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The GOP, a.k.a. The Stupid Party, Figures Out How to Lose in 2022

In 2012, there was only one major issue that voters in the Republican base were clamoring for their nominee to do for them: Abolish Obamacare. We wanted it ripped out, root and branch, thrown into a slash pile, and burned, before salting the ashes. In response to that wish from the voters, The Stupid Party, managed to lose the election by forcing Mitt ‘Pierre Delecto’ Romney as their nominee. Now that Donald Trump has been out of office for more than a year, the Stupid Party is returning to its roots of losing perfectly winnable elections. I don’t know how they managed it, but the Stupid Party has figured out a way to toss the 2022 midterms.

Many of us had forgotten what it felt like after having Donald Trump in the White House for four years. With Trump running the show, there was SO MUCH WINNING! Now that the GOP is “returning to normalcy,” it seems that the goals of the Republican Party swamp creatures are drifting as far away from their own voters as the east is from the west.

It’s all but assured that Kevin McCarthy from California will become the next Speaker of the House when Republicans take it back. This is a certainty because prominent positions in the House are bought through fundraising efforts. House members buy prominent committee chairmanships, and someone buys the House Speaker chair. Since Nancy Pelosi lives in the wealthiest district in the country, she’s a shoo-in for Speaker when Democrats control the House. Right now, McCarthy has raked in the biggest amount of cash among Republicans at $9.1 million this year.

So, McCarthy will be the next House Speaker. And apologies if this next bit of news makes everyone throw up in their mouth a little bit, but second-in-line to buy the Republican House Speakership is the Trump-hating gun-grabber Dan Crenshaw of Texas. That’s just the way our rotten, broken system works these days.

I think it’s a given that Republicans will retake the House in November at this point. The Democrats have shot themselves in their collective foot too many times for any other outcome. But Kevin McCarthy is doing his level best to ensure that a winnable landslide will turn into a barely-getting-across-the-finish-line nail-biter. We’re not going to see a 70-seat GOP majority when the dust settles.

Why not? Because McCarthy made the announcement this week that when he is the Speaker of the House, Republicans will “not be impeaching Joe Biden for political reasons.”

Is it even possible for Americans to have a more terrible political class of leaders than we have right now? McCarthy won’t impeach Joe Biden? That’s just the very first step of what voters, including most moderates, actually want the GOP to do when it retakes power.

The Democrats impeached Donald Trump on completely partisan, politicized, FAKE charges. TWICE. We now know with certainty that Democrats will therefore impeach every Republican president from now on, because they have made the powerful tool of impeachment into a battered children’s toy. The GOP should impeach Joe Biden three times, even it’s on completely made-up charges, in order to water impeachment down even further.

Who taught these guys how to fight, anyway? The GOP sans Trump consistently shows up to a knife fight to the death, twists their bow ties into knots, and then insist that they will only be following Marquess of Queensbury rules.

The Stupid Party can never seem to key in on winning issues, no matter how big the neon sign pointing at the winning issue is! Can’t you guys just try to do what Ron DeSantis is doing? That’s winning!

Here’s a winning issue for the Stupid Party: Promise an even stricter federal anti-grooming law like the one Florida just passed. 70% of ALL parents in America now say they don’t trust the Disney brand, after the video of that parade of circus freaks on Disney’s board said they were going to inject gay and trans messaging into every children’s program. Fighting that would ensure a GOP landslide in the midterms.

But by promising the voters that they won’t impeach Joe Biden, McCarthy just caused 2 to 5 million Republican voters to shrug their shoulders in disgust. They all decided that they’re going to stay home in November. They all figure, what’s the point of electing Republicans if they’re not going to fight for us?

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  1. Gary L McCormick says

    Simple, don’t stay home, get out there and Vote. But VOTE those Stupid Rino’s OUT!

  2. Wyatt Earp says

    We don’t need McCarthy as speaker! We need someone who know how to follow the CONSTITUTION LAWS! If he DOESN’T WANT TO IMPEACHED BIDEN AND HARRIS he a dam RINO!

