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Oops: Most of Joe Biden’s Agenda Just Got Squished Like a Bug

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden overplayed their hand a few months ago by publicly pretending that the Democrats had some sort of mandate to transform America into a communist dump. Their progressive wish list had all sorts of nation-destroying agenda items on it: Amnesty, gun confiscation, through-the-roof taxes, outlawing freelancing, forcing everyone to have a sex change operation – you name it. They were going to punish all of us Trumpers, and that was that. But there were always a couple of things working against them. One was the clock. The other was the Byzantine maze of rules in the US Senate. And the Senate rules just dropped a big anvil on the head of the Pelosi-Schumer-Biden agenda.

Reality started to set two months ago when the Democrats’ dreams of nuking the filibuster were shot down. Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) announced that they are both firm “No” votes on that dumb idea. To his great credit, Manchin refused to budge on this even after Joe Biden tried to bribe him with a cushy and lucrative federal appointment for Mrs. Manchin. Word also has it that there are several additional “No” votes among the Senate Democrats, but they are just hiding behind Manchin and Sinema for now.

And with the filibuster still in place, any legislation needs a full 60 votes to pass the filibuster hurdle in the Senate.

Chuck Schumer thought he had come up with a gimmick to navigate around the filibuster last month. To send a bill to reconciliation (where the House and Senate hash out the differences), it only takes a 51-vote majority in the Senate. Schumer announced that they would just do that with all of their commie nation-destroying bills. This sounded scary to normal Americans on paper. But it turns out that idea is now dead as well.

Even though he’s the Senate Majority Leader, Schumer can’t just unilaterally change the rules to benefit the Democrat Party. Even that has layers and layers of rules in the Senate, which need to be interpreted. That job falls to the Senate Parliamentarian.

And the Senate Parliamentarian just squished all of Pelosi-Schumer-Biden’s* dreams like a bug on a windshield. The rules surrounding reconciliation are too difficult for normal people to even understand. I can’t even explain this rule interpretation to you in plain English, because I don’t understand it myself. But I can tell you what the rule interpretation effectively does, which will explain why Nancy Pelosi is probably drinking an extra box of wine to drown her sorrows tonight.

The Parliamentarian has ruled on Schumer’s plan that only budget and taxation bills can skirt the filibuster through the reconciliation process. And even those would have to go through the full committee process twice to iron them out, dragging out the legislative process to unimaginable lengths. In plain terms, even if Schumer tries this stunt, it would lead to government shutdowns because no budget bill would get passed on time, ever again.

More importantly, none of the Democrat Party’s woke social justice bills stand any chance of passage. That includes gun confiscation, which they’ll never find 10 Republicans to vote in favor of. It includes the insane ProAct, which would outlaw the professions of 59 million working freelancers in America. Pause for a second and reflect on the fact that the Democrat Party eagerly wants to put 59 million hardworking subcontractors out of work completely. These people are crazy.

There’s no reason to believe they’ll find 10 Republicans to vote in favor of amnesty, especially if they try to move any legislation like that right now. The same goes for slavery reparations. The Democrat Party’s woke agenda is dead, dead, dead.

Sure, Congress can still spend money like a drunken sailor on budget bills – and they will for the next 18 months, given the chance. But as far as their grandiose plans to fundamentally transform America into Venezuela… that’s a bug on the windshield now, thanks to the Senate Parliamentarian and the filibuster.

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  1. JoeyP says

    Boy, it SURE upsets me that those COMMIES don’t get their way (NOT!!!). One Enlightened And HUMOROUSLY Laughing Patriot. TEAM Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  2. Chris says

    Hell no, we’re not going anywhere! These disgusting people have obstructed elections for years. People are sick of friggin theives! Make 2020 right and prosecute with all evidence, OR CIVIL WAR WILL END AMERICA as we know it. Now look what democrats have done. They got a history that is such a scam. Yeah Covid is a game and they love to play with lives they have proved that. I hope A Fauci never sees the light of day. He is responsible for millions of deaths world wide. People are on the edge, and law will be taken into their own hands and I’m proud to say I’ll be there with my 2nd amendment rights off in the distance to protect my freedoms.

  3. ward says

    Bottom line for all dem leaders is justice for high treason & that’s execution !

