots were cast for F. Joe Biden.

Forty… percent…

Biden and Harris were such a couple of duds that they couldn’t get a single, solitary person to wave a sign for them on the street when they showed up in Phoenix, which is the largest city in Pima County. When Donald Trump held a rally in Bullhead City, Arizona in late October, an estimated 60,000 people turned out. The town only has a population of 40,000!

A second Trump rally in Goodyear – a suburb of Phoenix had an insane turnout as well. Thousands of people were already lined up at 5 a.m. for a rally that didn’t take place until about 2:30 in the afternoon. There were so many Arizonans at the Goodyear rally that the press could only describe it as “a large amount.”

But 40% of Republicans in Pima County, Arizona had a crisis of conscience and decided to vote for F. Joe Biden?

No. No, not even.

This is getting beyond absurd in Arizona at this point. One of the reasons why I hate mail-in voting so much is the signature matching on the envelopes. Your vote is not kept secret due to this, and it allows corrupt Democrat Party bureaucrats who work as election officials to rig the vote. But… in this case, that fact has been their undoing. We know that 40% of registered Republicans suddenly started “voting” for F. Joe Biden. That makes it easy to confirm that this was voter fraud.

The Arizona Attorney General can conduct a simple canvass of those Republican voters and ask whether they voted for F. Joe Biden. In just two or three days, if they uncover multiple examples in which Republicans’ votes were actually stolen and switched to F. Joe Biden, it’s time for handcuffs and decertification.

And if you’d like a trip down memory lane, here you go. You can almost feel the electricity crackling in the air during that Biden-Harris rally in Tucson a year ago. So much excitement:

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  1. Doris lauter says

    Biden stole the state like he did other states. He got 10 people at his rallies, and Trump got 30,000 consistantly. Who are they fooling?

  2. Sam says

    Why can’t anything be done about this? If a Soros judge says there’s “no evidence” we need another judge to rule on this! Soros should be stopped from buying judges and DAs! I can’t believe our country is being destroyed this way and no one is fighting back! There are even political prisoners being held and tortured! What the hell is going on? I feel like I’m in a nightmare and I want to wake up again in our former great America that we had from Jan 2017 to Nov 2, 2020. This country is a mess thanks to “Biden” who is being controlled by Obama, who is determined to destroy America! Hillary should have been prosecuted and all of this corrupt democRatic crap would have stopped. Now they think they can get away with it and they are! Lincoln was right, our country is being destroyed from within. We have all of these corrupt China minions in power and now our country is being flooded with illegal thugs who are going to feed off of our welfare until our country is in total financial ruin. We’ll need thousands of dollars to just go to the grocery store and we’ll have people starving. We should send troops to the border to stop the next flood of illegals headed our way. This has got to STOP!!!!

  3. Peter Guild says

    Cheater Joe! This guy is our President? Say it ain’t so.

  4. kurt gandenberger says

    according to the official results biden got 16 million more votes than obumbler or hitlery. if you knew no other statistic about the election, you should conclude there were at least 20 million fake votes for biden. i am sure there were more than that.

  5. Colc says

    There is no way AZ elected Joe Biden, I have never believed it and never will! There was a guy in our church that warned everyone about Obama, when he first ran for President, and he got in trouble for using the email list, but bless his heart, he was trying to warn people, meanwhile Pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback Church, hosted traitor Obama at his church, also did his invocation at his inauguration. I wrote a piece about how pro abortion Obama was, for my homeschool group, I got in trouble for it, now mind you, I was the political liason for the group. So what I’m saying is, people, Christian people, did not want to hear the Truth, I wonder what they think now. It’s so sad, but for years conservatives just let the liberals run the government, teach our kids, and basically take over, they were just too busy to be involved in government, and when a few tried to warn them, they wouldn’t listen, now a majority are outraged over CRT, LGBTQ transgender indoctrination, and now forced vaccination of our children, just hope it’s not too late. I had a Christian counselor tell me that he doesn’t get involved in politics, wonder what he thinks now. It’s not an option, a government by the people, requires people to be involved, and If the good people do nothing, then the bad people take over.

