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Whoopsie: Biden Administration Admits Dominion Machines Can Be Hacked

Well, this must be embarrassing for the criminal Biden regime. Steve Deace of The Blaze TV summed the situation up nicely when he tweeted: “Who’s gonna apologize to Mike Lindell?” Great question, since the federal government under LOL-81-Million Biden just admitted that Dominion Voting Systems machines in 16 states are vulnerable to hacking.

For the past year and a half, the mainstream media and the Democrat Party have claimed that this was part of “The Big Lie.” It was a crazy debunked conspiracy theory! But now the Biden regime is publicly admitting that Mike Lindell and the rest of us were right all along.

The Associated Press in Georgia reports that Dominion voting machines have “software vulnerabilities that leave them susceptible to hacking if left unaddressed.” You don’t say!

Because it seems like, if memory serves, the Associated Press and all other media outlets have spent the past 18 months telling us that Mike Lindell and everyone else concerned about these Dominion machines is a conspiracy kook. We were all drink the “Trump Kool-Aid,” they said. We were insurrectionists who believe The Big Lie!

What’s the Associated Press’s source for this information, you might wonder? The Biden regime!

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is sounding the alarm about Dominion machines ahead of the 2022 midterms. (I have some thoughts on this.) CISA is a Department of Homeland Security sub-agency. That means it’s under the control of the Executive branch. In other words, a federal agency under Joe Biden’s control is the source admitting that Dominion machines are a major threat to election security. Whoopsie!

CISA has announced that it has finally found nine security vulnerabilities in the machines and is recommending immediate changes to fix those problems. The AP says that there’s so much “misinformation” out there about the 2020 election that CISA is trying to not alarm the public, while also claiming that the Dominion machines used in 16 states are a hot mess for potential election theft.

CISA even states in its newly released report on the Dominion machines that there is “no evidence” the loopholes – which have been there all along – have been exploited in any past elections. Uh huh. Sure.

Mike Lindell is not a crazy person. He has risked his fortune and his reputation for a year and a half to try to get anyone in power and especially the US Supreme Court to listen to him.

If I’m being totally honest, it’s hard to cover the evidence that Lindell has found with his team of cybersecurity experts because it’s so difficult to explain in layman’s terms. Many of us – myself included – have trouble following the story of what happened with these machines. But none of us have doubted for a moment that Lindell was onto something. He was. We all knew he was, because the lying Enemy of the People media kept telling us he was a kook without ever actually debunking his claims and the findings of his team of experts.

Why in heaven’s name were these machines transferring electronic votes to another country (Spain) in order to count them on machines over there – and then transferring the results back to the United States? Why did the media keep telling us over and over and over again that these machines can’t be connected to the internet when we all knew that they can?

Why did Dominion Voting Systems file a lawsuit against Mike Lindell for one billion dollars in a clear bid to completely destroy him and his company MyPillow? If Mike Lindell had been lying, Dominion could have cleared the whole thing up a year ago. Let an independent third-party auditor examine some of their machines that were used in the election. But Dominion never did that.

They refused to let anyone look at their machines and then sued anybody who said that something was rotten about the 2020 election. They could have been transparent about their role in a public election, as I’m pretty sure is required under the law in every state where their machines are used. But they didn’t do that either.

Instead, they claimed that any independent audit of their machines would result in their proprietary secret code being stolen. The Biden administration won’t say that was all a lie. But it’s a pretty big deal that one of their own agencies now says these machines are vulnerable. If states begin tossing these machines in the trash and vow to never use them in elections again, wouldn’t we all take that as a win?

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  1. Terry_T says

    Could it be that Dominion’s strategy was to change the vote count in red counties only by narrowing the margin, but still allowing Trump to win. All of the re-counts have been done in largely populated blue areas. but the democrats have other ways to manipulate the votes there. Put the 2 strategies together and you get a huge Biden win.

  2. Cindy Dandrea says

    Never believe anything the government tells you or the media for that same reason ! There are so many lies and corrupt shenanigans from all of them that it is hard to keep up ! Dominion is just as corrupt as the government and with this admission from the Biden Admin. , they all owe Mike Lindell a huge apology and drop the law suits.. Well, we all know that’ll never happen. The best all around scenario—–make election a federal holiday and you can only vote with an ID on that day –polls close at a certain time and all votes are counted that day and made public—–not the day after, or a week or months. THAT SAME DAY—-WE ALL KNOW THE WINNERS BY MIDNIGHT!

  3. Camille Gilliam says

    I knew Mike L was telling the truth because I watched a lot of the video where they showed what they were doing and what they found. All of those machines need to be trashed and we need to go back to paper ballots.

  4. Aileen says

    I know Biden did not get millions of votes, maybe thousands, but not millions. The dumm dumm didn’t even have a million followers on twitter before the election that information alone should be enough proof that he did not even come close to winning any election

  5. Seth Curran says

    So now what? I’m tired of hearing from the media that there is no proof of election fraud in 2020. There IS proof that there was election fraud! There always has been proof. Fire every one of these liars and throw them in jail! They are breaking the law!