  4. Liam O'Reilly says

    The Socialist Progressive Demoncrats will never give up their efforts to convert America to a socialist nation like Cuba, Venezuela, China, and N Korea.

  5. George'Buffalo" Kehl says

    Chris, Don’t forget to put Obama Bin Lying on that list with DR Anthony FUCKI U FALSEY. Obama Bin lying when he was our other FAUX president for 8 miserable years he wanted to get rid of the Elderly, People with Disabilities and Pre Existing Conditions. So I do believe thta Obama Bin Lying and this fal se Doctor, did have something to do with this epidemic worldwide and there needs to be an investigation into this possibility and if true both of these NO ACCOUNT LOWLIVES need to be held ACCOUNTABLE as MASS MURDERS and given the DEATH SENTENCE. NO LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUTA CHANCE OF PAROLE. NO FIRING SQUAD, NO LEATHEL INJECTIONS< STRICTLY HANGING BY THE NECK TILL PRONOUNCED DEAD AFTER HANGIN IN PUBLIC FOR AT LEAST FOUR HOURS, Just to make sure tese MASS MURDERSARE DEAD.

  6. Doris says

    And don’t forget our terrible media.

  7. Fed Up With the Sell-Out says

    I wonder, do Democrat voters still believe they’re going to get all that Free Stuff after their political leaders finish destroying the economy? Where will the cash to pay for all that Free Stuff come from? It won’t be there, period.

    The only thing that these voting FOOLS will get is a THIRTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR debt bill handed to them and a demand to pay it, or else.

    But, they’re simply too ignorant/stupid to see that. After all, “Teacher said ….”, and “They said on the news ….”.

  8. Recent Convert says

    Live harvested BLM, ANTIFA, and REGISTERED DEMOCRAT skin rugs for sale… CHEAP

  9. Wyatt says

    I sometimes wonder at the mental capabilities of Democrats . Do they honestly believe half of the lies and excuses the give as reasons for attempting to subvert our system of government ? Do the Truely believe our founding fathers were wrong when they created this great new nation ? Equality and the rights of free men was the goal then as it is now . But according to Schumer and his fellow Democrats , those things belong to everyone but Americans . Of course the selected rulers of America will have their rights as will illegals who seek to enter our country via any means possible .
    The lust for power and total control is what Chuck Schumer seeks . He wants one party , his party the Democrat Party to control everything . No descent , no discussion just submit a law to control every one from cradle to grave . Spend money on anything they see fit at the moment and not worry about the bill . American Taxpayers will cover it . Fund what ever program they can create . Require us to purchase health insurance at a sometimes exorberant cost . And those members of Congress and Senate being exempt and getting free health care .

  10. Don says

    Shucks…..I was hoping to see they were all going to jail where they belong.

  11. Hal Lemoyne says

    Although stopping the damned neverTRUMP demoncrat lawmakers agenda is such a

    US blessing, all of the democrats evil agendas to destroy our USoA needs to be totally stop

    the neverTRUMP politicians destructive believe that they have a US Constitutional inalienable right to be

    a US powerful Lawmaking right

    Their birthright)

    to be our powerful US Elected Lawmakers and they don’t even need our US Election to properly and

    US Lawfully to be US Elected into our US powerful Lawmaking positions/seat

    and they showed US voting public what they can forcefully do and they did unlawfully & criminally


    BUT they won’t illegally manipulate our future honorable US Elections again

    🥰💥👍CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥🥰

  12. Kitty says

    Thank you Joe and Krysten

  13. don says

    IF Joe Manchin sticks to what he has said he will go down in history books as true patriot that help save America——————I can not believe other democrats are not with him——- I am a republican –Senator Robert Byrd would not allow the democrats to do the things they want———