  6. Tony Bell says

    Until the guilty are behind bars, there will be no trust in elections, politicians, or government. Looking at it from the 10k foot perspective, a coup has taken place. The perpetrators are doing so in an attempt to eradicate America, her citizens, and the US Constitution form the globe. Every action taken by the Biden administration has been against America and her citizens. This is by design folks. Expect it to accelerate with more chaos and the UN intervention.

  7. Craig says

    The election was illegitimate, FRAUDULENT, Donald Trump is the rightful President. There would not be 10 months of attacks on Americans from the administration, all white people would not be racists, CRT would be stopped, unvaccinated would not be endangered by being called murderers, we would not have an open border, parents of school children would not be labeled “domestic terrorists”, America would not be falling to COMMUNISM, we would not have inflation going through the roof, we would still have energy independence, the keystome pipeline would still be built and not have lost jobs, China would not be pissing on us and other countries, the Cuban citizens would have gotten help, Afghanistan would not have been incompetence, we would not be the center of laughter heard around the world, the list goes on!
    Something should be done about the fraudulent election, but it will not because “We the People”, are nothing but lazy cowards and expect corrupt politicians to stop the fall of our once great nation.

  8. Jana says

    Craig, Colc and Sam have spelled it out very well….stand strong, we must get out country back from this onslaught of illegitimate progressives….God Bless America!!

  9. Nut N. ToSay says

    Ready to give your life for our country?
    I’m in.

  10. Donna says

    We need to fight for America!!!!

  11. bruce says

    Build BAck Better means destroy everything 1st. Election system, economy, border, energy, military, foreign relations, laws and freedoms. The only way to do that is cheat and they did.

  12. Sharon Clemmons says

    Amen…where are the people who will stop this insanity?? I am old or l would try to help..Republicans ..stand up and fight!!!

  13. George says

    First they stole the Presidency, murdered thousands in Nursing homes, then super inflation, forced jabs. WHATS NEXT?? These animals called Democrats are quit capable of ANYTHING.

  14. Patricia Karol says

    Go Brandon! This is NOT our PRESIDENT! Election was stolen! I’m also to old but I can fight with my contributions . I send money to TRUMP and the Republicans that are working for the American people, not RNC who pass it out to Rhino Republicans. Democrats have turned communist!

  15. joseph McGlynn says

    Every progressive should be thrown through a wood chipper………….

  16. Patricia Karol says

    My sister 76 yr.old just got the vaccine shot. She was not sick but thought this would be good for her, just in case. WELL she has been insanely sick every since, 2 weeks now. Hard time breathing, fever, weakness, she has been bedridden for 2 weeks now.
    I got the vaccine right after TRUMP, had no reaction. Me and my husband no reaction. Will I get the 3 shot NO WAY! What has changed? BIDEN in bed with Pharma….FOLLOW the money!! That is the only reason for MANDATES. Postal workers & illegal immigrants are not mandated!

  17. Christian Wolf says

    The author states, “Phoenix is the largest city in Pima County”. Phoenix is in Maracopa County. Did he mean Tucson, which IS the largest city in Pima County? Please… If you want people to listen to your arguments, be accurate in your details….

  18. Mickey mouse says

    Hey you stupid people don’t you know that even when you find out that the election was rigged AGAINST Donald Trump there is not nothing that you can do to change ANYTHING. And there’s is something more that you need to know is that from now on there’s no way that you can prove that any of the coming elections will not be corrupted. By the same lowlifes that are in office right now.

  19. Wayne Rausch says

    I agree our once wonderful country is being intentionally, systematically destroyed. This is primarily the result of America turning its back on God. Every precept that the Bible teaches has become antiquated and is mocked as irrelevant. Now the United States is becoming irrelevant.

