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Who’s At Fault for Afghanistan’s Swift Collapse? Biden, Our Military Generals, Intelligence Community or All 3

Back on July 7th of this year, the illegitimate ‘Secretary of State’ Tony Blinken, speaking on behalf of the illegitimate Biden regime that should never have been in office in the first place, said this: “We are not withdrawing [from Afghanistan], we are staying, the embassy is staying, our programs are staying… If there is a significant deterioration of security… I don’t think it’s going to be something that happens from a Friday to a Monday.”

That aged well! If you turned off your television on Friday afternoon last week and didn’t turn it on again until Monday morning, you would have been mildly surprised to know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now the proud owners of one of the most catastrophic foreign policy disasters in the history of the world.

Setting aside the fact that we should never have gone to Afghanistan in the first place, let’s pause for a moment to laugh at all of the “experts” in the Biden regime. And there are a lot of them to laugh at. Starting with Kamala Harris.

Mrs. Not Willie Brown is having a tough go of it. Her first year as America’s first affirmative action “vice president” isn’t going well. She was promoted to a position way above her capabilities to handle the job. (See her disastrous trips to Guatemala and Mexico, as well her six-months-late visit to the wrong part of the US-Mexico border.) You can’t blame her for being a bit self-defensive and insecure at this point. No one likes her and she keeps getting assigned to crap jobs.

So, when an opportunity presented itself to give herself partial credit for withdrawing from Afghanistan, she took it. Back in April, the Biden regime announced that it had scrapped Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo’s withdrawal plans from Afghanistan. Instead, they’d just be yanking all of the troops out at once and leave billions of dollars of military equipment on the ground there for some reason. Kamala Harris ran to Politico and immediately told them that it was just her and Joe Biden in the room when that idiotic decision was made. Well done, Kamala! You and Joe deserve full credit for what’s going on right now.

And remember back in January of this year, right after the illegitimate swearing-in of Joe Biden? The media told us that “the adults” were back in charge!

Here was the headline in Vogue magazine:

“Joe Biden’s Cabinet Picks Send a Clear Message: The Adults Are Back in Charge!”

This one appeared in the Financial Times:

“The Grown-Ups Are Back in Charge in Washington.”

As for all of that left-behind US military equipment, it’s in two locations today: In the hands of the Taliban, and in the hands of the Iranians. The crack troops of the Afghan security forces who we spent 20 years training drove across the border into Iran with those trucks, armored Humvees and anything else that wasn’t nailed down at the first sight of the Taliban. So now the Taliban and the Iranians have better military equipment in their possession than at any time previously in their history.

Great job, adults who are in charge!

This was always going to be the outcome of America leaving Afghanistan at long last, but at least it would have been less chaotic under Trump and Pompeo’s leadership. Trump was never going to leave billions of dollars’ worth of equipment behind for the Taliban and the Iranians.

While there is plenty of finger-pointing and blame to go around, the biggest failures of this debacle should be pinned on our vaunted “intelligence” agencies. Maybe if they had spent less time over the last five years demonizing Trump voters and cooking up the Russian collusion hoax, they would have noticed that something fairly important was going on in Afghanistan.

The Taliban pre-staged their own governors – complete with full staffs of employees – in every province throughout the country. When the Taliban rolled over the Afghan security forces with ease, those new governors just walked across the street and into their new offices, for a rapid and seamless transition of power. You didn’t see that coming, CIA? Really??

Since there’s never any accountability in Washington, DC, the people who got us into Afghanistan in the first place and then dragged it out for 20 years will never face any consequences. But they should. And we’re not going to forget their names. Too bad about all the Afghan people who are going to get executed now. If the Deep State hadn’t rigged the 2020 election, there would have been a much better outcome in Afghanistan. It wouldn’t have been perfect under Trump and Pompeo, but at least it wouldn’t have been a humiliating American defeat in front of the whole world.

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  1. Anna Piwarski says

    Biden and military so call generals are the guilty did not forget his DOD

  2. fay butler says

    Dems always throw out a catch phrase (the adults are in charge) then rally around it like if they tell a lie often enough and in many phrases, it will somehow become the truth. NOT!

