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Military Purge: Biden Locking West Point Cadets in Solitary Confinement

Morale must be positively miserable in the US armed forces right now. The Biden regime has put a bunch of woke social justice zealots and trannies in charge of the Pentagon. The main mission that they’ve been tasked with for the next four years is to purge “extremists” and “white supremacists” from the ranks.

And of course, “extremists” and “white supremacists” are defined as “anyone who may have voted for Donald Trump.” How do you tell if someone is a Trump supporter? Well, unfortunately, there is more than one way to do that, as the cadets at West Point are finding out this summer.

For those who are unfamiliar with US military academies, they are the officer training schools for branches of the military. If you attend the Naval Academy in Virginia, the Air Force Academy in Colorado, or West Point in New York, you’ll receive an amazing four-year education, at the end of which you’ll be commissioned as an officer in your branch of the service.

It’s extremely tough to get into the academies. You basically need to be a great athlete, have straight A’s in high school, and need a written recommendation from a Member of Congress. Each Member of Congress is allowed to recommend two students per year to the academies, so there are a limited number of slots – and the competition is extremely tough.

Imagine showing up for your summer classes at West Point – the US Army’s training academy – only to be locked up like a Trump supporter who protested at the US Capitol on January 6th. That’s what is happening to dozens of West Point cadets right now.

Why is this happening? Because the young troops haven’t taken the experimental gene-altering medicines that we’re calling coronavirus “vaccines.”

As I’ve written previously, the courts have ruled that the military cannot force the troops to take an experimental vaccine or medicine without their consent. Period. But in the case of the West Point cadets who haven’t taken the COVID shot, the Biden regime is psychologically torturing them to try to coerce them into taking it.

If you show up for summer classes at West Point right now, you get locked in a cell in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day if you haven’t taken the COVID shot. Unvaccinated cadets are allowed to leave their cages for 1 hour per day to run or walk around outdoors, but they’re not allowed to come into contact with anyone else during that time.

Sound familiar? It should! Because that’s the same treatment that the jailed Trump supporters who walked in the US Capitol on January 6th are being subjected to.

If the cadets want to get out of their cages, it’s really simple. Just get the shot! Because that’s not coercion at all, right? The other option is to quit, which a number of cadets have sadly done already.

As a whistleblower from West Point told National File, “They’re being treated like criminals.”

Yeah. That’s the point!

This is so absurd that it’s almost beyond belief. The cadets at West Point are all between the ages of 18 and 23. They’re young, healthy, athletic types who run 3 to 5 miles every day. All of the science indicates that they are basically at zero risk of dying from COVID, if they even show symptoms at all. Their daily routines are restricted to campus anyway, so even if they were sick, it’s not like they could wander into a nursing home as a favor to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

According to that same whistleblower, there are about 50 cadets at West Point who are currently being jailed in solitary confinement. Their parents are currently organizing a lawsuit against the Biden regime and West Point, because this is a clear-cut case of medical discrimination.

The assumption of the Biden regime is that people who refuse to take the untested gene therapy medicine for COVID are all Trump supporters. This is obviously false, since so many members of the black and Hispanic communities in America are refusing to take the shot. But they are assuming that West Point cadets who have made the personal decision to decline “vaccine” are all Trump supporters. If this is how poorly the stellar young officer candidates are being treated by Joe Biden, imagine how bad it must be for the poor enlisted guys and gals.

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  1. PattyAnn says

    Treating those young men like criminals is a national disgrace….where are all American senators and legislators???? This is pure nazism!! Our country is being taken over by communisum right under our noses and our congress people who should be doing something about it are doing nothing…. God help America!!

  2. Wesley Newcomb says

    It is high time we took back the White House!

  3. Raymond De Mello says

    Democrats have always hated our military and anyone that demonstrates having the ability to think for themselves. Time to refresh the tree of liberty!

  4. formermarine says

    He is making more Republicans in My thinking voters . Thank you prez bidet , keep on keeping on.

  5. Lynn says

    I told my Daughter to Quit the Naval Academy…It is not worth it….Someone send obama and biden back to the monkeys….obama is doing this..!!! He sure is a UGLY thing with those big ugly ears…!!!!! He is muslim and hates us..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sally M. says

    Where are our congressmen and senators! This is happening right before our eyes!? It’s time for the military to take charge and a miracle from God!

  7. bruce says

    This thought police crap needs to stop. Having conservative values is not a crime. Having voted from Trump is not a crime. Being a republican is not a crime. Its discriminatory on the face of it. Contact your senators immediately..I am going to.

  8. Chris says

    Its very plain to see.Have faith west pointers. America is about to purge the Democrat party from existence With NO Solitary confinement

  9. Cilia says

    Let’s hope that those parents hurry and get there lawsuit filed. What is being done is false imprisonment and those causing these illegal acts should themselves be imprisioned immediately for their actions. We are still the United States of America, a free country. Not a communist country.
    Another lawsuit should be filed against every school, college, university, etc that is forcing people into communism by demanding that they either take the toxic shot or not be allowed to attend classes.