    To the author of this piece: Phoenix is in Maricopa County, not Pima County. Tucson is the largest city in Pima County!

  20. Patricia Karol says

    Mickey MOUSE the name says it all. IDIOT want us not to vote. We’ll be there, but watching and speaking up. We won’t be silent again. Even DEMOCRAT voters hate this IDIOT and his handers. Pat

  21. Billy Bob Clinton says

    We all know that Joey Bidumbass and Kammy Harrisuckscocks are faggots with shit for brains. But we love the free blowjobs that Kammy is giving. That half nigger bitch really knows how to suck a cock.

  22. Billy Bob Clinton says

    Hey you horny liberal bastards, get your free blowjobs from Kammy Harrisuckscocks.

  23. Robert Gagliardi says

    We as citizens of the USA Need to secure our voting systems that have been tainted by the Dems and their Far Left associates. If we as Citizens can not believe our system of Counting Votes is 100% accurate then Why Vote? The near future will include Not Voting !!!!!

  24. Ray R says

    Yeah so! It doesn’t matter now because nothing will be done about it! The sheeple don’t care! To them this country is not worth fighting for anymore! Their freedom and liberty mean nothing to them!

  25. John says

    I’m an old Marine veteran. I voted for Trump,both times! I’m positive the election was stolen. They tried the first time in 2016. They found out they didn’t cheat enough. They cheated even more in 2020! I’m sure they will cheat again in the mid terms. We must have fair elections! MAGA God bless American PATRIOTS!

  26. Gerry says

    My guess would be 40% of democraps voted for Trump !!!! I see so many posts that say nothing can be done about the 2020 election — SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE . We cannot allow the 2020 farce to stand–we must get it decertified and reversed and reinstall the rightful winner back in our WH. By 2024 there will be nothing left of this country . The real problem is that it is a government wide, country wide conspiracy to keep Trump out of office. It is not just the demcraps– it is every branch of our government,both parties,alphabet agencies,high ranking military officers, local and state as well as federal judges. Trump put a real damper(more than most people know) on the corruption within our government and they were not getting their normal kickbacks,bribes and payoffs. Why do you think one of the very first things the pedophile china owned biden(and his handlers of course) did was to stop the pipelines that were making us energy independent — no kickbacks from the opec countries. Most of our politicians were losing money and that didn’t go over very well. We can trust absolutely NO-ONE in our government to help us overturn the 2020 farce, you can see how hard the so-called repubs are fighting for Trump — oh wait — there was/is so little it is hard to see. You see CEOs of large corporations jumping on board with this illegitimate administration –why !!! You see some law enforcement agencies,national guard, high ranking military officers,dod more than willing to enforce china biden’s illegal executive orders– WHY !!!!! Now we have judges stopping the examination of ballots in Georgia –WHY !!! We have a not-so supreme court who refused to even look at all the HARD EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD presented to them –WHY !!!!!

  27. Eric says

    Didn’t the Founding Forefathers add a strong clause to the Constitution to allow for legalized overturn of an Election result if a particular political party (Dims) committed insurrection on its country and society??

  28. Fran Carlson says

    Why bother to tour/campaign at all if you are discouraging large crowds? That’s utter BS. He did not win the State of Arizona. He stole it. I am patiently waiting for my state to do the right thing and decertify.

  29. JAN says


  30. Robert Wayne says

    We all know senile Biden’s handlers stole the election and that the protesters on Jan. 6th were absolutely right. The problem now is how do we get this corrupt communist scum out of power? They’re going to try to steal the elections in 2022 and 2024 too. It looks like it’s going to take a real revolt to put this enemy govt. out of power, much stronger than the one back in January.

  31. rabbit says

    I remember the day when the reporter made the report of no one and I mean no one being at the Tuson rally. Thought it was over no way Joey could win.