  3. Donald Thatcher says

    How long do we have to put up with these Idots running our country. All the Republican senators need to stand up against them. Not just a few. Thank God for Ted and Mike and Rand.

  4. Marlene says

    How much kick back is Biden getting and from whom? Even that senile old pedo can’t believe this was anything but a disaster. Giving military equipment and weapons to the taliban and Iran is good for who? Good-bye America, we will now be accepting terrorists along with refugees and leaving Americans in Afghanistan.

  5. Melissa Howe says

    You know now that the Taliban is in control now they will come after the US again like they did 20 yrs ago. That you Biden and harris

  6. Pat Dyer says

    The “Adults-In-Charge” – Hah … Bumbling Biden and Hyena Harris now have continued with their crime of murder for the unfortunate people of Afghanistan ! They now have more innocent people (especially the women and children) that will be hurt. Biden-Harris Administration now own another huge fiasco to their enormously growing list of stupidity even though they still try to put the blame on anyone but themselves. These 2 idiots will never be leaders and have made America a laughingstock as the Taliban are laughing with all of their good fortune. Any taxpayer equipment should have been destroyed and not left for the Taliban’s use, but perhaps that can still happen. DemoRat Socialist Leaders are blinded by their greed and desire in doing everything in their power to destroy the Great Country of America. Maybe we should hand them all over to the Taliban and let them serve their hell over there for what their stupidity has done.

  7. Johnnie Arnold says

    Botton line is Biden is responsible. He is President he made the final decision. He should be investigated and impeachment process started.

  8. MHK says

    The 2020 election FRAUD is the reason we have 2 INCOMPETENTS FLAILING AROUND on way too many matters. THOUSANDS, MAYBE 10s of thousands will pay for BIDEN’S Afghanistan screw up. Millions of Americans are and will pay for the southern border screw up. ALL OF AMERICANS WILL PAY THE PRICE OF THE INSANE SPENDING AND INSANE DEBT. INFLATION SUCH AS IN THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC IS ALL BUT ON THE DOORSTEP,

  9. Lynn says

    Anyone who has a Brain knows this was all set-up by obama….he had this all planed…we need to go back and destroy our equiment so they can’t use it….

  10. Ferd Berkel says

    Biden is just Obama’s puppet. Obama is the real America hating traitor responsibe for all Biden’s BS.

  11. Terry Bell....FUCK JOE BIDEN says


  12. martin smith lll says

    The way it is happening, it’s a disgrace and a embarrassment! I blame soetoro-biden!!

  13. Don says

    All three. The current government is a total failure, period.

  14. Nytram says

    AMEN! I thoroughtly despise that jug-eared, grinning imbecile Obuttfuk. Moreover, I despise the people who voted for him (ALL of them including the White folk who have more guilt than brains) which was the start of the largest and most intensive destruction of the Greatest Country on Earth! May you go straight to Hell Obuttfuk.

  15. RONALD says


  16. Americafirst says

    The real definition of “terrorist” is not the Taliban. It is the entire Biden administration, NSA, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, and Congressional Democrats. Get rid of all of them, we will have peace and a life!

  17. Bob O'Brien says

    Dont forget to include Jim Jorden as one of the good guys. We need to rally around these guys and help them get Biden impeached or removed through the article on mental imparement. He is brain dead for sure.

  18. Donald Thatcher says

    Thank you for reminding me. Yes Jim Jorden is a great guy thanks Jim. Now we need to get rid of Romney. He’s a traitor. He wouldn’t make a pimple on Trump’s butt.

  19. terry the less says

    Such is what happens when the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon lead our Intel and Military into joining the woke State Department; yes, when the Supreme Court allows the voting to halt and the irregularities of chain of command and ballots to illegally stand you get a nice woke bunch of fools in charge. Lest i forget the rest of the woke, thank you Clinton, thank you Bush, thank you Obama, and thank you Biden- great job destroying not only other nations but our own Republic as well! Just wait for all the carnage and mayhem that is about to break forth on all the nations of God’s earth! Tyrants, tycoons, and terrorist are for a brief season, now in control…

  20. Gary says

    Due to Mental Disabilities, Biden does not hold himself accountable for any decision including ignoring his immediate Staff of Military Generals evacuation plan!
    Courts do not hold Mental Disturbed Accused Criminals accountable!