  10. Jim2 says

    Dear Lord, Just how much longer will You allow this madman, Biden. to destroy America? He should be stopped any way You can NOW! PLEASE hear our prayers, and stop him and all of his puppet masters before America goes down the tubes. You must reinstate Donald Trump to his rightfully elected office, and throw ALL the Dems and RINOs into prison before it’s too late!

  11. nascartom says

    I believe this is meant to be fraudulent, divisive, un-constitutional political warfare, and I also believe it’s time for, “We the PEOPLE, to organize, in MASS, march on Washington, and physically remove the Biden administration, and all of the anti-American law-makers, the democratic election stealing frauds have put in place to bury America because every movement they have tried to implement, is definitely a violation of our Constitution, and they need to be arrested, and possibly tried for treason, and EXECUTED! This shit needs to be stopped, and those frauds definitely need to be punished!!!

  12. Wayne says

    So much for Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe being pro military. His son Beau must be turning over in his grave in discussed !!! His using his son Beau as a political prop is even more discussing then his actions as President > What a JOKE !!!

  13. john cornett says

    My comment was erased before it could be sent but Biden and his dope smoking son Hunter both should be brought before the judicary committee and placed under oath for the lies they have been telling about their involvement in Burisma scandal.

  14. PattyAnn says

    Nascartom, I believe the demon-rats have a plan to destroy America by eliminating our military so their buddy commi-libs china can march in and take over America without a fight!! pervert biden and his cronnies have received millions from china to hand over our country to them. They want to take away our guns first so we have no way to defend ourselves. Did you know Japan would not invade America because they knew Americans were armed so they bombed Pearl Harbor instead…. read up on it and find the truth, …so the demon-rats knew that and decided to take our guns away first before they hand over our country to the communist. I pray to God they will be destroyed first!!!

  15. Don says

    The ones who need purged are the officers going along with this insanity.

  16. ROBERT POWELL says

    the democraps ARE ON A FULL COURT PRESS TO ELIMINATE THE SECOND AMMENDMENT. we need to stop bide and Obama before this really takes hold. trump had this on the way out the door until biden and round-heels were installed ILLEGALLY, this election was rigged by the communist group of obama,soros,and the one-world-government bunch of communists with Soros owned computer voting machines.this has been PROVEN..PUT THE REAL PRESIDENTAL ELECTION WINNER IN OFFICE….

  17. JO says

    What in hell is going on here in America is corrupt Biden really thinking of purging anyone who thinks differently then he does he’s the supposed President NOT OUR GOD!! He’s a damn traitor too America if indeed he’s doing all the calling of destruction?!?!??

  18. Dennis F says


  19. Billy W says

    Biden has never served this country except at the trough . Wants only followers of his ideas in control of the Military.

  20. M.D.S. says

    This means all out war!

  21. Mark says

    The Naval Academy is in Maryland, not Virginia. I was born in the Naval Academy hospital (in Annapolis, Maryland).

  22. LMB says

    Xiden and his swamp monsters need to be castrated if there’s anything to cut!!!

  23. PattyAnn says

    LMB, they really need to be tried for treason not castrated because kamel hair and piglosi don’t have anything to castrate….they deserve a seat in the Rosenberg’s chair…. (treasonist from WW2)

  24. Vic says

    After the summit mtg Biden had with Putin, Biden spoke separately, time and location. He was asked to compare BLM/ANTIFA with the 1/6 riot and became agitated. Said there’s NO COMPARISON, that BLM and ANTIFA protest peacefully ( !!! ) and those at 1/6 riot were armed (weren’t) insurrectionists who broke into the Capitol and murdered a policeman! All untrue. What a leader. Not.
    Didn’t get our citizens released, didn’t get ANYTHING negotiated except to say they agreed to negotiate to negotiate sometime.

  25. Vic says

    After the summit mtg between Biden and Putin, Biden said he’d given a LIST to Putin, a list of SIXTEEN things in the US that are “OFF LIMITS FOR CYBER HACKING” and if that list wasn’t respected, there would be consequences ( or perhaps at least negotiations again, Biden, apparently a well used word at the summit). So if something isn’t one of the SIXTEEN things that aren’t to be hacked.. ..EVERYTHING ELSE in AMERICA IS OK TO GET HACKED?!?! Is the Pentagon on the list? This guy is off the cliff.

  26. moon says

    keep it up biden and the military will wind up hating you and may even turn against you. biden makes a great target for the military.

  27. Scott B Myers says

    This is outrageous, what they are doing to our all men in the miliary. The left is destoring our military, education, jobs and everything else.