  32. dslady says

    Reading all the comments is discouraging, not because they are wrong, BUT because each and everyone of them are right. RIGHT ON TARGET! It is discouraging that absolutely no one has any suggestion, process to follow, anything that will get this vile, evil senile jackass out of our White House. I do have one thought though. Since we know and there is irrefutable evidence that GEORGE SOROS, BILL GATES, AND THE WIDOW OF STEVE JOBS ARE FUNDING MOST OF THE RIOTS, ETC IN AMERICA, THEN THEY SHOULD BE DEALT WITH . If they don’t like the UNITED STATES, then put them and ALL THEIR COHORTS on planes, boats, anything that will get them out of our wonderful FREE COUNTRY!

  33. Brian says

    More proof that this government is a total joke, and bent as a five bob watch. The thing is, what’s going to me done about it? If nothing, there is nothing, to stop them doing it again, and again. It’s time the main force of the GOP got off their limp backsides and got behind DTs proven accusations of fraud, or are they happy to just sit their and collect their inflated earning and do nothing. It’s time consideration was given to the true American citizens, and the country, and put a full stop to the New Nazi Party, and cut the crap.

  34. CharlieSeattle says

    Sooo? Www Ttt Fff are mass arrests of Democrats election workers?

  35. Vern says

    I say just load them on C130 cargo planes fly them out over the Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean then open the doors and the pull sharply nose up and dump them all in to the water and let the Shark have a hay day no rubber boats or other life saving items.

  36. Lyudmila says

    For Biden to really win in Pima County, the ballots would have to keep coming in until today or until next year. LET’S GO BRENDON!

  37. SOLDADO says

    FJB. The Nazi regime did NOT win in AZ. Only wetbacks & Californicators that transplanted themselves without invite, voted for Beijing Biden. These are the people who sponge off the tax payer their entire life.
    Even the Traitor Kelly is a NJ transplant with visions of scrumming up AZ. with demonrats. Real, Hard Working, Patriot Arizonians would never vote for the Demonic Demonrats.

  38. Michael Wynne says

    If 40% of Republicans in Pima County, AZ had actually voted for F. Joe Biden in the 2020 election, that 40% would have been excommunicated from the Republican Party, probably more rapidly than an abortion provider would be kicked out of the Roman Catholic Church! I haven’t been made aware that such an event has occurred, so I rest secure in the knowledge that such a statement is a stellar example of gross prevarication on its face!

  39. A. Wilk says

    Don’t believe this crock of baloney lie! They are now attempting to make this evil idiot Biden look good, but it isn’t working! The American people are too smart for these idiots and the more truth that’s revealed about the globals, elites, communists, the more people will be cut free and return to sanity and freedom. They have nothing left but their same old, same old playbook and it’s not working anymore! Their day is done and over and the hour of their binding and final judgment is at hand!

  40. joe says

    the democrats used to be more secretive and sneaky about how evil they were until Trump won the election and threatened to expose them and then they lost their minds and after trump showed us that America could succeed instead of settling for being mediocre at best under Obama and Biden they knew they were exposed as the do nothings and they had to get trump out of there at all cost because the more time he spent in office the more he would expose the democrats and show the country just what failures they are at governing this country.

  41. Ray says

    Why is still in office. Our country deserves better. Remove him.

  42. shirley S MacLea says

    So what else is new–he’s lied and cheated his entire life. Once a cheater always a cheater

  43. Mildred Gruner says

    Our Country needs a revival of Godly people to take a stand for America.

  44. martin smith lll says

    biden didn’t cheat, it was piglosi and the demonratss shadow government that did the cheating!

  45. Donald Cook says

    Cheat, Steal, Fraud, no matter how you say it, Biden Is NOT President.

  46. Fred LeMaster says

    The 2020 AD US Presidential Election Was Plain And Simply FRAUD Infested, With The Help Of The World Wide Web, Who Purposely Hacked All Of Those Dominion Counting Machines!!!

