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Trump Privately Says He Plans to Run & Audit Fever Sweeps the Nation

President Donald Trump told radio host Michael Savage this week that he can’t make an official announcement on his plans for 2024 just yet, due to campaign finance rules. But America’s real president is telling his friends something differently in private – and you’re going to like it.

Meanwhile, after the back-to-back announcements in Georgia and Florida last week, the audit floodgates are officially starting open up across the country. The amazing thing is that upcoming forensic audits are not just going to be performed in swing states, but in states that are firmly Republican. I’ll explain why that’s important in just a sec.

Michael Savage asked Trump about his plans for 2024, which prompted this response:

“I can’t really because of campaign finance rules, regulations, very complicated, very stiff, and frankly very antiquated if you want to know the truth. It’s ridiculous. I will be talking about it, and I think that people will be very happy!”

Trump’s Save America PAC has raised tons of money since the election. So long as he doesn’t make an “official” announcement of a run for president in 2024, he has a lot more leeway to use those funds to help elect America First candidates. But once he officially says he’s running in 2024, the rules all change. If he holds off on an announcement for the time being, he’ll still be able to wield tremendous influence in the 2022 midterms. That makes sense, and it explains why he has been so coy about his future plans in his public appearances thus far.

Rolling Stone is reporting that Trump is telling a different story behind closed doors. According to a former RNC official, Trump has privately told friends at multiple private functions that he’s running!

“I have three friends who’ve had dinner with him in the last couple of months. All three reported that his current plans are to run for president in 2024,” says the unnamed official.

The open question then is whether we will see Trump reinstated before 2024. After the proof was unveiled in Georgia and Arizona last week, more states are now jumping on the audit bandwagon. If Joe Biden’s electoral votes in Arizona and Georgia are stripped away from him – as I believe they should be – that drops his total down to 279 votes.

Pennsylvania’s state senate is launching a full forensic audit, which represents 20 electoral votes. But Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are now also calling for a forensic audit in their state. Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes. Either one of those states has sufficient electoral votes to drop Joe Biden’s total below the constitutionally required 270 for him to be considered the winner of the 2020 contest.

And red states are calling for audits too! State lawmakers in Oklahoma are calling for audits in three Democrat-controlled urban counties. And in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott and the legislature are moving to audit 13 urban blue hellholes to see what sort of shenanigans the Democrats are getting up to there.

This is a great idea for Texas, and for most states have large urban Democrat-controlled areas. Look at it this way: In the 2018 midterms, a pothead furry afficionado who tries to pass himself off as Hispanic named Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke came within just 200,000 votes of unseating Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Does that fit any conceived notion that you have about Texas? That race shouldn’t even have been vaguely close! Election audits in Democrat-controlled counties in Texas will reveal whether there are serious crimes going on there – and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has shown a willingness to throw people in jail for election fraud. Which, call me crazy, might actually deter future election fraud.

Here’s an enticing thought: If the audit process drags out long enough, Trump could be reinstated to the White House just after the 2022 midterm elections. That would mean that Trump could legally finish out this current presidential term – and still run for another term in 2024! If he is reinstated before the 2022 midterms, he could only finish out the remainder of this stolen term and would be prohibited from running again in 2024.

I don’t know about you, but I think ten years of a Trump presidency sounds pretty fantastic. Plus, it would lay the groundwork for eight years of a DeSantis presidency after that.

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  1. kiln dried says

    not sure we make it till 2022

  2. Doris says

    I’ve been praying daily for a divine intervention. If the cowardly Supreme Court and judges had reviewed the OBVIOUS fraud at election time, America wouldn’t be in the destructive whirlpool we are now experiencing with the commie Marxist regime now in control. If something doesn’t change soon, America is gone. There are millions of illegals flooding our country who have not been checked out or vaccinated or ANYTHING!!! God help America, Israel and Jerusalem.

  3. Michael Cook says

    The “democraps” have done so much damage, it’s going to be a couple of generations before we are able to to recover from their fiasco!
    It’s like a bunch of demons jumped the white house. There was a time when traitors were hung, but I guess that’s a thing of the past.

  4. Vic says

    That’s the problem, America surviving intact until 2022, and also not being attacked by China, Russia, Iran as they follow how weak and incompetent Biden is. How he’s weakened our military, and increased our military budget by ZERO percent. And somehow stopping, ENTIRELY, the stampede of illegals coming across our border, currently at 188,862 for July, sum total 1.119 M so far this yr, projection to INCREASE each month and topping 2.5- 3 MILLION by yrs end!