  6. Bemused Berserker says

    “If It Can Be Programmed, It Can Be Hacked.” That’s been the truth ever since computers were created. If it’s online, even on protected servers, it’s still at risk.

  7. Cathy says

    Cindy Dandrea, couldn’t agree with you more

  8. Max says


  9. Linda says

    What happened to them saying the machines weren’t connected to the internet. If it isn’t connected how was it sent to Spain and how was it hacked?

  10. terri says

    Sadly nothing will change, Democrats get away with breaking every law they want. Voters keep ignoring the truth and Vote for more Corrupt Democrats/Marxists. The proof of them being on line in 16 states , should nullify the election ! 16 STATES is no accident and the Election results are incorrect, those that certified this farce AFTER bring told of Hacking/online use of the machines, should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE . These extra voting laws in States some for weeks is Ridiculous and not in the spirit of a honest election. NEVER before did SOME people need up to a month to get their vote in while other states can do it in 1 day.. Counting should be done by Midnight on election day. CHEATING will continue if this isn’t dealt with now.

  11. Gary S says

    100% the election was fraudulent, Biden could not draw citizens to his Rallies, the one car motor car rally in Arizona and the rallies with 9 social distant circles he had to fill with reporters said it all! Before the election he knew the fix was in, in an unguarded moment corrupt Joe actually said that the Democrat party put together the most fraudulent election system ever! The corrupt news media was in on it and now in on the coverup! Transparency is required for fair elections, therefore arrests need to be made NOW!

  12. Eric says

    Mike Pence, Bill Barrfbag, etc. in such denying and lying re the FRAUD FEST OF 2020!!!!

    Meanwhile Peter Navarro gets treated like a blasted serial killer with having been leg-ironed by FBI agents and held for a while in a cell that shooter John Hinckley had in the early 1980s!!

  13. 3Xe1ioaiNITxtqNW5CaZEzpxpY4ggtEQJVxO4x0v98I= says

    so joe
    just admit it was stolen, fraud and “YOU ARE NOT THE WINNER/PRESIDENT
    and give it back to who really won
    you can still save your butt you doing something correct

  14. Vic says

    Navarro said he was being followed that day, but they didn’t approach him until he went to the airport to board his flight. Then, in front of biggest crowd they could find, they made a scene re arresting him, handcuffed him AND LEG SHACKLING HIM, like he was a vicious monster. I wonder if they brought CNN along again, like they did when arrested Stone in pre-dawn hours.

  15. Emilio says

    Hey you said that Biden did not win for Fraud but how about Trump have fraud electronic election vote’s too so whatever it’s do not make it my sense what you just wrote don’t you think?.

  16. Vic says

    We’re sick of Biden et al destruction of Americans and America. Gives a news bit about how bad gas prices will be (over $8 in parts of CA), and how he’d do ANYTHING TO FIX IT.. ..if ONLY he could. And how there will be bad food shortages coming, besides the baby formula. Well, he stockpiled formula for the illegals ONLY use. Our Amerucan babies will have to wait for food UNTIL JULY. And Jilly Biden gave a speech that OUR babies will have to be strong and have patience! The babies??? What the heck is THAT DISCONNECT and IDIOCY?? Babies be strong as they are taken to hospitals to get IV fluids/nutrition to STAT ALIVE??

    Germany has decided to have a REVOTE on their 2021 election after finding fraud occurred. And the fraud was a lot less than what WE’VE FOUND HERE. Germany said they need to verify election is trustworthy and results USABLE. RESULTS WILL BE THROWN OUT AND REVERSED if warranted.

    Of they can do it, we can do it. Biden and this Admin, and everything he’s done, therefore, are illegitimate. Time to start saving America again. We are not a Communist testing experiment.

  17. Charles says

    For some reason we conservatives keep forgetting the liberal/socialist/democrat MANTRA ” The Ends Justify the Means ” and the fact they fellow the Saul Alinsky ” Rules For Radicals ” ! Need I remind anyone Hillary Rodham Clinton did her collage thesis on Saul Alinsky and Rules For Radicals !

  18. Chuck says

    60 Minutes proved on national TV years ago how voting machine could be hacked and manipulated.
    They ran some ballots through the machine, saw the results. Then the guest ex-hacker got on his computer, accessed the machine, to manipulate the counts.
    Machine was zeroed. Ballots rerun.
    And, different results.
    I bet go ol democrat supporters 60 Minutes has “lost” that video.

  19. ALEX TOURIGNY says

    Emilio the machines were rigged to give Biden some of Trump’s votes. They did a test in an audit by putting 100 Biden votes, and 100 Trump votes in the machines. The results said Biden won by 30 votes. That is not possible unless the machines were programmed to count the votes for Biden at 1.3 to Trump’s 1.0 ! They were rigged before the election even started ! Now you see what happened ? That don’t count all the fake ballots, and the dead people who voted on top of all that. When they did a recount after, they just recounted the same fake ballots the machine printed out again. Rigged for Biden 100% !

  20. Avy says

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