  47. Purpledog says

    All of America, hell the whole world knows that jojo biden didn’t win. Other countries know it was and is a big lie and fraud. They don’t trust our news media anymore than we Americans. It’s was stolen it was a set up with millions of fraudulent ballots mostly mail in ones. Rigged and even since he left office the demon crats still can’t let President Trump alone. biden is the village idiot they put in there so obumma and his old cabinet could give him a 3 RD term at ruining the country and it looks like they are getting their wish. You don’t know how many democrats I know including myself that have switched parties because of what the doddering old fool has done. WAKE UP AMERICA 🇺🇸.

  48. J. R. Justice says

    Why is it that all WE EVER get is endless TALK, TALK, TALK !!!! We ALL know that Biden did not win this election and HE EVEN ADMITTED THAT HE HAD THE LARGEST ORGANIZATION EVER ASSEMBLED TO RIG THE ELECTION, but NOBODY has balls enough to do one single thing about it !! There is more evidence that this election was RIGGED than their is that the sun shines, yet, NOBODY in ANY position of authority will do ANYTHING !!! OUR COUNTRY CANNOT CONTINUE ACCEPTING THIS FARCE !! Just look around, the patients are running the nuthouse !!!! I DEMAND that OUR so called leaders “DO SOMETHING, DAMMIT” !!!!

  49. Edward Overpeck says

    A fraud is unlawful and if the Supreme Court does not follow the law, then they are law breakers, like they say, no one is above the law, so something is crooked and should dealt with. Since when can a crime be listed as, well after a certain time is doesn’t make a difference in the election, shame on them. A crime is a crime no matter how long after the facts have proven it to be so. I am not a lawyer, but when an unlawful act is committed, it is a crime. How can a bunch of over rated lawyers break the law and get by with it. I say try all that are involved an reverse that which should have been recognized, if this is not done, then our law stinks and we no longer have a just law system. Pray for God’s leading, so we can recover our Nation before it is lost, we can not continue on this course our Nation is going. Pray! Pray! Pray! SAVE America. OUR LAW IS CORRUPT FROM THE HIGHEST LEVEL!!!

  50. truthseeker says

    Anyone that believes the democrats won the 2020 election without cheating does no know the democratic party. Trump won fair and square, hands down. Biden is an illegal ,communist “president’ and should be removed!!!

  51. Jocelyn M Sandoval says

    We need to get out there and protest on election day instead of voting ! Show them we won’t participate until mail in ballots are eliminated!

  52. Old wolf says

    You think ??? After all the fake votes that have no name or strip in or on them , if that doesn’t tell you anything . Them your not looking for a real reason cause you know what it will prove , and you can’t have that cause that then means Trump won like we all know he did . Only way the idiot Biden could win is by voters fraud . Hell Biden even said they had the best voters fraud ring and turkey neck Nancy said they will do what ever it takes to win . So tell me again how they can say Biden won fair and square . You can bet your life if he didctgey would be dancing in the streets crying for a recount so they could throw it in trumps face and shut him up once and for all . But you see how that’s playing out . So the lie go’s on .

  53. Mummykins says

    “Wow: 40 Percent of Republicans Voted for Joe Biden in Pima County, Arizona?”
    No, they did not! The democrat election officials voted them before they got there to vote.
    Lying sumbiches stealin America from hard working taxpayers and they plan another Holocaust like the Native Americans they killed, (under democrat led Andrew Jackson) and the Jews the Hitler servants killed.
    History always repeats. History dot com use search words: Natives died under democrat Andrew trail of tears, and of course the lying Holocaust deniers keep lying so they can do it again.

  54. Jay says

    Now Wisconsin is ordered to have a complete audit of the 2020 election. I really believe more and more States will demand an audit. If enough states show fraud, they have no choice but to put the Real President, Trump back in the White House to clean up the mess that Biden and his crooks have done to our country! I pray that will happen before this year is gone.

  55. Tammy says

    I agree Jay. If we can not get President Trump reinstated as President then we have lost America. Our only other option would be WAR. Either way, we MUST get him back and it can’t wait til 2024.

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