    We need to stop this insane current Admin. Biden even states Xi has told him he plans to take over America by 2035… and Biden SMILED. WHAT, HE’S LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT and preparing to weaken us enough that they can just walk in and take over? Either he’s totally out of it, or has a very sinister plan for America.
    I believe he has done FAR MORE hideous acts against citizens here AND the illegal aliens, that he and handlers, Admin to qualify to be charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Hamstring him so can’t do more damage EVERY DAY. Try him and the others. Figure out how to survive until Trump reinstated. Or have him out in ASAP, as time was STOLEN, and then running again in 2024. It’s not like there is a precident for that specific situation of massive fraud. Nothing set in stone except Biden et al goes and Trump back in. Perhaps Trump could take over Pelosis Speaker spot and when Biden/Kamala er al ousted, Speaker Trump takes over leading country until 2022 reinstatement.

  5. Carlos Sanchez says

    Reinstated by whom?! The SCOTUS would never do anything, not with compromised pedophile, Roberts, in charge.

  6. D-Day says

    The level of damage caused by the corrupt Barack Hussein Obama, Kamala Harris, puppet Joe regime, may be too much to overcome now! If we had a legitimate legal system in our country, this whole nightmare would have been avoided during the following days of the corrupt November 2020 election. The corruption in the Department of Justice, the FBI, CIA, Supreme Court, Democrat Party, never trumper’s in the Republican Party, and Mike Pence, failed to uphold Constitutional law! I do pray that our nation’s duly elected president returns to the White House sooner than later. And I also pray that everyone involved in organizing, and executing the fraudulent 2020 election, are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Prosecution of these individuals is absolutely necessary in order to stop future shenanigans designed to overthrow our system of government by Marxist organizations like the Democrat Party and New World Order countries that were also involved in this election fraud in our country!

  7. Wyatt Earp says

    Keep praying! God does work in mysterious way!

  8. Carolyn J Goodin says

    You can thank Justice Roberts who loudly argued with the members of the Supreme Court to refuse to hear the evidence. Sadly Trump’s appointed Justices wimped out and so now this is the result. A stolen election that will eventually be declared fraudulent, and the what? Will the perpetrators be brought to Justice or will they be swept under the carpet after committing the biggest crime in our nation’s history?

  9. Wyatt Earp says

    To every American that believes that these politicians had done dirty deed the last fifty years. It time we removed them from office. By voting out everyone that has a hands in bringing this upon us! People need to stop and pray, before making a choice at the polls! It your God giving rights from the founding father! All MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL! But these politicians have turn toward the lifestyle of EUROPEAN and CHINA WAYS! They only things they are the POWER OF EVERYTHING! These phony idea by MARXIST are nothing but idea of fool who want the same thing as these democrats politicians! CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE! We can only hope and pray that many are doing it by LOVE! GOD CREATED ALL RACE! MAN TURN IT TOWARD EVIL! NO YOUR OPINION DOESN’T KEEP YOU FROM EVIL! THE TEN COMMANDANT IS BEING TESTED TODAY MORE! People better think before calling other RACIST AND HATRED! It will be your responsibility on JUDGEMENTS DAY! You either want to live BY THE BIBLE OR YOU WANT TO DENIALS IT! That your own choice! As far as I can tell these DEMOCRAT don’t care about GOD LAWS! Do you?

  10. ward says

    The biden commie, DICTATOR, deceitful destruction inside the U.S.A. has to be totally Eliminated including the bo shadow decisions of tyranny power controlling biden’s asinine E.O.’s with his appointed cronies of high treason .. ! All dem leaders have proven in past 13+ years of supporting bo’s treasonous wannabe dictator with his 78 U.S. Law violations & defying U.S. Constitutional amendments , there is a conspiracy bo marxist attack a on all U.S. Citizen’s Freedom, Rights, Liberty & National Security to create a NWO dictator tyranny hell ! A biden clan is now an enemy !

  11. Eveleric says

    I don’t believe our country will be around at that point. At least we won’t have illegal aliens beating down our doors. Why come the the USSA or United Socialist States of America, if we are no different than the Schittholes they come from.

  12. Dennis Sumner says

    They will burn the country down before they let Trump back in office! Even if he does come back, it’ll take three terms to undo all the damage they’ve done!!!

  13. Mario confused says

    Hopefully your right and Trump takes over the Presidency before the mid term elections? My biggest concern is that there’s no provisions in the constitution that covers this election fraud? I maybe wrong about it. My questions are would the position of president be pro temp by proxy serving the remainder of two years?

  14. Rene Rivera says

    Curreent situation untenable… Something’s gotta give!