  14. Estelle says

    We the People: What is Socialism? Socialism (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism. The Nov. 3, 2020, election introduced the United States to a swift transition from a Representative Republic that believed in capitalism to a Communism state. Actions taken by the Democracy House of Representatives, Democracy Senate and Mr. Biden from January 20, 2021, to the present has resulted in the following:
    1) loss of major manufacturing plants to other nations, resulting in loss of jobs.
    2) return to buying oil from the Middle East, resulting increase gasoline prices,
    3) increase in gasoline prices resulting in higher prices in food, retail stores items and manufacturing products
    4) Going “Green” increases electricity cost. Electricity companies decrease the oil, natural gas or coal plants needed at night because a low-cost way of storing the “free” energy from the sun has not been developed yet.
    5) Dr. Fauci lies concerning “the virus” has resulted in lost of millions of small to medium size businesses. Introducing fear thus allowing the government to control a large numbers of otherwise independent citizens.
    6)The public news media has told lies concerning the investigation of Mr. Trump by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This introduces confusion and fear in the general population of established law enforce.
    7) The introduction of bisexual and transexual groups to the United States Armed forces under Mr. Obama introduced confusion and mistrust in the military ranks,
    8) The force classes on “white privilege” reintroduced RACE fears.
    9) Governors and Majors telling police to “stand down” when people were sitting fire to public buildings, beating up citizens, robbing business is part of the Communist manual. Judges allowing the “protestor” to be release without a trial introduce fear and mistrust in the law.
    10) Telling the United States Citizens owing a gun is bad. Attorney Generals punishing people who use a gun in self-defense. This is not according to the United States Constitution Bill of Rights 2nd Amendment.

    We the People

  15. Recent Convert says

    Live harvested democrat skin rugs for sale. Cheap, just like them.

  16. Wyatt Earp says

    New York when are you going to STOP VOTING FOR THIS FOOL? Are you a fool too? I don’t care if you are a Liberal or Conservative. ANYTHING THESE POLITICAN WANT TO DO EFFECT EVERYONE! We all get hit with HIGHER TAXES, HIGHER COST OF FOODS, HIGHER GAS PRICES! But what make you to vote for them? Is it because of your UNION BOSS? WELL GUESS WHAT YOUR UNION BOSS IS NOT TAKING A HIT ON HIS INCOME! ALL HE GOT TO DO IS RAISE YOUR UNION FEE TO RECOVERY HIS LOST!

  17. cozycalico says

    But as long as we do not give up and let the Dems do their bidding all will be well. We need all Republicans on board for the good of our country and hopefully they will stick together no matter how hard the Dems try to push their socialist agenda. Republicans must stick together to combat the Dems plans.

  18. Roger Martin says

    Thank God for Senate rules.
    Now if we can just get Law & Order,
    Equal Justice for all?

  19. Donna says

    These socialist dems. Need to be held for treason as they are behind all of this. Firing squad. I can’t wait until lady justice takes these people out. It is coming soon

  20. Marlene says

    Pelosi is the force behind Schumer, her trained monkey. She has worked for decades to get democrats in office she could oust with little opposition. She thought she could impeach Hillary easily, destroying subpoenaed evidence is a felony after all. Trump ruined that for her and she is obcessed with revenge. Now she has Biden, the senile pervert, and the cackling hyena Harris. No real problem getting rid of those two, and presto president Pelosi. If this doesn’t scare you, you must be a brain dead liberal zombie.

  21. john lukasik says

    Like Christmas ornaments on a tree , for all to see !

  22. Richard says


  23. Robert Elliott says

    I’m done commenting. Nobody does a damn thing about any of it.

  24. Billy W says

    Seems like its time to clean out Congress of all leftist leaning people . This is not a social/communist country or Dictatorship yet.

  25. Joseph Bruton says

    Nation-destroying agenda items on it: “forcing everyone to have a sex change operation” Destroy your well intentioned attack on an inept administration by claiming such an idiotic policy!

  26. Joseph Bruton says

    Hillary say we are!

  27. Don says

    @Donna…..very true but with the DOJ we currently have, including SCOTUS, I doubt we see any justice done.

  28. Bob says

    Don’t see why Chuckie didn’t try just running his list thru Joe and have declare them law by “executive privilege.”

    Obama and Biden have been doing it BIG TIME when they know it will never make thru congress! They know it is easier by far to do it that way cause the majority of their supporters are functional illiterates who can’t read or write but figure if their fearless leader says it’s good….. But congress has entirely too many LITERATE (english speaking) people they need to slip crap by to get away with it very easily!! It’s amazing how many functional illiterates there are in the US! And also how many “citizens” who DO NOT speak english!

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