  3. J Brock says

    Oh for crying out loud, if it’s not one thing, it’s something else, with these weak, compromised losers in the not so GOP. They never allow us to take a break and catch a breath. Always gotta be worried about something. Not impeach Biden?! I would’ve thought they’d already have the documents written and ready to go! What’s wrong with these idiots? I should’ve never gotten involved. Life was a lot simpler and less stressful before politics came into my life. FJB F the democrat party and F half the republicans, as well.

  4. K says

    Calm down. McCarthy’s comment is a play on words. “Won’t impeach for political reasons” There’s other reasons to remove Biden. McCarthy is smart enough to know how to “play the game”.

  5. Jerilou says

    If you asked me? I’d say, I think we need a new party. The Patriot Party, sounds good to me. I’m sick of all of these Do nothing Republicans! There is hardly a hand full of them standing up for our Constitution or the hard working, taxing paying American people they are suppose to be working for and representing. They are only representing themselves.
    They pass laws that we Do Not Support! Spend our tax dollars on things we do not want and do not support. Most of them are sold out and in it simply to line their own pockets! Reminds of that song, Money, money, money! Money!

    Would someone please tell me where in our Constitution it says the person with the most money gets to buy their way into office, then tell everyone else what they can and can not do?

  6. Dar says

    I agree!! Get him for his criminal acts which is much more of a burn on him then political game the dems will say is must political get back

  7. Just1Saddletramp says

    The person who wrote this article surely has to be a RINO or ex-Democrat. He has taken words from different people and twisted them around to fit his point of view, which is hoping the GOP loses in 2022. McCarthy said that if the GOP takes both Houses in 2022 it is a surety that Biden will be impeached BUT ( and I repeat BUT ) “not for political reasons” such as was the case for President Trump.

  8. Jeff says

    As I’ve said its time to DRAIN ALL OF Washington period just a bunch of greedy politicians wanting paided lots of OUR taxpayer dollars to get rich doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THE PEOPLE

  9. Donna Danhausen says

    If Biden was impeached the next in line is even worse

  10. bruce says

    Some of you mention it. Biden can be impeached because he has violated a number of our laws since he took office. Immigration laws don’t allow what he is has done at the border and from a security standpoint, its treason and the case can be made for that. Unconstitutional mandates is another. The are many issues that are not political where Joe has ignored statutes and regulations and laws passed by congress that are now ignored. His decisions in Afghanistan got people killed. The President is actually supposed to execute the laws passed by congress. That’s his job. He is derelict in that as well. The impeachment of Joe is an open and shut case if there is Justice. We will see.

  11. Frank W Brown says

    The repuglians are EXPERTS at snatching DEFEAT from the jaws of VICTORY, I’ve watched this crap for DECADES, and NO, mcCarthy should NOT be the speaker if they manage to BUNGLE their way into the majority!

  12. Antogeny says

    I have to admit – I won’t vote for another DumBOcrook in my lifetime. Face it, though, the appeal of The Donald was not that he was so personable, but that he wasn’t really representing a “Party.” He thought for himself and was beholden to no one. We need more like him. The parties tell their members what to do, what to think, what to say. If you aren’t independently wealthy (and how many will be after Bidinflation?), you have to go along to get the Party’s financial help. I don’t think the Party system is what the Founding Fathers envisioned. They thought people would go to Washington for a term or 2 and SERVE their country – then go back home to their real job. Now, we have too many CAREER politicians who won’t show up to vote and who are getting filthy rich on insider information and the influence they peddle – not on their federal salaries. I don’t expect a change in my lifetime – and probably there will never be a change. Still, at least there are checks and balances – when they are allowed to work and everyone on the federal payroll (including the Secret service, the FBI, the CIA, the heads of Administrative Agencies, and quasi-governmental entities haven’t been bought off. God help us.

  13. Michael says

    Make trump Speaker of the House. impeach Biden, impeach Harris, Trump becomes president for 2nd half of Brandon’s term and runs as an incumbent in 2024. Easy Peasy

  14. Pat Dyer says


  15. kathy says

    we need trumpnow. impeach all these bastard demorats out now. there distroying our country. they get away with alot of garbage.they no that the republicans are scary cats. there useless. get rid of mccarthy now put someone else that has balls.after all those demorats have done to our country mccarthy wont impeach. throw him out and put trump in now. were losing our country everyday because these demorats

  16. jim says

    right on we must get rid of demorats and have them be accountable for all there crazies they have done to our country. get rid of mccarthy.he is a dam fool.or stupid.