  21. Johnny says

    There’s two many Planted Democrats in the Republican party.

  22. Mary Lou Truelove says

    And whose face comes up under the title? Bidumb’s. Too bad his handlers keep themselves hidden, because he’s no longer able to form cogent thought. He was useless as a senator, and still is.

  23. CharlieSeattle says

    The Taliban was on vacation for 20 years hiding in plain in country and in Pakistan. Back to work now,

  24. Becky says

    You want to know who’s fault this is with Taliban ? It is Neither Trump nor Beijing Joe. Start Checking and Readying and Looking up who is the Master-Mind behind Beijing Joe, ( Obama and Valerie Jarrett ) All of you are pointing finger’s at the wrong People. Beijing Joe has Dementia and had it when he was running for the WH. Beijing Doesn’t even know where he is at half the time, he can’t do Public Speache’s because ObumDung can only go so far to help him. When he is asked a question sometimes he just stare’s like he is in Outer Space. Stop putting all the Blame on a Old Sick Dementied Man. My Mon died of Alzhiemers and Dementia works pretty close to Alzhiemer’s. Start Investigating ObumDung. Even though former president Barack Obama is believed to keep his current Office and primary residence both less than two miles, as the crow flies, from the White House, he has been decidedly low-profile in the early days of the current Biden administration.

    But in a freewheeling New York Times interview published Tuesday, Obama appeared to admit that with his people installed in key White House positions, Biden’s presidency was his de-facto third term.
    It also said keep a close eye on Valerie Jarrett.

  25. ROBERT POWELL says

    between the left-over parasites ,the totally stupid and proud of it democraps,and the equally stupid republicrats, the country has been ran by the behind-the -scenes civil service slugs and the lobbyist {helpers]. the re-hire and re-purposing of leftover civil servants through union-like pass-alongs in the workforce, we did not stand a chance in he77 of getting a “good outcome” from ANY ELECTION.FIXED OR OTHERWISE.. it is time to really clean house and go back to paper ballots and VERY THOROUGH VETTING OF ALL CANDIDATES… no more surprises

  26. gunner says

    There are several other charges that need to be made against these jerks in the democratic party. Children are being smuggled across the border and put into prostitution. This is a crime. That idiot Biden, Harris, Palosi, Schumer, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, the generals and admirals who approved the flights and bus transportation to other cities, etc..
    They are helping the Mexican cartels kidnap these children and carry them across the border. Guilty as charged. They need to go to jail, not fired not impeached, JAIL.

  27. Isabel Casimiro says

    Still cannot believe what a mess our country has become due to the power grabbing Demorats. No wonder Buy-den is hiding out. How can he face the nation with this catastrophic fall-out of his regime? It seems impossible that our leaders didn’t withdraw from Afghanistan properly by securing our weapons, vehicles, choppers, and anything else that we should have reclaimed. And, not to take the American citizen’s out of the country before making this move? Biden is running neck and neck with Hitler and all of the deaths attributed to that regime. The Afghans have my prayers, because that’s all that they have at this time. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  28. Herb says

    While the administration here, and everyone that helped put them in place, is partly responsible for this debacle, and totally responsible for American lives put in danger, the main culprit is the Afghani regime and the people there that failed even try to stop the taliban.

    After billions of dollars of OUR tax money, thousands of American lives destroyed, arms, and training for their troops they should have been able to stop the taliban.

    The PEOPLE of Afghanistan are the ones that are ultimately responsible for what happened.

    WE should NOT be taking in refugees from there. Those people don’t deserve our help any longer.

  29. Roland says

    Every thing that is done bye a democrat is a exercise in Bafoonery.

  30. PattyAnn says

    What in the name of hell are our Republican senators, congressmen/women doing besides sitting on their dirty asses…why are they not causing an uproar to get that nasty pervert out of the white house and that scumbag obama!???? People are suffering in Afghanistan needlessly because of the pervert and the rest of the scum slithering around our white house. Our country is in peril because of them, the demon-rats are selling America down the river. I fear for our country! Bring Trump back…………….NOW!!!!!!

  31. CharlieSeattle says

    W Bush set up everyone that came later when he ALLOWED Bin Laden to escape out of Tora Bora into Pakistan.

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