  15. Chris says

    No offense to you in anyway, But let me say this. Trump I beleive will be up to re- enter POTUS STATUS. as of Aug.1st 2021. Let’s face the facts, Most of us know his ability of leadership. I think he should finish this term for the sake of America itself, and it’s people. Trump has endured through the harshest false criticism of any President I’ve known. And still pulls amazing punches for citizens. I’d like to see him blaze a path through this God awfull mess thrown directly. And pave the way for a Great Gov. Ron Desantas of Florida to seal a permanent Road to recovery, While playing Coach somewhat along the way. This man will need that break. And it is Damn well earned.

  16. Tonya Billigmeier says


  17. Chris Brewer says

    This just great want let me post an understandable and logical comment. Just great. America is unjust and on its way down the tubes. I’ll go down by 2A. ONLY NOW. Fk Google and Twitter

  18. D. says

    Chris: Pray to GOD that you are right about August First ! The blessings that DJT has already
    Brought to this GREAT USA has proven the love he has for this country. It is taking a greater power to save this country and DJT has it in his right hand.
    Your quote was very much needed Chris. Inspiration is in the air, now Faith and Prayers will
    Show our Trust to GOD and DJT.
    Thanks Chris

  19. Calli says

    You say reinstatement is not in the constitution neither are airplanes or computers! It will end up in the Supreme Court and they will have sooo much pressure on them that they will have too take this case up and Trump will win like he always does without any help from the spineless Republicans!!!

  20. Geneva says

    OH! Wouldn’t that be wonderful, he would have time to fix most of the problems we now have. Maybe even bring down some of the debt!!!!

  21. Bo says

    I have been praying also for Divine Intervention. I too wonder if we can even make it to 2022. I cant even believe what We have witnessed from crazy Socialist Left Tards These past 5 years. It is absolutely Like nothing ever seen in our entire lifetimes or ever before. I Pray Gods deliver us from this evils. With God we know having faith in God all things are possible . Let his will be done Amen

  22. Char says

    Michigan had voted Democrat for years and when Hillary didn’t win Michigan of course thousands of illegal ballots had to be deposited here. When the clerk handling the election told workers to just add 1-1-1900 as the birth year on all those ballots with not date of birth…well, who do you know that was born on 1-1-1900? Just one little thing wrong with the little things in our election. Eleven o’clock the night of the election Trump was over ten thousand ahead of Biden as was John James and the next morning after that truck load both were thousands behind. That was just one thing and there were others.

  23. Donald Thatcher says

    If they don’t put these crooks in jail and make them pay. They will do it again. PUT THEM BEHIND BARS.

  24. Pat Dyer says

    I’m a-liken this a whole lot ! The “REAL” president back into the White House for “10” years — I’m smiling from ear-to-ear ! President Donald J. Trump will devastate the DemoRats — all of them but especially: Blinded by Hate Pelosi, Bumbling Biden, Hyena Harris, Big Liar Accuser Schumer, Big Ugly Mouthed AOC, and Flip Flop Fauci ! All the haters will be gone !!!

  25. Allen Brown says

    If true, I do hope it takes place after Republicans take back both houses of Congress in ’22, so our President Trump can step right in and start the ball rolling, right off the bat, to get America back on the track. He did it once before without much help from our own party, so this should and would be a huge wakeup call to all Republicans, especially the RINOs…get off your entitled, overpaid asses and get to work! Period.

  26. Chris says

    Reinstate DONALD J. TRUMP. And hold the Democrat party accoutabile of their crimes. No Country deserves to be abused like this ever again. DEMOCRATS have the evidence smacking them in the face now. Where are they. They are the cowards that never show up to support their fraud President that bought their vote. I hope they stew in this the rest of their lives. Blames and Gamers!

  27. Bret says

    Being one of America’s poor Trump did one thing that no other President has done in my 51 years on this Earth! He donated massive amounts of food to America’s food Banks! A whole case of chicken Breasts weighing 40 lbs went to each person in need as well as bushels of fresh Green Beans and 10 lbs of chicken Fajita’s pre made! a truly monumental donation to all in need in Washington County Indiana! I had a 4 door chevrolet Malibu and when I left the donation drive and distribution complex my car went from empty to full trunk full, back seat full and even my wife had to hold some of the food on her lap, It was like Trump delivery in major bulk to help the American People!

  28. Michael says

    I am as right as they come, and I want what is said in this article to come true as muchas anyone. There is just not legal standing for what is being proposed here. The college voted. And stupidly, the legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin activated the Biden electors. Popular vote just informa the legislators who the people of their state want as president. The electors voted.

    So strap in, fight, audit, expose, and whoop them in 22 and 24. If there is a path through impeachment to reinstate, that may be viable if we can get a super majority in the senate. Otherwise, its 24 for Trump.

  29. phyllis briggs says

    yes indeedy

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