  17. A.R. says

    It sounds here that you ( US POLITICS) ARE DEMO-CRAPS. If this is the case then G.F. Yourselves, for I do not agree with anything effen Biden has done and has not accomplished a thing to keep and make America better & put Americans first and keep and spend all of our TAX DOLLARS here at home and help us here that need it. All of these FREE-BEES that America gives away to other countries and all the FREE-BEES Biden is giving to all of those ILLEGAS SWARMING across our Southern Border is a crying shame. We the people should have a vote on whether we should GIVE AWAY anything to all of these foreign entities and let “we the people decide by voting if
    we deem it ok to give away our country’s wealth”. Joe Biden and his family are traitors to America and have
    stabbed America in the back. The proof is right there in Hunter’s PC for all of America to see . This is criminal and all of the BIDEN FAMILY should be put on trial & convicted and locked away like any TRAITOR to one’s
    county should be. Sad thing is that everyone knows it and no one wants to do anything about it. Seems that the BIDENS are above the law. If this were to be Trump and the Trump family that had done all this, them Demo-Craps WOULD BE AFTER THEM LIKE A FLY ON SHIT, and Nancy & Schumer would be leading the pack.

  18. Vic says

    Yes. Several choices, even: impeach Biden and Kamala, as she always says she’s “te last one in the room” with Joe making decisions like re Afghanistan. Take the House first, ten toss Biden /Harris and a temp Huse Speaker Trump would assume the Presidency and run for his second term in 24.
    Better yet, decertify the fraud voting in 2020 states, charge responsible ones, and Trump is put in as legit President. Happens a lot faster that way, and every day of Biden and Harris is a day too much.

  19. private says

    DECERTIFY WI, AZ, MI, corrupt election, NOW. We cannot take TWO MORE YEARS OF COMMUNIST JUNTA joke bribem and kackling harass!!!!!!!!

  20. Johnny crum says

    First we must primary the rino’s then vote out the communist ..Biden impeachment will be because he violated his oath of office and his violation of constitutional laws .not for party line voting…in today’s climate . false information can cause political suicide..check out the facts before you react ..Americans need to arm them selves and go to our border and defend America from this illegal invasion..since our government refuses to defend our border..other countries will kill people who cross their border illegally..they don’t have millions of people invading into their country..why do Americans tolerate this gross violation of its laws.stand up and defend America’s borders.

  21. Gary S says

    Impeachment of Biden, securing all borders, and drilling for oil are job one for Congress after a win in the midterms! Biden is a corrupt incompetent fool, Harris is too and she can be dealt with after Biden is gone. A House and Senate controlled by Republicans means Harris gets nothing done! Secure borders are required for our Country to prosper, the Rule of Law must be enforced. Oil is golden it has everything to do with bringing down fuel prices, food, transportation, and inflation! Everything we do has a fossil fuel component, think about it, we cannot proper without it! Identify the RINOs get them out of office, especially that idiot Pierre Delecto, and those self identified RINOs that continue to vote with the Democrat Party!

  22. Tamituna says

    Kevin is dumb.

  23. Lyudmila Loseva says

    If the Republicans-conservatives managed to get rid of Liz Cheney, why don’t we send Kevin McCarthy, Mit Romney, Murkowski and other swamp creatures who are rooted to the corrupt Democrats?

  24. kurt gandenberger says

    i don’t want brandon impeached, even though he is the most corrupt president in history. that would mean cackles as president. we should not stoop to the level of the demoncrats.

  25. Frank Logosso says

    by not removing Biden for political reasons, it’s a sure bet old “dumpster fire Joe” will be removed under either an Article 25 proceeding, or as a result of a direct impeachment for criminal activity with his junkie son and other family members. So I’m ok with it. The REAL PROBLEM is that unless we take a minimum of 60 seats (an increase of 10 seats) in the Senate, and all the scumbags like Collins and Murkowski get on board, there’s not enough votes to remove Biden. So they can impeach all they want, Biden’s staying. Same with Harris, the SECOND most incompetent sack of shit ever witnessed by the American public (the MOST incompetent, ignorant, moronic elected official I’ve ever seen is Rep.Hank Johnson from Georgia)

  26. G BAR RED RED says


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