  28. Clyde says

    I agree with forming in MASS. It will be up to the patriots in America to take back our country before these communists steal it from the people just like the fraudulent election! The 2nd amendment was created for this very reason. TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE FROM A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT! Open your eyes. Our FBI,CIA,IRS out unelected so called president and vice president are liars and incompetent. They work for China and would sell their soul for a dollar. They are trying to tell you what your allowed to think,see,say etc. 20 years ago the enemy’s of the state would be facing a firing squad. Stand up for our great country call this evil out !

  29. Adrian Maclean says

    Push is fast approaching shove ! BATTLE STATIONS !!!


    WOW !!! Obama can do all the things he was afraid to do under his own ID…Just pull Joe’s strings and IT SHALL BE DONE !!! This is disgusting beyond words !!! I can not help but wonder what is happening to all our military located so far from home at their posts around the world. Apparently, the Pentagon has been taken care of and neutralized by the Biden string pullers !!!! What is next ? They seem to have started at the top with the Pentagon and the foundation with the cadets.. GOD HELP US !!!

  31. JOEL FAUCETT says

    Gonna take a cohesive effort of epic proportions to get our country back, we must first learn to organize the masses of Conservative people, until that happens , they have us right where they want us !!

  32. Allan says

    The United States Naval Academy is in Maryland, not Virginia.


    Solitary confinement for or against a West Point cadet who chooses to exercise his/her right to choose whether or not to SUBMIT to a “medical EXPERIMENT” is certainly grounds for bringing a cause for legal action against any/all parties, institutions, governments responsible for restraining and placing cadet individual(s) under solitary confinement as a method of coercing into compliance. TOTAL INSANITY WITHIN WEST POINT ACADEMY RANK & FILE.

  34. Dennis Clements says

    Civil War is brewing and Joe Biteme is fanning the flames. This demented deranged senile old man has no business at the helm of this great nation. He needs to be replaced by the true president, Donald Trump. Come on recount investigations present your findings to the Supreme Court. All demoncreeps must be defeated next election cycle or we will all suffer even more than we are now.

  35. Msgermss says

    It is incredulous that bright, young, creative cadets are being treated like criminals because they don’t take the Covid vaccine. I have an idea, let the cadets out of their “cages” and put that senile, useless, old FOOL currently in the WH in a padded cell. He is such an idiot until he can’t keep countries straight in his Swiss cheese brain!

  36. Chris says

    Let’s all remember, and let our children remember, so the ones that survive this, Know America was at peace under DONALD TRUMP. Even though he took a tremendous, horrific bag of assaults from the Democrat Party. I pray my Grand children are taught and survive this War that’s been inflicted on its own people. This is our ugly side of history, that want be forgotten for the life of earth’s existence. I love all you people, The time has come to defend yourselves against Tyranny.

  37. Barney Fife says

    Minor correction to the story. The USNA is not in Virginia. It’s in Annapolis in the People Republic of Maryland.

  38. GunnerO6 says

    Everyone should realize that Biden is only a demented puppet. With many Obamamites in the current administration who is pulling the strings on Biden? Obama? The Chinese Communists? Biden is out
    of it. This tragic event happened because power hungry Sociaist-Democrats wanted someone they can
    control. Biden and Kamala are the worst ones they could have picked. It’s time for the American people
    to wake up to what happened in the 2020 election–massive voter fraud.

  39. Daniel Less says

    The USA is turning into a lunatic asylum faster and faster under Joe Bidet and his cronies, when will Americans wake up and take action against this geriatric joke of a “President”? It’s a real nightmare what this country is turning into, absolutely incredible! Not even George Orwell if he returned to life, would have imagined something like this in his wildest dreams! What the USA is becoming under this deranged and demented idiot is a third rate banana republic, and I can understand those Americans who are giving up their citizenships and moving abroad for good!

  40. Mil Allen says

    I am absolutely SHOCKED to read this headline! Our country is on a very slippery slope and going at a very fast pace! Our ancestors who sacrificed their blood, sweat, tears, and very lives would be shocked as well! Please STOP this kind of treatment to the very best young people we have!

  41. James says

    The Naval Academy is not in Virginia it is in Annapolis, Maryland, Get you facts right.

  42. Daxsdad says

    The entire communist Biden regime needs to tried for treason, and total violation of the Nuremberg Codes. These codes need to be given to the attorneys involved in the law suit for the cadets.

  43. brh says

    First and most important the covid-19 vaccine has not bee FDA approved. Therefore, how can the BidenRegime make it mandatory for anyone to take the vaccine. This current mandate by the BidenRegime is in step with all other Biden’s Puppeteers mandates. The Biden Regime is beginning to appear not just socialist but Marxist as well.

  44. D MacKAY says

    The JOINT Chiefs need to re-sign or the Patriots need to take over the Pentagon, For forcing Soldiers to take an experimental vaccine just because they do not embrace “Covid Hysteria”?

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